Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 12th October 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 12th October 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Raizada family watching a movie in a theater. Khushi notices that Arnav is sad. She tells Nk, Armav seems to be sad because he didn’t get sweets. She asks him to pass sweets to him. Nani passes sweets to Arnav but he doesn’t eat. Arnav is not interested in watching movie either and he’s just looking at Khushi who is enjoying movie with Nk.

During an action scene, Khushi gets excited and she gets up from her seat. Now there is an emotional scene and Khushi has tears in her eyes. Arnav passes a handkerchief to Nani and asks her to pass it to Khushi. But in between there is Manorama who also has tears in her eyes, and she thinks Nani passed it for her and she starts wiping her tears. And now there is an interval. Khushi asks who will eat pop corn. Arnav gets up and says, I will get it but Khushi doesn’t hear him and leaves.

Movie resumes and finally Arnav has taken a seat beside Khushi. But Khushi is still not paying any attention to Arnav. Arnav is getting upset and annoyed. He tries to touch Khushi’s hand several times, but every time Khushi starts clapping. That’s the end of theater scene.

It’s next day morning. Arnav is getting ready to leave for office. Khushi comes there and says, I know you’re upset with me. Arnav asks, you do? Great! Khushi says, you’re angry because I screamed in theater. Arnav doesn’t say anything. Khushi then goes, no? Then you might be angry because Manorama sang song in car. She says, I sing too. Arnav still doesn’t say anything. Khushi says, oh you’re mad at Nk because he whistled during a song. Arnav gets angry and grabs her. He pushes her towards the wall and says, then do one thing.. watch 12 to 3 movie with Nani, 3 to 6 with Mami, and 6 to 9 with Nk. Khushi asks why are you saying like this? He says, I came to watch movie for you.. I wanted to watch movie with you.. wanted to spend time with you. read full updates with pictures only at Khushi asks, why you didn’t me before then? Arnav says, right.. I should have told you before.. when could I have told you? when you were planning how to whistle? or when you were rushing to watch movie first? He then says, I don’t think you understand me. Khushi tries to talk with him but he leaves. Khushi then speaks to herself, oh god what did I do? What should I do now? She then smiles and says, I will take him for an english movie, but for now I will have to do something else.

Khushi now comes to Arnav’s office. Receptionist gets shocked seeing her and asks you? Khushi says, yes Me.. I have came to the office before too.. there is no need to get surprised. Khushi then asks where is Arnav and Receptionist tells her that Arnav is in meeting.. you can wait in conference room. Khushi goes to conference room.

Khushi then sees a washroom and says, Khushi this is the only way to lessen Arnav’s anger at her. Arnav is busy in the meeting. In the mean time, Khushi has changed her clothes and put her dupatta on.

It’s very dark now and Khushi is wondering what happened to lights. At the same time Arnav comes there. Khushi says, thank God I was searching for you only. I know you’re angry with me and you should be angry with me… you wanted to see horse race but I made you to come and watch movie and that too hindi movie. And then you wanted to pass some time alone with me and me, silly, brought whole family with me. She goes on, Di was sad so I thought to take her out. Arnav tries to say that he understand but Khushi doesn’t let him say anything. She says, I am not done talking yet.. I have decided to show you movie the way you want so you won’t be angry at me anymore. She says, you love english movies actress right? and then she takes off her dupatta and she has wore some foreign style dress. Arnav asks, what is this? Khushi sings, I love you Arnav ji.

She then starts dancing with him. Now she comes back in a different clothes.. japanese or chinese style.. and starts singing.. aaj mausam hai suhana.. kapde badalne ka bahana (reason to change clothes).. what the what the..

She goes away and comes back in one more different type of clothes, a don type. She puts a pistol on Arnav’s head and says, do you know my name? My name is Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada.

Arnav is not saying anything. Khushi asks what happened? I did so much, you didn’t like anything? You’re not saying anything since so long. She then says, oh it’s very dark and may be you can’t see anything.. but what are you doing alone in darkness? And then some people clap. Lights come back and Khushi sees there are some other people too.

She asks Arnav to forgive her saying she didn’t know. Arnav says, I am trying to explain you since long time that there is my presentation here.. but you didn’t let me talk. Khushi now puts pistol on her head.. and says, you’re gone.. now Arnav will make you run in horse race. Arnav is sending Khushi outside but some guys get up and tell Arnav, the outfit that your wife has put on is excellent. Arnav and Khushi are surprised. The guy says, don’t take me wrong.. but the designs that we saw till now are very serious and too common. But the outfit that your wife has is international and has its own charm.. it will work for our clients. Your wife solved our problem. Khushi gets happy. The guy says, contract is yours.. congratulation. Arnav says, thank you in a confused tone. They guys leave.

Break 1..

Arnav is angry at khushi. He asks her, how could you do all this in office? I work here. Khushi says, please forgive me.. I thought I should dress up like your english movie actresses to impress you.. but like always.. everything went wrong. She says, I will be back changing clothes. Arnav stops her and asks, did I tell you to change clothes? He then says, I understand why you did what you did.. and you said you have planned something for me? What’s the plan? Khushi shows him two tickets for an english movie.. Arnav asks and? Khushi says, I will come in skirt.. and we will talk in english. Arnav asks, really? Khushi says, yes arnav ji. Arnav says, no.. if you want to impress me then you have to stop calling me Arnav ji. Khushi asks, how can I call you laad governor? Arnav says, I meant Arnav. Khusi still says, Arnav ji but in end Arnav finally makes her say, Arnav only. Khushi hugs him. Arnav says, you know you’re very…. Khushi finishes his sentence saying, I am very strange.. I know.

Break 2..

Khushi is back to home and is doing preparations for something. She says to herself, only 7 hours left.. how everything will be done. Nani and Anjali come there. They try to talk with her but Khushi is going crazy with preparations. She orders a cake without sugar. and then she says, we should wear new clothes for tomorrow. She finally says, it’s Arnav’s birthday tomorrow and they should do something special. She says, we should wear same colored clothes tomorrow. Now she is confused between black and red color. Everyone is trying to tell her that she can’t do anythin for tomorrow. Khushi asks but why? Manorama says, because Arnav doesn’t like to celebrate his birthday at all.

Episode ends.



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  1. Thankgod i was waiting up for such along time that when Monday will come to watch ipkknd at anytime india is loved by me…heart i will come back on 20th October because bakra(bari) Eid is going to come on i shopped my Eid clothes from Delhi and it’s very pretty…and i will comment on next upcoming page on new written episode

  2. Heart says:

    Ya… I m a girl.& i m in 11th std as pooja! Is pakistan home country? May b u r also dere 4 eid, na?

  3. minahil(minitgoa) says:

    Iam currently living in pakistan. Because my grand maa. Live here but I born in spain and I am in 8standard in which class do u read and a re u girl I think so u that u are girl

  4. So finally Monday comes with a lot of happyness,fun,joke,interest,romance,n LOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooVE!

  5. Amy says:

    Wow wat a dream raima n thnks 4 wishng me bst of luk n hapy brthay poja

  6. srs says:

    so adorable Arnav forever

  7. srs says:

    Arnav expressions were so adorable at each and every moment especially in theater

  8. srs says:

    The way how Arnav finally makes kushi say “Arnav” awesome

  9. ano24 says:

    if anyone find the new promo please show me the link

  10. Aqsa says:

    hey u al guyy why dnt u rep me? um ur frnd before 5 mnths. nd plz dnt fightng yar we r like a family phele sub itne ache the. nd ths bloody kamina hate faize who da hel iz he? plz hatao is kachry ko idiot. hey i hv an exitng newz 4 u my brthday is also on monday.

  11. Btw promise i got a dream of ipkknd it was like khushi was celebrating arnav’s birthday they both were alone and cutting a 3tier chocolate fudge cake and it was written happy birthday to my lovely arnav and then their were blue and white gas balloons and other floor balloons to and then they spend whole night and did everything and then next morning khushi wakes up in blanket she ask arnav to pass her cloths and she was becoming little bit shy and nk comes too and saw

  12. so all guys i heard new rumour ok and read carefully please…after arnav and khushi’s marriage they will have first fight when khushi will ask him to celebrate his birthday and their will be fight,romance and cheers but not on Monday’s episode he will celebrate his birthday he will do later so hope all to wait and see what happeneds next :'(…but my mind says he will celebrate his birthday hopefully

  13. Waqas says:

    Ur awsm prepartions …………….. Lagay rahoooooooo!

  14. Heart says:

    Hi minahil, i m 4m bangladesh & pooja is 4m india(WB). If u dnt mind, plz tel me d mening of ur name! Ok THNX 2 AL MY FRNDZ. GUDBY & GUDN8!HV A NICE SLEEP WITH SWEET ARSHI DRMS! Happy yabba(rabba) ve!!!

    • minahil(minitgoa) says:

      And let me tell u one more thing that I am a muslim are u there are very close relations of bangladesh by us u know urdu or not

  15. ano24 says:


  16. Like FAIZA says:

    Okay guys sorry 2 all. Actualy i had a fb frd named faiza.n she cheated wit me. Bcz of her i’m colored infront of my family.after dat i hate al grls named faiza. But i undrstnd my mistak. So sorry faiza. U can tell me watever u want. But u didnt do it. U r a good girl. So i chnge my name 2 like faiza. Sumon sory yaar.okay guys 4m 2day i m ur new frnd shadhin. I m 17 years old boy. Sory i told a lie dat i m 4m india. But i am 4m bdesh.i live in dhaka. N reads in class 10.

  17. Minahil(mini tgoa) says:

    how many olds are u pooja and heart

  18. Minahil(mini tgoa) says:

    Yes heart but I have to know pooja is angry with me and from where u and pooja belong tell me. And now we are also freind

    • Minahil please don’t talk to like this.year i m not angry with u..are main aisa hi hoon.kisi se bhi jada Der tak gussa rahi nahi sakti.
      Kash kar dosto se.
      Anyways where r u from?

      HAPPY MAHALAYA to all of my friends.

  19. srs says:

    Arnav “Excuse me” was awesome

  20. PURVI IS THE BEST says:


  21. I tell u all that iss HATE FAIZA’s ko jada dhyan mat do bho apane app chup ho jayegi.actually jada vao kaha rahi hai.

  22. Amy says:

    Hy guys plz pray 4 me tomoro is my frst exam plz plz plz pray 4 me

  23. Heart says:

    Hi minahil, r u 4m spain? Vry nice! May b pooja is bg. Sumon is 1 of our frndz.

  24. Minahil(mini tgoa) says:

    Happy birthday to you arnav aap or khushi ek bohat achi Jodi ho may god bless u with great wishes ur sister mini tgoa by and by all the men and women of Spain

  25. Minahil(mini tgoa) says:

    Hello pooja are u angry with me , and when u send me a message then write my name in end ,and who is sumon

  26. Amy says:

    So be happy becous its not fightng ground forgt that fightng n plz any one tel me hw to vot arnav n khushi 4 bst jodi

  27. srs says:

    sooooooooooooo cute Arnav

  28. khushi says:

    luv u

    keep it up
    we will luv u always cuz u rthe bestest n fav of all

  29. Lina from Sweden says:

    DID YOU ALL NOTICE NK JACKET? SWEDEN:) Kappa Sweden. proud I am. Sitting here on my couch at home in Sweden and sees this fine jacket. awesome

  30. Sarun faaaan says:

    I like the whole epi…..
    Khushi u was looking too awesoome in that dresses…
    Advance wishing u “HAPPY BIRHDAY” ARNAV.
    Waiting for monday’ s epi…
    Luv u arshi:)))
    Fans this week trp-3.2
    And previous week trp-3.0

  31. tapu don’t say anything to our tv serial Jodi specially arnav and khushi because they just rox and they are super co actors of ippknd and we all love them

  32. Amy says:

    Who r u to say abut our arshi that thy r not good jori. They r bst jori forevr if u r dis likr thn go to hel frm ths site

  33. Amy says:

    Any body dosn,t have any right to say any thng bad about any one specily abut our frnds n plz stop fightng it is station of frndship n any one have problm with any one n their frnds thn he go to hel frnds don,t pay atention to such a chep person he is only jalus with our frndship so be happy and keep smilng

  34. tapu says:

    arnav and khushi are not nice jodi

    • NajiaPrincess says:

      if u feel this way, then why are u on their section? why are u on this show updates? if u have nothing nice to say or dont really like it, then its better to keep it to urself and roll onto a forum that u like. it makes no sense to cause problems with, ppl like myself, that believe Arshi are THE best jodi on television that I have ever seen.

  35. Why you all fight in this page we all are friends don’t mess with it because we all love our friends because friends our those who fights on little things not stretch it with it a long story please because true friends can forgive their enemies so stop it and stop pumping the story

  36. S U M O N says:

    Im also sorry faiza that he use bad words abt u nd me. And U ”hate faiza” u think u r so smart.? Don’t forget that GOD knows everything. Now u r useing bad words abt me nd Faiza. Your time will also come one day. One day any other people will also use some bad words abt u for sure. So mind it.

    And this is for u Faiza- or kothate ki ase jay. O ekta pagol-cagol. Kot theke aisa ajaira suru korce. Ki jani ore jonmo deoar somoy god ki chinta kortecelo….

    • Hate FAIZA says:

      So many anger 4 me. But i think faiza u r a call girl so 100 boys die in u. I’m not dat kind of man. N i ve a sweet n cute GF so i dont need any faiza. 4 jinat uspe agar 100 ladka fida hai toh mujhpe 1000 ladkia marti hai understand.

    • cool says:

      u 2 r very proud
      yr itna garoor sahet ky liya ach nahi hota
      stop hrting each other n 4get everythin
      be cool

  37. Heart says:

    Tumi ashole k? Faiza’r pechone evabe chikar moto lege acho keno? Somosshata ki? Ovishap dilam, tomar bashay jeno loadsheding hoy! & HI NEW FRNDZ!

    • Arya fan says:

      Hi heart nyc curse. Load shddding hok hee hee…. But he s indian. Cant read bengali. I m really sorry sumon. I even dunno who da bloody hell he is. Really sorry. Ok guys bye. Now i’ve 2 read 2moro is my religin xam. So i can chat wit u but after 11 pm.bye

    • pie says:

      guys how about we comment with hate whoever hate faiza
      i m new here i dont know anything bt sorry mai ap logo k drmian a rahi hu bt i feel bad that aperson to whom u dont know u r insulting her too much

    • Pie! Faiza is a very good girl n i love faiza very bandar ko kaya naaam doon?is ko 1000000000 bar panch marni chiye.

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