Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 15th August 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 15th August 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Buaji scolding Khushi. Buaji says thank to Arnav, he is ready to re-marry you. She tells her, you could have at least thought about us. At the same time, someone knocks the door. Khushi thinks it’s her mother and she goes to open the door but it’s Dadi ji. Buaji asks her to sit down but Dadi says she’s fine. Dadi says they couldn’t talk properly at Raizada house so she has came here. Buaji says you can come anytime.. in end we are same family now. Dadi says she has came here to talk about that only and asks her if she thinks it’s right what she is doing. Buaji asks her to explain what she means.

Dadi asks Buaji if Arnav was your son and if he wanted to marry someone like Khushi, would you let him marry? Buaji asks what is wrong in Khushi and reminds her that Arnav is the one who came up with this rishta first. Dadi says guys have a weak heart and that’s why girls like Khushi can trap them. Dadi says girl, who lived at someone’s house like this, can never become our bahu. Khushi is just expression less hearing all this. Dadi now looks at her house and says I understand when you live in this condition, you would want to live at better place. Khushi’s mother comes back home and gets shocked listening all this. Buaji she is quiet because she respects Dadi. Buaji says but why are you blaming Khushi? Arnav is also responsible for this. Buaji says they might be poor but they don’t go behind anyone else’s money. Dadi says I don’t blame anyone without any reason. Dadi tells Buaji that Khushi has made this house and property on her own name.

Buaji asks Khushi what is all this? Khushi says I have no clue about it. Dadi says it doesn’t matter, she got what she wanted. Buaji still takes Khushi’s side. Dadi now says Khushi is living with Arnav since 6 months, and I don’t use bad words but you and I both know what they mean. Dadi says she will never allow Arnav to marry her. Buaji also says, I won’t give Khushi’s hand in Arnav’s hand either now. Dadi says fine so now this rishta is broken. Khushi’s mother is still hiding and is very shocked.

Break 1..

Dadi leaves now. Buaji says how she dare to talk like this about Khushi. Buaji says just like Arnav, his dadi also has an ego. Khushi says, no buaji, Arnav is not like this. Buaji says it’s Arnav’s fault only. Khushi says that time situation was .. Buaji says yes that’s why he used you. Khushi says no and says Arnav looks like that from outside but in real, he is very nice. She says to hide his pain, he is tough from outside.

Khushi then tells Buaji that his mother committed suicide when he was 14 years old. Khushi’s mother comes there now and gives her a slap. She says, I don’t want to hear anything and orders her to go in her room. Khushi leaves.

Buaji asks her mother why she had to slap? Buaji says it’s not Khushi’s fault and what happened to you? I never saw you this angry before.

At Raizada house, NK is asking where is Payal and Aakash? There is so much work to do. Dadi comes there and says I will make it easier for you and tells them not to do any preparations. Nani asks her what happened? We have to go to Khsuhi’s house with ‘shagun’. Dadi says no one is going there. This rishta is no more. Arnav comes there. Everyone is shocked. Dadi blames Khushi’s buaji for this. Anjali asks how is this possible?

Arnav comes in front and tells Anjali to relax. He says they will go with ‘shagun’ tomorrow and says he will talk with Buaji. Arnav tells everyone to get back to preparations and he leaves from there.

Arnav comes to Buaji’s house now. He asks where is Khushi? I want to talk with her. Buaji says she can’t come outside. He then just walks in to her room. Khushi hides her cheek. Arnav asks her to look at him. Arnav then sees her red cheek. Khushi hugs him. Arnav is angry and asks who did this? Khushi stops him and says she is my mother, she can slap me anytime, please don’t tell her anything. Arnav says he doesn’t get it.. why everyone is making big issue out of it. He goes outside and tells Buaji that he will be here tomorrow with ‘shagun’ and with his family.

Buaji says, I would have wanted that as well but not after what your dadi did. Arnav still stays he will come and tells them to be ready. He’s leaving now. He turns back and looks at Khushi and then leaves.

At Raizada house, everyone is gathered and Manorama says God knows what will happen tomorrow. Anjali asks but what happened all of a sudden. Dadi blames Khushi. Nani tells Dadi, don’t forget Arnav was also involved in that mistake. Arnav comes there now.

Anjali asks him what happened? Arnav says nothing and says they will leave at 10am tomorrow. Anjali is happy and says that means Buaji agreed. Dadi gets up and starts walking. Arnav tells her that he knows what she is trying to do. He then tells her that they will go with ‘shagun’ regardless she comes or no. Arnav leaves from there.

Break 2..

It’s very dark and Arnav is standing alone, thinking about Khushi. He then says he bothered Khushi so much, he’s the only reason for Khushi’s sadness, and today when someone slapped her, he is still angry with Khushi. He then sees someone’s shadow and says who’s there? He goes to check but doesn’t see anyone and he leaves.

It’s Shyam. He’s hiding behind a wall.

Episode ends..

Precap: Arnav is telling Khushi, you told me so many times that there is nothing between you and Shaym but I didn’t agree. You still risked your life and saved me. He holds her hand and says I am really sorry. I don’t even know how many times I hurt you, I am sorry.


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177 Responses to “Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 15th August 2012 Written Update”

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  2. abi says:

    i love arnav

  3. anu says:

    One more thing everything is revolving round kushi and arnav so there can be a possibility that kushi’s mom was a witness of arnav’s dad crime and that’s why payal’s mother is aware of dadi, later in the story it will be shown that shyam knew everything and he have done that to marry anjali for her status and property

  4. PINKY says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very late to comment as i was very busy yesterday and today. OMG!!! Totally 168 comments the highest comment rated for IPKKND. The amazing episode of yesterday made a mass reaction from us( fans). Truely IPKKND rocks. U guys know one thing? our IPKKND’s Trp is same 2.5. Good shows are not recognised by anyone except some of us true IPKKNd fans. Waiting for today’s episode. IPKKND ki JAI!!!!!!!!!

  5. anu says:

    shaam brought dadi back telling her that how kushi ruined his married life and convinced her that she is characterless , secondly arnav’s dad commited suicide first and later his mother did it though arnav doesn’t like his dad cause he must be accused of some unsocial activity(something like teasing ) and therefore he commits suicide and his mother out of shame i guess and this was the reason for anjali’s rista to be called off

  6. Muneeza says:

    Why do I have a feeling that Dadiji and Shyaam are working together? Anyone else think that????

  7. hana says:

    loved this epi…..i hope arnav will be always with khushi and khushi arshi

  8. Bebo says:

    Let me te you whats going to happen like everyone says khushis foster mother used to be the servant of arnavs dad and he fell in love with her and then arnavs mum found out and commited suicide and the dadi knows who khushis mum is so she hid herself so now on the wedding day they will all come face to face. We all know that arnav will never leave khushi but if he finds out about khushis mum and his dad then he will get a bit angry and emotional and call off wedding ! This is a prediction but hopefully all this wont happen as i like arnav and khushi as jodi please get rid of the baddys and shyam i knew that shyam would be back i am guessing the guy anjali used to meet was shyam well to be more precise without all the bad things happening the show wouldve ended ages ago but i want arnav and khushi to get married first and if shyam has to return hen return after marriage not befor

  9. neha says:

    throw this dadi out of the show as soon as possible

  10. cinderella says:

    throw this dadi out

  11. snowhite says:

    i pray for arnav…. k wo khushi se dobara shadi karle aur ye shaam ki aisi insult kare k yaad rakhe aur is dadi ki to………………………………

  12. imesha says:

    nice episode!Arnav you are doing great always do the same(taking kushi’s side)

  13. Anonymous says:

    ILV AK

  14. deepali jain says:

    i dont know from where this dadi has come…where were she when arnav and her sister anjali suffered after their parent death…and now all of the sudden she came back and interferring in arnav khusi’s life…she shld be send back of raizada’s house.

  15. rozy says:

    i love dat scene wheh arnav sees her red cheek and he gets hurt

  16. pia says:

    tell that dadi to get out of Raizada mansion otherwise she is going to be killed by me!!
    i think dadi is the reason of Arnav’s mums death..i hope i don’t get that kind of saaumaa..heloo hi bye bye!!

  17. jil says:

    Pls kick off this dadi vy irritating charactes and dont spoil khushi and arnav life…

  18. Anonymous says:

    H8 grandma!!!!..urgh!

  19. kushhhiiiii.kumariiiiiiiiii says:

    to the houseee..
    I hatee ShYamm!!! :((((

  20. AJ says:

    You know what dadi no matter how many times u try to create problems in between kushi and arnav IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN cuz arnav would still go to kushi and ask what really happened. Off course he wouldn’t believe the dadi cuz he knows how she is and he understands now what the dadi is trying to do. Buaji is so much better then that evil witch she at least said why did u slap kushi to the mother or who ever she is. How can someone talk so normally with the dadi like anjali nani etc???? is arnav the only one who sees the truth and doesn’t believe what others gossip about like really it’s like everyone is blind and doesn’t see what the dadi is trying to do. And shaym don’t even get me started how did u enter the raizada’s house off course cuz the door is always open. Arnav will never believe the witch no matter how old she is. Some parents or dadis think that just because their like older then u they can say anything and except u to listen to all this crap.
    Awesome acting: Barun Sanaya dadi nani everyone :) i’ve see the tellybuzz behind the scenes unedited and let me just tell u u guys work so hard to create ipkknd they took almost 8 or 9 shots of what u guys are seeing like really omg each shot u people are seeing takes a lot of effort even the smallest shots like the one where arnav is just thinking and seeing a shadow ! i don’t know why do they take so many shots but i love how the team puts it all together dont u guys agree? :) :p :0

  21. my jaan arnav [amy] says:

    hi almas here
    I think That kd budi is missing her husband in raizada house you dont now guyz her stupid hubby is shyam

    Kd budi ka mind ko ek kick
    Kd budi mar jana i wish budi bichari uss ka hubby ka baas chaljana narak mein

    I love u arnav my darling

  22. Lina says:

    Hi all IPKKND fans! Right now I irritate me on Dadi. She and Shyam really have a plan together. I think that Shyam has told a lot of fake stuff on Kushi. Therefore hate dadi Kushi. She wants to destroy Kushi. She think that Kushi has destroyed betwen Shyma and Anjili.

    All support and love 4 Arnav who support KushI and loves her so much. It´s a little twist in the series, a lot of drama. Just hope the wedding is on.
    Ps. I do not understand hindi, but I watch anyway, and thanks to this wonderful site, I understand.
    Lina from Sweden.

  23. Sarah says:

    Wat the hell is tht dadis prob!!!! Y is she
    Trying to make lyf hell for every1!!!! Throw
    This dadi out!!!!!!
    This marriage vl happen at any cost!!!!!
    Arshi r such a cuteee couple!!!! <3 <3
    Y did Shyam cum back??????

  24. Sexy Bum says:

    Dadi is definetely part of Shyam’s plan. At least Arnav sticks up for Khushi.

  25. ziyaafreen says:

    hi why this khosat dadi enter into the serial…just throw her away yaar plz plz i just cant see arnav upset…why the hell the dadi idiot always entering inbetween arnav and khushi romance..
    Oooh arnav ur awesome..
    I love ur what the!!!

  26. my jaan arnav [amy] says:

    idiot budi dadi harami iam going to kill her she is hurting my arnav
    Guyz plz pray for me i want my habby like arnav oooo swt cute lovely dashing fantastic amazing awesome super arnav

  27. Sadia says:

    I hate dadi and bloody
    shyaam.arnav is so

  28. Anonymous says:

    Dadi ko vagao plz……..plz plz

  29. ilovee arnav says:

    This was a crap episode.. nd wtf why did khushi’s mum slap her.. This dadi is causin grief between evryone da moody b****.. why duz shyam have ta cum bak.. omg i hope arshi get married without any diturbance.. oh yaaay.. marriage agen so suhaagraat agen.. buh only if da re-marriage goes fine! love arshii.. :) <3..

  30. ilovee arnav says:

    This was a crap episode.. nd wtf why did khushi’s mum slap her.. This dadi is causin grief between evryone da moody b****.. why duz shyam have ta cum bak.. omg i hope arshi get married without any diturbance.. oh

  31. ciya says:

    i hate dadi promo is wonderful

  32. ciya says:

    i hate dadi

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