Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 15th March 2013 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 15th March 2013 Written Update by Armu4eva

Madhubala 15th March 2013 Written Episode

Part 1
Madhu storms into RK mansion n calls out to RK Dips intervenes n says.. CLASSY people stay here..

RK comes n says.. strange..wonder when Dips was christened RK? Madhu has come with bated breath to meet RK! He asks Dips to enjoy the scene ..quietly!

Radha comes n is delighted to see Madhu..!
RK asks her how n why she came ..not like she was passing by n wanted to abuse RK? [Kuch to khas hoga.. koi khayal to dil ke pass hoga..aaj to katl karke jaongi.. aisa kuch vishwas to hoga]
RK teases her about breaking her phone..! He taunts her about not being able to talk to her new near ones.. for distracting him .. for cancelling the shoot..n causing loss! He taunts her about wanting a phone from him?

He taunts her about being anxious about the incomplete call .! He sings.. ‘Mere piya gaye rangoon wahan se kiya telephone.. mobile tod gaya Right Kamena Aflatoon’! Madhu glares at him..! RK taunts that..look at the fire in the eyes.. seems mansion will burn down in two mins!
RK offers her money for the mobile! Madhu takes..! RK taunts her.. for taking the money n Dips says..the Madhu. who can take 40 lacs for 4 phears..wuld never hesitate..! RK quietens her..up!
Madhu says..she took the money.. not for her phone..n she can beat him at all .. things but cant beat him in falling low..! RK asks..why she took money then! Madehu calls out to hte three men who were tailing her..
Radha asks..who they are.. n Madhu smirks at RK..! She says. HER Son..knows.. them.. as he has deployed them to tail her..! She says..the guys were of low standard but deserve their salary..!
Radha taunts RK for his move..! Madhu asks Mister Rishabh his mom..! RK says..this matter is between him n her.. n Madhu says..there is nothing between them other than a poisonous valley..! RK says.. correct..coz.. if there was anything else.. it wuld be a bondage that wont let her go to strangers n spend days n NIGHTs with!
Radha slaps RK ..says she should have slapped RK long back..! She says..she thought he did it all coz of the fire of love n passion but stones dun set afire..! She says.. how much Madhu has done for RK ..but today RK is falling further down attacking Madhus self respect..!
Radha resolves to leave home.. n says that RK will end up lonely one day coz of all his misdeeds! She apologises to Madhu ..for giving birth to a person like RK..n Madhu asks .not to apologise as no one values her words!

Part 2
Radha asks Bittu to book her tickets for Delhi .. She asks RK who is he? Cant be Mohan Kundras son… he has no goodness! Madhu slams the money in RKs hand..! She tells RK that she used to regret.. loving RK .. now she feels disgusted that she ever loved him..!

Part 3
RK paces around in his room .. keeps thinking of Sult-Bala .. He sees pics of Madhu .. n recollects her happy mood talking to the other man..! He slams a bottle of drinks..!

Precap —- Sultan comes n breaks RKs car screen n drives off! Bittu – RK rush to the spot n RK asks who dare? Bittu shows RK a note..! Madhu comes..! RK tells her that all this is coz of her.. n shows Madhu the note left by Sultan!

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437 Responses to “Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 15th March 2013 Written Update”

  1. MaThu says:

    Wr is sultan…??

  2. pal961 says:

    today episode was fabulous one….mind blowing expressions were given by radhaji, madhu, rk and awesome dialogue delivery by all……. maza aagaya… 😆

    HATS OFF again to MB dialogues writer for mind blowing job in today’s epiosde.. 😛

    Now abt epiosde….1st of all,….whats a superb entry by madhu in rk mansion….with dialogue “MR. RISHABH KUNDRA….”..i liked that expression… 😉

    today dips was looking a Parhaku/sincere one…. “specs. woh bhi deepali”????…but kuch bhi kaho smart lag rahi thi…but tab tak jab tak she didn’t opened her mouth… ;)…by the way….she was teaching madhu abt classly ppl..who even don’t know the actual meaning herself…kaise kaise teachers aage hai duniya mein.. 😉

    today rk rockzzz with his dialogues again but…mix ones….some having rk standard & some nothing at all…but i liked the dialogue

    “Kuch to khas hoga,
    koi khayal to dil ke pass hoga,
    aaj to katal karke jaongi,
    aisa kuch vishwas to hoga….

    after so many days…i heard any dialogue that matches the rk standard…

    Again, In the influence of his jealously and ego he crossed his limits but this tym its too much…when he said line “spend days n NIGHTs with strangers..” i hate that could he dares to use such a cheap words for madhu…. 😐

    And the most mind blowing moment of today episode…RADHAJI’s SLAP TO RK…with so powerful expressions.. i loved that moment…and mind blowing dialogues for the scene written…

    “Nahi bittuji aj aap mujhe nahi rokege”…ahaan..why bittu ji will stop you..go ahead.. 😉
    “iss pehle thappad toh ussi din mardena chahiye tha..jis din iss ne mera pehli bar apmaan kiya tha…agar tab kisi aurat(woman) k apmaan aur shamaan k bare mein samjh leta..toh aj madhu k sath aisa kabhi nahi karta”………..ahaaan….” words for this aweosme dialogue.. 😛

    and during such a serious scene i was brust in laugh when suddenly Radhaji said “kaun hai tu” to Rk….

    whats this radhaji…ap ney inko nahi janati…HE IS RK THE SUPERSTAR…..vaise superstar hai….but kuch dino se aam aadmi ki tarah behave kar raha hai…typical Husband.. 😆

    by the way…radhaji what u said?????…bittu ji booked my ticket to Delhi????…plz plz…Radhaji whenever u reached Delhi meet me…i want to say thanks to you personally for that AWESOME THAPPAD(SLAP)”

    And RK miya congrats on completion 7 pheras with Thappad…madhu toh biwi bnani nahi…thappad biwi zarur mil gayi..hahahah 😆

    Abt precap…. 1st of all who said in morning sultan trashed car with rod…dear its “BAT”..spelling B-A-T not ROD…whatever leave it…. WOW!!!!! superb six hit on car 😆 … dekh kar maza aagaya….though its just a trailer still …

    and I guess in that letter..lines were written like…” kya kaha tha…bura hal karega …chalney layak nahi chodega….something something…”…by the way ..main real dialogue writer nahi wait n watch tomorrow episode what actual dialogues written there in letter.. 😆

  3. Aine says:

    Hello friendz.any1 present there??

  4. renu961 says:

    hai maghla,mb,rishbala,sabeen khan,deiva,…

    @mb:thanx a lot dear n wen trishna got slap,…no dear,…Actually,i want a slap 4 her 4m padhu r malik r roma r madhu,…but,they disappointed me,…so,m damn sure its 8 slaps,..6-rk,2-madhu,…

    friends,…now,my mood got spoiled due 2 my inefficiency after seeing gate results n 2morrow,m having an exam,…so,m going offlyn dear,…

    last tym too,i missed it nearly by 0.3 sth n this tym it increases by 1 mark,…see,how my per4ance,…

    gn friends,…

  5. Mb says:

    Madhurk: thanx. Renu: dont b sad yaar….see god gives u d best thing so may dis bank thing dis best fr u.nd i hav given d summary fr u see d cumment below. Dieva: thanx gal..i thout u were hurt by my cumment. Dieva d cvs know dat even if dey potray rk as egoistic short tempered still d concern fr madhu is never lost.its just dat now slowly realization is cuming later on redemption will cum but d hilarious part is dat tomorrow seeing d letter he is gonna think dat madhu boyfriend is being possesive about him nd he vandalized d car becoz he broke d phone. My god even todau song dat he sang showrd dat he is so pissed f with dat new man in mdhu lyf . Thinking dat madhu is angry becoz she is unable to talk to her new aashiq. Gn everone.

  6. deiva says:

    @ renu :::

    r u there??

  7. madhurk says:

    pal di, jerry, maghla gn dear

  8. deiva says:

    @ pal :: where r u?? renu needs u as she thinks her as waste of space 4 breaking her promise to u that she would clear her gate exams. come soon n calm down this little girl

  9. madhurk says:

    gn friends rk ko kisi bhi tarah truth pata chal jaye toh woh madhu ko galat toh nahi samjega. Rk please madhu ke pyar ko mahesus karog madhu rk se rude behave karke rk ko just jata rahi ki she hates him . Par woh pyar karti hai. Thats why rk ki kadvi baate sun li par rk ko sultan ke bare mai nahi batayd rk ki life ke liye.

    • deiva says:

      hey rk loves madhu a lot. when ever he fights with her or wants to make her happy he always says its only bwt him n madhu n not 4 ousiders. today also he wanted everything bwt him n madhu so only he kept deepali quiet. but why always madhu lets others to interfere bwt them?? padmini, radahji , often dips. she would let them curse or badmouth rk n will stay watching them do it. but rk shuts d plp who talks wrong abt madhu even if its her mother or sister as he said its only bwt them.

  10. Rudz says:

    Hi evry1 anyone there

  11. Mb says:

    Bindu: thanx fr calling me keen observer sounded pleasant to ears. U know…once in a while one shuld b praised r else my mother is always after my laziness. Renu: hi……hw r u dear? Renu dis week madhu came closer to dat sultan son aryan. We goty to know dat sultan is a good don . He does not harm people unnecessarily. Bhujang is d bad guy wants to becum boss f dons so is against sultan fr sultan is d present don boss i mean. He is dere to annoy us with his strange ways. Rk has gone super jealous. He has started feeling dat he is so uncomfortable by seeing madhu with sumone else nd also wen she laughed talking to aryan on phone he mistook him to b her new boy frd and abused him on d phone. Sultan gets to know dat and he is angry at rk so tommorrow wil b vandalizing his car. D biggest news is dat sikky has got sum brains and has told ya….now get ready fr d historic moment…wen dips dis tym as usual told her to shut up ..he retorted back saying why always me shut up now u shut up….yes its hard to believe ..i had tears f happiness….atlast sikky is taking control over his wife.nd yes rk had hired 3 stupid luking spys to get to know about d man but unfortunately madhu caught dem nd brought dis matter under radhaji knowledge..nd radhaji seeing rk back records gave him a one tight slap. … dats makes it d ninth slap f d serial nd seventh f rk.6 slas f rk ..1 slap fr madhu wen her mother got to know about sultan chapter she slapped her nd den 1 slap to trishna i guess dat was wen ballu track was going on r suumthing i dont remember.

  12. madhurk says:

    gn friends rk ko kisi bhi tarah truth pata chal jaye toh woh madhu ko galat toh nahi samjega

  13. Rishbala says:

    Hellooooooo……. X any 1 present????

  14. Maghla says:

    Bye guys. Good n8.

  15. Maghla says:

    @ renu don’t be sad. Everything will be fine yar.

  16. madhurk says:

    nice shayari mb . I like the episod because screen par madhu and rk the . Rk ko maa ne thpped mara iska gam nahi hai bas madhu ke door jane ka dar hai. Isliye toh mar khane ke baad bhi sultan ke bare mai soch raha hai. Ek baat toh hai ki rk madhu se junoon ki had tak pyar karata hai. Dard toh use bhi utna hi ho raha hai jitna madhu ko par ye ego? N jane kab jaye ga? Lagta hai madhu ko jab gang war mai goli lagegi tabhi rk ka ego bhag jayega

  17. Rishbala says:

    Hello gyz any1 present bohot din hogaye chat nhi kiya app logo k saat wo actually exams chal rahe te or ab sirf do aur exam rehgay than i will b promoted to another class…

  18. Sabeen khan says:

    Good night dosto.koe be muj sai bat nhe kar rha.main phr apna kal ka exam hei prepare kar lati houn bye dosto,

  19. sanu says:

    i love yuh RK and madhu. yuh both are cute together but i hate Rk attidude always loveing yuh RK <3

  20. renu961 says:

    pal,..i failed n i broke my promise 2 u n m a waste person,..sorry dear,…this friend always regret after wasting her tym that’s her business n she not at all worth of being ur friend dear,…

  21. Sabeen khan says:

    I thnk koe be present nhe ha?????

  22. Maghla says:

    Mb may be u r right.

  23. deiva says:

    @ mb:: what r u saying?? how can i say u had hurt me intentionally by commenting abt sultan. even i was saying it in a sportive manner ma. anyways u mentioned ramukaka said all police knows sultans name then what is the need 4 him to gi in his own. but again ramukaka himself said nobody has seen sultans face ever. so whats wrong in roaming around to get some fresh air?????? hmmm he might have spared rk coz he owed madhu but he created another problem bwt madhu n rk sucessfully.

    tomorrow rk would link him breaking madhu’s phone so her bf came to avenge rk by breaking his car. now thats not fair in saying rk is wrong coz anybody in his situation would conclude d matter like this only.

  24. Sabeen khan says:

    Hye shruti di.r u there??ap kaise ho.main apko bht miss keeya,

  25. renu961 says:

    hai friends,…

    how r u all?????????????

    i missed u all sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

    i dinn see mb these days n who is this bhujang n wat is his relation with sultan n is there any relation bw him n madhu,…

    & tell me a brief story of this week ya,…

    friends,…1 big sad news,…m not qualified in gate, score was 21.67 n qualifying mark was 22.5,…

    all my effort went waste, m settled with bank itself,..& i worried 4 not applying 2 bhel,..its also waste coz i dinn qualify itself,…then wat’s the point of talking,…its all coz of me,..i dinn prepare well n i thought i was right,..but i was wrong always,….

    pal,…ALL THE BEST dear,…

    • deiva says:

      renu going to have dinner now. after that i’ll tell u what happened. but dont say ur efforts gone waste as what we learnt would help us someday. so no regrets ok

  26. Sabeen khan says:

    Jerry di hye.di exam bht acha howa aine na prepare karvaya tha to acha hona tha na.ap btao ap kaise ho??

  27. Mb says:

    Pal,jerry,dieva,maghla,bindu: dont u people think dat in today statement f rk dere was sumwhere a subconcious regret as to why sumthing didnt happen between him nd madhu atleast dat way he culd hav stopped hr frm going away becoz at present he seems to hav lost al his control over her.i was just thinking..wat do u people say

  28. deiva says:

    @ bindu ::

    no bindu i dont think sultan became don to take revenge 4 his wife’s death. may be he’s in this field since childhood. but his wife might have died 4 saving sultan or his son. so he wants to bring up his son courageous person n independent to anybody

  29. bindu says:

    one thing for sure ,directer is really sucessfull in making us (audience ) to love the RK,s character and hate him as much we love his character at a time,

    thnk first time in television,,,

    love-hate will b generally between two charecters,surprisingly with the same charecter with RK (onscreen) and audience (off d Screen)

    really hatssoff to directer,

  30. Jerry961 says:

    Right kamina aflatoon 😛 😛

  31. Mb says:

    Dieva: i am f d opinion dat why did he vandalize d car…does dat make ny sense he culd have warned rk just lyk dat nd morever if he is such a influential don den dont u think dat letter which he wanted to reach to rk culd hav reached him any other wy also if d cvs did not want rk nd sultan to confront each other dats ok but such a move is never taken by big nd powerful dons..becoz he is every move can put him into danger so it was very illogical f d cvs to show dat he came al d way to just vandalize d car…and talking about father love i do not deny d fact but i m just going according to at personality dey hav showed in d recent episodes f sultan so it came very unexpected to me dat he just went dere nd vandalized d car .if dey showed dat he wa about to harm rk but den left him becoz he owed to madhu and as madhu is rk wife so he did not do nything dat wuld have been more acceptable. Morever i had not d slightest intention f hurting father child relationship here….i wrote wat i was expecting dat sultan will confront rk dats it. Sorry if it did hurt u in ny way.i had no intentin f doing dat.

  32. Maghla says:

    Hey jerry i think director has gone mad. They represents our rk as a bad guy. I don’t like. They spoil our sweet rk’s character.

    • Jerry961 says:

      Wait maghla…kuch toh abi bindu’s cmment…suddnly aisa kuch hoga ki humare saare prediction wrong ho jayenge :)

  33. bindu says:

    is aryan sulthans son? if so why wont he allows him to call him papa,ok may b for safety ,but ,its unconviencing that a father cannot treat her son lik tht espcally feverwala epi,at tme we doubts ,he concern him and comforts him ,ruling out t doubt!!

    but something is there in the sulthans past,may b death of his wife or other which mad him to tak revenge on the others in name of don??
    may b he targetting bhujang !!!!

  34. Sabeen khan says:

    Helo dosto.any1 present there?

  35. Maghla says:

    Jerry tera pp network masst tha yar. Hehehe…..

  36. Jerry961 says:

    @pal r u there kya ??

    • bindu says:

      RITE JERRY,last episodes i hated RK lik noone can,but n tdays epi,the way he was quiet to radhajis words ,mak me thnk ,d there any reason!!

  37. Maghla says:

    Guys i don’t like todays epi. How can rk tell so rubbish things with madhu. It was good that radha ji slaped rk. He deserve 2 slaps not 1. Day by day mb is getting bored. Please writter we want our old rk . Not the present rk ,who even doesn’t know how to show respect to women. But radha ji was too good in todays epi.

  38. Mb says:

    Rkmadhu: i just sid dat….imagine sultan being such a big nd powerful don…according to d servant we got to know dat he is so dangerous dat policemen cram his name as an oath day dey hav to nyhow catch him dat sultan risked his lyf by cuming ou in daylight in d city fr taking revenge frm rk so he shuld have done sumthing gr8 lyk trying to beat rk head with dat bat r sumthing lyk dat trying to harm rk….we lyk fools holdiong our breatg dat may god give rk sense nd he does not cum out nd we r thinking if only madhu cums on tym nd saves him but to our utter surprise he vandalizes d car instead nd den leaves a note. He is such a disgrace in d name f…..if he wanted to do just dis den he shuld hav sent sum one inferior to him rather cuming al d way frm forest risking his lyf. So i m just doubting if he really is a don

  39. deiva says:

    @ bindu ::

    even i was hoping to see rk would shock madhu n us again with another stunning performance by saying the reason behind dumping madhu. waiting 4 that day.

    • bindu says:

      s deiva ,director ,and team shown the moments they spend together are completely fake,why cannt we expect all these actions as fake??

      i too hope they will mak rk as sacchawala one day,,,!! ❗ ❗

  40. Aku says:

    I m too happy with todays episode coz today only there was precap for sultan and the best part is rk is back with his super cool dialogues it was awesome i just loved it:-* B-)

  41. Jerry961 says:

    @bindu i agree..aisa hi kuch jaldi ho :)
    @kriya and ritz gud nyt..sweet dream
    @chotie kya huaa..mood kyu off h

  42. deiva says:

    @ mb ::

    sultan himself came to break rk’s car coz its a father’s protective feeling to keep his son happily always. it becomes more when the child has any problems , might be discouraged even 4 a small thing. so he wanted to do whatever he wants by himself as its a concern.
    abt his son.

    not ramukaka can feel his pain as a father

  43. Sabeen khan says:

    Hello dosto.kaisy ho ap sab???

  44. bindu says:

    i dnt knw how,but one thing for sure ,Rk will b the one ,not sulthan ,they are passing clouds,though they strom for more than a bunch of epi,s ,i think team wants us to hate rk as much as we can ,but all of sudden (one Epi) like that dumping epi,nakli shaadi epi,they will mak us to lik rk as purana wala madhu ka Rk

    i cant say how,why ,but i am expecting it

    wht d u say??

  45. Mb says:

    Ritz: seriously yaar its lyk we saw fr d frst months ki rk was doing all fake wala love jiska concept mere ko samajh mein hi nahi aaya ..aisa laga jaise ki 6 mahine pyaar karne ke baad he realized ki are mere ko toh thappad ka bada lena hai…so chalo back to evil kundra aur phir… Ab socho hum log agle 6 months baad ga rahe ho..attitude wala….vasoolon wala…..garibon ka rakhwala……fake wala don..

  46. Anonyms says:

    Hey bindu tanq .can i know Which is ur mother tounge ?

  47. Ritz961 says:

    ohk frnds… final wala bye…
    bye kriya,jerry,vishti,bindu,shruti,sneha and everyone

  48. deiva says:

    wonderful episode after so many days of dull episodes rk was tooo good nobody can beat him no sultan no one.

    why always plp thinking bad abt rk?? if he had done spying madhu with a bad intention or with ego then he would have contradict radhaji or insulted her too. but he didnt do that na??

  49. Jerry961 says:

    @mb u r jst amazing..hum toh deewane ho gye h aapke..haha..abi jo b situation btaya na sultan ka..wo mei imagine kar ke maje lein rhi thi…hahaha.. 😀

  50. Kriya says:

    Okay bye bye doatn..kal milte h…c ya

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