Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 21st February 2013 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 21st February 2013 Written Update by Armu4eva

Madhubala 21st February 2013 Written Episode

Part 1

Madhu asks why she has to go to RKs vanity? The heroine says..its an order!

Madhu comes in RKs vanity..! BG-Hauslo se..! Madhu knocks on RKs vanity van door n RK asks.. if her heart beat faster.. when she heard RK needs her? 😛

RK asks her to close the door once she gets inside..n she does! 😮 RK asks for head massage..! 😉 RK tells her where oil is n Madhu says..she knows.. n RK says..coz she was here before! 😛

Madhu spills oil ..n calls spot to clean or RK might not like n RK teases..saying she cares..! Dil toota ..puncture hua.. fracture hua.. but she din stop! 😆 RK asks Madhu to react.. n forget RKs action.. but she doesnt!

Madhu walks near RK n her dupatta stuck.. in his coat.. bg-Bin tere! RK stops himself from removing it.. n Madhu removes.. the dupatta. ! Madhu gives RK hair massage..! Flashbacks of past! RK says enouf..!

Madhu starts to leave n RK says.. not done.. n starts to unbutton his shirt.. n Madhu is flustered! ! RK asks why is the lioness nervous? He asks her to give back massage..! Flashback again..! RK asks if she wishes to run? He says..she is like dust..which can be simply blown over..! Madhu storms out. .slips on oil n falls..! RK rushes out n massages her feet! 😳 He asks if she is in pain.. ! Eyelocks..! Madhu pulls her leg off..and tries to get up but struggles..!


RK tries to help but she refuses his help..! RK picks up Madhu in his arms and asks for chair..! He tells her that its more fun to fight.. when both are equals.. n she is in no fun fighting..coz only he has sole right to beat n hurt her..!

Bittu asks if she is ok? She says yes..! Madhu is limping.. Bittu offers lift. .but Madhu refuses! 🙂 Bittu says…she has lived her life she is fine..! She goes off in rick!

Paddo sees her and asks what happened to her..n she says.. nothing! Madhu diverts..talking of food..! Trish puts oinment on her leg! In the car.. RK is lost in thoughts of the day spent with Madhu.. n jerks off..!

RK tells Bittu n driver to come in taxi n drives off..! Bittu rues that.. hope RK doesnt go too far to beat Madhu ..else he wont find anything to return back!

Part 2

During dinner, Paddo tells Madhu that he got to know she tripped coming out of RKs vanity..! Madhu evades.. but Paddo chides her..n tells her to stay at home..!

Madhu says sarcastically ..that.. they talked of her fighting back.. but now n Paddo says.. she wont RKs set.. thats all.!


Part 3

Madhu asks why?? Coz of RK?? She asks from where will Paddo throw RK out? She cant cower down.. ! She says..she will go to set .. stand in front of RK with head held high! Wont break.. bend nor hide..!

Paddo says..fine ..fight. .n dun listen n walks off!


Precap — RK calls out to Dips and asks .. if what she said.. will she really? Dips says.. yes..! RK says. to think thru as she is married..! Dips says..she has thought thru..! RK sets her hair lock n goes off.. saying he will need it soon!


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811 Responses to “Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 21st February 2013 Written Update”

  1. aarya says:

    Dil toota ..puncture hua.. fracture hua.. 😉
    dialogues r always awesome
    & smilies r so perfect 😛

  2. drishti says:

    awesome epi…with puncture hua wala dialogue 😉
    flashback scenes .. 😛 😛
    r,k cares for madhu…

  3. sanju91677 says:

    Shayad aaj bhi tum yeh comment check karo kal khi tarah renu i misss you yaar apna khayal rakna haa sat koh tum mom khey paas ja rahi ho na khoobh enjoy karna aur haa apni training par pura dyan lagana tum jaroor tumhari dream complete kahrogi renu

  4. Aine says:

    Shruti:bye dear,

  5. Anonymous says:

    :|] :'( >:( ,’:\ 3:C 😎

  6. alishba says:

    bye bye every1 bcuz i hve study warna gar walay petay gay @c u all in today’s page luv u all

  7. anonymous-1 says:

    I think so,verna bittu ji aisa bolega???

  8. sanju91677 says:

    Haa yaar muje bhi yash pasand nahi hai but i like him as maan maan is best hai naa
    @dhiksha,shruthi,alishba,bindu and all my mb frnds
    Bye jaan padega

  9. alishba says:

    also like yash nice person

  10. Aine says:

    Hey guyz.any1 present?

  11. alishba says:

    shruti m name is sanah n frm kashmir doing pg

  12. alishba says:

    sanju mein nai geetmaan kai saray epi. dekhye hai n congrts

  13. sanju91677 says:

    accha aap sab koh toh maan geet pasand hai aur rk madhu kah toh dewangi hai par kya yash aarti pasand hai maine yash poocha not maan singh khurana guys only about yash maan khey khilaaf mein toh kuch nahi sun sakthi

  14. anonymous-1 says:

    is RK blackmailed by someone to behave so with Madhu????????????????????????????????????????

  15. sanju91677 says:

    @shruthi iss page kah ek rule hai no sry no thnku than only u r accepted teek hai

  16. sanju91677 says:

    @dhiksha haa yaar woh first grade mein select hua hai

  17. sanju91677 says:

    Aap mein se kis neh geet maan dhey ka

  18. alishba says:

    shruti yes chatting fr ist time with u if u dnt mnd kuch apnai bharay mein batavo

  19. sanju91677 says:

    Kaha hai tumhari sari comments chek karli tumne maan geet rk madhu apni sarsan khi sarg khey bahreh mein haa apni exam khey bahreh mein lika aur kya hai bura math mano ek aur baar likdoh

  20. alishba says:

    dazzler where r u yar missing u sooo much

  21. sanju91677 says:

    Kya samaj nahi aa rahi hai meri jaan kya explain kahroo

  22. alishba says:

    [email protected] name is sanah n m frm kashmir

    • Diksha says:

      SHRUTI pad liya ,vaise mei darti nahi høon,bas ek insaan se darti hoo aur vo hai MAAN S.KHURAANA,KHURANA CONSTRUCTIONS KA MAALIK.

  23. sanju91677 says:

    Tumhari pyar hi toh yeha keench laya abh aagayi bohloh dher sari baathey karenge kaisa raha tumhara din
    Hai welcome to mb gang

  24. alishba says:

    sanju m gud yar sry bhool gayi mare memory so sharp hehe@ kriya hi yar kaise ho congrts fr full pi.

  25. alishba says:

    diksha my day was gud if u dnt mnd tell me sumthng abwt u

  26. Kriya says:

    Kabse m fixing my vampire….
    Yipieeeee….now he got his full face…aaahhh…feeling soo good….
    Full profile pic…yeah…!

  27. alishba says:

    hi my payri sanju hw r u dear aj pheli bar tum se chat karnai ka moka mila may i

  28. sanju91677 says:

    @all my pyari pyari pyari pyari doston koun hai yeha

  29. alishba says:

    hi diksha kaise ho yar hw was ur day

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