Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 21st August 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 21st August 2012 Written Update by

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 21st August 2012 Written Episode

Before I begin the update.. it’s Barun Sobti’s (Arnav) birthday today.. so a very very happy birthday to him!!

Episode starts with Arnav telling Khushi that she should write a book on 100 ways to spoil romantic moments. He then goes to kiss her but Khushi pushes him back and takes him downstairs where everyone is dancing and celebrating.

Arnav takes Anjali on a side and says her to take care. He doesn’t want anything to happen with her because of all these functions. He then asks Anjali if she took medicine. Anjali says she forgot. Arnav then goes to get her medicines. Someone is changing the medicines. He drops a tablet on floor and sees Arnav coming there. He picks up the tablet and leaves from there. Arnav gives that medicine to Anjali.

Shyam turns on the TV and sees Anjali taking medicines. He has an evil smile on his face.

Anjali is not feeling well. Arnav says he will call doctor but Anjali says she’s fine.

Shyam says, not now Arnav, but after while you will need to call doctor.

Break 1..

At Khushi’s house. Buaji tells Garima that Dadi was asking so much about her but good in end Aakash came and saved her. Buaji says they found good guys for both Khushi and Payal. And then she one is little mad .. and Khushi gets mad. Buaji says she was just kidding.

A nurse comes to their home and she says that Arnav sent her. Garima calls Arnav to confirm it. Arnav says, I and Khushi missed you a lot at Roka so I thought to send a nurse to take care of Khushi’s father so you can attend all the functions.

Khushi takes nurse inside.

Buaji tells Garima, this is good. Now you will be with us in all the functions so at least Dadi won’t say that you’re not there. Buaji leaves from there. Garima says to herself that she can’t hid it anymore and she must tell Khushi now.

Khushi is on the phone with Arnav. She thanks him for sending the nurse. She then asks him what is he doing. Arnav says nothing, just some office work. Khushi asks him, can’t you be filmy sometimes? Arnav asks her what do you mean? She says, you could say am sleeping and looking at stars. Arnav says, first of all am not in bed and there are so many clouds that I can’t see any stars. Khushi says fine, then am disconnecting phone. Arnav says ok. Khushi keeps saying am disconnecting and Arnav keeps saying okay. Khushi then says you hang up first. Arnav says okay and disconnects. read full updates with pictures only at . Khushi says, what the.. and calls him again. She says, how can you disconnect? When someone says to disconnect doesn’t mean you disconnect. Arnav says that’s how it works for me, if it means something else then you tell me. Khushi says, when I said first you disconnect, you could say no first you. Then I would say no first you and we keep arguing like that. She says it’s me who wants to have some romantic talks and you never go beyond what the.. what the.. Arnav is quiet and she asks him why are you quiet now? Arnav is just laughing. He then changes his voice and talks as if he is Aakash. Khushi gets shy and worried. Arnav starts laughing then. Khushi asks are you laughing at me? Arnav says if you got shy then yes.

It’s morning now. Aakash tells Payal that he is impressed seeing all the decorations. Nani, Manorama and others are also doing the preparations. Arnav comes there with a priest and says everything should be done properly. Seeing that Aakash asks him if he’s okay? He says yeaa…

Arnav is signing some bills and he sees some strange transactions. He asks Anjali if her creditcard is with her. Anjali searches for it but can’t find it. Arnav tells her to relax and says he will cancel it. Anjali then says she’s going to meet her friend and she has called taxi. Arnav says no need to go in taxi and he calls driver. Anjali says she will be right back and leaves.

Arnav asks Payal if everything is ready. She says everything is ready and asks him to look at all the decorating. Arnav says, not right now, I have to go to a temple. Everyone is shocked and stares at him. Arnav asks what? NK says not what.. it’s what the. Arnav then says it’s nothing like that. I am just going to meet Khushi as she is going there with her family.

Nani says so you’re going there for Khushi huh? Dadi comes there and says, now a days Arnav doesn’t think about himself. She then says why don’t we all go? May be I can meet Khushi’s mother in temple. Arnav says okay. Aakash calls Anjali and asks if she is coming. Anjali says she will come home direct after meeting her friend and will do some rest. Everyone leaves for temple.

break 2..

Khushi, Buaji, and Garima are at the temple already. Garima says that she can’t lie anymore, she asks God to give her strength to tell all the truth about her past to Khushi. They are praying and Arnav’s family arrives there. Dadi tells Nani that God’s blessings are with them and they will definitely meet Garima today. Arnav is standing outside and all others go inside. Dadi sees Garima from the back side.

Episode ends.

Precap: Arnav takes off his shoes and coming inside the temple. Everyone is shocked seeing him coming in.


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  1. bhumika jain says:

    we love u

  2. bhumika jain says:

    wish many more hapy barunpy birthda

  3. chinni says:

    many many happy returns of d day…..have a a grt fan of urs lv u soo much…:)

  4. khushi arnav says:

    happy birthday the cool barun sobti arnav singh raizada being sooo romantic now a days lov u both have an excellent couple both so beautiful

  5. Priya Jyoti says:

    Todays episode was good.Barun is completed his 28th Happy Birthday. The story of IPKKND created new twist.The Kushi remarriage happening successfully without any disturbance.The coming episode will be really intreasting.

  6. sruthi says:

    belated happy birthday barun . hope this b’day will lot of happiness to u

  7. hassan says:

    happy birthday!!!!!!!

  8. Sandu and sari says:

    Happy belated b’day barun!!!!!! Love u a lot,,,

  9. srs says:

    So cute Barun with sweet adorable

  10. srs says:

    I just adore you Barun

  11. srs says:

    happy birthday to adorable BarunSobti.

  12. Sanaya says:

    Happy Birthday Arnavji. Toum jeeyo hazaron saal, ke din ho pachas hazaar. Luv u. God bless u.

  13. frank says:

    guys ..arnav is going to change ab wo angry young man nahi raha aur romantic bi ho gaya he….

  14. arti says:

    Happy Birthday dear Barun sobti

  15. What happened today? I'm very interesting. I like the couples very much. says:

    I like them very much. MADE 4 EACH OTHER

  16. kravya says:

    happy birthday to u.

  17. kavi says:

    பிறந்த நாள் நல்வாழ்த்துகள் BARUN by tamilnadu fans… v all luvs u a lot..

  18. palak bhakta says:

    happy birthday barun

  19. AJ says:

    Great Episode! 🙂 omg Arnav Sing Raizada in a temple someone call the media lol i was so surprised of the precap but kind of knew arnav has a heart 🙂 anjali stop meeting shaym in a way people are thinking ur going to the doctors now u can’t even meet him 🙂 just tell them the truth:)

    • AJ says:

      all of the cast members congrats for making such an awesome show i think their still trying to decide what truth to come up with for the dadi and garima thats why i think their dragging the line i don’t blame them making a serial this good takes a lot of hard work especially the episodes and to keep the story line going:)
      ps: love u barun and Sanya

  20. anu says:

    we are waiting their mariage and after that arnav and kushie’s happy life …pls pls director’s pls save anjali……pls pls

  21. Rinoza says:

    Arnav my swty ur smile ws realy cute .I just admiring whn u smile and the conversation btwn arnav and khushi through da 4n ws realy funny.I LOVE 2dys episode.

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