Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 28th August 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 28th August 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Shyam doing something with electrical wires.

NK is checking all the preparations and he asks Arnav, what kind of wire is this? Arnav is busy with his work on his laptop. NK goes to him and asks him to check. Arnav finally gets up. While Arnav checking the wires, Shyam sees him. Arnav is taking off the tape from some wires. Shyam gets afraid what if Arnav finds out there are cameras. Shyam gets on the ladder and cuts the wire so Arnav doesn’t reach till camera. Shyam also takes off the camera then. Arnav tells to NK, I don’t know what kind of wire is this and then he tells one of the workers to throw it out.

At Khushi’s house. Garima is tensed. Buaji comes there and says, I know you’re tensed because of Dadi but don’t worry, everything will go fine. Buaji then says, how Garima loved Khushi as her real mother and nothing wrong will happen with Garima and Khushi. They both get emotional and hug each other. Garima says in her mind that she will do anything for her daughters. She will apologize Dadi, beg Dadi for forgiveness, if she has to.

Break 1..

Shyam is again doing something with wires. Arnav has an eye on him but he’s talking with other workers. In the mean time, Shyam runs away from there. Arnav wonders where did that worker go all of a sudden. He wonders if he went to Anjali’s room. Arnav goes to Anjali’s room. Shyam is inside Anjali’s room, hiding some box below Anjali’s bed. Shyam leaves from Arnav enters.

Anjali comes out from the shower. Arnav asks her if anyone came to her room. If she called anyone for any work. Anjali says no. Arnav calls security and says uniform is not enough, check all the workers IDs. Arnav leaves from Anjali’s room. Anjali keeps her hands on her stomach and says, I wish your dad was here today as well for your Godh bharai.

Khushi’s family arrives at Raizada house. Garima has also came this time. As soon as they enter, Khushi starts searching Arnav. Buaji asks Payal where is Dadi? She wanted to meet Garima so badly. Buaji then tells Manorama to call Dadi. Manorama says, finally they will come face to face.

NK is taking Arnav somewhere but Arnav stops him and then he sees Khushi. He just keeps staring at her. Khushi also sees him and they both smile at each other. NK asks Arnav, how did you find out Khushi came? Khushi says, just like that. Arnav then signals Khushi to check her face when nothing is wrong. Khushi is worrying about her face and Arnav leaves from there. Khushi then asks Payal if she is looking fine, if there is anything on her face. Payal says, you look very beautiful today.

Garima asks Manorama where is Dadi. Manorama takes her to Dadi.

Dadi is helping Anjali for Godh bharai. Manorama and entire Khushi’s family coming to Dadi. But someone asks Dadi for pooja’s thaal so Dadi leaves to get that. Manorama says, before introducing she exited. Payal then tells Garima that she will take her to Dadi ma.

Arnav has got ready and he is in a dark kurta. NK, Arnav, and Aakash are in a room. NK says if ladies are having fun downstairs, then we will have fun here. Aakash asks what are you planning to do? NK says, they will watch a horror movie here. Aakash says in his mind, oh no.

Dadi is talking with God and says, I really wanted Shyam to be here but situation is like that that I can’t do anything. Payal and Garima see her and coming to her. Dadi turns back and some other lady come in between and starts talking. Dadi again doesn’t see Garima and leaves from there. Payal says, Dadi seems to be busy in work today, I will meet you with her later on.

Khushi gets a call from Arnav. Khushi says, you were kidding with me and I started checking my cheek, nose, everything. Arnav says, there is still something on your face, your small red nose. Khushi says my nose is not red. Arnav says, still it’s small. Khushi says, I will disconnect phone. Arnav says, so you will disconnect without saying, first you, first you? Buaji comes to Khushi and Khushi gives phone to Buaji. Buaji says, hello. Arnav is like what the and he passes phone to NK saying some girl. NK gets happy. He says, Hey what’s up. Buaji says, you called so will you say something or no? NK, ah you want to talk in hindi with me. NK says, my hindi is very “machi” (achhi (very good). Nk then says, seems like I have heard your voice before. He then goes in flashback and imagines him and Buaji in church doing wedding. He gets shocked.

Break 2..

Anjali is godh bharai’s dress and they begin ceremony. Everyone comes and puts a gift on her lap and says something in her ear. Anjali speaks in her mind, I am waiting desperately for you to come and call me mum. You always stay with your mumma and daddy. A lady comes and says, I thought your husband would somehow come in this function as he is very naughty and would come in ladies’ function. Lady leaves from there and Anjali gets sad. Dadi asks Anjali to calm down. All ladies are talking and say something must have happened else Shyam wouldn’t leave her alone like this on this function.

On side, Dadi tells Nani, so now you know what I was trying to say. And this is all because of Arnav.

Khushi asks Anjali if she took her medicine. Anjali says no so Khushi goes to get water.

Arnav is coming downstairs and he heard Dadi telling Nani to call Shyam back. Dadi continues, everyone will stop talking such stuff then. Dadi says, I am sure he will agree to come back. Arnav says, that guy won’t come back to this house.

Episode ends..

Precap: Arnav is saying Dadi, it took long time for us to forget what happened before 14 years. When we thought everything was good, he (who he?) cheated with Di and our family. Garima is hiding behind a pillar and listening all this.

Sorry No pictures today.

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  1. Khyati says:

    I dont like the way arshi are making guest appearances:-@. But still arnav u rock:-) u celebrated your bday lately and i really feel lucky dat i share my bday with u. :-D:-D:-D

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      if u r a big fan IPKKND the like “iss pyaar ko kya naam doon addicts” page n facebook..
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  2. Khyati says:

    I dont like the way arshi are making guest appearances:-@. But still arnav u rock:-) u celebrated your bday lately and i feel lucky 2 share my bday with u. :-D:-D:-D

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    love u arshi arnav s expressions my goodness wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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    the way how Arnav signals to kushi awesome

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    so cute Arnav with so sweet smile

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