1. aditi
    February 02, 20:18 Reply
    Jodha does not fall on the floor she falls in jalal's arms....
  2. jjjj
    February 02, 11:31 Reply
    Exciting can't wait for monday
  3. Pialy
    February 02, 09:18 Reply
    as always jodha rockzz..
  4. aditi
    January 31, 11:03 Reply
    Guys u will have to wait it will be aired on monday
  5. kaju
    January 31, 02:11 Reply
    can't wait for this.
  6. priya
    January 31, 01:08 Reply
    when will this promo be aired? plz tell.
  7. zaara
    January 30, 22:35 Reply
    the wu is abt benziz ws giving poision to jalal and tht time jodha come and tk frm jalal and drink it and she fall down on the floor
    • neeraja
      January 31, 12:04
      not on the floor on jalal's arms
  8. Anya G
    January 30, 22:28 Reply
    can any 1 tell whats the promo...?? wu plz...!!
  9. arti-ji
    January 30, 18:14 Reply
    I keep replaying it over and over again. this promo is AWESOME. cant wait for it
    • arti-ji
      January 30, 18:25
      AHHHHHHH....why won't it come already!!!!!!
    • sanam
      January 31, 00:17
      same here..
  10. Sia
    January 30, 14:17 Reply
    Plz giv a writtern update!!!
  11. Sanjana
    January 30, 13:44 Reply
    You're right to caption it as once again. This king isn't wise.
  12. neeraja
    January 30, 11:30 Reply
    when will this air cant wait for this very exciting episode hope it comes fast
  13. aakanksha
    January 30, 11:21 Reply
    Exciting and very romantic promo......waiting for this epi

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