Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 10th August 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 10th August 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with everyone eating at dining table. Nani asks Khushi to give her water. Khushi puts water in glass that has milk already. Payal then goes to Khushi and asks her what is she doing. Dadi is staring at Khushi. She apologizes to Dadi. NK then sees Khushi’s dress and says I like your style. Arnav says in his mind, this girl is totally crazy. Nani asks Khushi why she wore dress the wrong way. Arnav asks ya Khushi why you seem lost today? Khushi then runs away from there.

Anjali is going temple. Arnav says her that he will also go with her. Anjali says she will go herself, Arnav asked that’s enough for her and driver is with her anyways. Arnav says okay.

Now Manorama sees Anajli and says give her 5 minutes and she will also go with her. But Anjali says it’s okay.

Payal, Manorama are decorating house for a janmasthmi function. Khushi is coming with flowers and Arnav pulls her and all flowers fall on them. Arnav then says he just came to remind her about their suhaag raat. He asks her if she is not scared. Khushi doesn’t say anything. Arnav says good so see you tonight and leaves. Khushi says, Devi ma now what will I do?

Nani then asks Khushi to make sweets (kheer) for today. Khushi makes some other sweet (jalebi). Nani and Payal come there. Nani asks her, are you fine? why are you making jalebis? Nani is worried and asks her if everything is fine. Arnav comes there and asks what happened Khushi? You’re lost since morning, you didn’t tell me anything when I asked, something wrong? Khushi tells Nani that she will make kheer. Nani and Payal leave. Arnav laughs and leaves.

Outside, NK is telling Manorama he feels like eating non-veg today. Manorama says him are you crayz? asking about nonveg in this house.

Manorama wonders where is Anjali and then she calls her. Anjali is sitting in a restaurant and talking with someone. She doesn’t pick up the phone. Manorama then calls driver and asks where he is. Driver says he is waiting outside temple since 2 hours. Manorama then goes to inform Arnav about it.

Break 1..

Nani and Dadi are together. Nani says all preparations are done. Dadi says no, one thing is missing. Dadi again asks about Shyam and says she want answer right now.

Manorama comes to Arnav’s room and right then she gets call from Anjali. Anjali says she is coming home very soon. Arnav and Manorama hear Dadi shouting so they go there.

Dadi is saying to Nani that it’s been two days since she came and still Shyam didn’t come to meet her. Arnav comes there and says he won’t come either. Dadi asks why? Why Shyam is not living in this house with Anjali? Arnav says because I threw him out of this house. Nani asks Dadi to chill and says she will tell her everything but not now. But Dadi wants to know now only and she asks Arnav why. read full updates with pictures only at . Arnav says Anjali is the important person in his life and he can’t see someone hurting her. And Shyam made her very sad, betrayed her. Arnav says so it’s better if no one takes his name in this house especially in front of Anjali. Arnav leaves. Dadi follows Arnav but Nani stops her. Dadi says no, not today and says she won’t let Arnav go like this without answering. Dadi now comes to Arnav’s room and says, I can see you’re not same Arnav as what you used to be. Now you have grown up and you make decisions for this family. Arnav says time can teach you many things and I have learned how to take care of family very well. Dadi then asks so you were protecting Anjail by throwing Shyam out? Anjali is pregnant and she needs Shyam most right now. Dadi then says or you want her child to grow up without father just like you? Arnav says I grew up alone because my dad committed suicide and before that he made my mother to commit suicide as well. Arnav says he won’t let Shyam do anything like that with Anjali.

Dadi says your mother committed suicide because she was a weak woman. She never learned how to take care of kids and her family properly. Arnav says ENOUGH DADI JI and tells her not to say anything about his mother. He says he can’t hear anything against his mother from anyone including Dadi.

Break 2..

Dadi says again you’re taking a wrong side. You’re blaming the ones who has no fault just like last time. Arnav says STOP IT DADI JI. He asks her, why you keep bringing that incident back again and again which destroyed our family. Arnav asks don’t you want us to forget that? Dadi says no one can forget their past and run away. But we can change our future. Dadi says throwing out Shaym will surely affect our future. She says she doesn’t want Arnav to repeat mistake that he did before. Arnav says his decision was correct before as well and today too. He says last time mistake was his father’s and this time it’s Shyam’s. Arnav says Shyam will never come back to this house.

Nani comes there and asks them to stop fighting. Nani says Anjali has came back and asks Dadi to end this conversation here for Anjali. Nani says they did so much to make Anjali smile again and asks Arnav to stop fighting as well. Dadi leaves from there.

Episode ends..

Precap: Anjali is texting someone and smiling. Manorama comes there and Anjali hides her phone. Manorama asks whose message it was. Anjali says no one.


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130 Responses to “Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 10th August 2012 Written Update”

  1. kavi says:

    i luv the first part of epi sooo much…. b coz of crazy khushi smart arnav and nk too…. but the disappointment is when is suhag raath??????????

  2. KhushiArnav says:

    Oh my gosh!! Arnav what a player!! I just love how Arnav smiles!! I loooveee Arnav!! Thank you so much for the update, really makes my day… Love khushi and Arnav πŸ™‚

  3. Sexy Bum says:

    I hate Dadi ji and anjali is probably connecting with Shyam

  4. AJ says:

    There is no use telling the dadi what happened to shaym because she’ll then blame Kushi. We all know that the dadi is right when she said that getting out shaym is going to affect the future because Anjali’s truth will come out and soon shaym will probably come back. No wonder anjali’s not crying for shaym because she sees him almost every day her truth will come out to. A lot of truth is about to come out! πŸ™‚ I believe in Arnav and if he says that it was his dad’s fault then i believe him. His mom probably got into a shock and couldn’t resist the fact of him dying so she committed suicide as well. I am not sure but i’m getting this feeling that kushi’s parents had something to do with this but i’m not blaming her parents i’m just saying they maybe the reason why the dadi hates kushi. LOL kushi made so many jelabi’s off course when she’s nervous about something then she’s definitely going to get that nervousness out. Can’t wait when all the truth is out :))))

    • KhushiArnav says:

      I DEFINITELY agree with the connection of the parents my story is: Arnav’s Dad liked Khushi’s mum but Khushi’s mum had not kinds of feelings for Arnav’s Dad so his Dad just kind of tried to forget about her and marry Arnav’s mum but the mum really liked him and found out about the love he had for Khushi’s Mum and then committed suicide πŸ™

    • AJ says:

      I hope thats not what happens I want a turning twist between arnavs family and kushi’s family cuz i don’t like serials that are predictable and trust me ur not the only one that thinks that almost everyone does πŸ™‚ πŸ™ hope its a twist

    • AJ says:

      By the way good prediction that could be true πŸ™‚

    • jeevika says:

      plz send the updates 4 ek hazaroon also with pictures

  5. Harj says:

    i think anjali goes to meet Shyam! i mean maybe it could be some other boy but that would be shame of her! she always gets very mad when arnav lies to anjali, now its the complete opposite with a bad of a lie :/

  6. ilovee arnav says:

    I just hope da suhaagraat goes gud.. hope itz romantic.. hate this tramendous dadi.. hahaha arnav, my boyfriend tried ta luk lyk youu cuz he knowz im crazy ova you lol.. btw watz cvc??..

  7. frank says:

    i m so exited to see tomorow episode…

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yesterday episode ws superb bt 2dy itz 2 boring ya.Waiting til monday 4 suhaagraat.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Yesterday episode ws superb bt 2dy itz 2 boring ya.Waiting til monday 4 suhaagraat.Bt nt sure at al.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Oh! No we ppl r waiting 4 Suhaag raat bt in 2day’s precap also thy didnt shw anythg like tht ,i knw on monday thy wnt shw it ,i thnk thy wil telecast it on tueday or wedsday ,waiting 2 c lovely suhaag raat .Bt i dnt thnk it wil b mre romatic.Lets c .

  11. hemalatha says:

    anjali’s char’s goin on bad way now a days everyone hates anj char plz dir change d anj char cute face anjali’s very dangerous nw a days (behind she’ll doing sumthing )

  12. Ramya says:

    I think ASR father had a crush on payal’s mother before marriage (thats the reason they added the scene kushi asking ASR to call payals mom as amma). Asr father might have met her in his daughters wedding and ASR mother comes to know that he was in love with payals mother in past and commits sucide…

  13. urfi says:

    today’s episode are not interested.and precape are not good.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Jal di Suhag raat karo.

  15. Kkgsr says:

    I dont tnk so dat asr wil pospond the 1st n8 coz he is 2… 2…2 romantic now a days

  16. rozy says:

    why this weekend…. πŸ™

  17. kravya says:

    ya….todys episode vas litl bit boring….n i think anjali is meetng shym nly….

  18. zulu zimran says:

    i just feel to thrwout that stupid dadi. Why she tries to create problems in arshi’s life.

    • Arshi Lover says:

      Its actually a good thing that dadi is creating problems and twists between them because if they did not have that they would lose the moral of the whole show iss pyaar ko kya naam doon? (What should i name this love) and they might even end the show but i do agree that dadi is getting a bit annoying the only good thing about her being there is so we get to know Arnav’s Past better!! you get me?

  19. Cristy says:

    May be Anjali is planning the wedding to surprise her brother.

  20. rehaan says:

    what the cvs ………….

  21. Hesh says:

    epi was good bt not like i’ve imagined it would be,
    hell with this dadi ji…..if she wouldn’t have interfiered
    with the shyam thing we would have seen more arshi funny moments
    and also this anjali is getting on my nervous…
    Don’t even think of bringing ur darling (foolish)shyam back

    • Arshi Lover says:

      I extremley agree with this to hell with that old lady she interferes to much and Anjali with her phone she’s getting too suspitious what happened to the cute playful and sweet anjali why do they bring a demon and misterious anjali in!

  22. Dpv says:

    Please plz add the pics fast…. Couldn’t see episode

  23. Anonymous says:

    today episode is not much interesting,may be suhag raat will not be monday bcoz arnav is so sad thinking about his parents.what hell anjali is doing without telling to arnav. make it quick yaar

  24. ilovee arnav says:

    This episode was awrytt at beginin buh went borrring at da end seeing dadi and arnavs arguement.. i think this dadi is going to bring shyam back home.. and i think anjali still meets shyam.. i cant wait for the suhaagraat episode buh seriously speakin i don’t think it’l happen on monday coz arnav wil be upset afta da arguement he’s had with dadi.. and khushii be happy not sad n lost.. itz your special night!:) loveyou arnav&khushi aka barun&sana <3 <3

  25. shahana says:

    what the…. wheres suhaag raat… we waited for it

    • xxx says:

      as we all know about cv he will surely drag the suhagrath upto wednesday /tursday ,what do u feel about it????:-o

  26. Pls yaar add d snap of 2dys episde bcz prsently i dnt hv ny mean 2 wtch video. Plz ............ says:

    Hey frnd u knw wht i guss anji is betryng d family nd also dnt b tht mch xcitd , arnv vil nt do anythng on his suhagraat bcz u knw cvc

  27. Aru says:

    Want to know the correct flash back soon….

  28. Priya says:

    Love to see khushi today. . She is totally crazy. . And arnav is always awesome. . But ye dadi khadus. . Or anjali ko koi sadbuddhi de. .

  29. sanjana15650 says:

    suhaag raat on monday….!!!
    why did they delayed it. just because of this annoying dadi!!!
    anyways, there is a fact that every friday’s episode is filled with lots of suspence which is always revealed on monday…
    mondays episodes are really great..!!

  30. naina says:

    Are yaar.. Precap mein bhi suhaag raat wale scene nehi dikhaya. Saara maza kharab kar diya.

  31. Kkgsr says:

    What the…. No suhag raath. How sad!

  32. anjali doesn’t have common sense. she has left her brain long back. beautiful duffer she is.

  33. arshi says:

    where did d suhaagraat topic went???? not fair!!!! πŸ™

  34. Anonymous says:

    this anjli s upto some nonsense,,, i can sense it

  35. arshisarun says:

    Thanx alot for the update.todays episode ws great

  36. rehaan says:

    i also like khushis new style of wearing dress

  37. sanaya says:

    why are u so slow today

    • katheeja says:

      i hate u sanaya

    • PINKY says:

      Why Katheeja? You can’t talk like this. All of your friends will think bad of you if you use harsh words like this. If you are going to comment then comment in a way that no one gets hurt by it and everyone is satisfied with your comment. PLZ don’t tell like this again. Sanaya is also our friend and part of IPKKND. So plz Dont do this again.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, then why dont YOU write the update from monday?
      then you will know how much effort has to be gone to do it.

  38. rozy says:

    yaar plz fast karo nahi to humara kaya hoga

  39. Zainy says:

    Plz b fast yaar and gt da clear update.

  40. arshisarun says:

    Anjali said tat arnav is lieing to her but now she strted lieing to arnav

    • no name says:

      i know right..this chick has serious issues. i hope if arnav finds out that she lied to him he stops talking to her like she did to him

    • Harj says:

      Hahaha thats what i was thinking! she was being very jealous now she is alright but now she is lying! i was thinking don’t you think the person she goes to meet is Shyam?

    • PINKY says:

      Yu r rite arshisarun. Arnav shud not talk with Anjali. And Anjali begging him and telling I wont repeat this CHOTE!. Oh that day I will fall unconscious.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Ds wicked anjali is ditching d whole family

  42. sam says:

    be fast yAAR

  43. Mrs Raizada says:

    she put her suit on the wrong way! oh how i love the humour – sometimes i find myself laughing out loud at work! bless her – shes scared. God knows why – if i had Arnav i defo wouldnt be! x

  44. rozy says:

    i m also thinking dat suhaag raat episode aired on monday b ut cvs ar v ery clever they dont show anything like dat always interuption

  45. Anonymous says:

    the show is still going on we want the update to be grammatically correct. chill guys

  46. Anonymous says:

    make it fast yaar

  47. rihanna says:

    But Be Quick Yaarrr

    Plzzzz <3 Thnx

  48. naina says:

    jaldi karo yaar…

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