Jodha Akbar 6th February 2014 Written Update

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Jodha Akbar 6th February 2014 Written Update by Atiba

Jodha Akbar 6th February 2014 Written Episode

Scene 1
Soul talk- jalal says finally that night ended and you moved your fingers in morning, my life came back that moment.
In room jalal sees jodha’s hand moving, he calls everybody inside. Jodha opens her eyes, all are happy, maham too. Jodha looks at jalal beside her and ask benazir? jalal says you dont worry she left our lives, you take rest. Hakima says this is miracle, it seems like she got reason to live, someone’s prayers got fulfilled but she need complete bed rest. Jalal ask everybody to leave so she ca take rest. all leaves, jodha feels sleepy, jalal is about to leave but jodha kepp holding his hand, he looks at her and caresses her hand, he puts her hand down and turns to leave but cant, he again looks back at jodha with sadness and love, jodha is awake, he leaves.

Scene 2
Jalal is going out while people chants his name. He comes at dargah and places sheet on grave, he sits there and prays, all shahi mughal family is with him and they pray too. jalal comes out and sees people cheering for him and jodha, in her room, jodha also ask about this noise, moti ask her to take rest, jodha says i am alright, she comes balcony.

Scene 3
Outside jalal takes off his turban infront of nation, he takes off his jewelry and coat, people gossip that anybody can attack him. Jalal says i know that you are thinking why i took off my jewels and my turban, you maybe thinking that king do this when he leaves throne or someone close to him dies but today i am here not as a king but as someone’s son, brother. Today i am here between my family, my family who was there in my difficult situation, who prayed for me. Jalal says you people supported me in my difficult situations, your prayers saved me from that poisonous lady, i am thankful for the prayers for my jodha. jodha is listening to all this. Jalal says i always said that i dont have heart but today i want to say thanks from core of my heart, i am not a king anymore, you dont need to get afraid from sword because you all are family because my power is because of you, i won this war because of your support, your prayers urged God to save jodha. people chants jalal and jodha’s name. Jalal says today there will be jashn but not inside palace but you all will be part of it, your wishes will be my command from now on, he leaves, jodha cries with happiness.

Scene 4
Javeda is chanting jodha’s name, adham comes there she says i caught you, he ask about what? she says i saw you worried for jodha begum . Jalal is not your real brother but you still care for him alot, she says you must be proud for jalal, she says if someone will try to kill you, i will save you, adham shows her knife and says i will not let anyone to do something to me, he leaves irritated.

Scene 5
Moti says jalal was there all the with you, he didnt care about zakira and all and asked hakima to save you at any cost. Salima comes and says i never saw jalal so much worried for anyone, he was there for you all the time. jodha says jalal did so much for me, ruks comes there. She says thanks for saving jalal, you can ask anything from me i will not say n to you except jalal jodha is tensed. She ask her to rest and leaves.

Scene 6
Jodha ask moti to tell what jalal sais and did, moti says i told you everything its like you like to listen about him, jodha says nothing like that, i want to know why he is doing all this, i must know what he did for me as he can taunt me, jalal comes there, jodha remembers how jalal had said that he will not enter this room and he feels upset to look at her. Jalal says its odd that only i said i will not come here, he goes out and takes off his shoes and jodha can he come inside? jodha says sure. Jalal comes to jodha, they both are hesitant, jalal sees kahna. He goes there and take blessing. Jodha smiles. He takes aarti plate to jodha and says i said i will not enter this room but sometime nothing works infront of God, he gives aarti to jodha and moti. He ask how are you? jodha says i am fine. Jalal sees medicine and ask moti why you didnt give it to her? moti says its given after sometime of Karha(another remedy) jalal says there is no cap on it, moti says hakima asked to keep it in open air, jodha sees jalal’s hesitation, moti says i am going outside if you need then call me, jalal says wait, he says i want to talk to jodha alone so make sure nobody comes inside, moti leaves. Jodha ask what yo wanna say? he looks at her.

PRECAP- Maham informs ruks that jalal went to jodha’s room and took off his slippers outside, he did spend very much time in her room, ruks fumes. outside Jalal drapes shawl around jodha who is surprised, ruks sees this and is angry.


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403 Responses to “Jodha Akbar 6th February 2014 Written Update”

  1. Janas says:

    B4 beginning, Anu I am very sorry but a belated happy b’day. May God give u all the happiness and prosperity u deserve. I was out the whole day and came only at night. I’ve just read the update and when time permits will watch the video on dailymotion.
    So the CVs can’t do without making Ruks negative? Come on yaar, I seriously thought after this episode Ruks will accept and respect Jo. Honestly I dislike Ekta and her creatives for this fallacy. She was a wise woman and dignified lady. This is not done. Why not we all protest this to Ekta; she can always show JA love story without making Ruks negative.

  2. ananna says:

    Ur most welcome to meet u..

  3. ananna says:

    Good morning..sia u soon..

  4. Profile photo of sia says: Verified

    gm guys have a nyc day tc

  5. ananna says:

    New news is dat..jodha and jalal to disgiuse as a marvari couple to see da condition of common people of his kingdom..and romance wid each other in a village streets as a common nyc na..i am excited to see it…

  6. minal says:

    I am marke new frineds india

  7. Aadhil says:

    Jodhaa…..begum….ab dtb mein aapka beta aa gaya hai to aap ke betey ki premikaa…..Anarkali bhi aani chahiye…..any one become anarkali here.

  8. Mahi says:

    Obviously they are going to make Ruks a jealous woman from time to time because how else will they show him sharing his love. Too bad. I love Ruks. Pretty woman.

    • sanvi says:

      Right I thought after all this havoc she’l be portrayed as shrewd n dignified woman with self assesment. .
      No again im wrong she is again turned out a puppet in ma hands

    • Mahi says:

      Hi Sanvi. Yes, if you look at the tracks they keep manipulating her character from time to time. I was actually waiting to see how they would handle it and its just as I thought. Making her jealous all the time.

  9. SYS says:

    Wow wow wow . Finaly start hoo gaya inki love story . Eggerly wait for their lots off lovely & romantic moment .

  10. Alina says:

    Such a sweet and beautiful episode!!!
    Superb acting Rajat and Paridhi…
    Your such type of actors who will never
    Let their fans down..
    Keep it upp JA team you rockk!!
    Love JA alot and Rajat and Paridhi <3

    Guys if you all notice their was sooo muchhh
    Of peace in each episode since Monday cuz
    Since Monday MAHAMANGA AKA OUR'S
    DAYANANGA…LOL dint even got 1 dialogue
    To say…and all went soo good but from tom…
    This DAYANANGA again start her rubbish talks
    I actually think she never had any work except to
    Fill everyone's mind…RUK IS SUCH A FOOL TO GET
    INTO MAHAM'S TALKS, whatever she wants
    That only Ruk will do…poor Jodha and Jalal
    Don't know whats next gonna happen with them:(((

    Ruk you said Jodha you can give her anything
    Except Jalal but you don't know Our JODHA wants
    Only Jalal and nothing else…I wish we get to see
    More and more lovely and romantic scenes of
    JODHA AND JALAL cuz their are many people who
    Are soo jealous and just wanna ruin their life…

    Loved Jodha and Jalal scenes!!!! As always:)))

  11. ananna says:

    Gn sd tc..bye tithi dear..kal katha hobe..

  12. Nishath says:

    hai i madevi singh did you replay me ?

  13. ananna says:

    Tithi..tomar notun class e kmon lagche ?

  14. ananna says:

    R u going..tithi ?

  15. ananna says:

    I know too..amio pachondo korina..the same reason..u do aoamilig tithi..

    • Profile photo of tithi says: Verified

      Ami kno dol korina bt jara amader sathe jddho krse tader sb jinis ami hate kri,vasa,manush,cricket kno kichutei ami like krina.and bnp oke support kre tai otao hate kri.

  16. Profile photo of sia says: Verified

    anana m hindu. Its ok wid it.

    Tithi m trying to understand sumthing. Hope i will do it soon tc

  17. ananna says:

    its hindu folt..

  18. Profile photo of tithi says: Verified

    Ami urdu ekdm posondo krina,i thnk ananna tmar karon ta jana ache,jana na thakle ekhane bola jabe na.

  19. Profile photo of sia says: Verified

    ok bye gn sd tc

  20. ananna says:

    if i try to write urdu then i can..sia di u muslim ya hindi ? i shouldnt ask dis qusetion to u..

  21. Profile photo of anu (jodha begum) anu (jodha begum) says: Verified

    Kk done! Now final bye now!! bbye everyone!!

  22. Profile photo of anu (jodha begum) anu (jodha begum) says: Verified

    wait make it up to 200 comments lol

  23. Profile photo of anu (jodha begum) anu (jodha begum) says: Verified

    Okay guys I’m going too now, goodnight and take care

  24. Profile photo of anu (jodha begum) anu (jodha begum) says: Verified

    lol exactly sia! abhi dono ko ek hone mein time hai!!

  25. ananna says:

    we all r lucky one tithi..bye anu an sia di @shuvo ratri@

  26. Profile photo of sia says: Verified

    anu ya it wud be worth watching. Jodha wud say it was my duty n all. She is not less. Feels lyk spinning the earth lol

  27. Profile photo of anu (jodha begum) anu (jodha begum) says: Verified

    I can speak english, hindi, urdu and punjabi!! lol and with writing, I can write in English and Urdu. but can’t write hindi and punjabi lol

  28. ananna says:

    i can speak in hindi an also can write in hindi language..

  29. Profile photo of anu (jodha begum) anu (jodha begum) says: Verified

    Sia: I told you beforeeee loll
    yeah he won’t tell her about his feelings yet. I think he will just sit and chat..why did you risk your life for me and all.. which will be WORTH WATCHING 😀
    I reckon he will confess his love after she gets better!

  30. Profile photo of sia says: Verified

    ok me 2 leaving now then. Gud nyt guys sd tc

  31. Profile photo of tithi says: Verified

    Hmm era sbai amr frnd.i am so lucky tmi jano ananna apu.

  32. ananna says:

    no..sia di i am not going now..

  33. Profile photo of sia says: Verified

    anu these cv’s make us so restless. We have to wait till 2morow to watch joal convo. I think he wont confess now. Wat do u think?

  34. Profile photo of anu (jodha begum) anu (jodha begum) says: Verified

    I won’t be able to come here tomorrow during the day. but I will come afterwards:)

  35. Profile photo of tithi says: Verified

    Bye bye avni dear.nw go,ur nxt lesson tmorrow.

  36. ananna says:

    anek valo legeche tomader moto bandhabi peye..ami sia apur moto ekta valo manush peyechi akhane..amar khushir thikana nei..

  37. Profile photo of sia says: Verified

    shabbha khair salim

    anu annana r u guys also leaving?

  38. Profile photo of avni avni says: Verified

    @anu @sia @tanni @ananna @tithi n allll
    Gud nite. ..bbye
    Wil meet tomo again :-)

  39. Profile photo of anu (jodha begum) anu (jodha begum) says: Verified


  40. Profile photo of tithi says: Verified

    Yes ananna,i too didn’t knw hindi aftr watching sm hndi serials,nw mjhe hndi bolna atahe.i am nw expert in 3 languages.1st in bangla,then english and hindi.

  41. Profile photo of anu (jodha begum) anu (jodha begum) says: Verified

    tithi, I only understand a bit. can’t talk it but lol

  42. ananna says:

    dats r8 for all indian widout kolkata..all bangladeshi people know lit bit hindi..some people can understand only but not speak..its not easy for indian in properly..

  43. Profile photo of sia says: Verified

    anu ya she did dat perfectly but also Rajat never fails to impress me.

    Avni dat ajmer track n amer trip were one of the best tracks ever n no need to mention the ongoing track

  44. Profile photo of avni avni says: Verified

    Suvo ratri…sundar sundar sapno frnds 😀 😀

  45. Profile photo of tithi says: Verified

    Anu di u know bangla?

  46. Profile photo of tithi says: Verified

    Onek sundor means very beautiful

  47. Profile photo of anu (jodha begum) anu (jodha begum) says: Verified

    that word reminds me of the word my cousins say by seeing my photos “onek sundor” LOL

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