Arjun 20th April 2013 Full Episode Watch Online


  1. kf
    April 21, 11:22 Reply
    get well soon
  2. anonymous
    April 20, 23:53 Reply
    I felt bad for shaleen walking with the stick everywhere........ But love the other parts......... ;-)
    • nisha
      April 21, 04:00
      wu updated... :)
  3. nisha
    April 20, 22:58 Reply
    yea.. Shakshi was good... But i don't understand.. Why is she writing abt love... Isn't she a crime reporter?? N i don't understand what is d use of crime reporter in arjun?? Bakwaas man... Wrong track!!!!!
  4. Pari
    April 20, 20:10 Reply
    Loved today's episode..!! Specially the last scene.. Where Sakshi was describing love in people's life (referring to ETF team)..!!
    • Pari
      April 20, 20:12
      forgot to mention abt arjun's ''samjhe ya samjhau''..!! :p :p
    • Ritu
      April 20, 20:14
      yea..!! But need to applaud the way the crime took place..!! What a master planning..!! Was predicting the criminal.. But could not predict how it would have took place..!!
    • neh@
      April 20, 20:17
      Nice episode.......... I thot watchman ka bhi role hoga...... Bcoz he was not there for 4 days..... N why servant was not caught...??????? He was the one who had done the makeup of the prithvi...????
    • jerry961
      April 20, 20:19
      writen updt plz........ Wtn.......
    • jerry961
      April 20, 20:23
      wu? Admin... Plz updt fst

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