Beintehaa 17th April 2014 Written Update

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Beintehaa 17th April 2014 Written Update by MA

Beintehaa 17th April 2014 Written Episode

Zain and Aaliya shake hands and say they are now friends for life. Zain asks Aaliya why is she looking like that him, he has done just a friendship. She asks just friendship repeatedly. He says his answer won’t change if she asks repeatedly. Ishq dua… song plays in the background. She goes near him and looks at him romantically. He tries to get away form her, but she stops him. She says if he has done friendship, then he should follow it and starts laughing. She asks him why is so nervous. He says he is not nervous. She asks him to arrange furniture. She finds steel utensil and asks him if they can keep it in kitchen. Zain says mom won’t allow. They then keep them in almirah/cupboard. Zehnaseeb, Zehnaseen….. song plays in the background. They both remember getting married and time spent together.

Fahad scolds Nafisa and Shaziya for not tracking after sending their kids for picnic. Shaziya says she called teachers, but they are irresponsbile and did not pick the call. Fahad says he will bring kids. He sees Barkath standing outside the room. He asks her to come in and talk to his wives until he gets kids. Nafisa/Shaziya greets her in. They both go into flashback of controlling Fahad. Shaziya says even after bangali baba’s medicne, he did not come under control. Barkath asks how did this happen. She says she will tell her the story slowly later.

Usman and Surayya come to Barkath’s room and see her sleeping. He says parents get peace seeing their kid.

Surayya shows her kids their childhood pics. She says Surayya used to call Fahad bhaiyyu and he used to call her bakbak. Zain asks why did she hide these pics all these years. She says she did not want to get sad seeing Barkath’s pics. Aaliya comes with Chandbibi with tea and pakodas/snacks. Barkath says she likes pakodas a lot. They all start enjoying snacks.

Aaliya asks permission from Usman and Surrayya to keep Quran recitation ceremony as Barkath has come back. Usman says it is a very good idea and there is not need to take permission. Surayya also likes the idea and says Quran recitation will happen tomorrow.

Usman gets Shabana’s call. Surayya asks she wants to speak to Shabana. Shabana says she is happy that Barkath has come. Surayya says she will accept her congratulations personally when she comes with her family and meets her. Shabana says she will come and cuts the call. Shabana tells Ghulam that she is happy that Surayya has accepted them. Ghulam says he gets worried if his daughter does not come for 15 days, how can somone stay without their daughter for 18 years, that too because of his own brotehr. Shabana asks him not to think about that.

Shaziya and Surayya think Barkath came suddenly and tell about the incidents happened. They think everything looks like planned. Aaliya listens to their conversation.

Zain sees Barkath crying. He asks her why is she crying. She says she is missing her father Meer Khan.

Meer Khan and his freind are having alcohol and playing card. His friend says Meer why did he send Barkath as she used to earn for him. Meer says he sent Barkath to Usman’s house as his blank cheque, she will bring him money and it is her retirement plan. Barkath listens to his conversation and starts crying. Meer Khan sees her and says he was waiting for her. He asks her to bring ice for him. She does not go. He says she is a rich family girl, that does not mean he will not let her work, he asks her to give money and snatches her bag. He searches the whole bag, but does not find money in it. He scolds her for not bringing money. He says she knows what punishment she gets when she denies him. He tries to beat her with stick, but Zain rescues her. He holds Meer’s collar and warns him not to hit Barkath, else he will ruin his life. Barkath gets happy that her brother saved her.

Precap: Aaliya sees Barkath lighting matchstick and burning something.


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17 Responses to “Beintehaa 17th April 2014 Written Update”

  1. beinteha says:

    love zaya

  2. Sindu says:

    Ppl r saying tht real barkath is ayaat but isn’t barkath zain’s older sis?
    So ayaat is younger:/
    I’m soo confused

    • Profile photo of aaliya-zain-abdullah aaliya-zain-abdullah says: Verified

      Umm… Barkat is the younger sister of both Zain and Fahad….and she is even younger than Aaliya.

    • Sindu says:

      Ohh! I thought she was younger to Fahad and older to zain cuz i read sumwher about the entry of barkath and it said zain’s elder sis
      Thts y I was confused
      Thnks :)

  3. Profile photo of Fantasy says: Verified


  4. Profile photo of Rainbow Rainbow says: Verified

    If ayat s real Barkat, shabhana ll know na

  5. AALIYA says:

    what!! Real barkat is Aayat?????

  6. Profile photo of noor says: Verified

    I bet this fake barkat is here for money or revenge or something

  7. Profile photo of faiza faiza says: Verified

    Now real Barkat is Ayyat

  8. shadu says:

    Hu s the real barkat…pls…

  9. D€M! says:

    Anyway epi was good,,,,,

  10. D€M! says:

    I thought barakat is fake!!!

  11. deeps says:

    good epi….lovely zaya scenes…

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