Jodha Akbar 12th February 2014 Written Update

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Jodha Akbar 12th February 2014 Written Update by Atiba

Jodha Akbar 12th February 2014 Written Episode

Scene 1
In jail, jalal says that i stole one thing, man says knew you are from my community, what did you steal? jalal looks at jodha, man says you stole big thng, she is like a princess, how did you get her? she looks pearl with crew, jodha laughs at it. Man says jalal also got very beautiful wife, she drank poison for him, Jalal looks at jodha and laughs.
In night, jalal comes to jodha and ask are you alright? jodha nods, he says you must be hungry, he ask for food, soldier brings bad food, jalal says i will not eat it, soldier says you are not jalaluddin, jalal says who asked you to take tax for terat yatra? soldier says its jalal’s order, Jalal says impossible, soldier shows him statement with shahi stamp, jalal is stunned and says it cant be true, soldier says you are objecting jalal’s law, now you will get punished, jalal says for wanting to go on yatra why would i pay tax? soldier says because you are hindu, soldiers takes jalal outside and ties his hands, is beaten up by hunter by mughal soldiers, jodha comes and says we should tell them your identity, jalal says no i want to see what problems common people face, you have my swear dont say anything, jodha is speechless, soldier takes her away and is about to beat jalal but jodha stops them and gives her jewelry for tax. jalal is pained and says you didnt do right, jodha says i cant see you being beaten up. soldier says go and question jalal. Jalal says to jodha you snatched my chance to bear my own rules.
In night, voiceover says that this journey brought jalal and jodha closer, we see jalal and jodha going holding their hands, voiceover says it was biggest night of theirs. Jalal says to jodha that my soldiers are still in custody so its not safe to continue journey in night and you are tied too, jodha says i am alright, jalal says no look your feet has swelled he make her sit and makes bonfire by hitting stones, he take wet cloth and tries to touch jodha’s feet but jodha says husband doesnt touches wife’s feet, its rajvanshi rule, jalal says what else is not allowed in rajvanshi rule, i am touching it because the are hurt but if you dont want then i will not touch maybe you will push me again jodha is hurt by his words. he gives her cloth, jodha ask how you know all this? jalal says i hunter so know these things, they here some sound and goes to see.

Scene 2
Sharif is fuming that i did everything to get out from here, told about benazir to jodha so that she can take me out but she didnt do anything for me. Here adham tells maham sharif thinks he ca get out, maham says not possible jalal will not take him out and he is dangerous for you. Sharif thinks adham is taking advantage of me being inside, he is taking ministries, adham says to maham that i think he planning something to get out, maham thinks who is helping him to get out.

Scene 3
Jalal and jodha comes to somewhere in small village where people are celebrating in rajhistani style.jodha is skeptical to go but jalal says i am with you lets go. They meet people who wlecome them, one women gives bangles to jodha as she is married, man ask jalal from where he is, jalal says mewaaar and going on terat. They start performing on folk, jalal and jodha smiles, jodha imagines jalal dancing and start smiling, jalal ask what? jodha says nothing, jalal says thats why i dont understand you women, jodha says why do you try. performance ends. Jalal ask why you people are here, man informs that they are on journey and is taking some rest but there are thieves here too so we have to leave quickly, jalal says we are on way too and want to take some rest, jodha goes to make food, She says to women that i will make roti for my husband, she says this much love ok make it, Jodha sits down and start making rotis, jalal keep looking at her, jodha burns her hand, jalal is pained to see it and keep looking at her all smiling.

Scene 4
Ruks is going, hamida says how will you find jalal, ruks says i will find him even if he is disguise, hamida says you are the most special person in jalal’s wife and whoever comes in his life you position is intact, ruks thanks her, Ruks says i want to go, hamida says yes go, maham says if you had listen to me earlier then things would be different but better late than never. ruks leave. Gul badan ask hamida why is she going behind jalal? hamida says she has insecurity that her position is in danger and she thinks jodha is taking jalal away and consequences seems to be dangerous.

Scene 5
Jodha gives jalal food and says this is common man’s food, jalal says thats okay but tell me you hand is alright na, jodha says its nothing serious wound but i am glad that you noticed it, jalal start eating.

PRECAP- Jalal is shirtless, jodha applies remedy on wounds on his back and feels his pain, jalal says i am injured and you are feeling pain, jodha says i know these wounds are hurting you but tell me why your mood is off and why you are angry from the time you have listened to the name of Sheheshah Suri, what you are hiding from me?

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  1. avni says:

    @kaju lol:-Dlol nhii. .I wil nt πŸ˜€

  2. Profile photo of kaju kaju says: Verified

    hey read this-
    ZEE TV’s Much Watched Show Jodha Akbar Had Finally Succeed In Grabbing No.1 Spot In Week 6 As Per Data Provided By TAM Subscribers…

    Since Last 1 Year It Was Star Plus’s Diya Aur Baati Hum Which Was Leading The TRP Chart, But Finally Zee Tv’s Jodha Akbar Has Become no.1 Show Pushing Star Plus’s Diya Aur Baati Hum In No.2 Position ..

    This Is Really A Good News For The Fans Aswell As For The Makers Of Jodha Akbar ……….Who Has Been Succeed In Creating A History By Defeating Star Plus β€˜ Much Loved Show β€œDiya Aur Baati Hum”……

    One Of The Prod. Team From Jodha Akbar Says that Their Hard Work Had Finally Paid Off….

    Now We Have To See Whether Jodha Akbar Will Able To Manage This Constancy In Coming Weeks Like Diya Aur Baati Hum Or Not..

    As Per TAM Data Jodha Akbar Succeed In Gaining 12+ TVM In Week 6…

    • Profile photo of anu (jodha begum) anu (jodha begum) says: Verified

      yesss we know that!! πŸ˜€
      just hope they’ll stay on number 1 for ages like diya baati

    • SJ says:

      Wow that us cool, dia AUR batti was from so many years, wow our jA is no 1 good news
      This us the best show on zee
      There is nothing left on zee anymore
      PR going all scattered
      QH ,do go knitwear what they doing, damaged and dint know his yo fix
      Sslk become so stupid, do is doli Armano ke
      Did beds become stupid

  3. sia says:

    arey no sorry. Go n study well tc c u soon

  4. sia says:

    yehi toh prob hai choti bichara marchuka hai hume saja dekar

  5. sia says:

    kabhi kabhi toh lagta hai xam sys banane walo ko shoot kardu.

    Umm missing ammijaan also

  6. sia says:

    mere masum choti par itna atyachar. Wats up?

    Kya matlab anu yeh mere khandan nai hai?

  7. Profile photo of anu (jodha begum) anu (jodha begum) says: Verified

    Man I miss old moti and jodha’s bonding so much. I’m use to this new moti too but that friendship and bond is missing.

    • AnnaS says:

      I agree Anu, new moti didn’t have that Christmas at all neither good looks, bonding nor diglouge
      Delivery, i new moti feel so macanical

  8. Profile photo of anu (jodha begum) anu (jodha begum) says: Verified

    sia, only moti bai, jodha begum and salim πŸ˜€

  9. sia says:

    mere choti kaise ho? Xam khatm hua?

  10. Profile photo of anu (jodha begum) anu (jodha begum) says: Verified

    What else can it me,,,wash the dishes LMAO
    I hate doing that! I rinsed everything and out it in the dryer, it will wash it itself πŸ˜€

  11. sia says:

    mere pyare khandan yeha hai

  12. Profile photo of anu (jodha begum) anu (jodha begum) says: Verified

    oh kaaju sorry mum called me.
    I’m fins as well..just soo sooo soooo tired. πŸ™

  13. Profile photo of kaju kaju says: Verified

    then don’t try to eat me ok.

  14. Profile photo of kaju kaju says: Verified

    kahaan gayi main sirf 20 min ke liye hu????

  15. Profile photo of kaju kaju says: Verified

    I am fine as always and how are u?

  16. Profile photo of kaju kaju says: Verified

    really!! for ages.same here too but can’t come bcoz of studies.

  17. Profile photo of kaju kaju says: Verified


  18. Profile photo of kaju kaju says: Verified

    Among the sweet love story blooming between the main lead Jodha (Paridhi Sharma) and Jalal (Rajat Tokas), Jodha Akbar on Zee television is also witnessing many twist on their way to pilgrimage.
    Among the coming twist a major one will be Jodha making request to Jalal to free Sarifodeen for the sake of Baxibanu on account of his help to Jodha by alarming her against Benazir.
    Already Jalal is upset about common man plight in his kingdom where laws are enforced signed with shahi seal which he never implemented.
    In the coming episode, Jalal with be shown more upset with entry of Shehenshah suri in the news.
    Also there will be news of baxibanu being pregnant and for her sake jodha will request Jalal to free Shareefudiin just as he planned.
    Let’s see how the duo tackle with coming problems adding more spice to the exciting story of Jodha Akbar.

  19. nafisah says:

    Wen will jodha get pregnant hrslf? Anyway i knw its nt nw bt can’t wait to see dt moment

  20. avni says:

    its suraj’s bday ? i dint knw πŸ™
    happppy bday Suraj…………..
    may ur all wish cm trueeeeeeee πŸ™‚

  21. Profile photo of anu (jodha begum) anu (jodha begum) says: Verified

    Suraj Roshni Le Kar Aa Gaya,
    Aur Havao Ne Bhi Gaana Gaya,
    Phoolon Ne Hans Hans Kar Kaha,
    Badhai Aapko Aapka Janam Din Aaya!!


    it’s 12am here, 14th feb!!

  22. Pialy says:

    ruks death spoiler is crapp..
    bb spoiler is true

  23. Pialy says:

    ruq is over confident

  24. Profile photo of avni avni says: Verified

    ysssssssss….positive for some minutes and negative for some weeks -_-

  25. Prudent says:

    I just have one question to all who hate Ruks. If you love your husband wouldn’t you want to go too?

  26. sia says:

    ruks death spoiler lyk ma pregnant spoiler

  27. NM says:

    2 Salim chisty jiss k pass akbar jaya karta tha woh sikri me rehte the,unho ne hi bhavishwani ki thi ki akbar k 3 sons honge..

    3 Jab akbar ne Sikri hasil(fateh) kar li toh uska naam fatehpur sikri rakha aur apni tarah decorate kiya..

    4 Bhavishwani sahi hone par Akbar ne apne pehle bete ka naam salim rakha salim chisty k naam par..

    5 Agra se Jalal Fatehpur shift hogya,aur 20yrs tak rehne k baad,pani ki kami hone k wajah se akbar lahore shift hogya..

    6 Akbar ne Fatehpur me sab kuch banaya,jodha palace,mazjid,yaha tak ki apna tomb bhi usne khud banaya tha sikandra me,kuch saal rehne k baad jab akbar ki death hogyi toh akbar ko sikandra k ussi monument me dafan kiya ab uske tomb k naam se jana jata hai..

    Fatehpur hamesha se Akbar k Karib tha,hai aur rahega..
    iski wjh h salim ka waha janam,gujarat ko akbar ne conquer kia tha n salim chisti
    unfortunately aaj ki date me fatehpur sikri hasnt developed muc aisa lgta hai jaise aj bi sikri apne badshah ka intezar kr ri h apne apko aur khoobsurat banane k lia

    • lavy says:

      yes yaarrrrrrrrrr I hav visted it watching its wall it appear that those walls have some song some stories to tell which we the people of 21st centuary don’t understand but I m sore now or later people wil understand ittttttttttsssssssssss love song

  28. Profile photo of avni avni says: Verified

    @vamsi ..i am gud..hws u ?

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