Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 1st October 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 1st October 2012 Written Update Illyria

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 1st October 2012 Written Episode

Khushi is on the bed and Arnav on top of her and they are having an eye locking session, he then goes to get up and Khushi holds his hand. He sits down, Khushi saying she is upset that Dadi has left, when Dadi came if felt like the whole family was one and now she has left because of her. Arnav says a family is only a family when there is acceptance if Dadi was here there wouldn’t be. Khushi apologises and Arnav states its not her fault.

We see that Shyam is watching them on camera, Anjali then comes in asking what he is doing, he replies he is doing work, she tells him to sleep as he might be tired. Anjali starts talking about the wedding, Shyam says he is busy with work and Anjali leaves him to it. He goes back to watching Khushi and Arnav. He states he has not lost yet, if one plan has failed then a good player makes another one

Arnav says she should eat but Khushi is not hungry. Arnav tells Khushi to get changed, as he goes Khushi is still holding on to his hand. He sits down and she goes to get a box, she starts cleaning his wound and asks if its hurting, just by hiding the hurt doesn’t go away (rabba ve playing) she can only see the hurt on his face, he cant hide his hurt from here, but it doesn’t matter as he doesn’t haven’t to say anything as she understands as there are somethings that is hard to share but she will always be there for him. She puts her head on his shoulder, Arnav explains when he found out the truth he didn’t know what to do, he was never able to speak about what happened to his mother, but that changed when she came to his life and was able to move on., but today his past came to present. Khushi replies that she understands that he can never forget about his past and will always be a part of his life, instead of running from his past to accept and make them a part of their life, and if he remembers them he should think they are with him. Arnav states she always knows how to change his mood.

There is a knock on the door NK and Akash have their eyes closed, Arnav asks what the matter is, NK stumbles and Akash wants to speak about work but NK stops him. Anjali doesn’t let Khushi and Arnav be together until she gets her nekh (money) from Arnav as she is his sister and its her right. Arnav says he will give what she wants, Anjali states just like Khushi is important to her, they both are important to her and wants him to promise that he will keep Khushi happy.

NK states to tease and Payal states she has double haq as she is sister and Bhabi, Arnav gives in and tries to get them to leave, NK drops a plant and Khushi tells him to leave it and she will sort it out, it seems . Anjali gets them all to leave. Shyam is trying to see what is happening. As Khushi is cleaning, Arnav calls her, shyam seems scared that Arnav has noticed the camera, but it seems that Arnav hasn’t noticed anything. Anjali then comes in and asks if he wants coffee, he replies he doesn’t and quickly closes the laptop. Anjali asks if he is okay, he looks tired and concerned, Shyam says he will only be a little longer, she goes to make some coffee. He opens the laptop and wonders where Arnav and Khushi have got to.

Khushi asks what the matter is and why he texted telling her to act like nothing has happened and come out here to the poolside, Arnav explains that someone is watching them, Khushi is shocked and informs he saw a camera in the bouquet, Khushi asks who it could be, Arnav doesn’t know but someone wants to keep and eye on them, Khushi asks what they should do, he replies they should act like nothing has happened and keep an eye out, he suspects someone but wont do anything without proof. Khushi trusts him. Anjali comes and enquires what husband and wife are doing outside, Khushi said she wanted to stay outside with Arnav for a little while, Anjali replies that Shyam is the same and is not able to sleep either he is glued to the laptop, both Arnav and Khushi are shocked to hear this.

Anjali leaves coffee for them both. Khushi asks Arnav if they are thinking the same thing, but they don’t have proof, Arnav states that they will find the truth, he is a low person and can do anything, he wants to keep and eye on them. Khushi enquires how come no one knew about the cameras, and wonders there must be a button or wires somewhere, Arnav then recalls that NK enquired about wires before. Khushi is shocked, Anrav stating Shyam is using Anjali and she cannot see anything. Arnav then recalls the bill where under Anjali’s card there was some camera ordered, he realises that Shyam must have bought them.
Shyam is still looking through the camera and wondering what is happening and where the both of them went off to, there were cameras everywhere and wonders where they could be.
Arnav states that he must have the information somewhere, he replies they must get into his room, Khushi asks how, he doesn’t know but for the time being they need to act like they no nothing but stay alert.

PRECAP – Khushi and Arnav get ready for bed and they hide under the covers. Khushi states she likes this, and Arnav enquires what and she replies them both and their little world together


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  1. manvi says:

    love u barun u r so sweet<3<3,3

  2. jeevika says:

    arnav he looks so handsome and khushi looks very beautiful but that stupid shyam looking i dont like that

  3. mobi says:

    miss u khushi because youtube is off in our country

  4. seemab rehmat ali says:

    very nice and arhi u both are best

  5. Deepali says:

    Gonna miss u ASR. Will not be able to watch such an interesting plot due to my exams. Hope u will expose that shayam’s plan and anjali will realize that u r always RIGHT!!!! Love u n miss u:-(

  6. wajeeha says:

    gr8 mind asr…

  7. nisha says:

    Hi Heart
    U r from?

  8. Heart says:

    Hi srs, pari,nisha,muskaan,aj,abha,ffm,fiusa,meredith & al new n old frndz , wats up? Sumon n pooja i left rply 4 u(jia n raima too). Faiza n jinat wat abt ur rag day?plz dnt cry! I hv tissue 4 u 2.

  9. nisha says:

    Shyam k bure din shuru ho rahe hain.

  10. T jgtja says:

    J2jtgp8pg.gjat mjtwajgpg.ptjajgtjt pgjt

  11. your count down begins SHYAAM asr is gonna expose u and ur dirty ideas so beware !!!!!!!!!!!! says:

  12. reethy says:

    asr smart work…ah:)
    stupid shyam somebody kill him no pls pls ………………

  13. reethy says:

    asr smart work…ah:)
    stupid shyam somebody kill he no pls pls ………………

  14. srs says:

    awesome episode

  15. srs says:

    so sweet Anjali

  16. srs says:

    ASR rocks…….

  17. srs says:

    so smart and great ASR always

  18. srs says:

    so cute ASR

  19. I m very angry to my all friends.nobody don’t miss me.what the?nice episode but want to see’s ok at first shyam donkey thrown out from r.m then suhagrat will happen.i can’t reply because my grandmother is very her operation.miss u all ipkknd fan’s.

  20. Fans frm kerala says:

    Shame shame puppy shame shyam.:-O nice episode .arnav n khushi ROKZ

  21. tn says:

    hmmmmmmm loved it…………for few days hope will hav sum jolly and romantic episode………. love u arnav and khushi….

  22. forget about that says:

    hi hi hi,Shyam,pack ua things ,get ready to hav a nice slap from Arshi

  23. kavi says:

    guys in new promo arnav and khushi find out tat anjali’s abotion was due to shyam….they find out through the videos in the function………ARNAVKHUSHI007 rokz….

  24. Rose says:

    Plz don’t end this episodes we all arshi fans will die isn’t true arshi fan plz reply

  25. shamless shyam says:


  26. Arya fan says:

    Hi guys epi was so nyc. I was busy cz 2day s my rag day. . I cnt beliv my scul lyf ‘ll b over. How saddddddd!!! Bye guys i n hot n happening cnt cme 2day. Hv a gud day.

  27. IPK says:

    How lovely and sooooo cuteee!!just love it..

  28. KSG!! says:

    Aww how cute!!

  29. From London says:

    Love this show best Jodi ever hope this dhow continues from strength to strength we need more rabba ve moments xx

  30. shruti says:

    thanks fr the update i am tvholic but as my xam are approaching i see ur update via mibile and no ine doubt i am blissed bcoz of u guys

  31. Anonymous says:

    thisssssss isss a really gud epi……..arshi r nw detectives n sham bachoooo khair nh hae tmhri aik dfa phir hmry asr se marrrrr khana………n luv u soooooooooo much arnav khushi

  32. Anonymous says:

    plz plz upload these episodes full on plz i watch this serial on my cel phn so plz plz…..

  33. K king says:

    Thanks…for such a lovely epsd..i have 1 request…plz take shyam out of show.. and no more nagative roles at least for few weks thanks again..

    • Anonymous says:

      you guys dont realise…shyam is part of the show and makes arshi stronger team. if we get rid of all this negativity what will be left of the show? = the end ..

  34. Anonymous says:

    plz plz upload this episode on plz plz….

  35. hi guys, did u miss me??? lol…

  36. Naaz says:

    Pics please!!!!!

    Loved today’s episode!

  37. Priya says:

    Now its more fun in serial. . Arshi will solve problems together. . Ab jan buj k wo shyam ko jalayege. . I cant wait till 2morrow. .

  38. SUMON says:

    Hei Heart I’ve got the link of Rabba Ve- male virsion.! Link:

    replay me that it worked or not.

  39. SUMON says:

    Hei Heart I’ve got the link of Rabba Ve- male virsion.! Link:

  40. abha karan says:

    harvard brain tuned again

  41. Sarun faaan says:

    Luv the today epi……
    And find shyam’s dirty plan soon…..
    I like the precap part…
    Waiting for tomorrow’s epi.
    Luv u arshi-“BEST JODI” Forever:))))

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