Amit Tandon to enter SAB TV’s Jeannie Aur Juju

SAB TV’s Jeannie Aur Juju will soon see some new blood.

Yes, this Eagle Films Pvt Ltd produced show will see hot, handsome and macho Amit Tandon entering the project as Gia’s (Neha Mehta) boyfriend.

As reported by us, Gia’s character was introduced a couple of days earlier in the scheme of things.

Amit will play the role of a person who will visit the Earth as the re-incarnation of Jinn Jinny, who was killed in the Jin land by Jinn Jora. When in Jin land, Gia was in love with Jinn Jimmy but the scenario would be quite different in Earth as Amit’s character would be a Hanuman follower, who stays away from girls.

Viewers will witness a nice humorous romantic track developing in the future with Gia using all her skills of wooing.

Amit confirmed being a part of the project.

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