Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 19th October 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 19th October 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Nk waiting for Arnav and Khushi. He says, where did they go? Today Arnav forgot his phone at home as well and mind you, Arnav never forgets his phone at home. And Khushi is not picking up her phone. He wonders where can they go. And then says, did kidnappers kidnapped them to take reveng? Others come there. Anjali asks Nk, what revenge? Nk changes topic and says, revenge means I was thinking you guys love me so much so what should I give you back. Manorama says, for me one saaree, necklace. Nani says, take me to the temple every Monday. Khushi and Arnav return to home. Nk starts dancing and says, you don’t know how happy I am.

Anjali tells Arnav, Khushi.. Nk is getting extra emotional today and where did you two go? To eat ice cream again? Nani and Anjali laugh. Khushi says, Di we.. we.. Arnav says, we went for walk. Manorama says, it’s too much.. whenever you see.. honeymoon. Khushi gets shy and her and Arnav leave from there.

Khushi and Arnav are in their room now. Khushi is telling Arnav, what happened and how she fought with kidnappers. Arnav is just staring at her and smiling. Khushi asks him, why are you looking at me like this? Are you even listening to me? Arnav says, huh.. ya I was listening. He says, I have to admit.. you’re little filmy but very brave. Khushi asks, filmy? Arnav says, of course.. what do you think .. it was a good idea to take kidnappers car? and that too when you know so good driving? Kidnappers just kidnapped him for money, but if you had car accident then “you could have killed him”. Arnav is just kidding with her, but she gets a bit serious. Arnav says, forget it and leaves from there. Khushi then remembers how Jr. ASR also said same thing to her, that kidnappers just wanted money but “you could have killed me”. She says to herself, both names start with same letter and ends with same letter.. and their names got same number of letters. She goes, What the.. how come so many things of them are same to same?

It’s morning now. Khushi opens the curtains and Arnav wakes up. He says, good morning Khushi. Khushi says, today I am not Khushi.. I am a chef. She comes back in chef’s clothes and says, I am chef Khushi.. and here’s your breakfast. She tells Arnav to go and wash his hands. Arnav goes and comes back. Khushi makes him sit on the bed and then she sets up a table there on which she puts the breakfast. Arnav goes, ‘wow’.. seeing pan cake that Khushi made learning recipe from internet. She gives him spoons. Arnav says, but spoons are not needed. read full updates with pictures only at Khushi says, I know but in big restaurants.. they put things that you don’t need.. you eat it. Before he eats, she stops him again and puts a cloth on him like how they do in five-star hotels. Arnav makes her sit and says, five-stars chef are allowed to sit na? He offers her first bit but Khushi says, it’s my vrat (fast) today so I can’t eat. She says, all ladies in this house has fast and that’s why I brought breakfast here. If you eat in front of them, then they would get hungry too. Arnav is eating now and Khushi is looking at him. Arnav smiles and tells her, have some.. I won’t tell anyone. Khushi says, I can’t eat… Devi maa will feel so bad. She turns her face away until Arnav is done eating.

She give him tea now and then says, I have to make all special food today and there is pooja. Arnav says, then I should better leave from here. Khushi asks, why? Arnav says, don’t you remember what happened last time? And there is a flashback scene where kids came to their home and destroyed everything.

Khushi laughs and says, that time I used to scare from you so much right. Arnav says, and now? Khushi says, not anymore. Arnav looks in her eyes, and asks really? Khushi pinches his cheek and says, yes really. Arnav says, please don’t do such stuff.. I am not a kid anymore. Khushi says, then why do everyone call you chote? Both smile. Khushi tells him to get ready as they have to buy gifts for kids. She leaves.

Sheetal has came to some office for the job. One of the office staff says, we were just looking for someone like you but before you get the job, you have to talk with our boss. He’s in meeting right now.

On the other side, Khushi has came to a shop to buy gifts for kids. She is bargaining and Aarva comes there. He heard her voice and sees her. He says, oh no.. and starts leaving from there. Khushi sees him and stops him.

Khushi asks him, where is your mumma? Aarav says, mumma has gone for the interview and I am waiting for him. Khushi asks him, so which toy did you like? He says, I don’t like toys. Khushi says, but all kids like toys then why not you? Aarav says, because all kids like them and I am not a kid. Khushi says, I know that.. you’re not kid.. you’re chote. Aarav asks, can I go? Khushi says, no.. your mumma told you to wait here right? Then help me in buying toys. Aarav asks, what? you play with toys? Khushi says, no.. it’s for someone else. She asks, which toys 10 years old girls like? Aarav says, how would I know? Khushi then sees a doll and asks him if she should buy it? He says, no and shows her.. gun toys. Khushi says, not at all and puts it away. Khushi shows him more toys.. but he says all are very bad. Khushi asks, why? He says, because I told you na I don’t like toys. Khushi says, do you know.. you’re very strange. Aarav says, I am not strange.. those girls are strange.. who play with toys.. who make them eat.. put clothes on, as if they are not toys.. they are human beings.

Sheetal enters the boss’ office. And it’s none other than Arnav. He asks, Sheetal.. you here? Sheetal says, actually I came here for designing position. Arnav says, you were interested in designing in the college too.. I had no idea.. you would become a designer. They sit down. Arnav asks so how is your son? She says, he’s good.

Break 1..

Khushi is done shopping now. She tells Aarav.. so let’s eat something now. Aarav says, I am not hungry. She says, that’s what I don’t like.. you’re a kid so talk like one. It seems like you’re throwing rocks from your mouth. And what is this? Why angry face all the time? Smile little.. talk little.. this world is not that bad. Khushi then keeps going on.. that I know we girls are different and we talk extra… She’s busy in talking and on the other side, Aarav is getting dizzy. Khushi finally notices that and asks to herself, did he got unconscious from my talks? now what shall I do?

In the office, Sheetal shows her designs to Arnav.. and he’s impressed. He says, this job can easily be yours. Sheetal says, sorry Arnav.. I can’t do this job. Arnav asks why? She says, I just can’t do it. Arnav says, I am so sorry.. I didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.

Break 2..

Arnav’s phone is ringing. Sheeta says to Arnav, your wife’s call. Arnav picks up the phone and Sheetal is leaving from there. Arnav says, what? Aarav is unconscious? Sheetal hears that and gets worried. Arnav asks Khushi, where did you meet him? Khushi says, I met him in a store.. you please call and tell Sheetal. Arnav says, Sheetal is right here.. I am taking her to our home. Sheetal says, I left Aarav alone.. I am a bad mother. Arnav says to her, relax. .. they are at my home.. I am taking you there. They leave.

Aarav is at Raizada house and he finally opens his eyes. Whole Raizada family is gathered there. He sees everyone’s faces and gets up all of a sudden. Manorama asks, why did you get up like that? We are not ghosts. Manorama asks Khushi where did you find him? Khushi says, he’s Arnav’s friend’s son and I met him on that day…… she stops and then says, when we went to ice cream.. we met them. Nani tells Aarav not to scare or worry. Aarav says, it’s okay.. now I am fine and I am leaving. Khushi stops him and says, you’re not going anywhere. And how you’re fine? You got unconscious.. and I have called doctor. You rest here. Aarav asks, doctor for what? I am going to my mum. Khushi says, I have informed your mother that you’re here.. she would be coming here. Khushi says, I think we should make Aarav eat something. Aarav is getting up and leaving but Anjali stops this time and asks for soup. He again gets up but this time Nani stops him and asks what about khichdi? Payal says, milk.. While they deciding.. Aarav quiet leaves from there. Everyone wonders where he went.

Episode ends.



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155 Responses to “Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 19th October 2012 Written Update”

  1. your death says:

    pllz dont close ipkknd show because it is my show only my show make it ipkknd 2 but it has to be khushi and arnav and didi and nk or just star it again if you dont i will kill you the cemara person or the making the seriol person . arshi you are fuck and ugly. god cant give you bless.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i love you khushi i want to be as you- can you come to me and meet me on friday in london plzz for god sake
    arnav you are my darling you should divource with your real wife and marry with me i have lots and lots of money. for god sake plzz make me your wife at least

  3. arhi1590 says:

    vote for barn plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. arhi1590 says:

    u know what this is a fact that arav fainted due to diabetes (genetic) and or but however shyaam is involved in al this not our senior asr and arnav cannot do such mistake since he hates his dad and snakewa and allthis is a trickn of snakewa (blacksnake) i know all tiis as i have barun sobti phone number and we speak for abt half an hour daily and he tells me nxt days epi and i enjoy and howeverc this is al due to shyaam and so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz vote for arnav yaani barun sobti

  5. REC HU says:

    pls create some intimate moments between arnav and kushi before the twist

  6. REC HU says:

    what is this ? there is no romance b/w arshi now a days .Kiss and hug does not creates any impact now as romance . So pls …. make a suhag raat b/w arshi .I am sure that it will increase the trp ratings of ipkknd. now you had created a new twist by a new child . before the twist pls make some intimate moments between arshi pls………………

  7. Anonymous says:

    oh no i dont want sheetal to have had an affair in the past with arnav…and this sheetals entry might be shyams idea….where he will create a doubt in kushis mind that aarav is arnavs son

  8. Anonymous says:

    lv u arshi… Or plz khushi ko ab saree dn she looks cute in it. And are arshi nt going for honeymoon?

  9. Anonymous says:

    plz give khushi saree she look very cute in saree plz plz… As nw she is maried it suites her.plz plz

  10. So nice says:

    Y r dey twisting d sorry. luv u arnav

  11. Heart says:

    Yeah frnd, i m totly agree wit u! We hv seen many time dat, ppl bcame worid at 1st. Bt den writer-dirctr of ipk had gifted us many nice momnt! So, DEAR FRNDZ, DNT B HOPELESS! Hapy rabba ve!!

  12. ano24 says:

    how can you say the serial has lost its charm man?
    the first scene when arnav just stares at khushi while she’s doing her antics is soooo nice and sweet!
    how long do you want them to just show these two romancing? it’ll get boring after a while. No married couple will ONLY romance after marriage.
    and, this track looks interesting. I’m sure the kid isn’t arnav’s, and if anything, it’ll be one sided love on the part of that woman.
    Arnav wasn’t at all embarassed when he introduced Khushi to the woman.
    And, even if this woman was his girlfriend in the past, so what? Lavanya was also his girlfriend right, she was living in with him too. Nobody had any problems with that.
    Let’s not ditch the show just because it’s not going according to how we want it. The CV’s want us to watch the show, they’ll surely put up a good track.
    Let’s have patience and watch guys.
    Let’s be true fans of the show.
    3 cheers for IPKKND!!! 😀

  13. barbie says:

    HY mINaHiL€ bYyyyyYEyyeyeyyeyeyye

  14. barbie says:

    Hy minahil iam also from spain and a fan of ipkknd and I am also muslim and want to be ur freind may u

  15. Ramya sundar says:


  16. Anonymous says:

    please director ji from past two three episodes you are using 90% body double this is not good body double scenes are not at all good because of the camera angle restrictions, sime times we agree because the actors need some time for them for more than 90% of the episode is body double means waste of watching and now a days all charecters are not allotiong their rolls please writer ji write such a story that all characters should get their chance to act.

  17. avina says:

    such a treat when sanaya and barun shoot their scenes together!!… you can tell from a distance,from their demeanor,also;they already play a character…so when they use body doubles,it’s like “double” acting,so to speak,like faking your acting around a dummy…it’s kind of stretching it and it takes from the beauty of the show! The dialogue between arshi in the last episode was BEAUTIFUL…but couldn’t help but notice that barun’s double was more groomed,fresh shaved and sanaya’s had a nice manicure…not too hot when the BD look different/better than the actors; truly enjoyed the breakfast in bed scene-relaxed,romantic,tasteful; love payal’s and anjali’s wardrobe,they look really good compared to kushi;payal had same clothes like kushi before she married and she is more elegant now…how come??with sheetal’s entry ,we hope you make kushi more elegant and sophisticated and give more meaning to her life;if not bussiness woman yet,then maybe become a mommy:)we know the writers will do a good job as long as they stay focused; love you all,thank you for listening to your fans comments and suggestions, as it’s always room to improve,and thank you for your efforts to keep us entertained;keep it up !!!

  18. Hi!friends…….
    What’s up….?

  19. shivani says:

    I think aarav will be also having diabetics and he would. be leaving the bed to take. sugar so does arnav when his sugar level decreases?

  20. Anonymous says:

    in next episode i think they will show that aarav is also a diabetic patient and he became unconcious becoz of that.and he will be going to take sugar as does arnav do..

  21. Amy says:

    Hy guys my exms wil ovr at 25.10.2012 n aftr exms i wil chat wid u but i wil try my bst to com on ths sit i m a mobil net usr so in exams days my mothr dosn,t allow me to use cel an plz tel me the mining of body doble plz…. N hows evry one n rima hws ur health i read about it in comnt n also tel mi that araf is realy arnav’s son?

  22. cinthiya says:

    i dont want sheetal’s entry to tis arnav’s expression @day super
    chote arnav also superb
    dont seperate arshi……..

  23. maneetkhurana says:

    plz don’t make this serial like other serial.

  24. maneetkhurana says:

    hi guys i heard aarav is not arnav’s son. his behaviour like arnav just to fool fans & arshi. it’s sheetal’s plan to seprate arshi n taking khushi’s place in arnav’s life .
    i want to know the meaning of body double

  25. Sarun faaan:) says:

    Ab ye damn sheetal kaha se aa gayi ….
    I luv the whole epi…
    Khushi chef ki dress me cute lag rahi thi and arnav is too awesome and cute smile…
    Luv u ARSHI:)
    Ipkknd? rocks!!!

  26. Heart says:

    Hi frndz! I m fine! Bt sry!! I cudnt rply u al! I m on d way of my father’s in lows home.( frndz, its father’s in lows home, nt father in lows home! Haha!). Faiza,jinat,shadhin….mon dia poro! Pooja, puja kemon katche?& sry agn frndz, i cnt spend much time as dere is net prob!

  27. khusi rokx:-) says:

    If arnav had any relation with sheetal n arnav is arnav son den as surely get afraid I m sure sheetal loves act n wanted to marry him datz why she will do all dis

  28. Barun what a expression?u r super dude.kaya acting karti ho!tumhare akho k expression…..oh bolne k liye kuch haie nahi.
    Tum main kuch toh jadu hai!!!!

    LoVe u YeAr.

  29. Barsha says:

    Hi frndz ………..they took a very bad twist .yaar ye writer to main lead ka chrcter dhila kar dia. Lov u ARSHI:-):-q

  30. srs says:

    If Jr.ASR is son of Arnav whatever it may be I don’t care.Because I watch IPPKND only for the adorable role and attitude of Arnav Singh Rizada.

  31. srs says:

    jr.ASR looks so cute

  32. srs says:

    Arnav is eating and Khushi is looking at him and at food. the way how Arnav smiles and tells her, have some.I won’t tell anyone. so awesome

  33. srs says:

    Arnav expressions were soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable at each and every moment

  34. Shadhin says:

    Thnk god u’ve 4giv me.i thout u never 4giv me. So i read all da cments silently.
    Tmi dhkr kothai thako. Ami dhanmondi thaki n DGBHS e pori.

  35. FAIZA says:

    Hey guys hw r u al. Cnt cum yestrdy bcz of sum technical prb in my net conectn.
    Misd u so much

  36. Amy says:

    Sory gus i m buzy in my exams so whn i wil fre thn i wil chat wid u.n y shetal is joining arnav ofice is thr is not any othr ofice in the city?

  37. sree says:

    please don’t use others names for posting your comments…pleaseee…

  38. srs says:

    the way how arnav watching kushi and smiling is awesome. Arnav smile is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute and his looks are soooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable.

  39. Fan from Karachi....|§.k| says:

    Dear Heart,
    I’m here..not gone anywhr…
    Sorry for replying late, my net was not working..
    So how ru? Wht do u study?
    How r u Meredith, FfU.s.a, fan frm malaysia,raima,abha, aqsa n all…??
    I wish hez nt Arnavx son…
    We cant even digest!
    Ar§hi we luw u! <3

  40. Jinat if ur exam is over then why r u nd faiza not come to this site.kaya ipkknd or humlogo ko miss nahi karte.

    Please come year….

    • FAIZA says:

      Hi pooja. C i cum.hw r u? Hw is mahalaya?
      Jinat cnt cum cz may b 27 oct is our she went her village home. N there s no network. I also cnt cntact with her.
      Hi shadhin it was a silly reason. Ok its nyc u’ve understnd ur mistk.i 4 giv u.

    • Ab toh continue korgi na!!!
      Mahalaya was nice.

    • Faiza says:

      Yup i’ll try 2 cntinue but it is my board xm after 3 i’ve 2 read mor nw.i thk i cnt sty here continueously but i’ll try.
      Shadhin ami motijheel thki i read in MIS&C

    • Please atlist 5-6 comments toh regularly karegi.i hope u do it.
      Anyways my testexam will start in19.11.2012.
      Firbhi main ipkknd or tumlogo ko miss karungi or main comments jarur karungi.u also’s ur entertenment aur kuch v karne k liye entertainment k jarurat hoti hai.

      Kuch jada bol diya na…..

  41. Anonymous says:

    please director don’t use body double the scene is not as good as when arshi are doing so don’t repeat this

  42. Yere dharkan mere darkan juda v hai

    Mera Dil yeah tere dil se Juda v hai

    Teri mughse meri tughse kuch kohi bat hona ho

    Pyaar hai par chup rahe kar kaha v hai

    Zindegi main ayega khushiya…..
    Zindegi main ayega gaam ……

    Phir v honge juda na hum…..
    Phir v honge juda na hum…..
    Honge juda na hum….honge juda na hum…..

    Tugh ko hi Dil ne chuna hai..

    Tugh se ruki hai kadam….

    Sang tere abb main rahungi
    EK pall kaya satho janam

    Honge juda na hum ….
    Honge juda na hum…..

    Remember sheetal….

  43. sree says:

    Shyam was better than this stupid ShitAll.

  44. ryaan says:

    hi director saap stop this track i can never bear any lady or child coming in arnav life he is a gem and i trust he will not betray kushi i love arshi stop the affair twist yaar or please change the track yaar we want more arshi scenes only we cant accept any aarav to be arnav child other than kushies or i will stop watching isspyknd plzzzzzzz love u arshi

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