Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 24th October 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 24th October 2012 Written Update by rozeatta

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 24th October 2012 Written Episode

The show begins with doc handing medicine for Aaray to Sheetal while Khushi is lost in her own suspicion. Flashback of what Manorama said and Doc saying daibetis is heriditery.
After they come out of doc Khushi ask Sheetal does she or Arrav’s father has daibetis ? Sheetal feels akward and she doesn’t answer. Sheetal says she should go to house and get Aarav back.
Arrav and Arnav is watcing the football game. Anjali and Akash sees them and says Nani doesn’t they look like Son-Father. Khushi and Sheetal reaches home.
Sheetal tells Arrav has daibetis to everyone.
Everyone is sad.
Sheetal tells Arrav to bring bag to leave. Suddenly Sheetal’s mobile rings.

The landlord says Sheetal he wont be able to hand keys of new apartment today. Sheetal now has no place to stay.
Khushi is in confusion whether she should stay here or not ? finally she ask Sheetal to stay there.
Sheetal first refuses, then when whole family insists she agrees .. she leaves to bring her luggage from hotel.

Arnav scolds Khushi why she asked Sheetal to stay. He expalins her she was his ex.girlfriend…
He goes to bedroom. Khushi follows him and tries to ask DID he and Sheetal ever… got intimate but cannot ask … after asking here and there questions.

Khushi finds a perfect place to think properly. So she hides inside cupboard to think. All flashback of events where everything pointing Arnav is Aarav’s father.
Arnav searches for Khushi and finally finds she is inside cupboard as she is loud thinking.
Khushi says she is cleaning cupboard… Arnav tells her to come out.

Khusi tells she will go to clean kitchen. Arnav tells her to watch tv and leaves.
She watches TV where some anchor tells her how to know hidden secrets of your husband. Khushi is glued … to VASHIKARAN technique which the anchor mentions in the show.

Episode ends

PRECAP – NK tells Khushi … in today’s time there is so many technology to find out father of the child. He say DNA test which can be done just with HAIR of child and father.

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  1. rupa says:

    as far in my sources, it is said to be that Arav is not the son of Arnav but is a trained to be like Arnav by Shaam to break Khushi and Arnav! Fingers crossed!

  2. Hey people my friends i think all have forgotten me just in few days ass you all know my life is critical with this bloody stomach cancer is making me do nothing i’m writing hidden comment from mobile and it’s hidden from my nurse and family because i taught i’m leaving this page and this drama but this impossible i love this drama and this side so what i can’t do anything but everything is in mind of ipkknd every scenes and romantic parts which goes on my mind i can’t see this drama but i can read the whole story on this page that’s why i love all and i’m friendly i miss sumon,meredith,abha,heart,fan from Malaysia and etc love you all and still i can’t comment for few days from 1st November is my 3rd cemeo therapy and my hair will be gone how stupid will be me i was too pretty my hair is brown eyes are green my completion is fair my height is 5.7 what else i need i was about to start my career in small screen in Delhi and now it’s late for me to full fill my dream so bad…people I’ll start commenting again on 1st ok advance Eid Mubarak to all my friends

  3. kath says:

    real heart feeling sorry :(… and whoever is using hearts name , use ur own name cause u r never gonna be loved by whole arshiland like heart (real heart) by using fake name…….

  4. sweet39 says:

    hey i am new on this site… like the way written update is uploaded
    i agree with u all that in the end story writer are going to show that the child is not arnav son but i wish the truth be revealed as soon as possible. i dont want this track to be dragged for almost 2 or 3 months or more like in other previous serials in which the same track had been shown

  5. Anonymous says:

    What’s happened yesterday its a stupid one arnav is a geniune person he will not do tat please tat dna result is come negative only i love arshi

  6. ammsim says:

    arnav dont give dhoka to kushi

  7. popy says:

    Please this episode is stupid .I dont like this story (last 3 episode ).Arnav is a gentle man.So dnt make any stupid stores

  8. Barsha says:

    I m from odisha………

  9. abhi says:

    i hope that aarav is not kid of arnav if so serial is really emberrasing to watch and if its true arnav’s fans will turn bad to him and even start to hate sometimes
    but hope it doesn’t happen of course it doesn’t happen so stop all this sheetal and aarav’s drama.

  10. fan of Arshi says:

    Is Arnav Aarv’s father?

  11. zq says:

    tell me arshi will perform this diwali?????????????????bcoz they dont perform together

  12. arshi fan says:

    nice episode

  13. Hmm, also happy hindu and muslim festival to everyone wishing a peaceful celebration ahed for you all !

  14. This one was missing! DNA test?? People says after marriage mind gets lost, but it seems more than that not only lost also blast!

    Anyway, get well soon we’ll love to hear some good news from this couple later.

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