Punar Vivah 10th May 2013 Written Update

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Punar Vivah 10th May 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Punar Vivah 10th May 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s residence in mumbai
Ishita presents an explanation for arti’s barrage of questions, but arti is dissatisfied, and keeps accusing her of having an evil eye on her family. She goes into emotional blackmailing, as to how she cant do something so evil, as kidnapping ayu. Ishita tells arti to go to the family, and tell everyone everything, and as usual they would believe her only. She says that she is habituated to people leaving her, just like her parents and now her in laws. Ishita says that for something that has no foundation whatsoever, the whole family would break, and gayatri wouldnt have wanted that when she left the responsibility of the family on arti and yash. Ishita says that she might not believe her, but she hasnt done anything with ayu, and immediately folds her hand in front of arti, baffling her.
Akash finds ishita standing in front of arti, with folded hands, and asks whats the matter. When she doesnt respond, akash is addressed by arti who tells him everything, shocking him also. Arti tells akash that he shouldnt bother about any enemity between them, and that he should concentrate about his trip to bhopal tomorrow. As arti leaves, he instructs her not to say anything to arti, as she’s already grief stricken. seeing ishita crying, akash goes to get her water. She thinks that arti knows everything, and she would have to be very cautious now, and before she throws her out of the house, she would have to do something.
Arti thinks that she knows that ishita is lying through her teeth, but she doesnt have anything to prove this, and till then, she cant tell anything to yash and akash, as that would break gayatri’s dream of a happy family. She says that she wont let anything bad happen to her family, and for the sake of her child, and her family, she would have to be strong and resilient so that she can show ishita’s true face in front of everyone.
The next day, yash is exercising, and ishita sees him from hiding, and watches mesmerised. She comes inside and calls out to yash, who is baffled. then she addresses him as yashji, saying that she has to talk very importantly with him, and asks when can she talk alone with him. Yash says that she should talk in front of arti. She says that she cant talk in front of arti, as this concerns ayu, and arti goes berserk everytime ayu is mentioned. She places a hand on his arm, and yash flinches, and she removes her hand. She says that she couldnt see his pain, and she hired a private detective who found something very important. Yash immediately asks what is it, and how can he meet the detective. She tells him that soon the detective would come to Mumbai from Bhopal. She asks him not to divulge this to anyone, especially arti, as she would grow restless and would do something hasty, and spoil the detective’s efforts, and also alarm the kidnappers, making their ayu go further away. He promises that he wont say anything to anyone, just that he wants to meet the detective soon. ishita says that he would fix a meeting soon.
After yash leaves, ishita thinks that she has laid the trap, and soon the victim would fall, and then arti wont be able to do anything. Arti would have to repent for entire life, for the way she smartly found out about her. While pari is looking after the child, and others are seated at the dining table, when the kids come with a two tier cake, for their mothers on the MOTHERS DAY. they wish their mothers. The sons of the family, take blessings from Radha. The children invite them about the celebration to be held in the colony, for MOTHERS DAY. They all agree to come. When they invite yash, he doesnt respond. Ishita thinks that at five in the evening, she would take yash to the meeting venue, then how would he attend the celebration. When the kids insistently ask him about this, Yash says that he wont be able to come as its an emergency, or else he would never have had to say this. Arti asks what so important over the kids’ happiness. Yash leaves without saying anything, leaving everyone baffled. Prateik asks the kids not to worry, as it must have been something really improtant. Arti is very tensed.
In his room, yash thinks that he’s doing this for his child, and that he would definitely get ayu back. Ishita comes in and pats him on the back. As he turns around, she tells him that at five in the evning, they are meeting in the blue diamond hotel. Yash immediately agrees to come. After he leaves, ishita thinks that after tonight, he would repent as to why did he agree to her, but she wont repent anything, as after a long time, she would get to live her dream.
Both arti and ishita are thinking amongst themselves, while pacing in the drawing room, and each is very determined about making their plan a success against the other. They are at crossheads with each other, as they confront each other. Arti thinks that she has lost everything, but not anymore, as god is with her, and she would soon have a very happy life, with her yash and ayu. Ishita thinks that arti has had her share of yash, and tonight yash would fall in his arms, without any barriers, and forgetting everything. As yash calls out for arti, she leaves, while ishita smirks at her plan, which is almost to a success. The screen freezes on her face.
Precap: Yash says that soon the sadness that has engulfed her would be over, and he would bring a smile back to her face again. arti says that he neednt bother about that. Seeing arti so hard trying to cope up for her sake, Yash thinks that he should tell arti that his important work is regarding ayu.

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  1. Reshma says:

    Hi mk and suni.i am a big fan of yash and aarti.i saw punar vivah in youtube.but they blocked it now .pls do something yaar

  2. Lenor says:

    The picture with Yash sitting on the bed in the hotel room;
    I believe Aarti is with him. Read somewhere where he shared his feelings from his heart with Aarti and Aarti also shared her feelings from her heart with Yash. From Friday’s precap, Yash is considering telling Aarti what the work he is going to do since he would not be able to attend the function with her and the children. Hope this is true.

  3. Lenor says:

    Good Day to you all. I think Aarti will see the dancer at Pratik and Paridhi’s baby function; I believe MK said this previously, so her wish will come true.

  4. MK says:

    Hi again everyone, good afternoon Afreesh,

    Hi Trinity, just looking at QH, why can’t GC and KS have some moments like Zoya’s daydream.
    It was so romantic. Beautiful mitawa moments.

    I want to see beautiful Ye Dil Hai moments with Yash and Arti too 🙁 when will it come

  5. Apple is pissed off (yeh dil hai) says:

    Nooooo. Just one week. Oh my god please extend meri pyaari ph team. I wanna see aryas love , kids masti, bahus teasings in kitchen, arti- prateik, dining table scenes, arya ishq wala love, all the scenes. Guys please try to extend punarvivah with arya only. Suni, afreesh , sj, mk, mu, raji, anonymous, neha, kartik, jai, lovely,farzz,richa, blue . . . Do something guys

  6. Apple is pissed off (yeh dil hai) says:

    Nooooo. Just one week. Oh my god please extend meri pyaari ph team. I wanna see aryas love , kids masti, bahus teasings in kitchen, arti- prateik, dining table scenes, arya ishq wala love, all the scenes. Guys please try to extend punarvivah with arya only. Suni, afreesh , sj, mk, mu, raji, anonymous, neha, kartik, jai, lovely,richa, blue . . . Do something guys

  7. richa says:

    one week ke baad mein tv dekna band kar dungi. kyunki jab bhi mein tv on karugi. tab tab mujhe ks ki jayada yaad aayegi. aur meri ayes mein tears hoge. kyunki mein ks ko dekhe bina nahin reah sakti.

  8. Khinmg Win says:

    No one can replace our KS
    Kratika Sengar is the best

    Mittal u not make PV
    Our KS n GC r make PV

  9. richa says:

    Hello everyone, kya fark padta hai ki pv2 mein koon hai. Hum ye jankar karege bhi kya kyunki hamare GC and KS to pv2 mein nahin hoge.so I AM NOT INTRESTED IN PV2. I wish pv2 flop ho jaye.

  10. Afreesh says:

    Suni…..Sj…friends….Good morning….Good afternoon….Good evening…..♥♥♡♥♥♡♥♥

    Suni….Actually, I was at Muscat (Oman) while I chatted with you at Saturday. I reached home today morning yaar. Yeah I checked your comment regarding misuse of dilhe song….

    Did you see the spoiler picture Suni????…. what else is left to do with Yash character yaar???… you knew my deadly deep attachment with yash role. I didn’t know, how to cool my brain yaar, I don’t think I can forgive these (writers/director/PH ) guys for spoiling our attachments & memories. I have nothing to say about GC but Yash had a special & unshakable place within me. PV’s ruthless attempt to destroy that character “yash” has played a crucial conflict between my logical mind and illogical heart.

    I remember Amaica’s statement ” they need us but we don’t need them”…..

    • 4get logic trinity is on d WARPATH! says:

      Hi everyone afreesh you are so right.
      Now I”m asking myself, do I really wanna watch pv2 after everything they have done to sink pv1?
      Sadly I won’t be watching the new and improved (ph words)show,to much stress to much heartache with this whole situation.
      Amaica is correct”they need us but we don’t need them”
      Mittals just wrap it up without causing anymore damage to your fans,and to a beautiful show.
      Have a nice day

    • Afreesh says:


      If mittals has guts to prove their professionalism, they should attack us through the best attributes of their new product. Nothing is impossible in the world, indeed they may win our heart towards their renewed thoughts & methods of storytelling .

      But what are they doing now????…. spoiling their own product just to promote their new product…..Every audience is aware of their cruel attempt….just like PV’s beloved character Ishita, they are also suffering by over confidence. Otherwise, they won’t act over smart, and never engage themselves to fool us.

      If PV team don’t change their attitude against us, they will get their tough lessons very soon….

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