Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 22nd April 2013 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 22nd April 2013 Written Update by Armu4eva

Madhubala – 22nd April 2013 Written Episode

Part 1

RK calls Sultan from Paddos moby despite her protest! He asks Sultan where Madhu is ..? Sultan says.. RK? RK says.. din call to hear my name.. connect me to Madhu! Sultan says.. she isnt here.. and its surprising..he doesnt know where Madhu is? What did he do with his wife? Tortured her..Threatened her.. ?? RK says.. he doesnt like anyone talking about his wife and Sultan says..he doesnt like anyone asking him about their wife! Sultan advices RK that he beter mind his ways and behavior with Madhu! RK asks Sultan to keep his advice with himself..! Sultan tells RK that he is forgetting..he called Sultan! He says that.. if Madhu were his wife..he would have given Madhu all the happiness in the world so that she would not need to leave him..! RK cuts the call and walks off..!

Sultan calls Paddo and asks about Madhu ..! Paddo says..she is fine.. n that she has messaged that she is at her friends place.. maybe she knew RK would be coming so..! Sutlan says.. means she is fine. .n Paddo says..yes..!

RK is on the phone and asks Bittu if he called Police Commissioner yet or not?

RK suddenly notices Madhu fast asleep on his couch wearing saree n looking gorgeous..! BG- Tum hi ho..! He notices… candles lit all around… dinner set..! Madhu wakes up .. Rishbala eyelock..! Madhu smiles shyly looking at RK! Madhu late? She asks him to sit n says..she made his fave Gobi Sabzi.. a bit burnt.. n Kheer.. which isnt burnt..! Madhu starts to serve dinner..! RK tells Madhu that he wants to talk to her..! Madh usays..she too..! RK asks Madhu if she knows how crazy he went looking for her? He recounts. the whole thing.. of going to chawl.. calling Sultan.. n asks why she forgot her moby? Madhu says..she got the idea to make all this special stuff for came home in a hurry n forgot moby! Madhu pulls RKs arm to make him sit n asks him to eat.. else it would go cold! RK asks Madhu to let him read her know what they are saying n what they are hiding! Madhu asks meaning? RK says.. the Madhu who couldnt sit properly with him in the car.. is making all this special stuff for him? What changed in 7 hours? Madhu says.. everything.. can change..she heard the story of a hero-heroine-villain .. n he had asked what should be the END of this story? Madhu says..she thought a lot.. after he left! Madhu says that RK had asked if today Sultan had fired bullet then? Does he need the answer? RK says.. his questions wil remain anxious till she introes them to her answers… so answer! Madhu says..she would have snatched Sultans moby n shot him .. n not let anything happen to him… n if anything had happened she would have brought him back from the jaws of death!

Madhu says..he knows..she can do it.. she has done it before.. n if she couldnt.. then she would have shot herself .. n reached the same place..where RK would have reached.! Madhu caresses RKs cheek..! BG- Tum hi ho! Madhu-RK eyelock..!

Madhu says that between these 7 hours..the story she heard.. has connected her to RK for 7 births..! Madhu gets up and walks with RK arm in arm..! Madhu tells RK that there is nothing to be surprised. in all this .. after all heroine always goes to the hero..! Madhu says..this story is between hero-heroine.. and if they are not together there has to be a reason..! Madhu tells RK that he had said that he sees her everywhere.. in his life n in his dreams.. n that he cant imagine her with anyone else.. ! Madhu points to RKs chest n says.. what is there.. is called HEART which he has… and it has no confusion .. n that it does not beat.. it says.. Madhu .. ! Madhu hugs RK ..! RK is quiet the whole time.. assessing Madhus words ..! Madhu says.. she can hear her name in his heart beat..! Madhu says.. no matter what he says in anger.. even if he is conscious .. he wont admit that he is TEDA.. n caresses his face n holds his face in her hands n says.. pure ke pure MERE ho ..! Madhu says.. she knows.. RK does not trust anyone.. even his own feelings n thats why ..he looked away from his own feelings he hurt her.. broke her heart .. n took revenge from her..! Madhu in tears.. and RK emotional too! Madhu says.. that RK broke not just her heart but her too .. broke her faith on love n relations! Madhu says..she wanted to hate him .but she could not..coz many times what we want does not happen.. ! She says that.. no one knows why Sun burns but not moon … why waves crash on the shores n return .. back to the ocean. ! Madhu says… why we start loving the person we hate .. no one knows.. !

Part 2

Madhu tells RK that ..his revenge. .his betrayal is done… ! She helped him to get free from his anger n hate. .else how would that love come in his heart..? Madhu says..the storm that blew her off…how would that have come? Madhu says.. RK …whose one name is Love too ..beyond the realms of sanity … n to get this love …she will fight.. with all her strength.. with all .. with RK .. with his complicated heart. .till RK has fight in his feelings.. till Rishbala become one…n till RK .. becomes Aryan .. Rishabh aur Madhubala..!


Part 3

Madhu tells RK that he had asked what would be the end of the love story? Well every love story has only one THE END… heroine returns to hero forever..! BG- Tum hi ho..! RKs face softens…! Madhu brings a glass toy with Bride carrying Groom in his arms..! Eyelocks..!


Precap — Madhu tells RK that she has returned .. coz she knows. RK loves her.. Madhu hugs RK! BG- Hum hai dewane..!

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  1. Laiba16 says:

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  2. rooba says:

    ok frndzzz…..good niteeeeee….@sanju:am ok di…..or pta main apny village jaa rhe houn uhdr hmara ghar haa.main apni mama kaa sath rhti the aus ghar main jb main bht chooti the……….ok frndz bye…….**

  3. vinti says:

    okay guys bye gud ni8 swt drms @sanju [email protected]@[email protected]@ritu and everyone who al are present

  4. sumaiya961 says:

    good night friends……sweet rishabala dreams…

  5. sanju91677 says:

    mathlab inshort totalllllyyyyyyy enjoyed
    its ok
    u r happy naaaaa

  6. bindu says:

    HAI,hw r u vinti

  7. vinti says:

    fine bindu what abt u? And ritu dr.bye gud ni8 swt drms.

  8. sri says:

    sunthing s fishy n d sudden change n madhu accepting RK…wat unguys think?

  9. Tasha says:

    If Madhu was so stupid to return to RK, then she is the most degrading woman on this earth.

    • tanni says:

      dont call her degrading.. she is d most lovable & sensible girl.. she is giving another chance to her love bcoz she knows how much RK loves her and she also knows dat they both cant live without each other, they both r madly in love with each other.. she understands all these which u dont understand

  10. vinti says:

    directorji always gves many surprise to us.

  11. sanju91677 says:

    kaha gayi
    muje kuch batane wali thi abh bolo kya huaaaa

  12. Annie says:

    too much confusing epi…. i thnk madhu should not do this,,,otherwise this will break rk and madhu tooo……madhu plz dnt do this……she can’t do this….what will be the difference then???so sad….:(

  13. ritu says:

    ya… i hope yeh revenge na ho,
    ohk bye @sanju di,@[email protected],@[email protected],@erum,@bindu,@sumaiya,@madhurima and all..
    gud 9t guys!!

  14. sanju91677 says:

    jerry ji
    kittteeeeeeeeeeee hoooooo

  15. suma says:

    is it true or not pls anyone can tell me.i am totally confused

  16. vinti says:

    @i thnk it’s rk dream.

  17. bindu says:

    sab jagah humara hai @ mb gang ka hai!!

  18. khanshowkat says:

    Samaj mai nahi aata ki madhu rk se revange le rahi hai ya such mai rk ke pass loat aaie hai , ek baath to paki hai ki madhu rk jaise khodous nahi hai ,madhu rk ke saath kuch b bura nahi chahegi kuen ki madhu rk se sachi mai bohat pyaar karti hai

  19. rooba says:

    @sanju:hye di…….kaisy hoo ap?????……*

  20. vinti says:

    confusion this real or dream?

  21. sumaiya961 says:

    guys i am sure madhu is not taking revenge…..

  22. sanju91677 says:

    pooch liya abh bataoo kya hua???

    • Husna says:

      Wo sanju di kal meri nani or khala sweden se islamabad airport se quetta jane wali ti wo log pore 5 saal se pakistan nhi aaye te… To ami b unke saath chali gai phir mere papa ne hum bahen, bhai ko pora islamabad dikaya hum pehle islamabad mai rehte te wo ghar b dikaya… Jab hum airport se nicke 1st we went to zoo, there we ate golgappa the we went to dameniko it is a hill from where all islamabad can be seen , than we went to faisal mosque there we offered our prayers than we went to MC, donalds and then fatima jinnah part there was a festival we enjoyed and than we came to home at 9:00 clock.. I was joining u gyz but i felt very very tried so i didn’t came on this site sorry for that ok…

  23. bindu says:

    kaisey ho sabh log???

  24. vinti says:

    sanju di.if u don’t like to call u as boss.sorry!holding my hands in my ears.

  25. jeeva says:

    agar madhu rk nahi pasand yeh thak tik bt this revenge it will really spoil madhu character i am totally confused with this show by god

  26. HoneyRima says:

    Confusing epi.. What’s the real reason behind madhu’s sudden change?? Can’t understand!!

  27. saran says:

    This shd b a dream.. r madhu shd take revenge.. waste episode..

  28. bindu says:

    hai everyone!!!

  29. vinti says:

    why madhu suddenly changed?is any revenge thr in madhu’s heart.

  30. sanju91677 says:

    @ritz ji
    haaal kaisi hai??????

    • Husna says:

      Hello sunju di i was not able to come on this site yesterday and when u will ask than i will tell u the reason ok hehehe…..

  31. sanju91677 says:

    hai guys

  32. sanju91677 says:

    abi aap koh hassi aarahi hai ya rona
    pehle aap batao phir mein bataoongi

    • sumaiya961 says:

      rona(but khushi ka asoo)itne di bad rk aur madhu ka pyaar dekh kar main bohot khus hoo…..aur is khushi ke karan mere ankhoon se asso a raha hain

  33. Husna says:

    Hello every1 how r u all sanju di, ritu , vinti , laiba , rooba and every1?????

  34. rooba says:

    hye frndz…..mujy episode bilkul bee sumj nhe aaya…….yah madhu kya kr rhe ha…….******

  35. sumaiya961 says:

    sanju di: hi di!!i am confused,what happend to her suddenly??do u think madhu is taking revenge from rk or madhu really gave rk a second chance??

    • sanju91677 says:

      madhu neh bhi revenge liya toh rk aur madhu mein farq kya rahega ????
      she is madhu
      its our mb
      jo bhi hoga unique hi hoga
      wait toh karna hi padegaaaaaaaa

  36. ritu says:

    meko nah bohot tensn ho rhi hai.. madhu ye sb revenge k liye toh nai kar rhi hai?

  37. vinti says:

    sanju bosssssssssssssssss hehe

  38. sanju91677 says:

    i am confused and excited

  39. vinti says:

    nw gng cme soon.

  40. Laiba16 says:

    i think madhu is taking revenge from rk…

  41. rooba says:

    hye frndz…..mujy episode bilkul bee sumj nhe aaya…….yah madhu kya kr rhe ha…….*

  42. sanju91677 says:

    hai i am fine
    what about you

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    fine laiba.what about u? And sanju boss hehehehe hw r u?and hi hi

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    pls fast update

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    hello vinti how r u?

  47. vinti says:

    hello guys fast update pls pls waiting

  48. Laiba16 says:

    hello everyone

  49. aksa says:

    I dont like sultan once again he is not Madhu`s husband so why is he saying all this. RK Rocks everytime. I just Love RK he is the best.

    • raghavi says:

      yaar, Sultan is trying to make RK understand how precious she is that even a guy like Sultan is able to fall in love with her.
      RK deserves this and he must be punnished for all that he has done.

    • petra says:

      Neither RK is Madhu’s husband.

  50. sanju91677 says:

    yaar madhu neh paddoo koh text kiya i am frnds place????
    kya ho ra ha hai

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