Jodha Akbar 20th August 2013 Written Update

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Jodha Akbar 20th August 2013 Written Update by Atiba

Jodha Akbar 20th August 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1
menawati says to jodha what you think is it easy to be a queen no. Good fact is that everybody follows you but you can’t follow your heart. It doesn’t matter whether queen is of amer or mughals you have follow rules. I am fulfilling my responsibility in amer you do it here jodha listens intently. Younger sister comes and jodha hug her all have a emotional moment. Mena is teary eyed.

Scene 2
servant comes to jalal and shows him the letter and says jodha denied accepting it. Now jodha is in his room. Jalal says don’t play with my temperament why you always go against me jodha says which i don’t want i don’t take and jalal says i don’t take back which i grant to someone. Jodha says you can’t give me anything jalal says enough jodha says according to this letter you will grant me a wish in my life but i think you can’t give anything to anyone. You took away the parents of that innocent child who came for justice. Didn’t thought about his future you did injustice and now granting me wish. Jalal comes closer holds her hand and says half information is invalid i don’t want to force you if i wanted i could have forced you to take wish in front of your parents and says to respect the king leaves her hand and goes away jodha is fuming.

Scene 3
jodha holds her hand as it pains and looks on with anger in eyes. Jalal is in bed with ruks but couldn’t sleep and gets up he remember her words of his cruelty. Then we see jalal’s shrine and a voice of his soul(like in 1st episode) jalal: for the first time i couldn’t sleep you took away my sleep. Now jodha’s voice: i didn’t thought my words has that place in your heart you always said you can’t love because you don’t have heart but you hate with heart also jalal’s voice says this is difference b/w thought and truth. Jalal is shown walking here and there in room and there jodha is sleeping peacefully without the knowledge that she took away his sleep.

Scene 4
adham is holding moti’s hand forcing her and throws her on ground and says where will you he is drunk and catches her dupatta she runs. Rukiya gets up to see where is jalal she comes out and see adham is running behind moti and thinks why he is running behind her. Moti sees harem and goes inside so that he can’t come in. Adham says where you can go in harem he wears her dupatta and enters harem ruks sees this says how dare he enters harem then says he is maham’s son how can i forget. Here jodha is waiting for moti and ask about her nobody knows so she goes in search of her.

Scene 5
Moti is hiding behind curtain adham is on other side looking out for her. He sees her running. But couldn’t see her face. All queens are playing games moti without dupatta sneakily goes away from there. Adham bumps into one servant she is shocked he throws her away and says will not leave moti and leaves from there. Maham is informed of adham’s cheapness she is stunned and says women is becoming his weakness and tells her servant in mute something. In harem jodha is looking out for moti. Moti takes dupatta from box and wears it. Some servant ask you here moti is shivering and leaves. Jodha is behind adham his knife fell on ground jodha gives back to him without knowing he is adham as he has veil. Jodha suspects something.

Scene 6
Here ruks is fuming thinking how he entered harem. Jalal comes and ask you awake ruks says you are blind so i have awake and you pardoned maan singh thats why today some other man entered harem that day was kid entered now a man then in future… jalal in rage says how dare he enters harem he will catch the culprit and will not leave him. Jodha sees moti and calls her moti hugs her and cries loudly jodha ask what happened she says lost the way thats why crying and ask her to lets go at same time announcement goes on that other man entered harem maham catches adham and ask him to go away. he obliges and sneaks away maham holds him and says when will you leave this cheapness adham says i didnt do anything wrong she ask him to go for 2 3 days. Jalal enters and is in full anger says some outside person dared to enter harem he shouts on guards and says you failed to do your job and ask to close all ways out. ruks says to hoshiyar this harem belongs to jalal and he cant bear if anyone enters here. ruks says it is to be known if he entered on his own or some badhi pointing moti gave him some wrong signals jodha waits with moti and listens to him. moti is horrified. ruks is waiting for the fireworks to begin. She is happy about the threat on mahamanga’s son’s life . Jalal orders all to present in the harem themselves before him, All to show their faces and Soon Adham khan is discovered. all are stunned.

Precap- Ruks is clapping her hands with glee as Maham comes to her . Ruks tells her that she was the one to send Jalal to the harem Maham is furious to know Ruks is responsible for Adham being caught by Jalal

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50 Responses to “Jodha Akbar 20th August 2013 Written Update”

  1. sia says:

    hlw @ritu

  2. ritu says:

    hello @sia

  3. sia says:

    trp is now called tvt(television viewersip in thousands) @tanni. Hlw guys

  4. ritu says:

    hello @suraj

  5. ritu says:

    no i thnk so.. jodha ll not use dis shahi farman 2 save motibai, if she den it ll look lyk she saved her by her power bcoz moti bai isnt innocent
    i guess she ll find out d real truth of wat adham had done and save motibai

  6. suraj says:

    thnx @ritu
    hiii @tanni….

  7. tanni says:

    i think maham anga will succeed in saving her son and will accuse motibai.. there is news dat jalal wil order moti to be buried in walls and then i think jodha wil be forced to ask d wish which jalal promised to d winner of chess

  8. ritu says:

    ur welcum.. m here

  9. tanni says:

    gud evening ritu, suraj, diya, xia, krishalini & all other JA fans..

    @ritu: thanx for d link yar..
    anyone online now??

  10. ritu says:

    bata do mummy ko @suraj

  11. ritu says:

    @tanni : hum dono kolkata mein rehte hai, toh mere yahaan toh dhoop nai nikli hogi.. LOL
    and @tanni : ishq hai woh aehsaas bg kya?mere pass link hai

  12. tanni says:

    @atiba: i request u to give us link for d background music of jalal-jodha.. d link which u gave earlier is not working.. so many people want to download dat music.. plz give another link

  13. ritu says:

    y’day epi was gud but not so much interesting.. jalal-jodha room talk abt shahi farman was not at all gud.. but soul talking part was nyc.. actually i missed 1st episode of dis show, so yday i have noticed dat part clearly.. wow! hats off 2 ekta, vry nyc sets, really u r doing a fab job and dat makbara looked xcatly lyk real akbar’s tomb/makbara
    but didnt lyk jalal and ruqaiya’s bedroom scene and moti-adham and maham anga part too..
    and dat adham, disguised himself as a women and entered in harem.. dat was too much,
    bye all

  14. sally says:

    I know wts gonna happen moti nd jodha will tell this to jalal and ask for justice butcmahamanga will somehow prove that at that tym adam was not in the palace nd moti is lying nd jalal will punish moti he will ask his soldiers to bury moti alive in the wall nd jodha will be angry nd try 2 prove moti innocent nd I hab read thi somewhere………

  15. suraj says:

    hi @diya… hw r u dear…. miss u alot..
    and whr r ritu, yuvi, xia, anjana nd other r’ians I wanna talk wid u ll guyz…. pls come soon….!

  16. krishalini says:

    Jalal – Zindagi mein aisa pehli baar hua tha ki
    hame neend nahi aa rahi thi Jodha..Uss din yeh
    keh kar hum keval cheenna jaante hai tumne
    hamari neend cheenli thi..!!
    Jodha – Hume toh pata bhi nahi tha ki hamare
    baaton ka aap par prabhav padne laga hai..Aap
    prathishodh ki bhaavna mein chal rahe
    hum apne vivashtha mein din raat kaat rahe
    the..Aap sad kehte rahe ki aap prem nahi
    karsakte kyunki aapke paas hrudayi
    nahi..paranthu aap ye nahi jaante the ki prem ho
    ya grinah donom hrudayi se hi kiye jaate
    hain..aapka hrudayi na hone ka dam kitna
    asathya thana shahenshah..!

  17. sia says:

    thx n u 2 hav grt day n all ja lovers. Yupie lyk button is there again.

  18. suraj says:

    sabko achii wali morning….! hv a good day..!

  19. arti says:

    any1 tel me hw to download jodha akbar aaaa music

  20. Maneet says:

    I just like them both very much. awesome pair

  21. Maneet says:

    I just like both very. awesome pair


    just awesume epi i want jalal n jodha to get together 4 moti

  23. diya says:

    hi suraj,taani ritu nd all r’ians…hw r u

  24. sia says:

    hlw guys.why no lyk button? Amazing epi n excited 4 2morow epi.

  25. krishalini says:

    atiba ji…where is the like button??

  26. suraj says:

    rocking episode…! ja is one of the best love story…! and rajat & paridhi makes it more beautiful… fantastic job yr..
    now eagerly waiting for the nxt epi… wanna see how jodha save moti ???????
    hello guyz hw r u.. 🙂

  27. Jasmine says:

    Awsome epi lovee ja u rock.

  28. tanni says:

    my favorite show getting more interesting day by day.. i love dis storyline.. jalal & jodha slowly falling in love with each other is AMAZING.. their intense hatred for each other changing into intense love.. what a GREAT love story.!!!!!!!

    thanks to ekta kapoor for starting dis serial

  29. Z says:

    Good episode

  30. tanni says:

    first part of d episode (d souls of akbar-jodha speaking) is AWESOME, FABULOUS.. i love dat scene soooooooooooooooooooo much.. its d best part of d epi..
    jalal himself doesnt know dat jodha is influencing him slowly but very DEEPLY..

  31. aishwarya says:

    aye that is not jalas grave

  32. Miss Unbelievable says:

    adham’s balls should be cut off

    perfect punishment make him become a eunuch perfect punishment

    have lust for women but not the tool to carry out his desires

    castrate the bastard

  33. rameesha says:

    adam should be gn punishment…..

  34. zeenah says:

    Where is the like button??

  35. krishalini says:

    Wow slowly he starts falling in love <3

  36. krishalini says:

    Superb…….Jalal please help Moti

  37. geetha says:

    hai parinika where r u

  38. geetha says:

    full episode please

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