Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 17th August 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 17th August 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Arnav telling Dadi that her parents had accident and then Garima adopted her. Dadi then says, if it’s like that then I don’t need to meet her, you know a lot about Khushi and I will meet her and her family tomorrow on shagun’s time. Dadi leaves from there. Arnav says, what the.. what’s wrong with her?

At Khushi’s house, Buaji is annoyed as Dadi is coming anytime as she wishes. At the same time, Khushi gets a call from Arnav. Khushi’s mother says she is not feeling well and tells Buaji to handle Dadi ji. Khushi tells her that they are not coming, they have changed their mind and will come directly tomorrow with shagun. Khushi’s mother has a sigh of relief. She says, so much is happening and I am afraid what if something wrong happens. Khushi and Buaji tell her not to scare, everything will be fine.

It’s morning now. At Raizada house, everyone is getting ready to go to Khushi’s house with Shagun. Arnav is getting ready and talking on the phone with Khushi and asks her if she’s ready. Khushi is also doing preparations at her house. She tells Arnav that she is also getting ready. Khushi tells her for Shagun, grooms can’t come. Arnav asks her, and who will stop me? Arnav is coming downstairs and Dadi asks him, where are you going? She says, grooms can’t come to shagun and can’t even see bride’s face until marriage is done. NK says, but Aakash went to all functions. Aakash tries to shut him up but he keeps talking and in end Dadi shuts NK. Dadi says that she is only telling how shagun is done properly. Arnav still wants to go but NK tells him not to worry, they will give shagun to Khushi only.

At Khushi’s house. Her mother says that she will go and get medicines for Khushi’s father. Buaji says, have you gone mad? At this time? They are about to come. But Khushi’s mother says she will have to go. Khushi tells her that she will go but Buaji tells Khushi to sit down. Buaji reminds Garima that Dadi is very strict and they must not make any mistake. Khushi’s mother says that she will be back fast. Khushi sees her mother worried and asks her what happened but she doesn’t say anything and leaves.

Khushi’s mother is leaving and she sees Dadi coming out of car. She turns back and hides. Dadi doesn’t see her and her mother runs away from there. Everyone goes inside her house now.

Break 1..

Buaji welcomes everyone. NK is talking in his language with Buaji. Buaji asks him, in which language are you talking? and then asks him, when he is getting married. NK avoids her question. Khushi’s father tries to say hello to Dadi but she ignores him and goes inside. Payal asks where is her mother. Buaji says, she went to get medicine as it was urgent. Dadi says, I can understand, she is not the real mother of Khushi so she didn’t find it important to stay here.

Buaji now calls Khushi. Khushi comes out with tea for everyone. Nani tells Khushi to sit beside her. Dadi asks Khushi if her mother is coming or no?

Break 2..

Buaji says it’s time to start all the rashams and time doesn’t wait so should we? Dadi says okay and they do all the rashams, giving stuff to Khushi etc…

Shagun is done now. Dadi says roka will be tomorrow and says after haldi, bride and groom can’t meet. Arnav suddenly comes there and says, great! I came on right time. Khushi is shocked. Dadi is angry. NK tells him, you came on right time, you naughty boy. Dadi then tells Arnav, I told you that you can’t come right? Arnav says right, but you just said shagun is done and we can’t meet after haldi. There’s still time in haldi so technically I am listening to everything you said and saying. NK says, wow Arnav, good argument. Arnav then tells Khushi that he wants to talk with her alone. Everyone is staring at him. Arnav says, excuse us and he goes to Khushi, holds her hand, and takes her to a room saying they will be right back.

Dadi is angry and says how can he be so rude? Nani tells her leave it, it’s okay. Manorama also says they are living in same room since 6 months, what one minute would do? Dadi is still blabbering. Anjali tells Dadi that they will personally take care and make sure that they don’t meet after Haldi.

In a room. Khushi asks Arnav, what are you doing? I told you that you can’t come here. Did you see how angry Dadi got? Arnav says, I also told you that no one can stop me. Khushi then says right, Arnav Singh Raizada. Arnav is saying, Khushi Kumari Gupta.. and then Khushi puts her hand on his mouth and says, there’s still time in becoming Singh Raizada. Khushi says now tomorrow is Roka. Arnav asks what is that? Khushi explains him that in Roka they will give a ring to each other. Arnav says what will that do? That’s ridiculous.

Khushi says, not at all. Everything has a meaning. She then tells him that we wear ring in this finger because its nerve goes straight to heart and once you win my heart, then I am all yours. Arnav is impressed and asks so right now you’re not mine? Khushi says, I am yours already and then suddenly stops right there.

Episode ends with them looking at each other.

Precap: Garima has finally returned to home. Khushi asks her, why did you take so much time? Her mother says, I couldn’t find medicine so had to go to other places. Buaji tells Garima, you were supposed to be here. Dadi kept asking about you. Garima asks if everything went right. Buaji says everything went fine and tomorrow is Roka.


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  1. SHIVANI says:


  2. areh yaar jaldi se asr aur khushi ki shaadi karvado yaar !i want 2 see them married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!plz snd me snaps of everyday’s episodes plz!i am not able to find every pic of d episode so plz send me all pics of everyday’s episodes!!!!!!!!

  3. kavi says:

    guys u must watch the new promo, imn roka arnav puts ring to khushi and says NO ONE CAN SEPARATE U FROM LAAD GOVERNOR….and the shocking in the promo is dadi asking where is garima?? she is hiding behind the door…..

  4. rozy says:

    happy birthday barun 🙂

  5. Fan of ipkknd says:

    Happy birthday arnav ji

  6. Anonymous says:

    Pls dont check our patience. Make them together as soon as possible. Give an appearance ofa 6 month pregnant woman to anjaly

  7. Thanks to iss pyaar ko kya naam doon bcz by reading this i can know the episode which i had missed.bcz in hostel there is no tv to watch. says:

  8. katheeja says:

    eid mubarak to all my dear muslim friends

  9. love u arshi says:

    suuuperbbbbb… pair…
    love u barun n sanaya…
    u guys r just awesome…
    once i wann hug u yar….

  10. sneha says:

    wish you many many happy returns of the day barun..:):):)
    may this year brings lot of happiness in ur life…

  11. Anonymous says:

    i bet they are enjoying seeing us gettng excited and plannign the next downfall.. pls nooo.. atleast make it like pratigya in which the guy n girl ahve full trust on each other.. baaki log can go to hell…

  12. Raagavi says:

    Arnav nd kushi…luv u so much:-)something in their romance…worth to watch…

  13. love ya arshi says:

    2 reasons why im lucky-

    1)ma bday is 15 days after barun
    2)ma bday is 1 day before sanaya

  14. Anonymous says:

    I think dadi ko pata chal gaya hai ki garima kaun hai is liye wo usse milne nahe gayi aur nahe jada pucha. ho sakte hai yeh dadi ka koi plan ho aur khushi ki shadi ke time wo raaz kholegi jissse khushi ki shadi tut jaye jaise anjali ki shadi tut gayi thi jis din arnav ki mom ne sucide ki thi.waise bhi bahot sare secret khulne hai arnav ke dad ne anjali ki shadi ke din he kyu sucide ki aur arnav ko sheesh palace se kyu bahar nikal diya.

  15. Sweetyhoney says:

    What’s the secret between garima & dadi, plz break the secret soon

  16. Sweetyhoney says:

    Wish u happy b’day arnav ji

  17. Arnav Khushi fan says:

    yes happy birthday barun… love u arnav and khushi

  18. ilovee arnav says:

    Wish this dadi passes out! uffffffft arnav your smile is soo attractin.. you got sum heavy smile.. iloveyouuu so much! khushi you lukd pretty too <3 loveyouloadz arshi.. xxxxx

  19. superslim says:

    yep i too think that garima knows everythng abt the past
    but watever may be kushi nd arnav rockzz
    i am waiting for their re-marriage
    and the smile given by arnav omg fabulous hope arnav will have this for few episodes

  20. love ya arnav says:

    Cant wait for the marriage…hope that stupid dadi n shyam doesnt spoil it…fingers crossed

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