Do Dil Ek Jaan 29th July 2013 Written Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 29th July 2013 Written Update by H Hasan

Do Dil Ek Jaan 29th July 2013 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Aaji talking with Antara about Raghu. Aaji says you are a nice girl, even Raghu is like that. Antara smiles. Aaji says you look when you smile. If anyone sees your smile, they will praise your beauty. Antara asks Aaji to sleep, she will be with her. Aaji says you leave now, come tomorrow at 7 am. Antara says ok, now you sleep, if you want anything, you can call me. Aaji says come on time. Antara leaves. Aaji thanks Bappa and sleeps. Antara is walking to go to her house, but the door is locked. Raghu comes and they have an eyelock. Raghu opens the door. Antara says I wanted to talk to you. Raghu does not listen to her as he is angry by her words. He shows her the way. As Antara starts leaving, he asks her to stop. She stops and looks at him, he goes to her and takes the slip from her. He says your job is from tomorrow, not from now, I will bring the medicines. He goes inside and closes the door looking at her.

Rasika is worried and says she is not feeling sleepy. She says Antara came to our house and ordered on us, I don’t understand why Aaji want only this girl. Manohar says yes, even I don’t know why. Rasika says Raghu agreed easily. Manohar says its your mistake, you had a good chance. Rasika and Manohar have an argument. Manohar asks her to sleep leaving Aaji and Antara. Rasika says the air is windy, it is not good. Rasika asks Manohar to sleep and be silent.

The next morning, Aaji wakes up smiling and sees Raghu sleeping near her feet. She says Chintu, and he gets up. He asks do you want anything, she asks him to sit and tells him to promise her that he will not tell Daya about her attack. Raghu agrees and says I won’t say. Aaji says take me to my Bappa, he saved me, and might be waiting for me. Raghu says you won’t go, I will go on your behalf. Aaji insists. Raghu says your Bappa will listen to us. Aaji says ok, you go and pray well infront of him. She laughs. Raghu leaves from her room. Antara gets ready to go to Aaji. Noor Apa gives her tiffin. Mami says have you decided this under any pressure, what about Raghu, he won’t understand how to forgive. Antara says even if don’t forgives me, I have to apologize to him, I have hurt him a lot. Mami prays that Raghu forgives Antara and hugs her wishing her all the best.

Antara meets her mum. Her mum says I know everything, it might be a big decision for you. She says I know you are doing right, you are listening to your heart. She thinks Antara is going somewhere to do a show, and her dad will be happy to see this. Antara hugs her and cries. Mami asks Antara to go to Mandir and pray to Bappa. Antara tells Mami to ask Ishaan to do his maths problems. Antara greets everyone and leaves.

Raghu is in the Mandir, and talks to Bappa. The pandit asks what happened to Aaji. Raghu says she got a minor attack, but she is fine now. The pandit asks how. Raghu says someone came on time, he turns to see Antara praying. The pandit says Antara also came. Raghu has a talk with pandit ji. Raghu leaves looking at Antara. Antara opens her eyes and greets the pandit ji. He asks her to give the prasad to Raghu as he forgot to take it.

Antara calls Raghu on the way and asks him to stop. She gives him the prasad and says you forgot. He says I got my prasad in you yesterday night, when Bappa sent you. Raghu thanks Antara and leaves. Antara looks at him as he leaves. Raghu comes to Aaji and says he has thanked Bappa. Aaji gives the phone to MachMach and asks Raghu for the prasad. Antara gives the prasad.

Antara gives the prasad to Aaji. Aaji says Bapp gave you duty to give me prasad. Antara says you should think of the Lord before doing anything. Aaji speaks in Kashmiri, Antara is stunned to know it. They have a laugh. Aaji says I learnt your language. Raghu asks MachMach to stay here and take care of Aaji. Antara looks at Raghu.

Raghu asks Antara from where did this glass came, he warns her and says your job will be gone if you do any other mistake.

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