Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 23rd July 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 23rd July 2012 Written Update by

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 23rd July Written Update

Episode starts with Anjali telling Arnav that she knows he has got married and now there’s a new world for him. Arnav says no one can between them, she was an important part of his life and will always be. Anjali says time has changed, since Arnav has stopped answering to her questions, everything has changed. Arnav says nothing has changed. He says, he married with Khushi just because of Anjali.

On the other side, Khushi is explaining to Nani that Arnav came back because on the last moment, his meeting got cancelled. She says may be Arnav shouldn’t have got back as whenever Anjali sees them together, she gets sad and now she will stop talking with Arnav once again. Khushi says Anjali thinks everything that is happening is because of her and may be Anjali is right. Khushi says when she tries to something good, everything goes wrong. Nani says Anajli has gotten weak because what happened today but she says Khushi is not responsible for all that. Khushi and Arnav are married and they have right to spend time together. Nani asks Khushi not to take Anjali wrong way, she has never hated Khushi. In fact, before marriage she always wanted Khushi and Arnav to be together.

Arnav tells Anajli that he didn’t marry her because he used to like her. He only married to her because of Anajli and her baby because he used to think her and Shaym .. (had an affair). He says he fell in love after they got married. He then reminds Anajli what she said to him before that some girl will come in his life without whom Arnav won’t be able live and he says it’s Khushi. He says he never thought anything like this will happen in life but it did.

Arnav says to Anjali but because of her coming, their relationship can’t be affected. Anajli is smiling as of now.. Arnav asks her not to think like that ever. Anjali says she will never say like this again and she kisses him on forehead and they hug. Anjali is smiling and seems happy.


Break 1..

Payal says to Aakash she took all her anger out on him by mistake. She just wanted to say like how everyone is upset, she is also upset and she just wants to help Aakash, everyone else. She wants to make Anajli understand. She says she is also part of this family and asks him not to think that she is not part of this family. Aakash says that she is right. He says he thought a lot, he tried to understand everything that happened and he says he wants a new beginning now and try to make their relationship like before. Payal is very happy. Aakash says just to be careful and now to repeat this mistake again. Payal promises him this won’t happen again and they hug.


Arnav’s room. Khushi is sleeping and he tells her that Anajli understands everything and she told him herself. He says everything will be fine slowly slowly. He then says Khushi lost her challenge today when she came running and hugged him. He says when Khushi is sleeping, it becomes so easier to talk with her. Title song plays in background. Arnav is looking at Khushi. He puts his hand in Khushi’s hand and fall a sleep.


It’s morning now and Khushi is talking on phone with Buaji. She says if she’s not fine then she can go there. Nani comes there and Khushi tells her that Buaji is not feeling well. Nani says then let’s go and visit her. Khushi says Anajli needs Nani so she will go alone. She asks Nani not to tell Payal about it otherwise she would get tensed. Arnav comes and Khushi leaves from there. Nani tells Arnav that Buaji is not feeling well.

Arnav comes to his room where Khushi is packing her bag. Arnav tells her he will also go with her. Khushi says him to stay with Anajli. Arnav says he has talked with Anjali and she… and he gets quiet suddenly. He then gives her ‘chane’ and says he brought for her. Khushi starts eating right away. She drops them on floor and gets down to collect them. Arnav says her, why you had to come down your knees, you could just accept me as your husband. Khushi then remembers what Arnav said her that she will come running to him and what Khushi said that when it happens, she will accept Arnav as husband. She remembers about last night and then says she is leaving now. She thanks him for ‘chane’ and leaves from there.


Payal is asking Khushi why she didn’t tell her. Khushi asks her to stay there and take care of everyone there. Payal looks sad. Khushi apologize her again and says she had no intention to interfere in her life. Anjali comes there and asks Khushi what happened to Buaji. Khushi says her blood pressure got high. Anjali tells her to go after having breakfast and she goes to her room to rest. Khushi is happy and she asks Payal if she saw that Anajli talked with her.

Nani gives ‘laddus’ to Khushi for her mother and father. She says her not to worry, Buaji will be fine. Khushi has tears in her eyes and she hugs Nani.

Aakash comes there. Manorama also comes and gives him tea. Manorama tells Khushi, there is no need to come back fast and says she can stay there as long as she wishes. Khushi tells her to take care and she is about to leave. NK comes and says Arnav will drop you Khushi ji. Arnav says he was going anyways. Khushi says she will go by herself but NK says you will have to go with Nannav else his heart will break. NK asks him to stop. Nani also says Arnav will drop her and Arnav starts walking.

Break 2..

Arnav drops Khushi and says Buaji will be fine. Khushi is still sad so Arnav asks her if anything else is wrong. He says her to look around and says ‘mausam hai suhana’ and then he asks what was that.. ‘mausam hai suhana aaj buaji ke ghar jane ka hai bahana.. what the what the what the..’ Khushi is still sad. He asks what happened. Khushi then proceed to take out her bag. Arnav says her to go and he will bring her bag and meet Buaji as well. Khushi says him no, and says if he comes then Buaji will get busy in preparing stuff for him. Khushi leaves now. Arnav says her, take care and he leaves as well. Khushi looks back to him.


Episode ends..

Precap: Arnav is on the door (at Khushi’s home). Khushi saying Buaji that she will make food today and Buaji is absolutely fine. Arnav knocks the door and Khushi sees him from window. Buaji goes to open the door and Khushi is worried.


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  1. urfi says:

    arnav holds khusi hands:-)i like it.

    arshi look beautiful

    l lvu arshi

  2. love u sanaya says:

    my god! sanaya lips are so hottttt . i dont know how arnav is resisting himself for taking kiss .

  3. shyma says:

    i am happy that now arshi is sleeping on the same bed!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nice ep.
    Ipkknd is back on the track at last!!!
    Luved the cute side of arnav! Anjali is also getting back to herself!!
    Plz add pics daily with the written update!!!!!!!!

  5. dipli says:

    OMG khushi lied :O in the precap buaji is absoloutly fine and arnav will catch her red handed 😀 i cant waittttt

  6. Anonymous says:

    awsum update loved d pic in bw
    and im so damn sure tht anjali is faking hope that arshi doesnt seperate now… waited a lot 4 them and cute hot romance between them

  7. Nishazif says:

    Awww! Arnav’s soft/sweet/lovey side is so cute! It makes him more attractive! Ahh <3 The scene where Khushi's sleeping and he's talking to her and the scene where he sings just to see her smile! Loved it! <3 <3

    Anways, I don't think Anjali's change in behaviour is fake. She's always had a clean heart and she loves her brother so its obvious what her brother loves she will love too!

    Other than that, I don't get why Khushi had to lie about Buaji being ill. Anyways! Can't wait for tomorrow's episode!!

  8. arshi says:

    for d moderator
    pictures in between update z just amazing …… cud u do this everyday ..
    plz plz plz plz plz……

  9. Anonymous says:

    anjali ka behaviour change kaise ho gaya khushi ke liye. maine misthi spoiler padha tha usme likha tha. anjlai ko blank call shyam ne ki thi aur wo usse milne jayegi arnav ko beena bataye. i think anjali aur shyam dono milkar arnav aur khushi ko alag karne ka plan bana rahe hai.

  10. Profile photo of moderator moderator says: Verified

    Pictures added. What’s better picture in between the update or all together at the end?

  11. rozy says:

    i dont know why …… if u dont like this show then dont watch. dont giv e ur irrelevant comments

  12. i hate sanaya says:

    yaar gul khan. plz sanaya ko replace kardo kissi or sexy actress sai.

  13. Farah deeba says:

    Anjali is changing. It will be good for arshi

  14. punal says:

    scchooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo schweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  15. Ena says:

    I think anjli is pretending & will backstab arshi!!!REVENGE

  16. uuuuuuuuuuu says:

    arnav khushi ko seduce karro!! 😀

  17. piya says:

    I like this show. Its so romantic 🙂 😛

  18. rozy says:

    thanx 4 uploading .. arnav u r so cool ………… aaj mausam hai suhana . is anjali pretending? mamiji is so bad

  19. salt4pepper says:

    WHAT i dunn get it
    so dd khushi lie dat buaji is ill!
    nd if so y dd she lie 2 evry1!
    anyway loved de update thnx!
    love arshi 😀

    • Resha says:

      i think khushi purposely go out from raizada waiting for tomorrow episode…luv arshi

  20. rozy says:

    thanx 4 uploading .. arnav u r so cool ………… aaj mausam hai suhana . is anjali is pretending? mamiji is so bad

  21. Farah deeba says:


  22. the real anju says:

    sorry resha, i am the real anju. the anju on top, stop being me u cow head

  23. Anonymous says:

    nice job arshi….

  24. Anonymous says:

    plzzzzzzz…update it quickly :$ i can’t wait

  25. anonymous says:

    FINALLY she has uploaded

  26. Resha says:

    anju if ur not interested in arshi then get lost from here.dont read or comment this post ever again…

    • anju says:

      Shut up ! Duffer !

    • the real anju says:

      sorry resha, i am the real anju. the anju on top, stop being me u cow head. that anju on top is blackmailing me

    • Secret admirer says:

      I think the real anju is tite. anju pls stop blackmailing…if you hate arshi…we don’t care but pls don’t blackmail others..u’ll be in deep trouble…

  27. poo says:

    plz fast

  28. Anonymous says:

    i m addicted to dis show

  29. feelmyboobs says:

    khushi please give me your no

  30. Farah deeba says:

    Pls faster

  31. gatorate says:

    nice show

  32. virman says:


    arshi is no where near virman ☺☺☺☺☺☺

    • PINKY says:

      What the? Y u compare the both? Arshi is great couples rite from d beginning. And now virman is doing the love track. Both are good.

    • arshilover says:

      well virman is it any use of posting dat on a website wher ther r like many fans of arshi cuz u shud know dat dey will oppose 2 u…. JUST SAYING!!

  33. DM says:

    Awesome update… Good that Anjali is loosening up a little bit… Thanks yaar!

  34. smitta says:

    anju said:

    ”stupid show.”

    well if its so stupid why are you reading. it takes a long time and lots of effort posting. if u dont want to find out whats happening then get lost

  35. Ena says:

    Yes guyzz be patient she is trying to do it faster na!!SUPPORT HER:-):-):-)

  36. anju says:

    stupid show.

  37. preeti says:

    plz update

  38. arshi...... says:

    Guyz relax admin is writting and obviously she need some tym to do so….. Thnx alot admin for updating really fast u r too gud….. Thnx alot again n rest of ppl plz appreciate the admin for this brilliant work…… Instead of asking him/her again n again to do it faster…….

  39. arshi...... says:

    Guyz relax admin is written and obviously she need some tym to do so….. Thnx alot admin for updating really fast u r too gud….. Thnx alot again n rest of ppl plz appreciate the admin for this brilliant work…… Instead of asking him/her again n again to do it faster…….

  40. amritha says:

    refreshin the page 100 times!:P

  41. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for taking the time to post this update!
    I have to wait here in Canada for the YouTube video to be uploaded.
    After recently watching this show, I have become hooked! Your prompt post really made my day!

  42. arshi says:

    its gettin difficult to please anjali!!!!!!

  43. Asha says:

    Plz update fast

  44. Resha says:

    plzz update fasterrr..

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