Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3rd October 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3rd October 2012 Written Update by Saraa

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 3rd October 2012 Written Episode

The episode begins with Khushi and Arnav’s scene from last night’s episode. Shyaam opens the door and it’s empty. Shyaam picks up his laptop and is about to open the lid when NK comes and pushes him to go downstairs. Shyaam budges again and again, but NK doesn’t let him go. Arnav and Khushi come out from behind the wardrobe.

Khushi goes to Anjali and tells her about the oil that will help her feet heal. She starts massaging and Mami sits in the other corner insulting Khushi. Arnav stands close by to see what Khushi’s doing. Anjali teases Arnav and Khushi while Khushi sees the wounds from when Anjali had a miscarriage. Khushi is shocked whereas Arnav is super angry.

Arnav is walking back and forth outside the house and he is angry wanting to kill Shyaam for harming his sister. He says that it was not a miscarriage but a murder. Khushi apologizes for bringing him back in the house and says that she didn’t know that he was still the same Shyaam. Arnav is about to walk away when Khushi tells him that he needs to calm down and think before he does anything irrational. Khushi tells Arnav that they need to make sure that Anjali’s blind trust over Shyaam is broken. Arnav suddenly thinks of the dhol wala’s and says that they might know of something that could help them.

Mami is shown sleeping and NK tries waking her up. Nani tells NK that this is Manorama’s sleeping time because she had told her to make food. NK says then why did Manorama mock Khushi? Nani says that mocking and sleeping is something Manorama loves doing but she is very sweet in the heart and that she will never accept her fault. NK says that yes, she will accept her fault. The two just look on..

Arnav and Khushi are sitting at the JB Music Equipments. Arnav asks the manager to see all the men that had come in the RM the day of their Sangeet. The manager tells them that only one wasn’t there because he had been hurt so he was replaced by a temporary placement. Khushi asks for a description of him. The manager explains him exactly the way Arnav remembered Shyaam.

Anjali and Nani are shown doing Pooja. NK pretends to be Devi Mayya and starts talking to Manorama and tells her to wake up and not ask questions. Mami is shocked. NK asks Mami to accept all her “paaap” Manorama says that she will tell her in private or in email. NK yells NO, and to speak right away. Manorama starts confessing and says that she doesn’t like to work that’s why she sits in the Mandir so no one can say anything to her. She then says that she had mixed a little bit of wine in Bua’s drink at Payal’s wedding so that she would lose the competition. Nani is surprised and Mami continues to say that she had to do this to win the compeition. Arnav and Khushi walk in just then. Manorama then confesses to have being the one behind the whole fiasco with sareees that were brought in the first time and Manorama had put holes in them. NK says that Manorama should be the “Phatti saree” then. Khushi and Arnav smile. NK comes out from behind and Manorama is shocked. She gets embarrassed and walks away. Khushi asks why NK did this? To which he says that he wanted to make sure she confesses everything and this is the best way to make her confess to everything.

Arnav and Khushi are outside the house again where Khushi tells Arnav that she has a plan and she talks but we can’t hear it at all. Arnav says that it won’t work. Khushi says that if he has another way then they could use that but it won’t be of no help and Shyaam might just confess his deeds.

It’s the next morning. Everyone is at the table having a fun time. HP walks in and says that the painters are here to look at the house. Shyaam is shocked. Arnav just notices the expression on Shyaam’s face. Nani asks why the sudden paint of the house to which Arnav says that it has been a long time and he thought of getting it done before Diwali. Shyaam suddenly says that he has some urgent work and has to get it done right away. He walks away. Khushi and Arnav just look at each other. Anjali mutters that Shyaam and his work.

Shyaam walks in his room, and he is frustrated. He says that he will have to remove the cameras for a few days so that they aren’t caught by the painters. He then says that he will find another way of keeping a close eye on Arnav and Khushi. He walks into Arnav’s room and is about to take the camera off when Arnav enters the room. Shyaam hides. Arnav picks up a file and walks away. Shyaam heaves a sigh of relief.

Shyaam is shown taking off all the cameras from Arnav and Khushi’s room especially the pool side. Arnav walks to where Khushi is standing and just nods.

Arnav tells Khushi that the cameras are gone. They are in their room. Khushi says that thank God the cameras are gone, and now they can do whatever they want. Arnav smirks and starts walking towards her. Instead of doing anything to Khushi, he just bends and picks up his phone. He then asks Khushi what she had in mind. Khushi say nothing and she is about to walk away when Arnav pulls her to himself and says that did she think he was going to do something else. Khushi shakes her head and says that she was thinking what their next plan would be. Realization hits Arnav and he moves away and says that this plan won’t work. Khushi says what if it works? Arnav says that she doesn’t know Shyaam. Khushi says that she does and that why does Arnav always think negative. She huffs, crosses her arms and looks angry. Episode ends right there on Khushi’s face.

Precap: Shyaam is shaving in his room and he picks the razor up, puts it on his face and it cuts him. He then checks it with his finger and that cuts too. He looks closely and there’s a piece of glass in it. He wonders how is it possible.

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133 Responses to “Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3rd October 2012 Written Update”

  1. anshra says:

    LUV U <3<3<3

  2. arnavkushi 4eva says:

    hey guyz a thought just struck me
    before any serial endsthe truth is usually out-
    shyam’s truth
    mami’s truth
    BUT wt about arshi’s reason of marriage(1st one)
    its still not out why arshi got married -(coz of payal)
    sooo i dont think so ipkknd is gonna end
    (i pray for it)

  3. arnavkushi 4eva says:

    i’m 1 of the biggest fan of ipkknd,arshi
    nd if it gets over? Noo noo noo
    ‘shub shub bolo kushi'(kushi’s dialogue)
    i luv u arshi…nd ipkknd a loooooot

  4. arnavkushi 4eva says:

    nooooooooo i just hope ipkknd does’nt end

  5. sas says:

    kushi you rockzzzzzzzzzz

  6. mobi says:

    ap ka har lafz mairy dil ki awaz ha hum sub chahty ha k ya serial abi khata m naho jab sas b kabi baho thi ki 1000 eoisods ho sakti ha to is ku nahi ate u agree with me

  7. mobi says:

    pata nai surma ap k sath kia problem ha waisy har wakat bury mood ma rahna achi bat nai bhai have good luck

  8. sarah cullen says:

    nce episde… 🙂

  9. Krishna Priya says:

    i hope the show never ends…..
    we love it……………..

  10. Heart says:

    Pooja,i dnt thnk it’ll b end soon! Faija, tomar ki test xm? Aanya welcum. Sumon, thnx. D lnk wrkd. Sarmad, wats ur prblm yaar? We al r frndz here!&if u dnt lyk arshi den no need 2 watch! Sry (if i m wrong). Thnx 2 al.

    • what is this samrad?if u don’t like the show then get out from this site.hum ipkknd n arshi kash kar barun ki bareme kohi galat words nahi sun sakte hai.agar tumhe gali dena ata hai toh hume bhi ata hai.plz go this site.

      sumon hum kaherahe hai ki hum sab head department of star plus ko request toh karhi sakte hai na!itni jaldi ipkknd bandh kaise ho sakti hai.

  11. Anonymous says:

    r u mad

  12. abishacruz says:

    super sanaya

  13. SARMAD says:

    I M HAPPY.IN KI ACTING BAKWASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS HAI PTA NHI TUM IN KO KYON PASAND KRTI HO????????????????????????????????????????????????????????…………………
    IN KO KHANA NHI DETE PRODUCERS JIN KO TUM LIKE KARTI HO???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • S U M O N says:

      Beta SARMAD is drama ke khatam hone ke bad main is address se ek ek episode replay dekhunga. Aur tum unki Acting ke bare me comment mat karo. Tum to dud piti bacce ho. Acting kya hain wo tum kayse samjhoge…….
      AUR EK AKHRI BAT , Tum BARUN ko etne bore actor kahe rahe ho but agar by chance tumhari mulakat usse ho gai to tum to baki sab vulke uske pas vagoge AUTOGRAPH lene ke lia…..
      True IPKKND lovers am i r8???

  14. aanya says:

    thanx a lot HEART for telling the timings …
    really very sweet of you..


  16. sanaya irani never uses internet except twitter and Hotmail so people who’s in desitvbox that’s fake don’t take her serious she’s just wanna impress you guys for likes to the comment and tease us by becoming sanaya Irani and lol if she’s real sanaya Irani then why she wrote her last name iraani wrong she’s fake trust me!

  17. Hi!all ipkknd fans what r u all doing?our ipkknd our ipkknd will be end.we will sit quiet now.if anyone will stop this bad work so it will no other than its arshi n ipkknd what will u all do?starts our work.plz tell me how should we stop this bad work?

    plz tell.i m still waiting………..
    i m just crying.

    i request u all specially… abha,faiza,heart,ffmalasiya,ffusa,meredith,raima,sumon,tp,jinat nd all ipkknd fans.

    don’t miss reply to me.

  18. Arya fan says:

    4m 6 oct my xam ‘ll b start n i need ur bst wishes. So wish me best of luck guys. Lv u mom wont alow me 2 sit b4 net. I’ll mis u al.specialy ipkknd,sarun n al arshi fans. Sumon,antor,puja,meredith,abha,ffm,fiusa tc dear.bye.

  19. Hauwa says:

    Please Don’t u guyz watch Punar Vivah and zeetv shows. The comment on this page r hilarious. But mayb becos I dnt watch it(dnt hv starplus on our cable)

  20. where r u all ipkknd fans.plz head department of star plus don’t end is the hitest show in all tv shows and its trp is so why u all end the show.if u want end a show so plz end ruk jana nahi,pratigya,ek dusre se….hum,yeh rishta…. plz don’t end wins many awards n get a lots of love to her what do u want?Ipkknd is a golden charm in ur t.v chanel.if u stop the show then u don’t know what r u lost.anyone agree with my u ipkknd.

  21. jyothi says:

    I am a die hard fan from kerala, I love Ipkknd very much. episode was superb.

  22. Hi!friends will ipkknd all college friend kal se kuch khaya nahi ea baat sunke.shrif roe ja rahi hoon.itni jaldi khatam kaise ho sakti is a fake na!agar ea true hua tho main aur kohi sirial nahi dekhungi.kiuki ipkknd ki jaisa kohi sirial nahi ho sakti.aur barun ko dekh k mera din suru hota hai aur barun nahi rahegi to me sach main jite ji mar jaungi.sanaya also miss u.

  23. archi says:

    suberb episode

  24. S U M O N says:

    Hi Heart , faiza , abha , jinat & all of IPKKND fans , im a little bit late due to some personal work.
    When Shyam Removed all the Cameras from RM. and then Khushi told Arnav that now there is no problem , they can do whatever the want to do. Then Arnav looked at her and go foroard then i thought that they will make their ”Suhagrat” that night. :p
    and when Mamiji told about her falts to Devimaya(NK) that was so funny……………

  25. saurabhii says:

    i have been reading the updates…but never commented…but i seriously like thank those people for (sumtimes super fast and at times a lil slow) updates!!:)
    arshi have an amazing chemistry!!!i wish for a partner like arnav with a total attitude!!! 🙂 🙂

    and abha seems quite famous here!!:)

    ps:i kind ot stalk all the comments…i enjoy reading them!! 🙂 😛

  26. saurabhii says:

    i cant get enough of them….

  27. arshi says:

    im not able to vote for arshi…..hv v to vote through pc n not phne…..plz inform as soon as possible………plzzzzzzzzzzzzz……..

  28. AJ says:

    lol people my Birthday ended like yesturday i wrote the written update comment kind of late :() What an amazing episode people:) I loved how Arnav and Kushi created a creative plan:) Awwwweeeeee so cute Anjali ouch what a painful ft. Kushi really u thought he could change lol ur way to funny. Thanx by the way people AJ episode hmmmmm i love how that sounds <3 Arnav and Kushi rx I know u guys can prove them wrong! Lol maorma u made my stomach hurt nk ur way to funny lol with the weird voice thats weird. Nk what a creative way to trick and get the truth out of her.Do they actually eat the dinner like in reality or just like shoot them i wnat to know about that part. Shaym ohhhhh their plan i'm starting to understand what it is Arnav i know that smile its u being naughty. in this episode u both are fresh cuz i know by the looks un ur eyes u guys don't get enough sleep i'm really srry for that i really do feel bad for all of u people:(

    Great work to the entire cast and crew members of Ipkknd


  29. ArshiAddiction says:

    IPKKND has to win all the awards it has been nominated for, guys please please please vote! Fan in USA has put the site up for us to vote! LETS GIVE CREDIT TO THIS AMAZING SHOW BY VOTING! It is the least we can do for them, it will only take 2-3 mins, please please please vote! Don’t think that others will vote and they will win, WE ALL HAVE TO VOTE AND MAKE THEM WIN! Thanks.

  30. Fan in USA! says:

    Ok is your chance to vote for IPKKND KUSHI AND ARNAV. PLEASE CAST YOUR VOTES!!

    TV Best Actor- Barun
    TV Best jodi- kushi and arnav

    • Fan in USA! says:

      Favorite TV Drama Actor- Barun
      Favorite TV most good looking onscreen jodi- Arnav/Khushi

    • ArshiAddiction says:

      Voted for Arshi and Barun around 40 times, THEY HAVE TO WIN! But I am really upset that Sanaya was not voted for best actress ;( and I don’t get how Gia Mannek was, she is not even in the show now!

  31. KSG!! says:

    Let’s go Arshi, Let’s go!!

  32. killa says:

    khushi is a bilkul bholi
    , i bet arnav had a lot running through his mind *evil look*, yet another amazing bout of acting done by sanaya and barun, i loved the Ms. Hello Hi Bye Byes confessions :D, shyam ab tu tho gaya:p hope for lots and lots and lots of heart pumping Rabba Ve moments, love you guys and wish you all the best in whatever ull do ;D

  33. Anonymous says:

    why u dont upload these episode on tubidy? Plz upload i cann’t watch on tv. Im surfing alot plz either tel plz tel me other site for mobile other than youtube plz plz plz….. I vn’t watch since mon plz

  34. arnavkushi 4eva says:

    hey ipkknd fans
    let me tell you i’m one of the bigggggggggggggggest fan of arshi,ipkknd
    nd i clebrated their marriage,nd have all the important dates of ipkknd written
    i’m known in ma class for this reason
    bt my mom does’nt allow me to watch so i sneek nd read the episodes
    hope you continue writing like this.
    Nd yeah today’s episode was good
    but i hope ipkknd does’nt end…

  35. Sanaya Iraani says:

    how was my acting guys,hope you all liked it……love you guys a lot ,and thanks for supporting me and Barun .and don’t worry lot of romantic scenes on the way just for you guys….love you all!

    • preeti says:

      we love u we love u we love u we love u we love u we love u we love u we love u we love u we love u we love u we love u we love u we love u we love u we love u we love u we love u we love u we love u we loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove u!

    • Big fan of ARSHI says:

      hey it’s really u sanaya? If it’s U then amazing act. Keep it up more RABBA VE moments plsssssssssssss

    • fake sanaya irani says:

      you fake sanaya irani ..ur not a sanaya irani

  36. arshivini says:

    wow what an episode………….ipkknd is not going to end ………this just a beginning of arshi007 still we can enjoy a lot………..

  37. mobi says:

    so cute both of arnv and khoshi lakin abi is dramy ka end nai hona chahiy mana har cheez ka end hota ha magar jo cheez hqmry ihtyar ma ha us ko lamba ,ia ja skta ha

  38. Heart says:

    Wher r u faiza, jinat, sumon,pooja, jia,ffm, fiusa, ffk& sum of our old frnds 2day? Missing u al!

  39. Priya says:

    U guys know that. . We want arshi romentic moments. . But sanaya and barun feels too awkward. . Once in a interview khushi confesses that they love fights:) because when there is romance they feels too awkward. . I read somewhere that sanaya is going on vacation with mohit and barun is busy in his movie suiting one month. . To serial kaun chalayega. .? Yar un dono ko dekhe bina to din hi nahi dhalta. .

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