Chandragupta Maurya 14th April 2012 Full Episode Watch Online

No telecast today and possibly there will be no more telecast as Imagine TV has decided to shut down the channel.

Read more on below links….

Turner shuts down Imagine TV

Imagine TV to shut down as viewership declines

If there are any new episodes, they shall be posted here else bye bye Chandragupta Maurya that’s all we can say.

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161 Responses to “Chandragupta Maurya 14th April 2012 Full Episode Watch Online”

  1. vijay pawar says:

    please sir start it again

  2. ramesh k sharma says:

    please restart chandragupt mourya

  3. Pata nahi aachi cheeze hamesha aadhi aadhuri q band kar dete hai ye mediya vale

  4. Rajesh Jadhav says:

    Pata nahi aachi cheeze hamesha aadhi aadhuri q batai jati hai?

  5. T.R.SHARMA says:

    sir please restart this serial

  6. Ambrish says:

    pl. restart this another channel…..

  7. mohammad afsar says:

    please restart chandragupt mourya this is my best serial

  8. sudhir says:

    please restart chandragupta maurya serial this is very meaningful in today’s synerio.

  9. kushagra says:

    plz….start chandragupt maurya from 105 episode

  10. Abhimanyu singh says:

    Please restart chandragupta morya after episode 105………………

  11. ashish tiwari says:

    please restart chandra gupt

  12. shivam Bhai patel says:

    plz plz …..restart this serial again it is very nice serial i miss it alot.

  13. deepak says:

    plz start this serial again….you must have to start it again on the public demand…….

  14. G.v.ramani says:

    Please start chandragupt maurya serial immediately please my favorite serial

  15. Haresh says:

    Please start chandragupt maurya…

  16. Rakesh Kushwah says:

    please start this serial.i miss this serial on sony tv.

  17. shubham says:

    please come back i liked u very much i have seen almost all episodes but last 5 episodes i cant see because imagine tv channel shuts down

  18. amit says:

    C.G.M—-Plz start any other T.V channel … waiting last three months…

  19. neeraj says:

    oh i feel like pulling my hair out . i just want to see this serial. i am so addicted to this serial. pleaseeeeeeeeee publish this serial once again

  20. Anonymous says:

    Start Chandragupt Maury please

  21. prashant says:

    Start the chandragupta maurya

  22. chanchal agarwal says:

    dnt stop chandraguot maurya

  23. dr. muzaffar idariya says:

    serials like chandragupta maurya that contains the character like CHANAKYA who is the YUG PURUSH, message giver to the society , must not be stopped like this., otherwise it should be telecasted on another TV channel, we can compromise with TV CHANNEL BUT CAN’T GET COMPROMISED WITH CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA AND CHANAKYA.

  24. vicky says:

    Sir don’t stop my serial chandragupta in any way

  25. vicky jain says:

    Whatever the reason to stop chanel that is no matter but plz restart it now my chandrgupta at the middle

  26. Is it being same like with previous chanakya serial will it finish in middle pl tell by net we are also not getting NDTV Imagane

  27. mahadev herel says:

    i miss the DAM rule of the chanakya in chandragupta maurya serial.

  28. dipesh says:

    plz start Chandragupt Maurya again yer we all really miss this serial

  29. cherishwinx says:

    I loved IMAGINE coz I was able to watch my favourite series of CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA . I request the imagine t.v operators to telecast this lovely show once again. I’m dying to watch it again on daily basis. I eagerly wait to watch it again either on imagine t.v or on any other channel.

  30. Anonymous says:


  31. bintu says:

    chandragupt morta is my best serial

  32. Anonymous says:

    how can we see chandragupt serial?

    • Sandeep says:

      How can they just stop the telecast of such an impressive show, have not seen such a good serial in a long long time. I request the concerned authorities to shift the serial to some other channel.

  33. kirtan says:

    please start on other channel.
    its my favourite channel

  34. raman says:

    Plz Chandragupta restart
    Jai Maa bharti

  35. Ravi Verma says:

    please restart chandra gupta marya . This is my most favorite serial

  36. savan says:

    i very very miss chankya in chandragupta maurya

  37. jibraj lamichhane says:

    Plz restart chandergupt morya serial when you will restart it plz tell me & reply to me on my mail and can u give contact n; pls

  38. Plz restart chandergupt morya serial when you will restart it plz tell me & reply to me on my mail

  39. Anonymous says:

    Plz restart chandergupt morya serial when you will restart it plz tell me & reply to me on my mail

  40. deepak says:

    plz start chanadra gupt maurya serial episode 106 i miss you lot

  41. rohan says:

    i will give you as many money as you want but cm should be back again

  42. I aslo miss this show plz start it as well as soon

  43. sunandan says:

    i miss chandragupta maurya

  44. sarnam says:

    i miss chandergupta morya

  45. varun maini says:

    i too miss chandragupta serial. Imagine had done a great thing to show the serial but by removing they have disappointed viewers. plz start the serial again from the episode no 106 dated 14/04/2012

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