Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 14th March 2013 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 14th March 2013 Written Update by Armu4eva

Madhubala 14th March 2013 Written Episode

Part 1

Sultan says – Zindagi dubara mauka deti hai.. Sultan nahi..! (Life gives you another chance, Sultan doesn’t!)

Dips comes to her room n sees Sikky sulking n not eating! Dips asks him to eat.. but he says..why she cares? coz she does not..! He fires Dips n says he saw it all..! Dips says..RK was not feeling well .. n Sikky says.. so he will give jhappi to Sikkys wife?

Sikky tells Dips that.. biwi RK ki .. jhappi RK ki … why is Dips getting worried ?? Dips says she had relation with RK ..but she is Sikkys wife now..! Sikky tells her to look at the mirror.. n remind herself that..! Dips says..she knows n Sikky walks off n Dips hell! Radha overhears!

Madhu is leaving the chawl n sees Paddo-Trish on the way..! Paddo asks her if she should cook for her or she wont return at night? Trish tries to calm her.. but Paddo fumes n walks off..!

A guy clicks Madhus pics from far. n thereafter another informs his accomplice to follow Madhu..!

Radha asks Dips about food . and comments about Sikky-Dips relation weakening! Dips laufs it off..! Radha says. dun believe so! Sikky comes as well..! Sikky asks Dips if he can tell Radha the truth.. but lies thereafter..saying it was about breakfast…! Dips asks Sikky if she should thank him? Sikky says.. not yet..!

Madhu notices the guy tailing her..!

The heroine is rehearsing her lines.. ‘Zara der hai aneme ..hatkadi pehna dun, tumhe kya kaid karun.. (Madhu helps to complete the line) main to khud hi giraftar hun tere ishq me’! She is drooling on RK Madhu says.. he is superb.. no one knows.when he is living n when acting a part..!

RK about to walk to Madhu but called for shot..! Madhus cell rings n its Aryan..! RK fumes seeing Madhu smile..!

Aryan talks of eating methi .. n then doing weight lifting..! He asks when they will meet she can beat him..! RK walks up to Madhu ..snatches her cell n says.. dare to call between RKs shot.. else he wont let him speak a bit..! RK breaks Madhus cell..!

Sultan walks into Aryans room n Aryan is panting n crying n says guy on phone said..he wont let Aryan walk ever! Sultan asks Aryan he weak? He says no.! Sultan asks who was on phone.. Aryan says RK!

Part 2

RK says. dare anyone talk on phone between shot.. ! Madhu was rehearsal .. RK says..dun care..! He tells her ..he will buy a new one for her!

RK says..PACK UP! Madhu fumes n walks off..! She notices the cyclist guy following her again..!


Part 3

She realises there are more ppl following her ..! She ducks n hides n watches the men talk with each other..! She sprays pepper spray on the guys n asks who they are?

They say …they are keeping an eye on her..on behalf of RK!


Precap —- RK-Madhu are at the mansion.. ! RK tells Madhu that there is nothing between them. .other than poison.. else it would become a Zanjeer.. to stop her from going to strangers.. n spending HER NIGHTS with them! Radha slaps RK!


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465 Responses to “Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 14th March 2013 Written Update”

  1. Ritz961 says:

    bakwaas serial, bakwas story and ab toh hadd ho gai,
    bakwaas promo..

  2. anjie961 says:

    Today’s episode was too good aur vo kichdi Dekh ke toh mujhe bhi bhook lag gayyi!!
    Pata nahin kyon I’m really happy for sikky finally uski soyi hui aatma jaag gayyi hehehe…..
    And aaj kal MB pe jahan Dekho thapad hi thapad… Kabhie paddo to madhu… Kabhie madhu to rk… Kabhie Radha Ji to rk….. Per bechara rk kise marega??????
    Aur vo 3 stalkers!!!! 😆 kisi kaam ke nahin the!! Very bad plan rk…. Hehehe….

  3. sanju91677 says:

    Meri ek bath samaj mein nahi aayi rk aur madhu khi shadhi aise kaise toot jayegi rk neh madhu seh contract marriage khi hai naa toh contract khi hisaab se malik jab tak 40lacs nahi dheytah tab tak madhu koh rk khi sath rehna hai naa
    Yeh tiwari khi dimag se kaise utharga ya bhulgaya ya hum koh bewokoof samaj raha hai ya banaraha hai

  4. sanju91677 says:

    Hum toh humesha madhu khi side mein hi hai
    Par yaar tumhe kyun lagta hai khi rk din phey din charctr ghir tah hai woh aisi baatney iss liye bol raha hai tahki kisi bhi bath par madhu yeh keh dhey khi meri aur uss insaan(sultan) khey beech koi rishta nahi hai hum dohnon khey beech kuch nahi hai rk madhu khi mooh seh sunn nah chahtah hai
    Waise woh madhu koh bohoth acchi tarah jaantha hai khi madhu aisa kuch naho kar sakghi

    • deiva says:

      han yar i accept that rk is talking bad abt madhu coz atleast then madhu would reveal who is person she’s going with. coz rk knows how to get answers from madhu. she would answer rk’s questions only when she is very much angry. but radhaji na slapped rk. rk would never doubt abt madhu’s character coz he knows her well.

  5. sanju91677 says:

    @all my mb gang
    Yaarion ek list banarahi hoon khi kis kis neh rk koh lagaya chata
    Malik tried but not happen
    Madhu lagaya 4 before marriage
    Madhu lagaya ek aur after marriage broke
    Padmini bhi lagaya ek
    Radhaji neh bhi lagadhiya
    Abh trishna toh itni himath nahi kahregi
    Next turn may be

    • deiva says:

      ya next is sultan’s turn. n madhu have d courage in front of only rk. remember when that extra tried to misbehave with her she couldnt even release herself from his grip.

  6. sanju91677 says:

    Thanku thanku thanku thanku thanku
    Maine bookmark lagaliya aur download bhi karliya
    Par rk madhu scene khey liye muje yeh sikki aur dips koh bhi bardash karni padegi
    Koi bath nahi rk madhu khey liye kuch bhi chalega

    • deiva says:

      this always happens yar whenever we want some special thing we have tolerate some unwanted things also.anyways what do u think abt y’days episode?? jerry changed her side from rk to madhu. whats ur opinion?

      good morning to u

  7. Kriya says:

    Goody goody morning…
    Great day ahead frnds…
    All d best fr exams..
    N jinke nai h uchlo nai zyada…:)
    kidding yr:p

  8. Kriya says:

    I dnt knw y rk’s charcter is gettng ugly day by day…
    Okay he z d egoistc one..but he had spent 2-3 months wid madhu…how can he say dat precap thing 2 her…
    Concluding it lyk its all of jealousy or suddenly sparked love doesn’t make rk’s character acceptable as of a dukhiyara bechara ego ka maara jealous rk…he is showng off his attitude n degraded standards now…wich totally can make him loose his madhu forevr…coz still chances r there fr rishbala 2gethr..
    But as madhu said ki tumne apne hi hathon se phek kar, apne mehnge jooton se masalkar usse mitti k hawale kar dia…exactly wat he is doin…
    N den spying madhu n dat too those namune…totally below ur ahan thing..
    Its a fact dat fr a man his ego means a lot…but yr itni bhi ego kya wich takes u away frm ur loved ones…n those slight chnces fr their reunion bhi gayab ho jaenge…
    Fir mb or baki fattu shows mein kya diff hoega…
    But argument khtm idhar ho jaata h ki writer n directors r UNPREDICTABLE….watevr v r thinkng uska A bhi woh log nai dikhate…
    So wat 2 say now..
    But m not happy d way rk’s charcter showed a drastic change after dat nakli love wali shadi…
    Kabhi he z shown lyk ohh my madhu…n smtyms madhubala shamsher malik….
    Rk is goin to n fro lyk a pendulum…kabhi acche wale motion mein n kabhi ego wale motion mein..or kabhi toh kuch samjh nai aata….kya rk…

    • bindu says:

      s,rk ki charcter din ba din bigad raha hai,,

    • deiva says:

      kriya ur right day by day rk’s character is getting worse. to make sultan good in our eyes n get him equal importance to rk their showing rk as a very bad person. but what is the need to degrade rk’s character to make sultan good in madhu’s eyes when she would accept sultan rather than rk in case of getting married again.

  9. deiva says:

    good morning all…..

    good luck to all who has exam today…..

    @ pal :: refreshment dose..

    Sardar: What is the name of your car?
    Lady: I forgot the name, but is starts with ‘T’.
    Sardar: Oh, what a strange car, starts with Tea. All cars that I know start with petrol..

    SARDAR:- Yar iska matlab kya hota hai, “I AM GOING”?
    FRIEND:- Main jaa raha hun.
    SARDAR:- Saaley, aise kaise jayega, 20 aur bhi aise ja chuke hain….answer bata ke jaa..


    Gang of SARDARS broke a Bank.
    Instead of cash they found Botles full of Chilled Red Wine,
    Happily they drank & went away.

    Next day Headline aai: Blood Bank lutya gya.

  10. drs says:

    a song dedicated to all my lovely frnz….:)
    thanx guys for being my frnd….:)

    ho o o o o o… ho ho ho ho………
    kaise mujhe tum mil gayi, kismat pe aaye na yakin
    utar aayi jheel mein, jaise chaand utarata hai kabhi
    houle haule, dheere se
    gunguni dhup ki tarah se tarnnum main tum
    chhuke mujhe gujari ho yu
    dekhu tumhe, ya main sunu
    tum ho sukun, tum ho junun
    kyun pehle na aayi tum
    kaise mujhe tum mil gayi, kismat pe aaye na yakin
    main toh yeh sochata tha, ke aaj kal uparwale ko fursat nahi
    phir bhi tumhe banaake woh, meri nazar mein jad gaya
    rutbe main woh aur badh gaya
    aa aa aa aa aa aa aa……..
    badale raaste jharne aur nadi, badale dip ki tim tim
    chhede zindagi dhun koi nayi, badali barkha ki rimjhim
    badlengi rituye ada, par main rahungi sada
    usi tarah teri baaho mein baahe daalake, har lamaha, har pal
    aa aa aa aa aa aa………
    jindagi sitaar ho gai, rim jhim malhaar ho gai
    mujhe aata nahi kismat pe apani yakin
    kaise mujhko mil gayi tum!

  11. Adi pankhu forever says:

    I’m very very angry I want to kill rk he called madhu a characterless women that dog rk didn’t even came to know what is madhu n he is a big rude kutta n haraami

  12. desibella says:

    hahaha those 3 guys were the worst spys ever!!!

  13. Mona (US) says:

    Today’s episode was a bit boring…I’m enjoying the development of all the characters…RK is finally getting what he deserves, but because he’s jealous he cannot control his anger and says whatever comes to mind. I really don’t know how they will redeem his character, but with Vivian gone for 10 days, gives CVs enough time to build a realtionship between Sultan and Madhu, because of Aryan, Madhu will return to Sultan’s house and Bujang is going to meet her. I do think Bujang is going to instigate RK against Madhu and Sultan…since RK already doesn’t like the presence of another man in Madhu’s’s an interesting twist to see how that turns out.

    RK..RK..RK…why do you have to behave so badly? Why can’t you act like a normal jealous husband. In the precap, he says there can only be poison between us because if there was more(husband wife relationship) then he would stop her from going anywhere and would have the right to know about her whereabouts…he’s just acting like a jealous husband who loves his wife more than anything in the world…it’s obvious..I don’t want Rishbala to reunite too soon because alot of changes have to happen with RK’s personality and character…

    In the meantime, aren’t you guys enjoying Madhu’s empowered avtar?

  14. Xia says:

    Good night sweet dreams bye rudz

  15. Xia says:

    My hobbies r reading books learning different things especially languages writing n most importantly i love to sleep n in our home there r 6 family members

  16. Xia says:

    Ok i will always smile n u too

    • Rudz says:

      Ya di!u knw smile in face cn solve many probs…i luv myself a lot di..khudki….thodhisi silly vi hu..

  17. Xia says:

    Nice joke n hw many members r there in ur family n ur hobbies?

    • Rudz says:

      Di 4 membrs in my family nd urs?my hobby is givin gifts..nd wanna make happy those prsns who r close 2 my heart..frindship is da most precious relation 4 me..i always got luvly frinds..whats ur hobby

  18. Xia says:

    My fav colours r black white yellow green

    • Rudz says:

      Oh mine sea green, black etc…1 joke di-there was a boy whos hair was curly,1dy a boy said 2 him frind dat he doesn’t bath wid hot water..frind-why:
      boy said:if i then my hair wil bcum noodles..

    • Rudz says:

      Xia di-big smile,happy smile,smiley smile,dimple smile,toothy smile,winky smile..choose any1 bt di keep smiling…

  19. Moni says:


    A Nice story with a good moral. Please go through.

    A kindergarten teacher decided to let her class play a game.

    The teacher told each child in the class to bring along a plastic bag containing a few potatoes.

    Each potato will be given a name of a person that the child hates.

    So the number of potatoes that a child will put in his/her plastic bag will depend on the number of people he/she hates.

    So when the day came, each child brought some potatoes with the name of the people he/she hated. Some had 2 potatoes; some 3 while some up to 5 potatoes. The teacher then told the children to carry with them the potatoes in the plastic bag wherever they go (even to the toilet) for 1 week.

    Days after days passed by, and the children started to complain due to the unpleasant smell let out by the rotten potatoes. Besides, those having 5 potatoes also had to carry heavier bags. After 1 week, the children were relieved because the game had finally ended…
    The teacher asked: “How did you feel while carrying the potatoes with you for 1 week?”. The children let out their frustrations and started complaining of the trouble that they had to go through having to carry the heavy and smelly potatoes wherever they go.

    Then the teacher told them the hidden meaning behind the game. The teacher said: “This is exactly the situation when you carry your hatred for somebody inside your heart. The stench of hatred will contaminate your heart and you will carry it with you wherever you go. If you cannot tolerate the smell of rotten potatoes for just 1 week, can you imagine what is it like to have the stench of hatred in your heart for your lifetime???”

    Moral of the story:
    Throw away any hatred for anyone from your heart so that you will not carry sins for a lifetime.
    Forgiving others is the best attitude to take!

    Love Everyone & Be Loved

    • Adi pankhu forever says:

      I hate that teacher because she told them to use plastic bags n another word potatoes won’t get rotten in. a week

    • deiva says:

      nice one jerry

    • deiva says:

      jerry send a copy to rk also

    • pal961 says:

      @Deiva: correction…its moni…not jerry… 😛

      @Adi pankhu forever: its 100% possible that potatoes could be rotten in a week when it was kept in some air-tight pack…that’s why here plastic bag used…. 😛

  20. Xia says:

    Ya u r right i hate all boys except my dad bros n ya all guys r liars they dnt have any feelings but they r expect in lying but i love my bros n dad alot

  21. Xia says:

    Mine is on june 8 n urs n my bros get angry too fast n they dnt allow me to go anywhere so boring but i love them the most n they also love me alot but they r over protective phone main bhi baat karne nahi dete so boring

  22. Xia says:

    My all bros r elder than me im youngest n you dont have any sis

  23. Xia says:

    I have 3 bros n no sis n u

  24. Xia says:

    Tomorrow kya holliday hai n ya im really happy n u r calling me di n saying tum not fair u should say aap na?

    • Rudz says:

      Ok ok tum sorry ap chate ho to mai apko ap bulaongi..apki khushime meri khushi..hahaha..di hw many bro.sis.u hv?

  25. Xia says:

    Ya rudz im here wat r u doing n when r u going offline

  26. Xia says:

    Hi rudz dont be upset ok i want to say that u r a little girl but u r so kind u ll definitely taste awesome success n when is ur exam is it in june

  27. Rudz says:

    A spcial dinnr 4 xia di nd all who doesn’t take din.-a plate of love,a bowl of peace,a spoon of hope,a fork of care nd a glass of prayer…njy yr dinnr ha

  28. Xia says:

    No di im nt in fb n when r u going offline n di plz ask ur frnds do they ever went to ur college by walking 60 kilometers

  29. HoneyRima says:

    Woawww sikky’s dailogue was great,kya kamini hai dips,besharam kahin ka.. Loved today’s epi,precap is good..woh thappad.rk is being a a*******le..

  30. Xia says:

    Thanks rudz n ofcourse moni di im proud n kaise ho di moni di moni di plz hw r u n rudz i havent had my dinner n i will not take tonight n u had dinner

  31. Rudz says:

    Guyz thodi derme din.kark ati hu

  32. Xia says:

    Ya pal di gud night n sweet dreams n yesss mb gang main bohut bara magic hai very supportive n hind hearted girls r here in this family n rudz n moni di my leg is fine now n head too im really happy i really was amazed to see such a maturity in girls younger than me definitely i should learn from u all my di n sis n moni di hw r u n u won na wow im feeling proud to have a sis lyk you (just kidding ok)

  33. Xia says:

    @hi rudz im completely fine so happy after so many months of sadness i need to learn 4rm u guys u r a small kid but so supportive thanks alot n i got my confidence bact yesterday n hw r u rudz

    • Moni says:

      agayi meri dhadi.. :)
      kaisi ho..
      head ache , leg pain kaisi hein abh…??

    • pal961 says:

      thats really gud Xia :P….don’t worry…mb gang has magic to bring smile on face whatever the situation be… 😛

      gud nite dear…and stay always happy 😛

    • pal961 says:


      sry i just came back to say hello to Xia and bye too..hahaha 😆 ..gussa mat hona…:P

    • Rudz says:

      Xia di m happy 4 u di..i m gud 2 hd dinnr

    • Rudz says:

      @XIA DI-
      DIS IS 4 U DI-
      Muskan tumhari honton se jaye kabhina,aansu tumhari ankho me aye kabhina,dua hai ki pura ho tumhare har khwab,jo pura na ho sake wo khwab aye kabhi nah..may Almighty Allah fullfil ur lyf wid all da colors of joy,happiness nd recreation…..

  34. Mb says:

    Gn and sweet dreams dieva pal jerry aps moni kriya vishti madhu rk nd everyone present. Dieva : i m so sorry frd d language problem just slipped frm my mind. Frm tomrrow i will write in english so dat even u can understand nd enjoy. Actually with such serious note going on serial nd our lives as well as we al have hectic schedules i m just trying to chill out by making fun f sum f d scenes in d serial so dat mind gets refreshed. Fr example sultan about 3 tymes put bhujangs face inside d water but to our shock d tikka or d tilak on his face was intact as if it was waterproof tilak aps: thanx fr translating.bye tc.

  35. pal961 says:

    @moni@ rudz: hi dear…before u ask me…i tell u…my going gud and now doing final prep. for Sunday exam… 😛

    @Deiva: hi dear…hope you r fine too …. 😛

    miss u guys…who all r not present here or busy with ur exams…. come back soon 😐


    @GUYS…Good Night EVERYONE & Have a sweet dreams… 😛

    take care everyone… 😛

    • Moni says:

      hehehhehe… pal….u r becoming ishmarttttt……good
      gud improvement..
      good nite dear.. :)

    • Rudz says:

      Pal di hi best of luck di!yr dream won’t die,ur plans won’t fail,yr dstiny won’t change,da dsire of ur heart wil b granted only if u beliv in urself..nd i knw i dont need 2 tll dis u r our champion nah.INSHAALLAH U ll b able 2 pass any obstracles on yr way

    • pal961 says:

      @rudz: thanks dear…. for ur sweet wishes.. 😛

  36. deiva says:

    @ moni::

    padmini just wants madhu to be happy n lead a normal life like any other girl could have. its a mothers feeling 4 her daughter after she faced so much in her life. so she wants madhu to stay away from trouble (like rk , sultan n all )
    coz first madhu went to help mukkund became enemy of rk. now madhu got d chance to stay away from rk. but still she’s stressing it n wants to work in rk’s set coz of her ego n wants to show rk that she would never afraid or defeat before rk’s attitude.
    now she’s scared what fate would bring in madhu’s life 4 a don’s son. if madhu told them atleast part of truth like she went to look after her friend or sth then she wouldnt have reacted much but she hide d whole truth n lied too with her mother.

    • Moni says:

      hmm ya…!!! may be devia…
      Madhu is also wrong by hiding that nite scene to her mom..
      soo i ‘m agreeing with u nw.. but devia mice analysis yar…
      u can convience any one very nicely…:)
      Super like .. :)

  37. Maghla says:

    Hi all my mb pankoo…………Wow guys aj sikky na to kamal kar diya. Ab ayaga maza dips ko . But don’t like 1 thing guys, how can rk suspect our madhu. It’s not right rk. However radha ji slaped rk, it was good because rk was talking so rudely with our madhu. By the way whole epi was good. Rk feel jealous not bad. Ok guys bye. Good n8. sweet dream.

  38. aps says:

    Deiva…mb said k she observed 2 things in yesterday epi..1st was d dinner dey were eating khichdi n aryan was eating fried rice dis is bad bechara bhujang he was seeing d food wid so much greed n wat he got..seein d dinner he mst be suffering 4m acute chest pain n 2nd was wen ramukaka said k every policeman knws ur name ur name is on their tongue…as if before making them policemen instead of oath they have to take d name of sultan 108 tyms..

  39. tina says:

    life is too short for so much ego to be resolved. i think they should talk talk and talk to sort out their ego. this is prolonged a little too much…..

  40. deiva says:

    good night plp

  41. aps says:

    Pal..naam mein kya rkha hai re color to dono ka green hai na..hehe n hope so kal sb acha ho…mere se to aj tensn k maare dinner b ni kia gaya hai..

    • pal961 says:

      yaar…aps dinner na karne se result thode badal jayega…thoda sa hi sahi kar le …. 😛

  42. deiva says:

    @ aps ::

    what did u say abt d other dons disease yar i didnt understand mb’s comment as it was full in hindi tell me in english na yar

  43. Vishti says:

    Bye frnds. Sleeepy. Gud nite. Rishabala, sulbala, dipsikky drms. Choos wat u want. Bye. C ya.

  44. Xia says:

    Today’s episode was very good today i loved madhu n i loved rk too but very less sultan scene want to see him more

  45. Jerry961 says:

    @moni heyyo nd bye too..aur dekh mei jaa rhi hu ache bachii k tarah 😉 😉
    @aps tu mrng kyu ni aati h ?

  46. Jerry961 says:

    @pal as rk ne madhu ki spy krwai..itna b faith nhi h usey…bhag jaa..mei chali dd k paas..
    Nd ya dear kal se full taiyari..hai na..koi b prblm ho bs yaad kr lena hum sb h 8 days golden bna dei..

    • pal961 says:

      thancu!!! thancu !!! pyare :P…and yes…frm now these 8 days = sattar minutes of My chak de … 😉

      jo golden baney hai…thanks for being their for me.. 😛

  47. deiva says:

    @ moni ::

    no yar i dont think padmini behaves like a kid. she’s scared already madhu’s life has been ruined by rk. now she has been kidnapped whatever the reason be still it was a kidnap right?? what would plp talk abt madhu if she used to stay out in nights? all in chawl r filmy plp na so they cant say madhu went to shooting as e verybody would know d truth.

    • Moni says:

      Oh… this point i didnt think but ya this might be correct according to paddo but she can also talk softly with madhu as madhu is first of al lonely bcoz of rk…
      She can behave like a frnd rather like a rude mom

  48. pal961 says:

    @sanju: i know dear…links morning tak block ho jate hai…par…one more option is there… 😛

    ye colors channel ka link hai…yahan se download kar liyo…aur bookmark bhi laga liyo…

  49. aps says: fyn yar n hope tu b ab mast hai..i mean no tensn na n jb b tensn ho bas drink sprite n remember daar k aage jeet hai…:-) n dn’t wry u’l definitely b d winner..

    • pal961 says:

      yaar..its not spirit its mountain dew… 😆

      and ALL THE BEST!!! for tomorrow result…don’t worry sab tere favor mein hoga …i m sure… 😛 😉

  50. Vishti says:

    @pal.. M fine dear. S pal. Exam hogaye. Results on 30th march. Hw r u?

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