Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 25th September 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 25th September 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Dadi showing Garima’s photo with Arnav’s dad to Arnav. Arnav is shocked. Dadi asks Arnav, after knowing this, will you still be able to live your entire life with Khushi? Will you be able to take saat-phere with Khushi? Dadi says, tell me.. I want to know your answer. Arnav doesn’t say anything. Dadi says, I just found today when I saw this photo. I can’t stay with anyone from that family. That woman who took away everything from our family, how can I even let her shadow be on this family? Arnav still quiet.. Dadi says to him, my son, your father, was everything for me and that’s why I can’t keep any relationship with that family. Now what you have to do is your own decision.

Outside, everyone is waiting for Arnav. Nk is trying to call him but Arnav is not picking up. Shyam says, he must be stuck in traffic.

Back to the room where Arnav and Dadi are. Arnav is thinking about the incident with his mother. And on the other hand, he is thinking about that night he spent with Khushi. He seems to be angry with himself and he leaves from there.

On the other side, Khushi all ready in bride’s clothes, wonders where Arnav is. She then sees a car coming in and gets happy. She says, here he is. Buaji also sees car and gives news to everyone that Arnav is here. But it’s only Dadi who comes out of the car. She comes in to the wedding hall.

Garima is standing there with aarti. Everyone is searching for Arnav, but he is no where there. Nk goes to check car but he is not in car either. In the room, Khushi is very happy and she says, I have to scold him.. why did he take so much time. Buaji tells her, you can’t see him.. but Khushi doesn’t stop and runs to the main hall. Nk tells everyone, Arnav is not in car. Anjali asks Dadi where is Arnav. Khushi also comes there now and asks Dadi.. will he come in different car? Dadi is all quiet. Nani now asks Dadi about Arnav. Dadi is staring at Garima and smiling. Khushi goes to Dadi and asks her, did anything to happen to Arnav? No right? Then why he didn’t come?

Dadi looks at Garima and says to her, you really thought that he will come to this wedding hall? Garima says, how is this possible? Dadi says to her, after what you did with my family.. how did you even think that I would let this marriage happen? Khushi and others are clueless. Shyam is happy. Dadi continues, how did you even think that I would let you have all this happiness in return for sadness and pain that you gave to us? Khushi asks Dadi, what are you talking about? What happened? Dadi says to her, you should ask all this to your mother, not me. Garima says to Dadi, but you said you forgave me? You lied to me? Dadi says, yes.. I lied because I wanted to hurt you same way you hurt to us. I wanted to you know the pain.. Because of you.. I had seen such days too. Everyone is wondering what’s going on.

Khushi asks Dadi, but what’s my mother’s fault in this? Dadi continues, it hurt me even more when my son and bahu committed suicide. And it was all because of you (Garima). Anjali asks Dadi, what are you saying? Nani also says to Dadi, you must have misunderstood. Khushi asks Garima, why Dadi is saying all this? Dadi says, because this is same Garima who trapped my married son in her love. Everyone is shocked!!!

Dadi continues, this is same Garima because of whom my family destroyed.. becaues of whom my Arnav and Anjali got orphans. Khushi says, this is not truth.. this is lie.. She asks Garima, it’s all lie right? Garima is just crying. Dadi says to Khushi, so got your answer?

Anjali goes to Garima and asks her, why did you do this with my mother? Why? She didn’t do any mistake.. Anjali is crying. Khushi again asks Garima. Garima says, Khushi.. please believe me .. I didn’t know he was married and he had two kids. If I knew then all this wouldn’t happen. Dadi says to Garima, you knew everything and you still did all this intentionally. She asks her, you know what we call woman who has an affair with a married man right? You’re that kind of cheap woman. Khushi asks Dadi to stop.

Break 1..

Khushi tells Dadi, you can’t talk like this with my mother. When she’s saying she didn’t know he was married then she must have not know about it. My mother doesn’t lie. I have faith in my mother.. I know my mother very well.. she didn’t hurt anyone intentionally. Garima is emotional seeing Khushi’s confidence in her. Dadi says, if it’s like that then.. Anjali continues, why you didn’t tell us about this before?

Break 2..

Dadi asks Garima to answer Anjali.. why you didn’t tell truth before? Why you kept hiding yourself? Nani also asks.. why you didn’t tell truth before? If you had then may be we could.. Garima says, I wanted to but I couldn’t. What could I say? I was afraid that Khushi would lose her happiness. I am a mother in end.. Dadi says, if you were a mother then you wouldn’t take Anjali and Arnav’s mother away from them. You’re just a cheap and greedy woman. Khushi asks Dadi to stop.

Khushi tells Dadi, you can’t say like this. I understand your feelings.. your pain to lose your son.. your pain to lose your bahu.. I know very well how it feels when you don’t have your parents with you. But I also know that my mother can’t be responsible for all this. Manorama says, she is responsible for all this. Because of her, Arnav’s parents are no more. Aakash asks Manorama to stop. Payal steps up and says, I know my mother was quiet because of me and Khushi. Dadi says, I don’t care about all this.. all I know is you’re (Garima) responsible for my son and bahu’s death.

Episode ends.


Precap: Dadi takes out bangles from Khushi’s hands that she gave to her. Dadi says, from today you have no relationship with Arnav and our family.


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216 Responses to “Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 25th September 2012 Written Update”

  1. sarah cullen says:

    arnav……. u cant do dis 2 khushi 🙁

  2. aruna says:

    It was so sad. When arnav have cried aloud i too feel like crying aloud. Today’s episode was sooooooooooo sad. That stupid dadi. Dadi should be avoided from this show. Arnav and khushi should be together. Then ipkknd will be the nice serial in star plus.
    Arnav should marry khushi. Khushi hadn’t done any wrong. So arnav should marry khushi. Garima is not khushi’s real mother then why that stupid dadi hate khushi. Payal is garima’s daughter but dadi doesn’t have any problem with payal why she doesn’t like khushi only. Why can’t dadi understand that arnav and khushi love’ a lot and they cannot live without seeing each other. Why dadi tries to spoil their marriage.
    I think khushi is pregnant now. And arnav will marry khushi because he wants his child to live with its parents. So khushi should be pregnant otherwise there is no chance for their marriage

  3. shivani says:

    Hi frnds . Dadi i will kill u. Stupidddddd . Arnav please don’t make khushi alone.

  4. Fan From Malaysia says:

    hi friends….

    pls vote for our ARSHI n make them to win…

    thx in advance…

  5. Fan From Malaysia says:

    Hi Moderator of DseiTvBox…
    again in this month the comments have reached the number of 200… congrats

    Hats off to u too… IPKKND team…

  6. azi says:

    go to hell u bloody dadhi.its al becoz of u n ur son.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Oye huye. I mean wht da hell yr pta nai kya hogaya h writer ko dimagh kharb ko gya h. But i stil wsh tht arnav khushi wont seprte plz um going 4 suicide

  8. superslim says:

    dony drag the serial
    let asr and khushi be together
    that idiot dadi i dont know why she entered into arshi’s life kill her damn it

  9. Anonymous says:

    directr ji plz don’t separat arshi……

  10. bidyasagar says:

    i kill u stupid dadi plz out frm this seriel

  11. Sumit says:

    Arnav will not come today and khushi will be disappointed and she will go missing. Then arnav will find her..

  12. joy says:

    oh no…i can’t see tears in khusi’s eyes whr r u arnav? i m eagerly waiting for the updates plz dont make trap in aranav khusi love

  13. Heart says:

    আমার নাম অন্তর ।পুঁজা.আমিতো আগেও বলেছিলাম ।আছ্ছা. আমি তোমার দিদি না তুমি আমার? Wating 4 2days epi.

  14. kalyani says:

    definitely arnav wont come

  15. basith says:

    Dadi and shyam defnetly go to hell

  16. Who knows what will happen in next episode with khushi and arnav i feel so sad and dadi is so cruel and wicked like a fox and this time shyam didn’t do anything only dadi did and i feel like crying when i see this episode and let’s hope something nice happens in today’s episode i wish arnav comes their when dadi taking bangles out of khushi’s hands and arnav says wait i will marry khushi

  17. janya says:

    i dnt kw y dadi is not evn ready hearing to garima … watever wat wil be asr reaction aiyooooooooooo kandu agudhu da… cha wat a stupid cute love story..

    • sweety says:

      omg!!!!!!!!!!! for sme days there wont b new romance scene uh??? director screen play change panuga acc. to viewer wish plzzzzzz…. asr should marry kushi… y in all drama hero heroine geting seperated? without dng that cant able to move screen play huh directors?????

  18. Hi! abha,faiza,heart n all arshi fan wish u all have a good day.hi! tum sab jante ho is monkey dadi shirf bangles hi nahi mandap pe fere lene k liya jo aag hoti hai use bujhane jayegi but khushi use rok degi or kahegi bho asr k liye wait karegi n use pata hai asr jaroor u barun.

  19. billu from Chennai says:

    This is so interesting..Keeping fingers crossed wt arnav s gonna do…please don drag this prblm for long…v want the marriage 2 happen soon….:)

  20. AJ says:

    What a fantastic episode! People we all knew this was going to happen so relax. Kushi and Payal i love how u stood for ur mom i would do the same thing i believe u the 1st time i heard about this secret that u didn’t know but dadi enjoy everything while it lasts cuz the truth ALWAYS WINS!! we don’t know Arnav’s answer yet so maybe arnav will come running back and say yes i still want to marry her<3 awwwww Arnav i hope u do that cuz you'll always be my favorited hero before nk 🙂 Arnav i'm trusting u that u will and will come back for Kushi right??? please don't loose a fans trust 🙁 don't like don't just do this to Kushi it breaks my <3 but u know what as they say the more duriyan there is in love the more closer they get 🙂

    Great work to the creators+ cast and crew members of IPKKND????????????????????? LOL

  21. pree says:

    hey arshi fan are u believing these stories its just a myth no one is not to judge a date 4 end of d earth and another thing earth is not a small to be destroyed in a minute or day so dont think about it and waste ur’s golden time

    • harshitha says:

      wats gng on guys…… do u really think arnav wil cme and get kushi?!!! i don’t hope so… lets see tdy what will hpn

  22. anjali says:

    o no wht is happening

  23. Fan frm Pondicherry says:

    J’aime arshi nous est belle !!!!!!!!!!!
    J’aime iss pyar ko ka nam doom!!!!!!!!!

  24. Fan frm Pondicherry says:

    Omg!!!!….,,hmmmmm iam vry tensed !!!!! God plz help tis out !!!!:.(

  25. valerie says:

    I hope Arnav will come like a hero and say to Khushi no one can separate us.I love you thats it. And to Dadi please stop interferring and go back where you came from.

  26. basanta latphata says:

    sarahu kathi bhagyal

  27. namrata and khushi says:

    i feel so sorry for khushi because of dadi not letting khushi and arnav marry

  28. rk madhubala fan says:

    I don’t think Is pyaar…fans have to get worried. they will just be seperated for a while. Atleast the writers of this show are not so absurt like the ones of pavitra rishta to not only seperate couples but also get them married to others…so just keep watching

  29. hida says:

    je pense que arnav ji va venir et il va la marier.maintenant il connait assez kushi pour l’aimer et surtout pour ne pas la laisser comme ca,apres ce qui s’est prie pour……

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