Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 6th September 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 6th September 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Arnav asking Anjali if she needs anything. Anjali says, please return Shyam to me. Everyone is shocked while Dadi seems happy. Anjali says, return my husband to me, I need him very badly. Arnav says to her, you’re telling me this? After all what Shyam did. Anjali says, I listened to all that you said because I love you a lot but this time you listen to me… I never said anything against your decision but today I am saying you to return Shyam to me. Anjali then gets dizzy and everyone takes her back to her room. Anjali only has one word, Shyam. shyam on her mouth. Dadi says, now Anjali said by herself that she wants Shyam.. at least listen to her. Arnav says, Di is not in the condition that she can take any decision.. she is getting emotional and saying all this. Dadi tells Arnav, your sister needs Shyam so call him back. Arnav says, I know her needs very well and Shyam is not in that list. Arnav leaves from there.

Nani tells Dadi to calm down and says they will talk about this later. Dadi leaves. Nani follows her. Anjali is still saying, I need Shyam.. please bring him back. Manorama says, don’t know what is happening with Anjali.. she is so sad and depressed these days. Aakash says, I agreed with all decisions of Arnav but today I don’t know, I feel like Arnav should do this for Di. Manorama says, I also feel same. Khushi is listening all this but doesn’t say anything.

Nani is telling Dadi to control herself especially in such time. Dadi says, Arnav is like this because of your fear only. He doesn’t even care about Anjali’s pain and sadness. Nani says, I don’t agree with you… Arnav did everything for Anjali’s happiness and he’s doing same today.. we should be with him. Dadi says, I can’t do what you’re doing because I know whatever Arnav is doing is wrong. My son, Arnav’s father, did same before 14 years and it’s all repeating. Everyone saw Arnav’s father mistake but no one did anything to that woman. And today, same thing is happening.. everything that’s happening is because of Khushi. Nani asks her, who told you that? It’s Khushi’s fault?

Dadi says, today that other woman is no other than Khushi. Nani says, it’s nothing like that. You have some misunderstanding. Khushi has nothing to do with this and I have same faith in Khushi as Arnav. Dadi tells Nani, you can’t see what’s right and what’s wrong.. Khushi is responsible for this because I saw same thing in her eyes that I saw 14 years ago in that woman’s eyes. She spoiled my son’s life… she took away everything from us.. I hate her… I never hated anyone like that.. I still remember that day when I met her.

Flashback scene starts:
Dadi is asking that woman, how can you do this with a married man? aren’t you ashamed of it? You didn’t think once about his kids? You took away everything from me, from my family. (They don’t show that woman’s face yet but most prolly it’s Garima).
Flashback scene ends.

Dadi tells Nani, she has hurt a lot to our family and she will be never happy. She will have to pay for her mistake today or tomorrow.. whether it’s Khushi or that woman. Nani asks Dadi, why are you comparing Khushi with that woman? Dadi leaves from there.

Arnav is sitting alone in his room and thinking about Anjali. How she asked him for Shyam and how Shyam said to him that he loves Khushi and if anything is between them then it’s Anjali. Arnav is very confused and angry and he starts throwing stuff around. Khushi comes there and starts picking up everything. Arnav calms down and helps her. He then holds her hand and asks her to sit.

Khushi tells him, I came to tell you that I am going home. Arnav asks her not to go and says I know you can’t stay here. Khushi says, but I can stay here for a bit. She then hugs him.

Khushi comes back to her home. Garima asks her how is Anjali now. Khushi says, she is not well.. after losing so much how can anyone be happy. Garima says, I can understand. Buaji says, everything will be fine and tells Khushi to go and rest. Khushi leaves from there saying her tiredness is nothing in front of what Anjali lost.

Khushi is in her room and looking at “A” in her mehendi. On the other side, Arnav is also looking at mehendi on his hand. “Kyun Dard Hai Itna” plays in background and Arnav and Khushi are thinking about their mehendi night moments.

It’s morning now. Dadi comes to Anjali’s room and sees Khushi helping Anjali. Dadi gets upset seeing that but doesn’t say anything yet. She gives pooja’s prasad to Anjali and she eats it. Everyone is happy as finally she ate something. Khushi tells everyone to go and rest as they stayed up whole night. She says she will stay with Anjali. Nani then gives juice to Khushi to give it to Anjali but Dadi snatches it and tells Khushi not to worry about Anjali. Dadi says she will take care of Anjali. Khushi is hurt.

Break 1..

Dadi gives juice to Anjali but she refuses and says she doesn’t feel like eating or drinking anything. Nani then forces her a little and Anjali throws glass away. Anjali gets mad and tells everyone to leave her alone. Nurse comes there and tells Anjali to rest. Everyone leaves from there.

Dadi sees Khushi and tells Nani.. what I was afraid of is happening now.

Arnav comes there and sees Khushi sad. He asks her what happened. Khushi says nothing. Arnav then wipes her tears.

Break 2..

Khushi says something must have gone in my eyes. Arnav kisses her on forehead. Khushi tells Arnav to go and meet Anjali and says she took juice to her but she didn’t drink. And she hasn’t ate anything since last night.

Everyone comes there now. Khushi asks if Anjali drank juice. Manorama says no and on top of that she asked everyone to leave from there. Arnav asks why? what happened to Di? Dadi says, you’re asking this? You should know what happened to her.

Nk tells Arnav, I am very worried.. Anjali hasn’t ate anything since last night. Arnav says, you all prepare food.. I will bring Anjali. Nani says she will make juice, Nk and Aakash say they will go to market and bring sweets.. Khushi says she will make kheer but Dadi says to her, no need I will make it. Arnav is not happy seeing all this. Nani takes Dadi to kitchen with her.

Episode ends with Khushi’s sad face.



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62 Responses to “Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 6th September 2012 Written Update”

  1. amitha says:

    its awesome story

  2. arshi's cute fan says:

    hey guys im new, but i read all ur comments everyday, but i jst have 1 question dat vl anji EVER cum to knw about shyams reality, i dnt thnk so

  3. Hey guyz whts up. um watch ipknd on laptop bcoz in my area star plus is nt available since 2 months omg but thnx 4r update. nd nd nd i like romntc momnts b/w arnav khushi hate dufr idiot donkey dadi nd shym both plz hatao in 2no ko.

  4. joy says:

    this serials is more interesting i luv both khusi n aranav n thr romantic secens n d background song “rabbavae…..”

  5. shivani says:

    plz shiyam go back to anjali.i want to see arnav’s marriage

  6. fan in tamilnadu says:

    director sir you have do any since but plssssssssssss don’t break arnav&khushi marriage and plssssssssssssssssssssssssss don’t leave them. arnav ko khushi ka support chaeya are kushi kobe.

  7. savitha says:

    I like cute arnav saying khushi “don’t go”……and arnav kisses khushi on forhead superb scence love u arnav….we need more scence for arnav khushi please… u nini……i kill u dat stupid dadi……..

  8. arshi says:

    Hitler dadi

  9. MJHT says:


  10. AJ says:

    What an amazing episode<3 awwwwww arnav knew something was wrong and knew the pain she was going through hope this continues and omg her mehndi was dark from the inside only and only where it said the letter A thats a great sign :) Anjali what ever arnav does for u its for ur own good believe it or not nk omg ur accent is so cute :) Love u Arshi Sanaya and Barun
    Great work to the entire cast fo IPKKND
    GOOD JJOB CREATORS (which people never thank them but i am )

  11. Anonymous says:

    im so afraid for kushi and arnav. This dadi is such a witch!!!

  12. devaksha says:

    Please please please make more romantic (arshi) moments 4 arnav and khushi they are sooo cute 2gether in those luv seens

  13. devaksha says:

    As 4 that dadi and shyam I feel like punching them in da face dey are so annoying and now that dadi is going to make life hell 4 khushi

  14. ArshiFan says:

    I think Shyam wud hav went n told dadi that Kushi was flirting with him n when he objected to it ,Kushi trapped Arnav n then kicked him out …this stupid Arnav can tell daadi that Shyam told him like this way na…i think tats the reason daai is so mad on Kushi n comparing her to other lady… I think that also wud hav been a misunderstanding like Arnav had abt Kushi n Shyam..his mom wud hav seen something like that way n misunderstood….
    rather than dragging on this Anjali , I need Shyam’s truth to b revealed n Anjali shud respond nicely n then send him to jail…

  15. Arya fan says:

    I realy 4get that arnav n khushi r the leads. Bcz they only shw us anjali’s story.we want more n more arshi moments.n plz through out this can a grandma behv lyk this wit her grandchild?!

  16. :( says:

    Nooooooooo bring arshi moments back… Ur slipping to no.2 ….. :( …. We really dnt care abt dadi and her sons life and mistress(es)… Cn we c wht happens when they get married instead…
    Sigh … Corruption ka zamana hai.. How abt a bribe to clear up this mess????

  17. SUMON says:

    After a long time ARSHI meet togather. And now Dadi and Anjali is going to creat a new problem.! By this i think all the viewars r going to decrease their attraction for seeing IPKKND. so the director should think about it.

  18. rudhr says:

    pls through out of dis dadi..i hate dadi…pls direct sir watever happens pls do the arnav and kusi marriage 1st..becz nw arnv need kushi s love…2day arnav tel tht word ‘dnt go kushi’i like that sence…dnt gv more sad n asr family…

  19. western says:


  20. Anonymous says:

    i hate this stupid dadi
    please director sir throw this dadi out..
    one villan is enough
    and this anjali is so dumb
    firstly she lies to her bro who loves her so much and then asks him to understand her
    eventhough he did everything for her
    this serial is about ARSHI
    please don’t give so importance to anjali
    bring out more ARSHI scenes

  21. love ya arshi says:


  22. ilovearshi says:

    i m gonna killl this dadi….. wat she thinks of herself ?? how dare does she talk so bad of khushi wat does she evn knw abt khushi????

    • Anonymous says:

      yaa and this devil shayam
      and anjali is soo dumb
      firstly she lied to her bro who loves her so much
      secondly she asks him to understand her
      please director th eserial is about ARSHI don’t give importance to anjali..
      we want arshi together

  23. Amrit says:

    I like the scene when arnav says ” don’t go ” to khushi , he said how sweetly n emotionally.
    Arnav-Khushi’s all moments are very sweet.
    I like today’s all scenes

  24. Amrit says:

    I like the scene when arnav says ” don’t go ” to khushi

  25. Anonymous says:

    plz do sumthin 2 keep the track intresting & not boring

  26. Kashi sharma says:

    Sahi mein. I wish to kick that budhiya out the house. Pata nahi kahan se aa gayi arshi ki acchi khasi life barbaad karne. Jo beet gayi so baat gayi. Gade murde ukhadne se kya faayda? And that idiot shyam. I just wish i could murder him. Koi ITNA gira huya kaise ho sakta hai:-/ urgh! I just hate them.

  27. Bhat Munaza says:

    I hate dadi

  28. Sweetyhoney says:

    shyam shouldn’t come back to raizada’s house…dadi behave like hurting kushi…make anjali to realize the criminal mind of shyam…i thnk that woman is garima…plz break the secrets of flask back soon…make some change in the story

  29. HARIPRIYA says:

    hi guys…Today’s episode…hmmm..
    1. Wanted to console Anjali and make her understand about Shyam’s dirty plan.
    2. Wanted to join Arshi on their marriage rituals..
    3. Wanted to make Dadi’s cheek very bright red..(slap…agrrr)
    4. Wanted to kill Shyam as he turned everyone against Arnav in thinking…
    Do u guys 2 feel like this? Then we are true fans..hehe..

  30. ASHA says:

    dadi agar itne taklef ho rahe he khushi se aur arnav ke kidnap hone ke bat na man ne se to mein dua karte hon shyam tmhe bhe kidnap karwa kar mare bechare khushi je

  31. ASHA says:

    dadi agar itne taklef ho rahe he khushi se to mein dua karte hon shyam tmhe bhe kidnap karwa kar mare bechare khushi je

  32. ipkknd fan says:

    if garima or her sister is that lady(who is said to have affair with arnav’s dad, then is kushi and arnav bro-sis…???!!

  33. Fan From Malaysia says:

    Pity Khushi, dadi shouldnt treat her like this… Sure dadi will regret for treat khushi like this… dadi shouldn’t compare khushi with that lady… becoz of khushi, arnavji alive now…khushi risked her life to save arnav… pls tell dadi about this…
    Anyhow welldone IPKKND team actors… U all have done a wonderful job today… amazing acting…

  34. ASHA says:

    dadi is cmprng khushi wth tht women bcz dadi is also like tht stupid women

  35. Ela noumani says:

    I wish 2 see arshi moments which r happy not such sad and depressed moments. Mood off ho jata hai yaar. 1 request to this show. Is anjali shyam dadi chakkar ko jaldi khatm karo and bring the happy and sweet moments between arshi back:-|

  36. Fan in USA! says:

    IPKKND will always be #1. ITs the best show ever! This other show..pavitra only got a boost because of thier stupid twist..sorry but the cast isnt even talented enough. Some may not agree with my post but it is what it is.

    • fan from richmond says:

      I am new viewer of this serial. I am loving it..I just want the team to expose Shyam to everyone this time, close his chapter and bring Anjali her true love. Plus let Khushi and Arnav get married..Am I asking for a lot?? haha !!

    • Fan in USA! says:

      i like your concept..i think anjali deserves better. she should forget shyam eventually and they should fix her marriage with someone worthy of her. Arnav/kushi gets married and lets take it from there.

  37. astha says:

    update fast please.

  38. ASHA says:


  39. Anonymous says:

    Strongly agree with “Fan from Malaysia”

  40. sneha says:

    this dadi is soooo bad .just ignoring khushi like anything.and today comparing khushi with the women

    • Fan in USA! says:

      shes a wicked witch! haha..only Arnav can stand up to her. Kushi will have to go through hell again becaues of her.

  41. Anonymous says:

    IPKKND should never loose its #1 spot! We love this show!

  42. Anonymous says:

    nw a days ..this show is realy boring….:(

  43. Fan From Malaysia says:

    Hi IPKKND team,
    Pls read also the fans views… We want to see cute nannav n khushi back… Pls don’t drag the story with dumb anjali, betrayed shyam and stupid dadi…
    Because of the three negative role now IPKKND dropped to 2nd place and PR won the 1st place…
    If the story… just go on like this IPKKND will lost a lot of it’s fans… Pls change the plot, director ji… thx

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