Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2nd October 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 2nd October 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Arnav finding one more camera in their room. He doesn’t say anything to Khushi yet. Khushi changes her wedding clothes and comes back there. As soon as she returns, Arnav pulls her to the bed. He’s about to kiss her but then he stops. He says, I am sleepy. Khushi says, I am also tired, we should sleep now. Arnav then turns off the lights and they put shawl or blanket on them.

They are under blanket now. Their head crash with each other and both laugh. Khushi says, I like all this. Arnav asks what? She says, all this.. me, you, and our little world. I don’t want anything else. She continues, do you know.. I find this world strange (heavy) sometimes. Arnav says, may be you’re heavy for this world. Khushi slaps him on his stomach and both laugh again. Arnav says, so finally all rituals, pheres, marriage is finally done. Khushi hugs him.

It’s morning now. Khushi is in red saaree and brings tea for everyone. When she gives tea to Manorama, she asks Khushi… this is your first day so what are you cooking in breakfast? Khushi says, whatever you want. Manorama says, puri halwa. Khushi goes to kitchen to make puri halwa now. While Khushi is cooking in kitchen, Nani and Anjali come there. Nani says, this ritual is very important for new bahu.. by this she can win everyone’s heart. Anjali says, according to this ritual.. you’re supposed to cook everything..but if you need help, then you can tell me.. I will help you. Khushi says, no I will do it. Nani then checks gas.. and it’s not on. She tells Khushi to turn on the gas first. read full updates daily with pictures only at . Anjali asks Nani, why are you getting worried? Our Khushi doesn’t do any mistake. She knows how to cook everything.. this halwa puri is nothing. Khushi is nervous for some reasons.. she talks with herself and says, why are they standing here? I don’t get it.. they are encouraging me or scaring me. Anjali asks Khushi.. what are you talking to yourself? I can’t hear it.. Khushi says, nothing. They get call from someone now and Khushi picks it up. She says, ‘halwa’ instead of ‘hello’. It’s buaji’s call. Buaji says, I heard you’re making halwa puri for everyone. Khushi gets shocked and asks, how do you know? Buaji says, as you said ‘halwa’ instead of ‘hello’. Buaji then says.. don’t forget. Khushi asks, how can I forget you all? Buaji says, I am talking about ilaichi (masala). Khushi gets annoyed and disconnects the phone. Nani and Anjali leave now saying Khushi to make halwa puri fast as they are hungry.

After they leave, Khushi asks herself, why are you scaring so much? You have done all this before.. you can do it Khushi.. you can do it. Now Manorama comes there and says to her, you have to break my record.. when I came to this house after marriage.. I made so tasty halwa that I had to make so many puris. She scares Khushi saying it’s very difficult and leaves from there. Khushi now realizes she added too much water and it’s difficult to make puris now.

Khushi wonders what she should do now as puris came out to be terrible. She finally goes outside and serves food to everyone. She gives special sugar free halwa to Arnav and then sits beside him. Nk starts eating first and strange sound comes as he eats. He says, wow. . I like puri.. it’s puri (soft) too and papad (hard) too. Nice. Anjali.. Nani are next to eat.. they make weird faces but when Khushi looks at them, they smile. Khushi is looking at everyone as they eat. Aakash also has expression as he loved puris. Now it’s Manorama who eats.. she is about to say something but Aakash stops her. Arnav also says, it’s very nice. Khushi says, thank god… I thought… and then she eats now. She now realizes that puri is not like puri at all. She stops Arnav from eating and asks.. how can you eat this? It’s terrible. Arnav says, what? you made it.. I liked it. Anjali says to Khushi, that’s why I was saying.. you two are made for each other. Khushi now gives Arnav something else to eat.

Khushi now says, I was thinking to open wedding gifts. She says, whole family will open gifts together. Anjali says, I will call Shyam too.. we will open them together.

Everyone is sitting together and opening gifts. Arnav then is taking Khushi somewhere. Nk sees that and he asks, where are you two running away? Anjali says, let them go.. they want to be together.. try to understand. Khushi whispers to Arnav.. you go .. I will be there in a bit.

Khushi calls Nk to her and says him, don’t let anyone move from here until all gifts are unpacked.. no one. Nk asks, but why? Khushi says, because I am telling you. He salutes her and says, okay. Khushi leaves from there now. Shyam sees them leaving and he tells Anjali, I am tired.. I think I should rest now. Nk says, no.. ‘aaram haram hai’. We have to sit together and open all gifts.. so you don’t have permission to leave. Anjali asks Shyam to stay saying you’re also part of this family.

Arnav and Khushi are checking a laptop (probably Shyam’s). Khushi tells him to check fast before someone comes. On the other side, Shyam says to Anjali.. I have some important work.. I will be right back. Anjali says, okay. He gets up, but Nk stops him and says, you never spend time with us.. I won’t let you go anywhere today. sit and open gifts. He then says in his mind, Khushi ji.. don’t know what you are making me do.

Arnav and Khushi are watching videos of their wedding function in that laptop now.

Nk gets a call from someone and he’s busy on the phone. Shyam says to himself, this is the chance to leave.. have to find out what Khushi and Arnav are doing. Shyam tells Anjali.. he will go and get his phone. He goes upstairs now.

Khushi and Arnav are now watching Anjali’s godh bharai function videos. By seeing hand of a man.. Khushi says.. this is Shyam’s bracelet.

Break 1..

Arnav then says, when I was talking with other workers.. he removed all cameras. Arnav fast forwards and now they see a man with same bracelet playing drums. On the other hand, Shyam is on his way to come upstairs.

Khushi says, this is Anjali’s godh bharai videos. Now it’s Anjali’s room that comes in the videos. Khushi gets worried and says, that means.. there is camera in this room as well. Arnav tells her to relax saying he checked already.

Break 2..

Shyam is coming closer to his room.

Now Arnav and Khushi see same bracelet man spreading pieces of glasses on the floor in Anjali’s room and then video gets cut.

Arnav checks other video now and in that Anjali falls down on the stairs. Arnav says, for sure there is some connection between Anjali falling down and pieces of glasses. I won’t leave him (Shyam). Khushi says, wait a minute.. and then they hear someone coming to the room. Shyam is approaching to his room. Khushi is worried.

Shyam opens the door and that’s the end of episode.


Precap: Whole family is in the living room. Khushi comes there with oil. She says to Anjali.. with this oil.. your leg will be fine. Khushi then applies oil to Anjali’s leg and she sees wounds in her leg which she got from pieces of glasses other day..


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  2. sarmad says:

    cable oprator bhi nhi chalate urdu 1 ne bhi bnd kr diya hai ipkknd

  3. no way Urdu1 finished ipkknd what a fish starplus not even coming feel like killing Urdu1 owner yasir nazir can’t do this he was my true friend can’t even ask to start again he would think i’m cheap:( and cable operators don’t do this in Pakistan…and waiting for starplayer to upload today’s episode

  4. mobi says:

    can anybody send me these eposodes please

  5. mobi says:

    lovely drama iwish this drama go longer

  6. fan says:

    she was supposed to make pur in oil not in water lol

  7. sarah cullen says:

    asr was amazng wen he gesturs der s a cam tooo…….. god… wen ll get usd 2 his prfctnes<3

  8. Arya fan says:

    Hi guys i m feelin much better now.hw r u al?hapy bday aj(sorry,its 2 l8).abha plz dont go. We al luv u.
    Oow nyc epi. Finaly shyam ki web cam wala raj bahar aaya. Ab kya karegi shaym tujhe toh RM se bahar nikal nahi hai.

  9. Saiyana says:

    It was good. Ye dono jasusi kar rahi hai. Achcha hai. I ‘m from Bangladesh.

  10. Heart says:

    Hi raima, wat a drm! Gud luk 4 u! We rid in same clss. Bt i rid science subjs.

  11. ARSHI POP says:


  12. I’ll apply later in India rite now my studies after a-levels i will be leaving up for India alone without family to make my own career and nothing else i want it was my dream to come actor like this it will be hard but excited but I’ll go soon actually it’s difficult to live alone but my mom,dad and sisters said we are allowing you to leave and stay alone as they are also shifting Dubai they want my career started i don’t want to leave my family as they are in couraging me to leave and stay alone to have little experience in life and then they said you are going get bored when your sisters get married as soon as possible you can make your habit to live alone as you should try once your our daughter we need your happiness and it was your dream so move on don’t get strange for new country new people you love acting and we love our pretty daughter that’s all they said to make me conscious and sad to live without them how weird

  13. sarmad says:

    itna anger sumon ji happy birthday

  14. arshi pop says:

    funny and thrilling episode we love it

  15. arshi pop says:

    star plus cable pr nhi ata

  16. sarmad says:

    hmare country mein star plus aur sony band hain 2 month say plz do some thing

  17. Anonymous says:

    Please please CV’s telecast IPKKND on 5:3OPM.Plz.Plz.plz.

  18. Hey i’m not Bengali my cast is gujar and punjaabi and i study in a-levels which is class 11th first level of a-levels like a-1 i took 3 subjects like English,Urdu and arts and actually after this my mom and dad our saying to go India and do some advertisements(ads) and modeling and then do whatever you want to do in India you can become actor in small screen later on in bollywood because my parents loved my face features because i’m Kashmiri and Turkish and i have fair complexion green eyes brown hair and naturally straight i love to make many hair styles my mom dad knows i have studying and they know what i like to do

  19. Hi raima u r bengali?sumon u also bengali?sumon ur gave a link to download rabba ve song its worked.thank u to give this link.

    aj happy birthday.its too late but its ok na!heart i reply u but there is some mistake hear as heart ok?raima what class do u read in?this question also for suman. ok bye.

  20. G says:

    Please upload many pics

  21. Hi!my little sister abha what r u saying?plz don’t do that.we all lov know i an ur elder then what the i ordered u don’t leave this’s my order.its ur disition.hi! hear my grandmother is not so good.her oparetion is cancelled for 2 days.

    tp welcome to our arshiland.
    jinat u tell faiza get well soon.we all miss her.jinat how are ur grandfather?
    lov u ipkknd.

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  23. sarmad says:


  24. Abha i’m not Di i’m just 18years old and in our language people say aapa or baji as we are living in Pakistan and we are Muslims…and mama.papa said when i get well they will take whole family to Delhi from border and by road i mean by bus

  25. AJ says:

    Today is my birthday! and what an amazing gift i get by seeing the most awesome episode ever<3 of ipkknd:P Arnav ur so cute and clever I thought u still have that scar from when u got kidnapped but thats froma different accident .and it seemed like this episode was like the day after he got released from the kidnappers but really this is the 1st day after their wedding! Lol Kushi "halwa" u might as well make gelabi's cuz u are always making them while ur nervous.Nk lol pun be hai papar be hai lol she made it to crispy i wish i knew how to make them.Awwwww Arnav ur still eating it even though it taste bad. I think kushi u should've told nk he helped u so much through everything.Finally they know shaym was the reason Anjali had a miscarriage awwweee.Ewwwww Anjali the makeup of the ft is good but it looks weird idkw.

    Great wok to the entire cast and crew members of ipkknd<3:)P

  26. pree says:

    Hai nisha,Raima,ffm ji and to all ipkknd fans. this epi. was sooo nice with fun, i loved it. then what’s going on here?

    Abha though i did’nt chat wid u i like ur comments and unity of ur friendship team, so don’t hear any stupid’s comment that hurts u and don’t feel worry about dat keep on commenting and chat wid us,Think dat a dog barks by seeing a mountain . This is my kind advice to u my younger cutty sister…..

  27. KSG!! says:

    OMG!! Awesome episode, it keeps getting better and better!

  28. avina says:

    wow…we love it how well our arshi understands each other!!they just look into each other eyes and don’t need words to know what they have to do; thank you cv,producer,writers for not dissapointing us ;excellent job with the wedding,excellent emotional scenes,great acting from everybody,but of course ,first from sanaya and barun;we felt like guests at your wedding…so real…love it how you move the story along,keeping it fresh and funny;we know some people are afraid that serial might end, but we think there is no need to worry: the possibilities are endless for new tracks and will be funny to watch as we love all casting;they are all perfect for the roles they have!…and ipkknd has faithful viewers and fans that appreciate all efforts to keep the show unique.You guys succeeded so far and we believe you’ll establish a record!!Congrats and keep up the good work !!!

  29. Hi guys we had lots of fun yesterday in our rag epi.heart sumon puja, faiza amk bolse ami jno tmdrk or pokkho thke hi boli. O aj kadte kadte fit hoye gechilo. Doc rest nite bolse. Tai aj o ai s8 e asbe na.

  30. praneetha says:

    episode was awsome. espesially i love that blanket scene.good work by arshi

  31. poo says:

    yepeeee stupid shaym ka camra ola raazz arnav-khushi ke samne at last a gaye 😀 😀 😀

  32. K king says:

    Great epsd i hope next will be arnav kick shyam out of house and puts him in jail…

  33. u!!! says:

    heyy all!!! juz loved today’s epi!!!! especially the scene wen they under bedsheet… nd d hilarious scene was wen every1 tasted her food… dere expressions!!! <3<3<3 luv u arshi!!!!!!!!!! nd abha juz ignore those ppl hu say all dis to u cuz dey r juz jealous of u being so friendly nd bubbly…. bt we lyk u d way u r.. so dont quit…. chill we're alwayz der fr u!!! 😀

  34. Fans frm kerala says:

    Wondful epi .wt an idea arshi.:-)shyam ka kaya hoga?wow:-O

  35. mobi says:

    please tell me ipkknd kia end hony wala ha .oh no

  36. Anonymous says:

    please upload any link so we can see ipkknd . it my favoiote drama & use to watch every day & dicuss with my friends

  37. ARSHI wHaT A cOuPlE….aMaZiNg..LuV U bOtH sAnAyA & BaRuN…ALOT..!!!
    LoVe tOdAYs ePiSoDe…..
    eSpaIcIaLlY BlAnKeT sCeNe…..!!!!

  38. arshi says:

    abha i think ur a big fan of ipkknd…….im new wid ur group……luv sarun sooo…..cute together

  39. nisha says:

    Abha, Muskan, Pree And Pari
    Abha don’t be panick sum ppl have no other work than commenting bad things to others.

  40. ana says:

    few more pics plzz.. good epi

  41. ishika says:

    hope dat anjali gts to knw d truth faster n she only kicks shyam out of d house rather den frgttng him…..
    he deserves punishment…..
    arshi wer amazing…..

  42. Sneha poddar says:

    Today’s epi was superb….. Arshi was looking cute….. Our arshi became “THE GREAT DETECTIVES” which i liked most….. I wish that new couple ko kisiki nazar na lage…. And now m waiting for see the face of that bloody shyam when arnav will kill him….. :) :)….. Arshi rocks…. Muuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

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