Jodha Akbar 2nd January 2014 Written Update

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Jodha Akbar 2nd January 2014 Written Update by Atiba

Jodha Akbar 2nd January 2014 Written Episode

Scene 1
jalal comes back in stadium and atga announces that last fighter is adham khan, all are stunned. People chant against him. Adham comes and says to ruks that i am your culprit and if you allow me then i will fight. Imtiaz challenges him, atga ask soldier to open his chains. Javeda is excited. Adham says i am culprit and i am very sorry to jalal and people but i promise i will not let mughals down today. People start chanting in favour of him. Adham says i want to touch jalal’s feet before fight. He comes to jalal and thinks one day i will sit on this throne, he says to jalal that if i win this fight then i will be considered as mughals’ loyal man? Jalal ask what if he lose? Adham says no chance, i will not let you down. Jalal says ok you will considered as loyal. Adham comes in field and beats imtiaz. Imtiaz tries to fight back but adham beat black and blue out of him. Jalal is happy. Adham lifts imtiaz and throws him down. Imtiaz is not able to get up. Maham points adham to finish him. Adham kills him, jodha is not able to see it. Jalal ask all to be presented in court. Benazir says now all work is on me.

Scene 2
in court, jalal says because of adham i always get angry but today he made mughals proud. He was ruks culprit and was not allowed in court and now he is standing here that means i have forgiven him and gives back minister post to him. He announces 3 medals. 1st Jodha give bravery medal, 2nd is mughal medal given by ruks, 3rd is mughal e jalali medal given by salima. Maham is emotional. Jalal says its difficult to restore trust back, hope there will be no complain, adham promises. Adham comes to maham and shows her medals, maham greets him and has tears.

Scene 3
resham is singing when maham comes, resham gets tensed but maham ask why tensed? she ask resham to sing song and i will listen, resham is stunned, maham is very happy and says adham made me proud but he need some intelligence, resham says you are with him then whats the need.
benazir is going somewhere blabbering how can anybody kill imtiaz, she is about fall but adham holds her and says mashallah, benazir says i didnt spot you before but adham says that i have spot your beauty, he says you are kohinoor, maham comes and informs him that she is special bandi of jalal and he has gifted her kohinoor, benazir leaves, maham chides him to not do foolish things again

Scene 4
hamida says to jodha that thank god adham was chosen, maham gave the idea, i think maham is chief, she is loyal to mughals. Jodha says ruks also should be given credit as she forgave him for mughal prestige. Jodha thinks if i would have given that idea then he would hve taunted me. Hamida says in harem all begums are jealous and doesnt praises but you are great, jodha thinks he doesnt care about me, why would i be jealous of ruks or salima but i dont like benazir, she is weird.

Scene 5
adham comes to javeda who has set bed with white flowers, adham gets happy, javeda says my face got allergy as i used benazir’s cream so i’ve set this bed for me as docter has recommended, adham is disappointed.
in jail, sharif is fuming that adham got freedom and i am rotting in here, soldier comes and informs that jalal is interested in benazir, sharif thinks i have listened this name, soldier says she has from abul mali’s place, sharif gets to know that its abul’s trick. He says i will be free. He writes letter to jodha. Jodha gets letter. It says you have to come and meet me in the jail as i have something urgent to inform you and this is regarding jalal’s life so don’t ignore this massage come and meet to asap as Nobody will believe me so i want you to meet me that jalal’s life is in danger -Sharifuddin ..Jodha reads the massage and seems worried, Jodha says if jalal’s life is in danger then hoe sharif knows in jail? moti says something is fishy, jodha says if jalal’s life is in danger then i have to find it.

Precap- jodha says to jalal that your life is in danger, conspiracy is being done on you, benazir ask zakira whether jalal has a doubt? He thats the case then i will not wait for another chance and will kill him right now.

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47 Responses to “Jodha Akbar 2nd January 2014 Written Update”

  1. avni says:

    Jodha warns jalal and tells him not to spend time with Benazir and in an ego tussle he decides to make Benair his begam No .Meanwhile Jodha’s sister Shivani comes to Agra and starts to bond with Mirza Hakim and talk of thier marriage plans are in process.

    I am getting bored of this track nw :(

  2. Janas says:

    Had been busy lately and so was of and on in the forum. Don’t worry guys, once Benazir track ends, it’ll be Sharifuddin track; they need to drag because it’s a daily serial :).
    Yes all the actors r good (still getting used to new Moti; I think it’s taking me a longer time than usual :).
    Love track will start only after AK’s death and I don’t think they have any plans of getting Adham killed now.

    • sanvi says:

      You r trur jannas even I not much satisfied wiyh present 1 moti.. obviously they’ll stretch the story. Hope ekta won’t wretch the story

  3. anu (jodha begum) says:

    why you guys gone?? :(

  4. anu (jodha begum) says:

    this is what I read over facebook and other websites so many times tanni!!

    • anu (jodha begum) says:

      don’t know if it’s correct or not but.
      because we all know that jalal flirting with her for jodha’s jealously is correct. but benazir to develop string affection for just no!

    • sanvi says:

      Anu after Benazir track ma plan s regarding that letter I feel anyhow shel fail in Benazir s issue
      Then bcoz of letter misunderstanding blooms between jo lal n shel go back to amer I think ..

  5. anu (jodha begum) says:

    lol tanni what’s so good about it?? I just wrote what I felt haha
    I’m good..a bit unwell but!
    yeah I read it during December but, on fb and some spoilers about it on different websites and stuff
    how are you tanni?!

  6. sia says:

    nahi tanni. Xam holiday me ho?

  7. sia says:

    pata nahi tanni when will this track end

    • tanni says:

      next week tuesday ya wednesday tak zarur khatm ho jayega.. anu kis spoiler news ki baat kar rahi hai?? tumhare paas koi news hai?

  8. tanni says:

    sia, i agree with u.. pata nahi aur kitne din us besharam benazir ko sehna parega

  9. tanni says:

    anu, did u get any spoiler news about jodha going to amer.. u hav written it in ur cmnt..

  10. tanni says:

    hii anu, how r u??
    wonderful cmnt anu.. i agree with every point u hav written

  11. anu (jodha begum) says:

    wow nice episode. Adham khan will tell jodha the truth I think. and when it is proven that sharif was right, he will maybe be released from jail. then he will do something to take jodha away from jalal. maybe kidnap her. can’t wait to see jodha getting kidnapped. I know it’ll be sad. but I want to see jalal’s ‘tardap’ for jodha:)
    it will be awesome to watch.
    I was honestly expecting ruks to give the prize to Adham khan first lol but jodha was first so that was good!
    I liked the saas-bahu convo, so sweet!
    and jodha isn’t jealous of ruks and salima it’s because they’re all jalal’s wife. and jodha understands that all wife has ALL the RIGHTS to be with their own husband.
    since benazir isn’t jalal’s wife and is just a servant. which is why she gets jealous of her. PLUS jalal doesn’t even behave like he does with benazir to salima or ruks. that’s why jodha hasn’t been jealous of them. but jalal does it with benazir in front of jodha..which is why she gets jealous and will realize it. But I think jodha will realize it when benazir LEAVES the show. or when benazir’ track ends. because doesn’t jodha leave for amer when she realizes her love? and she can’t leave till this benazir track ends. it’s hopefully by next week since precap says she HAS to finish her job ‘tonight’. since jodha won’t leave agra till she saves jalal from that wrestler! I reckon when benazir’s track ends, jodha will be happy that she saved jalal and in that happiness she will realize the love for him..
    But wait I’m confused.
    I know jodha wouldn’t leave her husband since she knows his life is in danger, then what’s the spoiler about her leaving for amer after she realizes her love and that it’s too late because of benazir and maham that she has packed up jodha’s stuff so she can leave? for gods sakes. I’m lost now!
    but I reckon ekta has dragged on this track for a bit too much. I was expecting this track to end this week..but doesn’t look like it.
    I just want to see rahim puzzling out the letter jodha wrote for jalal and jalal to realize mahamanga lied and made up her own so called ‘letter’ for jalal from jodha..think she will be in amer when rahim does this letter puzzling -.-

    and sorry guys I haven’t been able to come here properly!
    how are we today??

  12. sanvi says:

    I have to thank ekta 4 ensemblling such great actor’s together. .bcoz each n everyone justify ing their roles eg -adam, ma, salima, mirza , hoshiyar, resham,javeda zakira n even Benazir. etc etc Just fit 4 her vishkanya role .hat’s off u all
    They made us reciprocaing our love hate r other feelings at their prima facie performance. .please don’t replace any of this actor’s at any cost this is only oyr humble request. Bocz ur maiden attempt in making historical soa p shouldn’t go vein

    • tanni says:

      right.. every actor in JA is superb.. and Rajat-paridhi r super se upar.. over d horizon acting.. dats why JA is no.1 show on zee tv for past 5 months

  13. sia says:

    gud morning frenz have a grt day ahead tc

  14. sia says:

    gud nyt joal gang sweet drmz tc

  15. sia says:

    tanni but baghin is jealous of benazir not ruks

  16. tanni says:

    for 1st time jodha was no.1 begum in diwan-e-khas.. she was d 1st begum to be called and ruks came at no.2 after jodha.. WOW.!! it has never happened earlier in diwan-e-khas.. ruks always came 1st.. but today it was jodha

  17. tanni says:

    its a great relief dat dis time sharifuddin is not planning to trap jodha.. he only wants to tell jodha d truth about benz so dat she requests jalal to free him in gratitude.. just like adham got free bcoz of saving mughal prestige

    jalal gave ruks d right to take decision on adham coz he hurt ruks.. now jalal shud give jodha d right to take decision on sharif coz he hurt jodha.. LOL.. it has becum a competition btween ruks and jodha :)

  18. sanvi says:

    Very interesting n entertaining episode

    Precap-il bet jalal as usual humiliate jodha n accuses her being jealous of Benazir. .
    Hope jodha latron seeks mirza’s help n sortout this lady’s evil plan .

  19. sia says:

    Jodha when will u realise ur own feeling.u r not jealous of rukaiya n salima but of a mere servant benazir and still u dunt understand.

    Jodha n hamida convo was sweet n jodha’s self talk also.

    Thank god this tym shariff only wants to be free. Hope he does not conspire in it.

    Adham must have kissed benazir ryt there.

    • sanvi says:

      No sia I wan adham to be alive bcoz compare to Benazir this guy is much better n ee can tolerate him

    • sia says:

      sanvi i dunt think adham is going to die soon. This track is lasting longer than i thought. I also dunt lyk benazir n esp her scenes wid jalal. I think we have to bear this track 4 one more week

  20. Anon says:

    There no way this track end this week. I think another 2 weeks till this track end.

  21. sia says:

    nyc epi n precap is vry intresting

  22. arohi says:

    I hope adham sits in the place of jalal and benazir mistakes adham in place of jalal and poisons him, that should be witnessed by none other than shariff

  23. ai5h says:

    Oh I just want to see jalal and jodha get closer !!! Hopefully this will be resolved this week !!! Where was mirza hakim today ??

  24. Miss Unbelievable says:


    all the culrpits are coming out

    i cant stand this

    i hope to God benazir kisses Adham and kills him along with SHarif

    they are pure evil

    • Zainab says:

      Hahahahahahaha MU u are right,shariff can send the letter to either salima or ruks but he send it to jodha I hope its not a trick
      But he just want to be free so I don’t think he will trap jodha

  25. Zainab says:

    Adham + benazir nice jodi hahahahahaha

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