Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 27th March 2013 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 27th March 2013 Written Updateby Armu4eva

Madhubala 27th March 2013 Written Episode

Part 1

Madhu is sitting down collecting wood and Sultan comes..! Madhu gets up..! They both try to talk at once.! Sultan says that he din want Madhu to come here or Aryans life but luck is such..uncontrollable..! He says that..he knows Madhu saved his life. .but he.. her hand..! Madhu looks at her arm and says..its ok. .! Sultan says. .the weight of favour is very heavy.. so it needs to be repaid..! He says that world is a mall with a price tag..for everything! Madhu says..that she clarified earlier that whatever she does has no price and is a complimentary gift..! She says that..if he thinks..that his back is burdened n he will get spondalities so he should teach Aryan that world is not a boxing ring..where people and to go! Sultan says that Aryan has never seen his mom ..she left them when he was born..! When Aryan had fever..he was there with Aryan not Madhu n he was with him always. .n will be there as well..! He says that.. he is teaching Aryan to fight the world..! He says a father teaching son how to ride only for tv.. his world is about betrayal ..and blood shed..! The biggest truth is that. Aryan is his son n she is no one of his..! Understood?

There is knock on the door n Paddo opens.. its Radha..! She asks for Madhu n Paddo says gone out! Radhda says that Bittu told him Madhu is not on shoot where is she? Everything alright? Paddo says.. it is..and nothing is wrong..! Radha says..its Paddos grand gesture ! Radha tells PAddo that ..RK was saying Madhu meets someone? Paddo asks..what does she mean? Radha says that she is not doubting Madhu or alleging ..anything..she only wants to ask if Madhu has left everything behind n moved on? Paddo asks..if Radha knows what she is saying? Radha apologises and says that RK said that..whoever Madhu is meeting is not right..! She says that a few days ago whatever happened.. caused worry to her so..she came! Paddo asks about what n whom n why? Radha says.. Madhu ..she is her Daughter in law..! Paddo corrects that there is no relation. .no daughter in law.. or daughter relation..! RK had said that this relation is! Paddo says. .no nothing like that..! Paddo says that she knows Radha has done a lot for her n Madhu but she wont give Madhu to anyone just like that..! She asks Radha to weigh Superstar RK in the balance of right or wrong! She says that if Madhu wants ot move on..she has every right.. n they should give her that right…! Anything wrong? Radha says.. sorry.. she is right..n excuses herself..!

Madhu goes to call her mom .. Kaka tries to alert her..! Madhu says..nothing to worry ..she says Paddo must be worried..! Sultan says..she is not going anywhere..! Madhu tells Kaka to tell Sultan that..she needs to call her mom n says..she is fine..! She says..Sultan wont undersrtand.. but her mom has not raised her liek a she will be worried..! Sultan gets up and blocks her way n says..she can call next day morning.. right now it can be dangerous..! Madhu says excuse he does not like being told right or worng..she hasnt given him right. either..! Sultan says..her going out will cause danger for herself n them all..! She says..she came for Aryan n Sultan says..its for Aryans sake..better not to go..! Madhu says.. if he thinks that..its better she leave rightaway.. n if he is worried for Aryan…he is there..for him n she is no one forhim so she can go..! Madhu walks out..!

Outside.. on the road, few goons approach her her Sultans pic n ask her if she has seen him? Madhu is taken aback…! The goons wonder the matter ..and ask her again..! Madhu stammers n says no..! Another guy with gun comes n says.. din find him n they rush off..! Madhu is worried..! She walks tentatively…looks back at the don and calls out.. one minute..stop..! She asks them to show her the pic n they do…! She says..she has seen him.. he is injured and she saw him .. n she points to wrong direction..! The goons rush that way..! Madhu quickly goes back to the warehouse! Kaka says..its not right to let Madhu walk like that..! Sultan asks why ..he doesnt trust Sultan? Kaka says.. not just for them but for Madhu too..! Sultan says ..he will go n check.. n he comes out n Madhu runs into him n Sultan holds her arm .. n Madhu says..the guys are looking for him..! Sultan says..he is going out to handle them! Madhu says .he wont be able to there are only 2 bullets left..! Sultan says.. its enough..! Aryan comes n holds his arm n says.. 2 is enough n not to worry.. his sultan will kill everyone n offers to come with him!

The goons wonder where Sultan is? They realise that Madhu fooled them and rush to search for her..! Sultan-Madhu-Kaka are slowly walking out when they see a shadow..! The goons have reached the warehouse..!

Part 2

Sultan and everyone hide behind a wall..! Sultan is ready with his gun ..! The goons enter some other room and Sultan says..they need to leave by the back door..! Kaka lifts Aryan..! Madhus dupatta gets stuck in a nail on the wall n she turns and almost bumps into Sultan..! Sultan frees her dupatta.. n they walk out…! The goons find Madhus stuff in the warehouse..! Madhu Sultan Kaka and Aryan are near the shore.. in the fishing community..!

Part 3

Sultan goes to get rick…and the goons are also at the shore..! Madhu notices.. Sultan standing just opposite the goons n she drags.. Sultan behind the his shirt.. ! She looks over his shoulder.. to observe where the goons are and Sultan looks at her..!

Precap — Madhu is hiding behind a pillar.. Kaka hides behind some mat tents…and Sultan is hiding on a staircase with Aryan on his back..! His wound starts bleeding n the drop of blood is about to fall on the bald head of a goon..! Madhu notices n is freaked out!

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511 Responses to “Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 27th March 2013 Written Update”

  1. Maghla says:

    Jerry agar woh dream nahi hua toh dill garden garden ho gya. But rk ko kahana chaiya na madhu ko i love u. Hehehe…… Not madhu.

    • Jerry961 says:

      Maghla rk ji ne jis din apne ego ko khtam krte hue i luv u bol diya din sun east se ni west s rise hoga 😛 😛

  2. Jerry961 says:

    Hey rudz i m here
    @pal soch kal kya hoga..wo takala..hahaha

  3. Maghla says:

    Hey rudz rudz rudz

  4. Jerry961 says:

    @maghla no wo dream ni hoga..sure
    @rima sullu ki actng achi bt galat tyming pe entry hui hai 😀

  5. Maghla says:

    Rishu bro just feel happy. Please don’t be upset.:(

  6. Jerry961 says:

    @vishti happy holi to u too :)
    @rishu bhai..wat happen..say na 😮

  7. Maghla says:

    Hmm…. Pal right. Meri pal wrong ho sakta hai kya. Tom jo vhi kahogi me agree with u. Hehehehe:D

    • Rudz says:

      @pal di i agri wid u,nw radhaji also doubtin..just 4 rk its ridiculous..@maghla di,jerry di,rima di,rishu vai hi

  8. Jerry961 says:

    @pal wlcm bck :)..nd tu mere se kuch poochein..pehle hi bta dun dinner kr liya abi just :) 😛

  9. achlasha says:

    uk wala rishu is still on this page cant believe this hights simply hights.crazy

  10. Maghla says:

    OMG in todays epi padmini was so rude.

    • pal961 says:

      but sry to say this …paddo rudeness was ryt…as everyone started doubting madhu only bcoz rk had raised his a finger on her character…and being a mother she was ryt at her place… 😐

  11. Rishu says:

    @pal and maghla:nthng happened and nthng serious yaar.i dono what happened 2 me.but my mind is fully switched of!!my sweet sis

    • pal961 says:

      but kuch toh hua hai…u sound upset… 😮

      study prob…or something else.. 😛

    • Rishu says:

      smtelse [email protected]

  12. Maghla says:

    @ hmm…. Jerry pyare promo ki wu pada, but nahi dakha. @ vishti dear same to u.

  13. HoneyRima says:

    @Jerry Dnt knw.. Par ajka epi dekhne k baad toh mujhe aisa hi lag raha hai.. Jaise Sultan Madhu ko dekh raha tha.. Curiosity,Admiaration tha ushme.. Aur new promo me v toh rk kitna sad hai.. Shayad ushe pata chal gaya hai k sultan,aryan madhu k ghar pe hai.. dats y he is so hurt..

  14. Maghla says:

    Rishu bro what happend??? Why r ur mood off??? Anything serious??

  15. Rishu says:

    For those reason i’ll cme 2 this page. To get a refresh.

  16. Vishti says:

    Sory guys i dint wish anyone. Sory fr tht. I was busy. So.. Happy holi to everyone.. Aur aap sabko colr bhi lagaya mene.. Hehe..

  17. Maghla says:

    Wow in that promo madhu said this. Dill kush kar diya. But i think it’s a dream sequence.

  18. Rishu says:

    @jerry:my mood isn’t ok sis dono what to do?

  19. pal961 says:

    @Jerry: pyare I’m back… 😛

    @rishu: hi dear….how r u???? how was ur day???? 😛

  20. Rishu says:

    @jerry :hw r u?and thanks for ur wishes dear sis.hd din?hw ur preparation gng on?

    • Jerry961 says:

      No dinner.. :p Prepration is going ok ok type.. :)…

    • Rishu says:

      Hey no dinner!!!!it’snt gud 4 ur health.don’t worry sis i have full hope on u.u ll do.hmmmmmmmmm
      WHATEVER IT IS BE WITH 100% CONFIDENCE :-):-):-):-)

  21. Maghla says:

    Jerry pyara or kya hoga… Madhu and sultan ki prem kahani. Director bakwas dakha raha hai.

  22. Vishti says:

    Kisine rang de colrs dekha? Drashti was luking so cute. Cutipie, sweetipie… Hehehe..

  23. Jerry961 says:

    Hello rishu bhai..i m here..nd happy holi :)

  24. Swetha says:

    When are you gonna bring RK on role?We miz him lot.Bring him fast.We need to see some excellent scenes of him and madhu.Please bring him fast.We miz his mizing actings of madhu.

  25. Jerry961 says:

    NEW PROMO…..
    madhu and rk are walking away from each other. rk wearing the brown suit. madhu in her salwar. they are on the set. rk stops and looks back at madhu and madhu too looks back at him. rk seems very sad. and madhu says “I LOVE U RK” within herself.

    • pal961 says:

      this means madhu still loves rk….and situation n rk ego just forcing him to doubt madhu character… 😐

  26. Rishu says:

    Hi.anybody there?

  27. Neha says:

    Without rk the episode is boaring

  28. Maghla says:

    Guys ya director kya dakha rahi hai. Woh kya madhu and sultan ki prem kahani dakhayanga? After i had seen the epi ,i think so. Rk please come back. Without u mb is boaring.

  29. Jerry961 says:

    Kal hoga kya…any guesses ??

  30. Jerry961 says:

    Kisi ne rang dein colour dekha ???

  31. Jerry961 says:

    Ye padimini nd radha ji..tolerate ni hoti hai..itna lecture 😮

  32. Jerry961 says:

    Wo gunde kitne fun2sh the..spcly white shirt wala 😆

  33. Vishti says:

    Totaly bakwas episode.. Wo gunde tho chapadganju lag rahe the.

  34. Jerry961 says:

    Bt finly ye reveal hua ki sullu ki wife ne dhokha diya h…nd wo alive b hai

  35. pal961 says:

    jerry: pyare meet u at 9:30pm..after watching today episode… 😛

  36. Jerry961 says:

    Heyyo rima..real baat btaun..aaj ka episode really boring tha..director show kya krna chahta sullu madhu se pyar krne lagega 😮

  37. Jerry961 says:

    Not so Gud episode…bt still i lyk it :)

  38. HoneyRima says:

    Super epi.. Loving Subala together very much.. The way Sultan looked at Madhu.. Just woawww.. Aye Hai….(melts and sigh).. 😉 Waiting for tomorrow..

  39. N says:

    Rk plz come episode was boring. Madhubala and her mother both have gone mad. Instead of focussing on sultan they should have shown ark and madhubala missing each other and showing rk redemption track and his full realization that he truly loves madhubala.

  40. Viva says:

    Madhu ko rk ki chod ke sultan ki bohot care hai….

  41. Alia says:

    Rk tu kap vapas avoongi. Please.. This sultan track is really boring and Rk – Madhu track is also really boring.

  42. Viva says:

    Where r u RK? 25 ko to aanewale the na ,toh kaha ho?

  43. Madhubala says:

    When will RK come back, anyone know?

  44. erum says:

    abi ja Rk yehu na kar sitam

  45. Madhubala says:

    I like sultan

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