Jodha Akbar – 4th April Promo – Jalal asks Jodha to leave

Jodha Akbar – 4th April Promo – Jalal asks Jodha to leave

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16 Responses to “Jodha Akbar – 4th April Promo – Jalal asks Jodha to leave”

  1. abby says:

    omg how could he? he doesn’t know the truth jodha always saves hoim he has to know the truth

  2. akdha luver says:

    OMG!! This Is really happening. Really excited for the coming epis :*

  3. zaya says:

    in last week promo jalal harshly 1ly behave with jodha…..but that promo is dream…………..but this week jalal is behaving so rudly in real…….

    • arshimaneet says:

      ya ofcourse correct zaya…………in dream itself jalal behave harshly only but in real jalal pushing jodha i dont expect this from jalal………

  4. Pari says:

    Aub aayega uth paahar ke niche……maahamagnga finish

  5. Anna says:

    I only feel for Jo, her tears n the splash of lighting on the b/g shows heart broken of the accusation n statement of having an affair. No women/wife can accept of her hubby saying she has an affair. Now v know she’ll leave quietly w/t anybody knowing I guess. How will Ja gain back her trust in him again.
    Her decision to leave is right n the best choice at the moment.

    Ja oh Ja I tongue slip both r going to end up in jungle together, that nice isn’t it. k bye smile n have fun.

  6. Alina says:


  7. Myra says:

    Oh my god.. this will air on Friday.. I am sure jalal dint ask jodha in a nice way.. just blamed her.. jodha anyways can’t say the truth as she has promised her brother sujamal. I hope next to next monday.. jalal will get to know the truth.. and will get jodha back..

  8. Malaysian ja fans says:

    Good he ask her to leave…….. After this separation when he got to know the truth he will be more loving husband to her .. And maham watch out jalal will find out your evil face..there will be no god to save you from his anger…

  9. madhurk says:…last week promo is dream… only.. they show jalal asking with jodha so..harshly but dz week they r showing the promo as jalal pushing jodha……….so rude jalal……i cant undesrstand y jalal…….character is …changing like dz…………

  10. arshi says:

    Jodha in tears .. Jalal angry saying, you’re not ashamed having an affair with a stranger but you’re ashamed to accept it .. Jodha shocked .. Jalal scream – tell me and pushes Jodha .. Jodha falls on the couch .. Jalal looking down on Jodha says .. tomorrow before the sun goes up leave from here..

  11. Sen says:

    Can someone tell me what they are saying (preferably in English)! THank you

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