1. Sugee
    August 10, 19:43 Reply
    I love this serial so much and I am finally getting a chance to watch it again with subtitles! Thank you so much!By the way when will you upload 9th of august's episode?
  2. vathana
    July 24, 07:16 Reply
    at what time in life ok channel ya......
  3. arshisarun
    July 11, 13:36 Reply
    The dubbing is done very professioinally and suits ArShi really well.....even though its rerun we get the same experience we got on the first day of the show..... Thats the magic of Our IPKKND & ARSHI
  4. arshi xx
    July 09, 13:15 Reply
    omg when I went on desitvbox to see chhan chhan at the top it said new show ipkknd n I was absoloutely gobsmacked hoand on mouth omg but when I went to the link I found it wor same but stil lyk it
  5. Aruna
    July 09, 12:07 Reply
    It was pretty weird to see the characters speaking English. I think it was better in Hindi. It is very good that they dubbed it in English but the voices don;t match with the characters.
  6. sud
    July 09, 09:42 Reply
    Can anyone plz tell the timing of it in Life ok...
  7. zunera
    July 09, 07:07 Reply
    ipkknd and season 1 and 2 same
    • Aruna
      July 09, 12:08
      This is not season 2. it is the same thing but this time it is in English.
  8. Nitu
    July 09, 03:39 Reply
    This is not right.. To play with the viewers emotions we thought season 2 was coming and we were waiting egarly ...
  9. Nitu
    July 09, 03:36 Reply
    OMG!!!! What the hell I thought it was season 2 but you guys are repeating the first one oh how stupid it is...????
  10. Sila
    July 09, 00:44 Reply
    O so sad....:( it's not a season 2
  11. pree
    July 08, 23:26 Reply
    yeeeeeeeee its opening ... thnx admin ji
  12. pree
    July 08, 23:21 Reply
    Honey diiiii telugu vrsn is telecasted as chupulu kalesena shubavale in maatv at 6.00 p.m 4m mon 2 sat .... i thought u know abt dis already sry 4 my delay info diiiii :( , nw almost d climax of kidnapping scene is gng on .... i mean enquiry abt d place of arnav by khushi nd nk ...
    • Honey
      July 08, 23:38
      ohh that one..I know that :P kidnapping scenes nice :)
  13. admin
    July 08, 22:49 Reply
    try again.. changed to direct links
    • Honey
      July 08, 23:37
      admin thanku sooo much :) u re a respnsiple fellow dear :P
  14. Honey
    July 08, 22:04 Reply
    preety are u here now? can we chat??
  15. Honey
    July 08, 21:57 Reply
    preety nidhi....they have uploaded in dailymotions link but I cannot see it
    • Honey
      July 08, 21:54
      me tooo please press the like dear :) good morning and have a good day :D
  16. pree
    July 08, 21:48 Reply
    Honey di nope not crores nd lakhs fans billions nd trillions fans :) ,including me, am dying 2 watch in tv again bt i dono whether i get dat chance r nt :( , bt at present watching in telugu :)
    • Honey
      July 08, 21:51
      tenligu.....which channel and timing too :P yeah millions billions and zillion fans for ipkknd....it will never end fr us :)
  17. pree
    July 08, 21:47 Reply
    Honey di nope not crores nd lakhs fans billions nd trillions fans :) ,including me, am dying 2 watch in tv again bt i donomwhether i get d chance r nt :( , bt ap present watching in telugu :)
  18. pree
    July 08, 21:31 Reply
    Gud Mrng 2 alll ipkknd Fans.... http://www.goodlightscraps.com/content/good-morning/good-morning-7.jpg Eng. dubbed links not opening instead of dat caps school's info is opening not fair not fair :( :cry:
    • Honey
      July 08, 21:34
      Ithink..they had thought no one will wait it again...they didn't even no lakhs and crores are dying to watch ipkknd and arshi once again.. :) I love anjali and arnav 's scenes :) so cute
  19. Honey
    July 08, 21:17 Reply
    please upload a high quality link :oops: its not working
  20. Finusa
    July 08, 21:04 Reply
    Not working for me either...so disappointed!
  21. Saber
    July 08, 20:59 Reply
    can you please upload them in hight quality links
  22. ArShi
    July 08, 20:29 Reply
    Links didnt work on my tablet but worked on laptop Maybe same problem with ya all
  23. Princy
    July 08, 20:14 Reply
    hy y isnt da link workin...... where else i can c diz episode....
  24. Sandeep
    July 08, 19:00 Reply
    Link not working......Can anyone pliz help or look into this matter.
  25. siya
    July 08, 16:56 Reply
    The link dont working where can i watch it
  26. Indigo
    July 08, 14:42 Reply
    Hi - thank you so much for posting the links!! Any chances of you being able to post HD quality (720p) links?
    • Princy
      July 08, 20:16
      wich link are u tokin abt.... da linkz posted isn't workin.......

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