1. Sabrina
    October 07, 19:04 Reply
    Wat.. Why can't I read it....Can someone tell me wat actually happened.
  2. Nesha
    October 04, 13:33 Reply
    I feel sorry for his first wife!
  3. geetha
    October 02, 07:54 Reply
    sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy and sorry 4 ruks
  4. Priya
    October 02, 01:58 Reply
    I feel so sorry for Begam Rukayya! Because now jalal is in Love with jodha and she'll be his favorite Begam soooo soo sorry Ruks
  5. Kashish
    October 02, 00:52 Reply
    Yuppppyyyyy..... Now the wish of each n every fan will be fulfilled:).... Very very happpyyyy. Feeling bad 4 ruks, now what she will do when jalal will discover his heart 4 the only jodha:)...
  6. sws
    October 01, 17:35 Reply
    wow!finally love beings...
  7. swetha
    October 01, 11:36 Reply
    wat yaar nobody giving any reply.........
    • Myra
      October 01, 12:00
      hi swetha.. go to this link http://dhwani.mytvsoapforum.com/t21535-sbb-jab-pyaar-kiya-to-darr-na-kya-jodha-akbar-1st-oct-2013-3-wu-vu
    • Myra
      October 01, 12:01
      you have the written update there.. let me know if you were able to read..
  8. swetha
    October 01, 10:57 Reply
    no video in my country...anyone plz give writen update of wat hapnd..
  9. aishwarya
    October 01, 10:01 Reply
    what is this------ a written update or video??????
  10. Aadhil Sha
    October 01, 10:00 Reply
    Yippie........finally the journey of lovers begins.

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