Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 18th December 2012 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 18th December 2012 Written Update by Armu4eva

Madhubala 18th December Written Episode

Part 1

Radha comes to Madhu with a photoframe n gifts to Madhu! Its her n RKs pic! She says that now that Madhu has made a place for herself in RKs heart… the pic should get place in Rishbalas room! Madhu rues..that why RK has doubt on her feelings? Radha gets the pic fixed on the wall ..! [In the pic RK is looking at Madhu]

Madhu gets up on the ladder to remove the pic recollecting RKs bitter words! RK comes n Madhu trips n falls into RKs arms! [RK ne catch pakad liya] BG- Tere dewane! Rishbala eyelock! Madhu says she was trying to remove the pic n RK says she is a liar! She again tries to get up and RK holds her hand n closes in on Madhu from back!

She asks him to tell her a way to prove her love! RK says she was shocked hearing his conditions..! She can live die for him but wont come with him! RK shusshes Madhu as she tries to explain n he says..coz she wants to fill happiness in the lives of all! RK says.. pyaar bhi hai..dard bhi ..she wants to make everyone happy n agrees to her..! Says she fixed the broken heart in a stone like him! Madhu explains ..n RK says ..better not to talk else she cries.. n half words flow away in tears! RK asks if she will come when all is well? Madhu says.. yes.. wherever he wants.. whichever jungle.. mountain .. anywhere.. n she needs only his love.. n him! RK holds Madhus hand! He says.. no one can separate them!

He says he wants to make pavitra his mistake n wants to do marriage of 7 pheras with her! BG- Tere ishq pe Rishbala hug! RK says..they will proceed the relation once they take 7 pheras.. n till he solves her family problems their wedding vid will be on PAUSE! Madhu asks about his family .. his mom? RK asks if he is keeping conditions? Madhu says.. in front of her is her Rishabh…! RK fumes..! She tries to cup his face but he walks off! RK is painting n recollects Radhas remarriage! He drops the colors on the floor n recollects his childhood memories..!

Next day morning .. RK wakes up in the painting room with colors on his fingers..! Calls out to servants . but Radha comes n helps him wash his hand..! RK fumes seeing Radha..calls out to Madhu ..n then walks off..!

Part 2

RK keeps calling Madhu but she does not receive..! She watches the whole drama! RK calls out to servants! Radha gets his tea and informs servants are on leave! RK gets up n walks off!


Part 3

RK is in the kitchen.. looks at the cup of tea.. but decides to make his tea but struggles..! Madhu assures Radha to relax.. says he will drink the tea..for sure! RK struggles with making tea n finally picks up the cup of tea.n drinks!

Precap — RK asks someone to send choco box to the home of the heroine of his movie.. n Madhu fumes..! She asks who it is ? RK says her souten!


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  1. aarya
    December 24, 13:40 Reply

    now everything is gona 2 fine

  2. Kriya
    December 19, 08:57 Reply

    Thanx deiva…
    Actually i was not clear…so wrote ‘may be’..
    Thnx fr clarifyng it:)

  3. aps
    December 19, 08:38 Reply

    @ritz…me apurva only we talked in d aftoday earlier!!!

    • Ritz
      December 19, 08:49

      Hi apurva..
      gud evng

  4. aps
    December 19, 08:37 Reply

    hi ritz. kriya, n all mb frends…..gud eve guys…

    • Kriya
      December 19, 08:59

      Hello apurva…

  5. Ritz
    December 19, 08:30 Reply

    Hi ermi..
    m gud , how r u???

  6. Ritz
    December 19, 08:28 Reply

    Hi frnds,
    deiva,fathi,shalini,kriya,anonymous(mini) …
    gud evng guys

  7. deiva
    December 19, 08:16 Reply

    hi fathi…

    there’s no connection bwt rk n balraj. but he advised rk to destroy madhubala as he also did same with his madhubala. balraj told rk that he’ll come n meet rk to know how rk dealt with madhu n madhu’s end story

    • Fathi
      December 19, 09:01

      Thanx deiva

  8. ermi
    December 19, 08:13 Reply

    hi all friendz how r u? kal ki epiosde achi ti.. aur aj ki bhe achi aye giiiiiiiii…… so alll friendz enjoy MEIEJ.. 2 gantey baad MEIEJ start hoga……..

    • Fathi
      December 19, 09:05

      Hi ermi,how r u?sorry dear I don’t understand Hindi.
      Can u explain in english

  9. ermi
    December 19, 08:11 Reply

    fathi: phela relaction woh rk ka susur hai…… second woh 2no 1 tme jail mn mile ty………… really he is chmkooo insan……. i hope rk madhu ko us balaj se bachye ga….. aur madhu ko kab pata chale ga he is her father……….

  10. Kriya
    December 19, 08:03 Reply

    @anonymous…may i knw ur name?

  11. Kriya
    December 19, 07:55 Reply

    Fathi….No connection is there as such…
    Ab rk is a superstar so
    May be he is his fan…
    Or maybe wen they both met in jail…so ballu jst wanna meet him…he is a type of chipku….

    • deiva
      December 19, 08:21

      hi kriya…

      balraj is not rk’s fan. they just met in jail as u mentioned.
      but balraj said once he’s free from jail he’ll watch rk’s all movies n surely will come to greet him

    • Kriya
      December 19, 08:00

      Ohh…its ok… Ur welcum

  12. Anonymous
    December 19, 07:41 Reply

    Plss somebody tell me about TRP PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ:-)

    • Anonymous
      December 19, 08:12

      My nick name was mini on this site bt i can not comment here bcoz of sum problemz.:-)

  13. Anonymous
    December 19, 07:38 Reply

    Guyss… Can Someone Tell Me full form of TRP PPLLZZ.:-)

    • Kriya
      December 19, 07:47

      Trp-Television rating point

  14. Kriya
    December 19, 06:54 Reply

    Gud evng ritz…
    N thanx for d news….
    He is such a hungry man…..
    Har kisi ka khaana kha jaata h…
    In jail also he ate rk’s tiffin…
    Here in vanity van also…
    Wen he wl come 2 knw tera mujhse h pehle ka nata koi wid mb…den he wl create a mess in their lives…abhi in d startng toh he wl irritate….
    N he wl b there 2 create troubles in d marriage also….
    But how rk wl deal wid him dat wl b worth watchin….

    • Anonymous
      December 19, 07:51

      THANKSS KRIYA U are a very Good Girl:-)

  15. Ritz
    December 19, 05:54 Reply

    Hi kriya,
    gud evng

  16. Ritz
    December 19, 05:44 Reply

    19 Dec 2012 E24 segment
    balraj meets madhubala
    balraj in rks van eating up rks lunch that madhu made for him. He sings, tujhe mujhse hai pehele ka naata koi.. Looking at balraj grossly eating rks lunch madhu gets disturbed n a lil scared n goes away
    interaction happen between rk-balraj with madhu in the same scene
    OFF – SCREEN :
    DD: yay! We[raj zutsi n herself] gave our 1st shot together,congrats! (she side hugs raj) .. I came in rks vanity n see him eating up another persons lunch?
    on probing what is more to come in MEIEJ by reporters
    both raj n DD says if we divulge everything, what will the audience watch in show?

    • shalini
      December 19, 07:45

      thank you ritz

    • fathi
      December 19, 07:49

      can you pls tell me ,why balaraj coming to meet rk ?what is the cnnection between rk and bal

  17. swapna
    December 19, 04:37 Reply

    hai deiva ur great yaar very nice
    updated dialogs i love it thank u

  18. Ranju
    December 19, 02:50 Reply

    Hi everyƶne gudafternoon.

    • Ritz
      December 19, 02:58

      Gud afternoon ranju

    • deiva
      December 19, 03:26

      hi good afternoon ranju n ritz

    • Ritz
      December 19, 05:50

      Hey deiva

  19. Kriya
    December 19, 02:27 Reply

    I think my fon’s battery is abt 2 finish..
    Its popping on d screen..battery low….
    Meet u after one hour…
    Bye ritz n fathi…

    • Ritz
      December 19, 02:34

      Bye kriya

  20. fathi
    December 19, 02:23 Reply

    ` 1New promo picture!!!
    RK n Bittu at a party… RK asks bittu who is
    the battameez insaan who has invited me to his own party n made me wait… Bittu says thodi der ki baat hai aata hi hoga…Then BG voice says “Ateet ne di dastak laut aaya hai khal nayak” and then Ballu’s face shown… laughing n opening champagne bottle.. like Sanjay Dutt in khalnayak movie.. RK looks at him angrily… BG song mai hu khalnayak

    • Ritz
      December 19, 02:32

      i saw d promo fathi

  21. Kriya
    December 19, 02:20 Reply

    Dnt worry yar…mb wl b on 1st position…
    If not in charts also…its on one in our hearts..ryt na
    Ohh godd…despo baatein kar rhi hu main..hehe

    • Ritz
      December 19, 02:22

      u r ryt

  22. fathi
    December 19, 02:19 Reply

    New promo picture!!!
    RK n Bittu at a party… RK asks bittu who is
    the battameez insaan who has invited me to his own party n made me wait… Bittu says thodi der ki baat hai aata hi hoga…Then BG voice says “Ateet ne di dastak laut aaya hai khal nayak” and then Ballu’s face shown… laughing n opening champagne bottle.. like Sanjay Dutt in khalnayak movie.. RK looks at him angrily… BG song mai hu khalnayak

    • Kriya
      December 19, 02:23

      Ya..i saw d promo….
      Thanx fathi…

  23. Kriya
    December 19, 02:17 Reply

    Dats y i love this show coz all our predications go wrong..n wen v see the episodes its so fresh n interestng…ryt na???

  24. Ritz
    December 19, 02:16 Reply

    Aaj TRP result out hone waali hai,
    m vry tensed yr!!

    • Anonymous
      December 19, 02:23

      @ritz…dn’t wry acha h hoga…jst hve faith.. N ya we all were cursing trishna dil se bt nw i jst thank her becoj of her only our rishabala r together…though she has done it unknowingly but dne it.:-)

    • Ritz
      December 19, 02:39

      anonymous, 4rm where u r???
      whats ur name???

    • Anonymous
      December 19, 03:07

      My name is apurva ritz n me 4m lucknow, india…u???

    • Ritz
      December 19, 03:20

      M 4rm kolkata

  25. Kriya
    December 19, 02:14 Reply

    Wat all v predict abt this show…turns out 2 b wrong…
    This is d uniqueness of d show..
    Dnt u guys feel it….?

    • Ritz
      December 19, 02:48


    • Ritz
      December 19, 02:10

      Ya, m here

    • Ritz
      December 19, 01:57

      in my home
      actually, ajka class cancel ho gaya

  26. Kriya
    December 19, 01:48 Reply

    Main aa gai ritz….woh activa pe hu na toh isliye….

    • Anonymous
      December 19, 01:54

      hii everyone….me commenting for d first tym…..guys pyar ho to aisa ek din mein hi sari misundestanding door ho gayi….lovely!!!

    • Anonymous
      December 19, 01:56

      hi kriya, ritz, fathi, devia. sathi n all….

  27. Ritz
    December 19, 01:47 Reply

    how was clge today????
    everythng was fine nah!!

    • Kriya
      December 19, 01:51

      Haan it was good… aaj assignmnt submit kra dia na…toh feeling free….
      Teachers ko comment toh krna hi hota h…ma’am said…thank you kriya….i said ur welcum ma’am…
      N den she was looking at me so angrily….main toh bhag li fir wahan se….

  28. Ritz
    December 19, 01:44 Reply

    Where r u gone kriya??!!!!!
    m waiting 4 u yr

  29. Kriya
    December 19, 01:33 Reply

    Hey good afternoon everyone…

    • Ritz
      December 19, 01:37

      Heyy kriya..
      gud afternoon

  30. maghla
    December 19, 00:15 Reply

    Good morning all my mb friends.

  31. prathima
    December 18, 22:43 Reply

    good morning to all mb fans and all my friends…

    • deiva
      December 19, 03:25

      hi sathi…

      thank u

  32. Kriya
    December 18, 21:32 Reply

    Good morning frnds…
    @fathi…hope wat u wrote happens….den it wl b so cute….
    Bye meet u all in afternoon

  33. fathi
    December 18, 20:41 Reply

    my guessing,,,

    RK asks someone to send choco box to the home of the heroine of his movie know..thats not for the heroine,
    it`s for his real heroine and biwi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!may be my hope will come true..will seeeeeeeee

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