Jodha Akbar 19th June 2013 Written Update

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Jodha Akbar 19th June 2013 Written Update by Amor

Jodha Akbar 19th June 2013 Written Episode

The episode starts with jodha, she came out n saw the idol of goddess without jwels, she got angry, in anger she ask one of her soldier abt thr leader, the soldier says that he’s none other that Jalal-ud-din Mohammad, n jodha got more angry after listening his name, glimpes of jalal were shown.

Scene changed, in fort, bharmal n mainawati were talking, bharmal told her that mughal army is very near to amer, thy can attack them any time, queen ask him to give the responsibility to sujamal, but bharmal says that suja was more interested in amer’s throne, rather than getting everyone united for war, they are worry that who’ll have the guts to face n stop jalal.


Other side, outside temple, jodha take sum ash in her hand n take the pledge that the guy who stole her goddess jwels will have to pay for it, she’ll make sure that jalal will bow down to her goddess.


Other side, jalal has reached rajputana, he was getting the view of it from above n now wants to conquer amer n says that amer is calling him. Back to temple, jodha’s maid ask her that being a woman who will she do it, jodha says that her goddess help her.

Voice over of the souls:

Akbar: Hum nahi jante the ki jo kahani shuru hone wali thi ye uska AAGAZ tha (He dnt know that its the begining of thr story)

Jodha: Hum nai jante the ki jo kahani shuru ho chuki hai uska ANJAAM kya hoga (She dnt knw that wats going to be the end/concequences of thr story).

Scene changed, a maid came running to jodha n informs that motibai performing jowhar(burning in holy pyre), jodha goes running to her, stop her n cnsoles when she says that she’s got impure now n dnt want to live, jodha says that she have to live for her n jodha hit herself on forhead to stop her, she stops but got faint. Scene changed, jalal was passing from market n saw a mosque, it was prayer(namaz) time, they stop for a while for prayer.

As they came out jalal noticed that his slippers are missing, he want to catch the thief (chappal chor) , a servant says that its a gud thing as the person who takes away his mojari also taken away his badluck, jalal says that along with his mojari that badluck was also belong to him n he’ll not allow anyone to take away his things, bairam khan ask him that how will he find him, jalal says when will his teachings work for him.

All people get collected at a place n jalal inspect them n says that bairam always ask him that y he use perfume(itra) in his feet while wearing mojari n now that smell will lead them to the culprit, soon jalal caught the chappal chor n ask him to choose, if he accept the blame the mojari will be for him n if not his tougue will be for jalal.


Out of fear, the person accept it n jalal says that ppl luv his mojari more than him, he ask him to take the mojari but he wants his leg, he keep on asking for sorry but no mercy was given to him n soldiers cut his legs, jalal ask to make him sit outside the same mosque where he take care of ppl’s slippers n says that ppl will always remember his terror. Scene changed, in fort, shaguni bai came to tell abt jodha’s future, maids made fun of her n she read thr future which was bad.

Mainawati wants to talk in private, she offers her coins as gift but she was not interested, she told that jodha is very lucky, she’s going to be a queen n will change the fate of whole country, queen get excited, she ask more, shaguni told that she’s going to be a part of thr enemies, queen says that thr r no enemy of amer in rajputana, she clarifies that she’s gonna b a part of mughals. It shocked the queen, she was not ready to to believe it, shaguni says that when jodha return today she’ll notice the signs of her future on her forehead, today she’ll get to know the name of her destiny. Angry queen ask her to get out n orders that she’ll not gonna enter here in future.


Scene changed, inside a camp, jalal was playing with his sword, a minister ask him to have sum food but he says he was only craving for more war winning, minister ask that he’ll take care of his sword n as he touches it jalal got angry, he ask for sorry, jalal ask him to have that food first n he himself eat fruits. On asking to go to palace, jalal denies n says he dnt want ppl to get know of his arival.


Precap: Jodha get back home, maina was shocked, jalal was planning to attack.

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23 Responses to “Jodha Akbar 19th June 2013 Written Update”

  1. Shah Hurrem Majeed says:

    Shitty drama over dramatic acting
    The King is ike a voldemort cruel n thirsty for bloodshed. More like a Pervert. Mughals look like clowns. Very shitty portrtal of once a legendary era.

    You guyz like this shit out of ekta’s bathroom. You should try Mera Sultan. Only than you will know what you are missing.and what actually a good historic drama looks like.

    But they dont show u that there cause than u will not like there over dramatic same romance scens and circles around headache as an excuse for drama

  2. lucky says:

    i love jodha n akbar both are so nice it’s a very fantastic show i like veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery much and actors are suited very gd i looooooooooooooooooooooooove this serial………………………………

  3. sariya says:

    Gitis becoming more interesting day by day. ps start its 1hkur episkde

  4. sariya says:

    I like the
    The background music which play at the tume of jodha n jalal aaaaaaaaaa……

  5. mariam says:

    I like both jodha n jalal n this is my most to most favourite shaw

  6. mariam says:

    Hi i like both jodha and jala and this is my most favourite show

  7. alina says:

    hey d show is superb..

  8. leena says:

    hi the show from start is a good show , i do like the actors , the casting ,the screen , the people, the set ,everything is just a what i like of it & i want you to make it more better so that people will like it & start watching the show.

  9. Deep says:

    Nice episode…but akbar is very bad and crual…

  10. uma says:

    Love actor playing Akbar

  11. desi says:

    ekta could have done better selecting better looking actors for jodha and akbar role. both not suitable.

  12. fan says:

    akbar looks ugly with all that makeup! couldnt they find someone bettet?

    • Rajat fan says:

      Jodha Akbar has existence because of Rajat Tokas and he is the most handsome person ever seen…. As for the make up, I agree it is excess… Rajat looks dashing anyways…

    • devi says:

      i think the actors are really good looking and its just the start of the show so stop being rude to the actors they are doing really good and i love jodha and akbar

  13. Jodha says:

    I love jodha Akbar……good actors and it’s going well

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