Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 26th July 2012 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 26th July 2012 Written Update by Armu4eva

Part 1

Mukkus dad gets call from relatives about Madhu coz of the newspaper! Mukkus sis is shocked n reads

‘RK ki nai laila .. Madhubala.. jiske hath me pehnai thi Hathkadi. .
ban gai uske gale ki Mala’

Their phone keeps ringing ! Mukkus mom wishes ill of Madhu! RK and Bittu read all papers n grin triumphantly! RK sings ‘Chalka re… ‘ n remembers the fall catch with Madhu!

Madhu-Mukku r drooling on each other in the taxi..! She checks her phone.. its not working! Mukku offers to buy new phone for Madhu! Madhu asks him to save for their dream house!

Mukkus mom calls him n asks him to come home PRONTO! Madhu asks Mukku to go home as his mom wants!

Shammo has BP attack n take meds.. ! Paddo asks if Trish culd contact Madhu .. but Trish says no..! Paddo asks Trish to call Mukku but his phone is busy!

Roma gets more papers n all are appalled reading the headlines! Shammo asks Roma and Trish to shut up! Paddo is panicked! Madhu comes to the parlour and all guys start flirting with her .. n ask her for her RATE CARD!

The parlour ppl ask Madhu about what she was doing with RK esp on her engagement?? They start taunting her.. n Madhu is appalled and show her the newspapers n pics!

Part 2

Madhu tries to explain herself .. but all say no one will believe..! Madhu realises that Mukku n ors must have known the matter..!

The parlour owner says that no one will come to their parlour coz of all this n asks Madhu to take leave!

Madhu on her way home is lost in the taunts she got to hear n breaksdown! The rick she is sitting in too has RKs pics!

Part 3

Mukkus mom starts to abuse Paddo n all .. about this whole ITEM thing .. n her relatives taunting! Mukku tries to oppose but Mukkus mom says.. she isnt doing anything!

Madhu overhears! Mukku defends Madhu! Trish says..they were all there but Mukkus mom says that the story seems to be true!

Precap: RK is doing dart throw practice n Bittu says.. not only did they get the target right..the traget came to them right! Bittu asks for further orders n RK says Madhu will come to him on her own!

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56 Responses to “Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 26th July 2012 Written Update”

  1. drishti says:

    @ mythi,thank u dear ,all pics r nice.

  2. drishti says:

    2 & 3 pics r showing access denied,why ?? tell me.

  3. Mythi says:

    In precap, RK says Madhu will come to him on her own 🙁
    evil mind 👿
    But how :roll:

  4. drishti says:

    what about trishna,she still don’t know that she acted for a fake movie.

  5. aarya says:

    @drishti congrats In return…. , bas yun hi/for 2nd like
    nice answer

  6. Profile photo of aksa aksa says: Verified

    Hate mukund and his family.

  7. Profile photo of aksa aksa says: Verified

    Whoooooo now RK’S turn to take his revenge waiting for the next WU.

  8. aarya says:

    @drishti congrats…..
    y u always call madhu a slapping queen?
    when she slapped?

  9. Mythi says:

    So wat Next?
    Now wat RK’s evil mind 👿 thinking?
    Wat his next step?

  10. drishti says:

    poor madhu,feeling very bad for her,everyone thinking bad about her.

  11. Sim says:

    Now mukund’s mom will get another chance to shout on madhu and her family and do a lot of drama.

  12. drishti says:

    R.k & bittuji both r same in nature.

  13. Krish says:

    Hehehe 😉
    I love dis picture a lot…….

  14. Mythi says:

    See he try to irritate me 👿

  15. drishti says:

    O.m.g ! Krish & Mythi,same profile pic.

  16. drishti says:

    & what she did when she comes to know that malik is not madhu’s real father.

  17. drishti says:

    mukund mom got a chance to insult madhu & her family,very bad.

  18. Krish says:

    Mamu soo cute na 🙂

  19. Mythi says:

    Psycho 👿

  20. aarya says:

    me first in liking it

  21. drishti says:

    Guys,now come here fast !!!!!!

  22. aarya says:

    I can say that it is a gr8 episode without reading Wu……. hahaha.. 🙂

  23. drishti says:

    Oh ! God reporters used very ill words for madhu .they should think before write anything in paper.

  24. Anonymous says:

    i think u shud fix sme pics with the written updates as it will look more realistic….

  25. i love ipkknd says:

    i m a big fan of vivian and drashti. can anyone help me to connect with them. i m not on facebook. thanxx guys i love you.
    love you vivian .gone crazy for you

  26. Anonymous says:

    I’m falling in Love with Vivian Dsena…

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