Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 19th February 2013 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 19th February 2013 Written Update by Armu4eva

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 19th February 2013 Written Episode

Part 1

RK calls the servants..! Madhu is surprised to see Radha at her home..! Paddo refuses to acknowledge her. .but relents..!

Radha seeks apology from Madhu …for the set mess… Paddo asks.. what sort of mother is she..doing this?? Radha says..she is a mom in law too n she wants to prove that Madhu wont break..!

Paddo says.. Madhu is not a toy .. a human… who gets hurt..! Radha says sorry again! Madhu says.. she n RK are in two separate worlds.. n they better not meet ever.. !

Radha says. RK wants to see a broken Madhu .. but she wont let him win n Madhu needs to face RK n he needs to know.. HE IS THE LOSER! Radha tells Madhu that she needs to show that. .no one not even RK can become RK! Madhu says.. she wants to start a new life. .n doesnt want.. any RK .. in it..!

At his room RK imagines Madhu .. as a dupatta falls on him..! BG- Na jane koi …! RK tries to touch Madhu .. but she is not there! He fires servants for not throwing Madhus stuff out n they do…! Madhu keeps looking at RKs poster n recollects Radhas words! RK looks at Madhus jhumkas n throws them off too .. ! He sees the ganesh idol ..Madhu brought n gets flashbacks..!

Madhu remembers her .. chant [new tune] and resolves.. to face RK!

At the set next day.. RK is shooting ..! The actress tries to chat up RK but he cuts her off n asks her to keep shut ..! She calls for her hairdresser.. n Madhu arrives..! RK is stunned seeing her back! He asks her if she din have enouf ?? Madhu ignores him! Director calls for shot… ! RK cuts the shot n drags Madhu to his vanity n shakes her .. and asks why she is here? Madhu warns him to dare touch her again… !

RK says.. Jungli Billi… n Madhu says.. last time he named her SHER! Madhu says..if he is ok?? or feeling dizzy?!

Part 2

RK tells Madhu to get out.. as he doesnt like her face! Madhu tells him to hide his face! RK calls security . .n Madhu says.. kids call moms like this! Madhu tells RK that she is not a weak leaf.. which will get swayed away.. but she is a cactus.. which is full of thorns.. n is grounded.. n will not bleed!

Madhu says..she wont shed tears.. but fire..! She has moved on.. n has no time to cry!

Part 3

Madhu says.. Love at First Sight n Hate at Last Fight..!! Madhu says.. whats there to fear a piece of cardboard…”?? She tells she needs to maintain no losing nor fighting him!

Precap — RK on set..decked up in police costume..! RK tells Madhu ..that .. tum aai to apni marzi se ho..jaogi. .meri marzi se [Deewar] Madhu says… Ye police station hai tumhare baap ka ghar nahi … [Zanjeer]!

No picture today sorry…

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828 Responses to “Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 19th February 2013 Written Update”

  1. bindu says:

    madhu u roczzzzz,sach meih tum ek sherni ho,,,,


    gud nit all my friends,,really i m happy to hav a bunch of beautifull roses as friends,bye ,c u

  2. Kriya says:

    For superstar rk’s movie, they couldn’t evn found a suitable heroine…itni ghatiya…!
    But rk ne massst utari…maze aaye….

    N awesome confrontation of rk madhu….
    Main ek cactus hu, zameen se judi hui, ekdm mazboot si…
    Love at first sight..n hate at last fyt..bestmbest h ji…
    Rk’s female version, junglee billi, sherni….n now cactus….
    Cheap n standard dialouge was very good…ex-biwi rocked d vanity van 2day…security bhi hil gya…hehe…
    N precap…ohh me…interestng..ahan!

  3. pal961 says:

    @renu: hey dear… ya i am really very very very happy abt ur decision… :)

    by the way..have u read my msg on y’day page..for you????

    and why u said that…you won’t able to write ur exam…is ur training extend beyond one month ???

    moreover..m gud but missing u alot dear…n ya preps. r okay… :)

    but you take care of yourself…did u find any new friends there or not???? πŸ˜‰

  4. Diksha987 says:

    Thanx,JERRY,hope u r enjoying a lot of american cheese sent by me through post.

  5. finusa says:

    Go Madhu! Show him what you got!!
    Its good to see a woman as a strong character! We are not weaklings!

  6. abhi says:

    Please add pics soon,thank you so much !! :)

  7. pal961 says:

    @Moni: really moni…congratulations!!!!…celebrations…lalalalala.. πŸ˜€

    our treat plz…chalo nikalo nikalo…no excuses plz……mb gang ka rule hai in celebrations you have to give chocolates…so hurry up moni… πŸ˜‰

  8. shruti says:

    2day’s epi was vry nice luv u madhu

  9. renu961 says:

    hai pal,kriya,jerry,deiva,sanju,ritz,sathi,drs,aps,aanya,alina
    anjie,aine,kappa,Shalini,sadhana,ranju,maghla,mona,sys,sumaiya,deepa,alisha,diksha,esha,sim,Sums,bhavya,varnika,suphoo,zara,sara,fathi,millie,ann,dani,ermi,shobi,kr,vishti and all my new friends(sry ya,i didnt welcome u all n i dont know ur names too)

    i loved 2 days epi thru wu,…i can enjoy somewat without watching it.

    madhu,..this spirit i wanted 4m u n now u got it,i will enjoy it thru u as m feeling ur pain,….

    rk,..i know u r doing all these 4 some reason.watever it may be i love this hate n love romance more han previous track

    @deiva,…how is ur group 1 exam? n wat about ur bro’s arrival???everything is fyn na n i prayed 4 u 2 happen watever u want in ur life.i hope my rama will hear me dear,..
    @pal:pal,…u will be more happy coz ur friend has developed a +ve attitude in her n she will face any pblm in her life in a brave manner lyk my queen n how is ur preparation dear n m not gonna write ibps so exam coz of my training.pal,i felt tis training increased my interest in banking field dear,…
    @sanju:sanju,…i miss u darling,…n how is ur daughter dear?
    @jerry:my sweat heart,??? i missed ur joke n u too very much dear,…
    @aps:aps,…now m not at all feeling lonely as all my friends r with me thru mb,hei na???
    @ritz:hai dear,…i couldnt talk with u n m sry that i blamed u last tym without noticing ur old cmts 4 the reason u stated 2 ur absence dear,….dont mind it ma???

    & friends,…now,only i got this infn,…4m 2morrow i will have my classes till 6 n so again i cant chat with u all dear,..

    i will come 2 onlyn after 10pm r 11pm n that too 4 30 min only,…

    coz,even the world turns dark,i wont care as i wanna talk with u all or else my next day will not move ahead,…

  10. saima nauroz says:

    Wow madhu aaj tm ne to kmaal kr diya!very nice!
    Waise bhi chup rh kr kch Ni milne wala yhan..madhu k liy ek sherarz hai:
    khamosh mezaji tmhe jine Ni degi
    is daur me jina hai to kohram mcha do..

  11. bindu says:

    may be true,i failed to express my feeling in right way,,it is reverse order ,but beautifully potrayed love hate relationship,awefull screenplay

  12. Moni says:

    Ya ya.. :)
    Pal Happinees in extremess… :)

  13. Rudz says:

    Hmmm!dat’s wht we r waitin’for…hai nah…kya jawab dia madhune…hats off…rk get ready 4 meet real madhubala!not da swt innocent ur ex biwi!
    Btw hw r u all…yestrday i missed u all…

  14. shruti says:

    hello!!! can i join u?

  15. madhurk says:

    love the episod. Shayd yehi starting hai madhu ki flim industry mai aane ki

  16. pal961 says:

    @Moni: how was ur interview…???? :)

  17. pal961 says:

    guys…one gud news…don’t worry abt these no. of dislikes here…bcoz its won’t affect the ranking or anything as … :)

    just read this…i had asked admin abt this matter n he has replied…

    “Currently Likes/Dislikes are not included in weekly rankings or ranking popular shows as we don’t think it’s a proper way to calculate the ranks.

    It’s just there for readers to vote whether they liked episode or no, and to leave appreciation to person who spent time and wrote the update.”

    so just chill guys… πŸ˜‰

  18. bindu says:

    story took a 360 degree turn,,,same old rk ,same old madhu ,and same hate with incomplete love,,,,

    • ARJUN&PURVI says:

      no it is not the same! you have to look carefully.
      their behaviour seems the same but a lot has happened and they both know what is between them….
      from time to time this will shine through and make the story more complex

      gosh what am i saying, im not even a real fan of madhubala.. but I like the turn coz the romancing rk was not convincing, i always thought he admitted his feelings to soon. and now see – i was right!
      all that romance was just not the real rk

    • Moni says:

      Not 360 degrees turn bindu.
      it’s just the reverse order..!
      Till date itsRK’s time for taking revenge but now its Madhu’stime… :)

    • pal961 says:

      @moni: I agree with u….now its madhu time… :)

  19. Moni says:

    @Pal come fast and rply yarr…
    Waiting for u here… :)

  20. Ritz961 says:

    okay guys!!!!
    ill b back after 1 hour

  21. sharil says:

    Oh gosh poor me!!! I didn’t knew anything about it kaash pta hota m ko bh…..but kya kisine chat Kia??????

  22. hai says:

    plzz where is deiva’s update..

  23. Jerry961 says:

    Hello ritz pal sanju aine moni diksha..nd mb frnds
    see u all after 1 hour..miss u ol.. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  24. bindu says:

    hi,friends, hai every one,,,

  25. Jerry961 says:

    @ diksha..follow dese
    1. Go to and register yourself.
    2. Upload your custom avatar on gravatar site.
    3. When you comment on DesiTVBox, in Name field.. use your username of gravatar site. InEmail field.. use the email that you used on gravatar site.
    When Name and Email fields match on gravatar and DesiTVbox,your custom avatar (which you uploaded on gravatar site) will be displayed beside your comments.

  26. N says:

    Rk wanted to see his jungle billion and she is back . I again think rk wanted to give her identity and that why he did this. Otherwise why would he get disturbed by maths mere memory.

  27. Moni says:

    Hello Ritzzz..:)

  28. Moni says:

    Awwwww..!!! Such a great performance by Madhu… :)
    Very very impressed…!!!
    Cactus vala dialogue tho dil chuliya yar.. :)
    @pal, Jerry Aine hi yaar..
    How r u guys..:)

  29. Ritz961 says:

    hello frnds!!!!!
    hi bindu,pal,jerry,sanju,sumaiya,rishbala,aine,diksha

  30. sharil says:

    Llive chat k kya scene h guys???

  31. lipika says:

    madhubala shamsher mallik i mean rk ki female version is back.hehehe

  32. Jerry961 says:

    Mast dialogue..
    Love at first sight
    and hate at last fight… πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰
    Ye police station h…tumhare baap ka ghar nahi..amitabh bachaan zanjeer 1973.. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰
    Nyc sng collection- naa jane koi kaish h ye zindagani..hmari adhuri kahani..
    Super duper mast episode…waitng 4 tomorrow.. πŸ˜€

  33. sanju91677 says:

    kal khi page mein last comment tumhara hai wahi maine tuje hai bola ai check kar
    Its ok yaar tumne woh kahawath suni dost koh agar sorry thanks bola toh dosti khi umar kam hojayegi agar tumhe humari dosti kam karni hai toh teek hai
    I wish tum meri samne hoti toh zor kahchata lagathi
    @pal ,jerry ,sumaiya good night yaaron

  34. madhubala says:

    madhu ka sherni wala look dekhne ke liye hum jaise taras gaye the!!!!!!! but now our thirst is over ………….rk tu toh gaya kam se…… was the best episode
    ever…….4ever……..luv u

  35. Diksha says:


  36. Anonymous says:

    Madhu rockzzzzzz. Rk suckzzzz

  37. Aine says:

    Nice episode.madhu rocks.i love u madhu.

  38. sanju91677 says:

    rk madhu neh toh teri band baja dhi bye guys mera ppe is back
    @renu byeeeeeeeeeeeee

  39. Ritz961 says:

    hey, guys!!!!
    live chat jst khatam hone wala hai… 9pm

  40. sanju91677 says:

    kya bath hai madhu koh dhek kar rk neh ek dialogue bhi nahi bola sab khey samne uss kah hath pakad khey vanity mein lehaaya

  41. sumaiya961 says:

    update fast please…….

  42. WaNi FaTiMa says:

    Lat lag gayi mujhe tu teri lat lag gaye Drasti-Vivian

  43. Diksha says:

    Update fast plz plz plz

  44. bindu says:

    radha ji is so responsible and loves her daughter in law at most,,,,,

  45. Rishbala says:

    Gyz who chat wd vivian and drashti live I cant chat becoz the light had gone and now the internet is very slow

  46. aki says:

    Well done radhaji………… Hoping for nice epi……

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