Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 20th September 2012 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 20th September 2012 Written Update by drashsree100

Madhubala 20th September Written Episode

Film Studio

Same scene continues where RK reveals his dad’s death . He says that day itself in evening I did funeral of my father , my happiness n everything was lost … thus these weren’t just pics but a part of my life or my life that existed till that moment ! Meanwhile Bittuji enters with people to take them out . RK hearing noises goes out where Bittuji clarifies relentless showers & filled roads the reason of their delay . RK asks Bittuji to wait for 2 mins n he’ll come out . He goes asks Madhu to change . After changing she comes out , hands over his coat n thanks him… RK notices the dori of her blouse untied . He stops her & tries to tie the dori but feels real awkward & hesitates . Finally unable to tie it feeling uneasy he simply covers her back with the sari aanchal , drapes it around her & scoops her up in arms since the car was placed quite far from studio . The moment door opens they are faced with the throng of media but he nonchalantly carries her in front of them . Madhu’s expression is soft .


He takes her to chawl to meet Paddy . Therealso he tries to carry her but Madhu says she can walk . With RK”s help she reaches her house & Paddy opens the door . Paddy showers tons of questions on Madhu’s whereabouts & reasons why she left ! the obvious notion she concludes that RK might have done something but Madhu stands in front of RK defending that he’s innocent & did not do anything . She does not know but she just left the house & was about to call Paddy when RK found her & brought her here. Paddy informs that RK came here as well last night to find her. Finally Paddy tells her never to do such things … Madhu bids bye to Paddy asking her to take care & Paddy does the same .

RK mansion

Madhu tries to say something when RK stops her & asks not to look at him like that . He reduces 10 lacs from the sum that she’s supposed to repay . RK tells Madhu to forget everything , that was a weak moment when he opened his most dark secret to her ! but that does not change anything , he knows Madhu lied to her mum for him but he doesn’t want pity n sympathy from her … the entire family is waiting so they should get going . Madhu again has difficulty to walk so RK scoops her up & enters mansion .

Madhu in RK’s arms is witnessed by Radhajee & Kukku . Radhajee again grets them with tons of questions on their being & whereabouts when RK puts in there’s no big deal that he spent a night with his wife where their hearts came close and they shared some talks , there’s nothing to get hyper ! saying so he proceeds towards stairs only to be halted by a voice .


Entry of Deepali

Deepali comes & says that RK just wasn’t there for 1 night & he’s greeted so grandly . She goes to say that what he thought she’ll stay in London only ; she got few days off so she came here . She looks at Madhubala and tells that since she landed she has heard loads about the latter ! RK musn’t have said anything to her so she introduces herself that to whole world RK lives with in this house alone but that’s not the case ! she’s the daughter-in-law of this house .
Madhu’s , well , trying to grasp what she just heard when RK lifts her once again & asks Bittuji to call the doctor . Saying that he proceeds to his room where scene focuses on Deepali smirking ‘


Precap — RK tells Madhu you must be thinking that I share such weird relationships with my mom , step father & brother ! well Deepali’s relation with me is also of that sort an imposed one ‘..


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52 Responses to “Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 20th September 2012 Written Update”

  1. Profile photo of aksa aksa says: Verified

    The first time I saw Deepali and RK was their and gets absolutely furious I never even thought for a second that they were married but yes I had a feeling that he liked her and she betrayed badly that is why he has so much hatred for her.

  2. drishti says:

    To see more & more beautiful pics of Rishbala πŸ™‚ click here :

  3. aarya says:

    now who is she.. deepaliiii devil
    if rk loves her ???

  4. drishti says:

    now i think may be madhu is trying to understand R.k after knowing his truth.

  5. drishti says:

    Mythi & Aarya where u ?

  6. drishti says:

    awesome episode πŸ™‚

  7. Profile photo of aksa aksa says: Verified

    Loved it when RK was about to take madhu upstairs and he hears Deepalis voice and looks at her angrily he fumes. RK gets absolutely furious seeing her.

  8. Profile photo of aksa aksa says: Verified

    Wow RK is just so amazing.

  9. AJ says:

    What a cute episode<3 I love Rk and how he tried to hide his feelings for her is so beautiful depali will bring a twist to the story because in my opinion she's evil but just cuz she looks and acts like an evil person maybe she's not like that we don't know? Rk will take care of her so good and plus depali's plan sucked lol she got them into 1 bedroom in a day by not even trying that hard. Personally this story's conflict is way more interesting then IPKKND. That story line is going way to slow i like the romance but srry i love vivian since the 1st time he aired on television! I think all depali's plan wil fail and u know get the 2 closer but 1 plan i think of hers will almost succeed w

  10. aishwarya says:

    thanks for uploading this a very cute pair

  11. anni says:

    sooooo…… romantic episode
    rishibala rocks

  12. soniya says:

    ya i think deepali is wife of sikky for god sake she should not be rk aka vivian wife ya…if she comes btw them …… i will kill her i swear that stupid ladki…….

  13. VINU says:

    Thanks for updating with beautiful pictures. I love RK & Madhubala pair too much. Deepali may be gf of RK.

  14. Anonymous says:

    thanks its very awesome episode

  15. Anonymous says:

    I m definitely sure that dipali is sikky’s wife…coz if she was a rk’s 1st wife then rk’s mom never accepts madhu as his wife πŸ™‚

    • Devika says:

      No guys she is not RK’s wife but his gf. I read it in desitvbox only dat seema mishra to enter madhubala and dat she’ll tell madhu 2 stay in RK’s room and also dat there r gonna be sum sweet nok jhok between rishbala(OMG)

  16. sl says:

    why would RKs mum be smiling if this dipali came? she would have herself told madhu earlier. she is either sikkis wife [who maybe interfers with RKs life as an annoying bhabhi?] or RKs gf who was about to marry RK but went to london first. she would have made a bigger deal if she was him wife and he got married to someone else. and she clearly knows Mdhu and RK are married. HOWEVER she was wear a mangelsutra?! so she must be married. i hope to god she isnt RKs wife. maybe she has a similar story to RKs mum? for example, maybe she was with RK but then [under some weird circumstance] married sikki instead, kind of like how RKs mum married another man straight after the death of Mohan Kundra. any thoughts?

  17. Arshi Fan says:

    i think may be she’s sikky’s wife…I hope so coz radha and kuku are smiling seeing her!! If she was Rk’s wife then everyone should have been surprised!But since everyone was smiling that means she is sikky’s hubby.

  18. Devika says:

    Well, rishbala rocks, in 2day’s precap RK says ye ek aur thopa hua rishta hai which means dis is another forced relation

  19. Arya fan says:

    No yaar depali is not rk’s wife.i read 4m india forum that she is rk’s gf.but if she tries to come between rishbala,i will definately kill rishbala is just stunning couple.nobody can make dem seperate.

  20. Devika says:

    Cud u please write in english. We wud all luv 2 see ur comments

  21. arvi fannzz says:

    whos this deepali inbetween our beautiful jodi??

  22. Devika says:

    Actually its not yet clear who is dis dipali. But as far as I can guess, she’s either RK or Sikky’s wife. For 2 reasons i guess she’s RK’s first wife- (1) who wud like 2 marry sikky;-) (2) by d luk on Rk’s face and precap-thopa hua rishta.

    • rishbala rocks says:

      thanks devika…i dont know hindi wat is ‘thopa hua rishta’?if dipali s gonna cm bw rishbala i am gonna kill her….

  23. rishbala rocks says:

    thanks for the beautiful pics….

  24. rishbala rocks says:

    frnds just luvd the episode…..madhu and rk is the best pair…thanks for the fast update moderatorji….anyway who is dipali frnds?wat does she mean by daughter in law?plz explain frnds….

  25. Hunar says:

    In precap its not a circus, a Mela

  26. sanjana says:

    so so…… adorable couple.

  27. DravianRishbala fan says:

    Guys! 3rd position! 3 cheers for rishbala!

  28. Agrataa says:

    Ok, now a new member in RK’s family. And dis time a daughter in law of d house! Is she RK’s wife???? Whosoever dis dipali is, if she interferes in Rishbala luvstory i’ll (@?:@ΒΏ!@;->) dis dipali

  29. Anon says:

    Guys she really cant be RK’s 1st wife or something rt??

  30. sravani says:

    its nice.i think there is a realtion between the lady and rk .

  31. Anonymous says:

    thanks for update but i want clear update plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  32. rishbala fan says:

    pls upload d pics as fast as possible
    m waiting eagerly

  33. S.k says:

    Thnxx bt vryyy mchh short! =(

  34. rishbala fan says:

    Best episode ever
    thnx for such a quick update…
    awesome …
    so cute…
    i love this couple
    won’t you ??

  35. lovleen says:

    simply love it!! plz add pics soon !!

  36. hida says:

    ep intΓ©ressant, mignon tous les deux

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