Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 31st October 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 31st October 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with the basketball match between boys team and girls team. Aarav has the ball and Manorama is trying to steal ball from him. Manorama cannot steal, so she pulls Aarav’s cheek. Nk disqualifies mamiji for touching Aarav. Manorama says, its time for my make up anyways and leaves the field. Sheetal tells her not to worry.. they will win only.

Game resumes. Arnav has the ball now and Sheetal is trying to steal it from him. Khushi is just blocking Aakash. Arnav and Sheetal come close and are about to clash. Khushi notices that and gets upset. Sheetal passes the ball to Khushi. Khushi is just blanked out and holding the ball. Aarav then steals the ball from Khushi’s hand and he throws it to the basket but it misses. Aarav gets disappointed, but then Arnav grabs the ball and sends it to the basket. Arnav tells Sheetal, you still got time.. you can just say your leg is injured and I will cancel the match. Sheetal doesn’t quit and says him, don’t fly too high otherwise when you fall down, it will hurt. Sheetal tells Khushi, let’s show them what we can do.

Khushi purposely puts her leg in Aakash’s way and falls down. She acts like as if she got hurt and tells Aakash, you did this purposely right? Aakash is trying to explain himself saying he didn’t do anything, but Nk doesn’t listen and disqualifies him. Khushi gets up. Arnav says to himself, she got up very fast. Aakash goes to other family members and tells them, Khushi cheated.

Game resumes and finally girls team get some points thanks to Sheetal. Arnav gets the points again and score is 3-1 now. Sheetal scores twice and score is tied at 3-3. All this time, Khushi is just standing on a side and warming up. Nk says, now last points will decide the winner. Khushi gets the ball in her hand.. she runs and makes the basket. She is dancing and celebrating already. Arnav says, it’s a foul. Khushi says, wht foul.. you’re just feeling bad. Nk comes and says, it’s a foul and you have to go out now. Arnav tells khushi to go and learn first. Sheetal tells Khushi, you’re not allowed to hold the ball and run. Khushi says, that Nk didn’t explain properly in the beginning that’s why. Sheetal tells her, don’t worry… I am enough for them (Arnav, Aarav). Khushi leaves the field.

Game resumes. Aarav has the ball and everyone is cheering for him, including Sheetal. This time to make Aarav makes the basket.. Arnav goes and carries him up. And Aarav makes the final and crucial points. Sheetal is very happy and carries him up. Whole family go there to join them except Khushi. Nk says, this is so beautiful.. losing team is happier than winning team. Manorama asks, you disqualified me for touching Aarav’s cheek and wht about this? Arnav carried him. Arnav says, we are in same team so it’s allowed. Nk says, final score is 4-3 which means boys team win. Arnav and Aarav high-fives and hugs each other. Khushi is just sitting far and watching them and getting upset. She walks away from there.

Back into the house, Khushi is talking with herself. She says, what was wrong in that? They must be getting happy as they won. Khushi is making jalebis and Sheetal comes there. Sheetal asks her, how can you make jalebis knowing Arnav can’t eat them? Khushi says, I know but.. Sheetal says, what are you trying to do? Make Arnav ill purposely? Arnav comes there. Sheetal says him, look darling she is making jalebis again.. one day you will die because of that. I will make salad for you. Khushi says to Arnav, I can make salad for you too. Arnav says, Sheetal is right.. leave from here. Khushi screams, NOOOOOO. She tells Arnav, you can’t do like this with me. She gets down and holds his legs and begs him. Arnav keeps saying, get out from here. Arnav, Sheetal, Aarav are laughing like evils and Khushi is begging Arnav not to remove her from this house. She now realizes that she was just day-dreaming and none of them are in the kitchen. It’s only a servant who is standing there who tells her to remove jalebis else they will get spoiled.

Everyone returns to home now. Nk tells Sheetal, you’re really an amazing player.. and you should try in professional team. Khushi is again standing far and watching them. Aakash says, seriously it was lots of fun. Arnav says, this is nothing.. you should have seen us in college time. He says, we even had a nickname but he can’t recall. Sheetal says, awesome-twosome. Arnav says, bang on.. and high-fives Sheetal. Aarav says, but now I am in team too so it’s awesome-threesome. Khushi as usual is feeling jealous and getting upset.

Break 1..

Nani now says, seeing Aarav.. it reminds me of Arnav’s childhood. Arnav asks where is Khushi and Khushi comes there and says, I am here only. Arnav asks her, where did you go? Manorama takes jalebis from Khushi’s hand and says, it’s time to eat some sweet on this happy occasion. She goes to Aarav and says, first the youngest member. Both Arnav and Sheetal shout NO together. Sheetal says, Aarav can’t eat this. Aarav asks her, why not? Sheetal says, because you don’t eat sweets. Arnav says, all big basketball players take care of what they eat and what not.. you want to become a big basketball player right? Aarav says, yes. Arnav says, so you will have to avoid jalebis and sweets. Aarav says, I want to become a good player like you… and big players also have to do homeworks which I have to do. Aarav leaves from there.

Anjali tells Arnav, now you know how to handle kids. Manorama says to him, now if you have your own kid then it will be easier.. in end practice makes people perfect.

Break 2..

In her room, Sheetal is looking at some photos. Khushi is passing by and notices that. She goes into the room and asks Sheetal, you’re sitting alone here? Sheetal hides photos and then puts them away. In that, she drops some of the photos on the floor. Khushi says, I am sorry.. I should have knocked the door. Sheetal says, not a problem. Khushi then asks, what was that? Sheetal says, nothing.. I mean nothing important. Khushi says, Aarav’s dad.. ? I have noticed.. whenever Aarav’s dad topic comes, you don’t feel comfortable. Sheetal says, Khushi please.. I have left all that behind. Sheetal leaves from there.

Khushi is also leaving, but then notices photos on the floor. She picks them up and sees, they are photos of Arnav and Sheetal playing basketball back in the college time. She says to herself, Sheetal was looking at the photos that means she hasn’t forgotten her past.

Episode ends.


Precap: Sheetal is scolding Aarav and says, how many times I have told you that… Aarav says, that I can’t ask about my father, but you only told me when we reach Delhi then you will introduce my dad to me. Then where is he? Khushi, Arnav, and Aakash are there and watching all this.

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  1. Rh says:

    News confirmed guys arnav is not Aravs dad the guy that is coming is dishank arora

  2. I’m about to see today’s episode it will start within 5 mins rite now i was drinking lemonade which my mom made for me

  3. dia ali says:

    its enough.drama is getting boaring again.

  4. Heart says:

    Amio tai vabchi! Amra kew karo problem na!! Sobari nijer mot ache, amra sobai ta k somman kori! R bondhuder moddhe emon vul bojabujhi ami chaina! Pooja n faiza, i lyk u 2! Toder evabe dekhe amar khub kharap lagche!!

  5. POOJA says:

    Hi!heart u r in online????
    Faiza ki bolche bolto o amar problem……!!!!!

  6. p.g.(priya) says:

    hey wats wrong wid u faiza ; wat r u saying …
    dear v all r frnds here nd v all luv u nd pooja di nd don’t want to loose any of u…. so pls don’t go …..
    its a request ….plz

  7. POOJA says:

    What wrong with us i can’t understand…..purane dost lar rahi hai……?????

  8. kath says:

    hi friends………. calm down.. just think that what would u do if u also meet an old friend… the answer is u will share ur good memories… and thats exactly what arnav and sheetal r doing……….. time change, things change.. so relax 🙂 ….. but i want khushi to introduce her college friend and then start jealousing arnav 🙁

  9. Pooja i am ur prblm na? Plz dont go. I will go 4m dis s8. I wil mis u al so much. Plz 4giv me if i hurt any1.byeeeeeee.:'( :'(:'(:'(:'(:'(

    • POOJA says:

      Faiza please c later comment nd don’t go.sorry if i hurt u……tui vabli ki kore tumi amar problem???????we r very good friends for ever……

    • POOJA says:

      If u go from this site then i also go…….jodi tui nachas j ami jai tahole tuio jabina…..

    • Heart says:

      Faiza , wher r u going? Plz dnt go! Pooja & faiza, u 2 r vry old frndz of me! When i came here 1st time, u welcumd me! Bt ekhon jodi tomra nijder moddhe jhogra koro, tobe cholbe ki kore? Emnitei amra onek purono bondhu hariachi! R tomra dujon ekhane amar sobche valo bondhu!! Plz, mat jao!-( 2 faiza n pooja)

  10. POOJA says:

    Oh!! MY friends how sweet u r all!!!!!!when i deside to go then u r all stop to me…… but i really can’t tolerate when anyone tell bad things about ipkknd……but sumon nd priya u r absolutely right…….!!!!

    So how can i go from this site…….nd zani Di such main barun gussa ho jayegi.

  11. Chandani says:

    Thanks for uploding the pic. also

  12. Ok guys attention please Dishank Arora has taken place of naman shaw to become dhruv…and now soon in ipkknd their will be coming friendship day and khushi will be upset because of sheetal and arnav and now naman shaw is choosed for khushi’s best friend to cheer her up and make something to her special then arnav will get jealous too and he will see how khushi will takecare of him and arnav is angry on khushi and naman shaw

  13. p.g. says:

    diwali is on 13 November ……

  14. Barsha says:

    Guyz any 1 notice ?

    Shyam married person hote hue v khushi ko line marta tha and pana chahta tha.lekin anjali use bahat trust karti thi.

    And now arnav shital ke sath na pyar karta tha na avi uske sath affair he lekin khusi usko sak karri he!!!

    What do u think guyz?

    And pooja this is nt fair!!

    Ye page tumhare bina ADHooRA He dear………..

    • ZQ says:

      khushi ko arnav ka trust krna chahiye…

      but she loves him.th8,s why she is possesive abt arnav thes days…

      sheetal ko khushi ko lana hi nhi chahiye tha!!

  15. p.g. says:

    i m fine di …
    yes my xams r over ….

  16. p.g. says:

    hi zani di …..

    Wats up.????

  17. Faiza says:

    Sory pooja if i hurt u. I didnt want to hurt u.plz dont go.i am a big fan of i lyk qubool hai.but i kno ipkknd wil alwayz b a no 1 serial 4 its lovly fans.nd obviously 4 arshi.

    • ZQ says:

      faiza littl sis qh 7ipkknd k fans ko f8 nhi krna chahiye…

      ap ksg & barun k liye f8 krte ho may be wo best friends hoon!!!!!!

      so dont quarrel it,s my msg 2 all ipkknd & qh fans……..

  18. p.g. says:

    hi zani di …..

    • ZQ says:

      how r u? exam hogya kya?

      mje klka epi. bht psnd aya..

      ithink khushi & arnav ko apna baby plan krna chahiye? is se sb tension finish ho jayga… mi r8…..tell me guys.

  19. p.g. says:

    hey pooja Di wat r u going to do …..
    PLS DON’T GO…….

    di aap kyu nhi samajh rahe ho vo yahi to chahte hai ki ipkknd k page par comments kam aaye …

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  20. ZQ says:

    hye!!!all my 4nds..pooja,kath,heart,p.g,faiza,srs,raima,barsha,sumon all true arshi fans…

    hw r u raima? get well soon.

  21. well…the desi touch kushi adds in the basketball court..dancing after she makes a goal…typical kushi style..liked it…
    i don’t know why a lot of people are complaining this track..i think its can’t watch them romance all 365 days..everybody will get bored..there will be no story..this track is good…

  22. avina says:

    WHAT THE HECK IS THIS???…if arnav and sheetal didn’t have an affair in the past,”just friends”,they surely behave like starting one now; they seem to flirt with each other :(:(:(…as newlyweds,all his attention should go to kushi!…instead, the writers make kushi look childishly stupid,poorly dressed and insecure about everything…where is our wise,confident,good advisor for everybody,funny and full of life kushi??? kushi did not make any progress as a married woman,nor their relationship of husband-wife !!…and they let us CONFUSED: have they consumated their marriage the day before their remarriage or what??…are they trying to tell us that their ultimate goal in life was to remarry for love and one they accomplished that they cooled off completely,no need for honeymoon,or just simply spend time alone…blah,blah,blah…we are asking to give us the impression of their intimacy ,that it exists,NOT details.It just seems that something is missing in this story; with the love they shared before the wedding,they shouldn’t be able to keep away from each other,instead they had drama and more drama happening and forgot about their love.And we understand kushi feeling jealous: when your husband pays more attention to a more educated-better dressed-more modern sporty girl…how confident can you be? And seriously…kushi comes to play basketball in A DRESS?? the same dress she goes shopping/cooking,etc…even manorama was more inspired and looked better than kushi,unfortunately!! SO, what is the writers message with this ?? Cause we don’t get it …Or everybody is busy with other projects and they think that anything goes??…just fill in the time till whenever? Well, the audience feels CHEATED; what should’ve been the best part of the show,after all misunderstandings disappeared,when their love should’ve blossom ,with no reservations or obstacles…flop!Guys,there is still time…you can turn this around,we know;just listen to fans,also;some have really good ideas. Ok,enough said; thanks to all ipkknd team and strive for the best; amaze us again!!!love you,all ipkknd team!

  23. POOJA says:

    I shall not attend this page.jabtak Yeh qobool hai fan’s ipkknd k bare main bura kahena bandh nahi karegi…..
    I can’t tolerate it nd i m telling bad thighs some of qobool hai fan’s nd my friends…….sorry about that….

    I m going friends…….bye…..

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