Jodha Akbar 23rd August 2013 Written Update

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Jodha Akbar 23rd August 2013 Written Update by Atiba

Jodha Akbar 23rd August 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1
Jodha does prays and asks for some path in front of Kanhaji, Rahim comes and tells her to give the wish letter to him so that he can ask for toys from him, Jodha remembers the wish granted to her and is happy and hugs Rahim. Moti is getting walled in. Jalal is having discussions with his courtiers about Mathura politics when Jodha barges into his court. She tells that she wants to talk to Shehenshah, Jalal asks everyone to leave, Jodha tells him that she wants to save Moti’s life, Jalal tells her he cant go back on his words. She shows him the wish letter.

Scene 2
Jodha gives him back the letter of the wish he granted to her after wining chess game and says you said you you will give me ine wish and I want life of Moti Bai, this is my wish. he fumes and gets up from his place, comes to her takes the letter from and throws it away. he is about to leave when jodha holds him by hand he grabs her hand and pulls her closer and whisper in ear saying you said it right nothing is big then words of a king and leaves while jodha looks on.

Scene 3
wall is being created behind which moti bai is about to bury. solidiers are about to place last brick when someone comes and stops them, a messenger comes and asks to break the wall as per the orders of Jalal. Moti is freed, Jodha comes and hugs Moti. Both share an emotional moment.

Resham informs Maham that Moti is safe and came out along with Jodha. Maham is furious and shouts at Jodha for her ill behaviour at the court to save Moti’s life, she returns the poison to Maham and tells her to use it for someone else at some other time. Maham insults Jodha that she is useless in front of all the wives and threatens that one day she will show her place once Jalal has his fill then Jodha will be discarded. Her beauty will fade in some years and then she will be worthless in harem.

Scene 5
Ruks distributing gifts to the Jalal’s wives and also sorts out a one wife for her ill behaviour towards maids. Hoshiyar comes and informs about Jodha’s use of wish for saving moti bai, gloats how she used it for her benefit and asked for 100 days/nights from Jalal. One of the wife pointed that Jodha has proved that she is different and Ruks gets wild with anger.

Scene 6
Jalal gets ready to practice the sword, he spots someone practising and has face covered , he goes near that person and both come face to face. They get into the sword fight (Must watch scene), Ruks sees a part of this fight and leaves, they are fighting and finally Jalal disarms Jodha, puts his sword at her neck, removes her veil, asks her why did she use her wish for a maid and not for her freedom, his head or other luxuries. Jodha is feeling the heat of Jalal’s proximity, dint say anything but swiftly takes his sword and points it at his heart. Jalal is amazed.

Precap–Jalal tells Ruks that he has to curb Jodha’s pride, and ponders about who wins–head or heart

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50 Responses to “Jodha Akbar 23rd August 2013 Written Update”

  1. fateema says:

    Wat a gr8 performance

  2. tanni says:

    @dejavoozie: try dis link.. i m sure it will work

    first part (hand-holding scene)

    second part (sword-practising)

  3. suraj says:

    good morning frnds….! hv a good day…!
    enjoy the sunday!!!!

    • tanni says:

      same to u dear πŸ™‚
      but i hate saturdays & sundays.. no jodha akbar for 2 days πŸ™ waiting for monday

  4. fateemah says:

    I missed so much. Didn’t get to watch it yesterday. Oh can’t wait to watch repeat.

  5. sia says:

    gud evning tanni n all ja fans

  6. tanni says:

    i wish d like button was present.. i m sure lyks wud hav crossed 500 atleast.. dis episode deserves 5000+ lyks

    anyone online??

  7. tanni says:

    gud evening JA fans..

    precap is so confusing.. i didnt fully understand what jalal said to rukaiya..

  8. tanni says:

    @jyo: i agree with u.. jodha still hates jalal and dats why she cannot look at him with love.. but soon everything wil change..

  9. ashie says:

    in that sword fighting scene jalal looked at her wid sooo much affection…the way he stared at her eyes n lipss …was just awesomeee… really hope to see jodha reciprocate it as well. πŸ™‚

  10. Sam says:

    Jodha akbar should be telecasted for 1hour eveeyday imcluding saturday too πŸ™‚

  11. nylc says:

    what a wonderful episode, awesome watching the sword fight, joakb different from all other shows

  12. dejavoozie says:

    Can somebody upload the handholding and swordfighting scenes.. none of the links r working nw….

  13. sia says:

    @tanni:ryt dat last scene wid awsom bg music was jst wow. 2day moti bai was saved but hum ko toh maar dala

  14. tanni says:

    d sword-practising scene is just awesome.. when jalal removed d cloth from jodha’s mouth, he was looking at her with so much LOVE.. omg.!! one of d BEST jalal-jodha scenes till now..

    and dat FABULOUS background music (in slow version).. uff, maar dala ekta ne aur Rajat ne


    • Jyo says:

      Jalal looks at Jodha with so much love in the end of the sword fighting , but dissapointed to see Jodha still looking at Jalal with same anger and pulling the sword again. She is not realizing that if Jalal is really cruel he make her life a hell and not give her any respect in public too.

  15. monu says:

    just loved rajat……….and that last jodh akbar ws cool……………….

  16. tanni says:

    WOW..!! what a MINDBLOWING episode.. FANTASTIC jalal-jodha scenes..
    jodha held jalal’s hand for d first time.. and then jalal’s MASTERSTROKE movement.. d way he pulled jodha close to him, uff so HOTTTTTTTTTTT scene..

  17. suraj says:

    aur yr agar main pic puri upload karta hu toh face clear nhi ata…. jalal ka isliye crop krni pdi…

  18. suraj says:

    simple hai… @ritu
    jalal looks more dashing when he was angry…. πŸ˜€

  19. Black viper says:

    jalal is awesome.

  20. Anonymus says:

    Can anyone tell me the the 100 days and nights i can’t understand clearly pls ?

    • Sanu says:

      When hoshiyar tells to ruks about jodha’s use of wish for saving moti…that time ruks tells that last time when jalal gave verdict i asked for 100days n nights to be with her…@anonymus

  21. Sanu says:

    OMG!! No words to say…It was just awesome…especially last part…

  22. ashie says:

    amazing ep πŸ™‚

  23. Smd says:

    Plz rest jaldi upload karo…..

  24. krishalini says:

    anyone plz say wat was the exact convo btwn them while sword fight??? about chess???

  25. ritu says:

    bye guys!
    gd 9t.. hot AkDha drms

  26. ritu says:

    thanks @atiba 4 written update..

  27. Muskaan says:

    Thanks a lot Mahamanga! You made Jodha so furious that she had practice swordfight to cool down. And of course because of that awesome Jalal-Jodha scene. Brilliant…….

  28. Jyo says:

    Jalal has been agreeing to all the requests of Jodha, even lying when her parents visit. They didn’t show Jodha thanking him even once. Jodha is being depicted as a woman with too much pride and arrogance.

  29. ritu says:

    @suraj : tum humesha jalal k ajeeb and gusse wala ya half pic kyun gravatar banate ho?

  30. ritu says:

    worth watching scenes of today’s epi – when jodha hold jalal’s hand(1st time, omg! hayyeeee) and den sword fight and d bg music.. perfect situation, jst loved it

  31. zeenah says:

    Omg can’t wait 4 d rest of d update!

  32. krishalini says:

    i wish to have,like button πŸ™

  33. krishalini says:

    kya hua atiba ji??? fast knw:(

  34. parinika says:

    Amazing episode

  35. suraj says:

    AWESOME episode lots jalal n jodha scenes…!
    and the sword fighting was also fabulous….!
    waitin for nxt epi

  36. truthfull says:

    please hurry up.. Cnt wait… Please

  37. krishalini says:

    Goosebumps πŸ˜€

  38. Kia says:

    Todays epi ws awesome !!! Many jodha-akbar scens… πŸ˜€

  39. ritu says:

    pls fast yr

  40. Miss Unbelievable says:

    omg so hot

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