Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 2nd April 2013 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 2nd April 2013 Written Update by Madhubala

Madhubala 2nd April 2013 Written Episode

Radha wonders what RK wants no message. Dips says she asked PH they dint RK whereabouts. RK steps in n says returned to Mumbai. Sikky reminds Dips about the deal they had. Dips tells RK that she missed him. Radha says she knows he returned to celebrate holi. RK refuses. Radha tries to talk more but RK leaves excusing himself saying he is tried. He calls Bittuji.

RK n Bittu in Rks room. RK asks Bittu to give updates. He acts ignorant. RK asks how many Ts are there in Twinkle Twinkle little star. Bittu then tell him abuot work updates. RK says either he has done foolishness crash course abroad or Bittu in his absence. He asks updates on sets about Madhu. Bittu says there are not any updates even after repeated questioning.

Dips walks n says she will tell the details. She tells Rk about Madhu coming on the set with Aryan n what all happened n RK says SULTAN. Dips says so he knows Sultan. Dips taunts him if he wont tells her Dipali OUT. She gives him a kurta that Radha-Dips bought for him. RK takes. Dips praises Sultan blue eyes good glare any girl can fall for him. RK shoos Bittu out n is extremely angry.

Sultan is pacing in the chawl n recollects Madhus words of life n colors BG- Woh lamhe. RK recollects his insulting Madhu at altar n her taking Sultans name. Madhu looks out of the window at RKs poster of Ahankaar n shuts the window.

Next day morning, Madhubala goes to greet Aryan, she puts teeka to kaka n Aryan n puts gulaal on Aryan. She asks Aryan to get ready to play holi. Aryan is upset n says Sultan wont let him play n Sultan says yes.

Sultan walks in. He says how can Aryan play holi without pichkari. Aryan is all happy n asks if its for him. He asks if kaka will play with them. Madhu, Aryan n Kaka are delighted. Aryan n kaka leave the room. Madhubala thanks Sultan for allowing Aryan to play holi n expresses her happiness looking Aryan so excited. She says sorry for last day. Sultan puts his hand over his head asking for tilak which Madhubala does. She leaves wishing him.

Radha n Bittu in hall when Dips comes n asks her to come to holi party, which she refuses. Dips offrs to be there with RK but Sikky comes n blows pichkari on her face n drags her out to play Holi.

Radha comes to wake RK up with Bittu. RK opens n is in kurta n denims. Radha says is din ke chand aur raat ki suraj ko koi kaise samjhe. She helps him with his kurta. RK says hegoing to chawl Radha asks why? RK says to color security guard of chawl. He says as it is his first holi with Madhubala so will put color on Madhu first.. Radha asks why. he says he is adicted her DIL. RK leaves

Bittu tries to stop but Radha says its decision time if Madhu has moved on or wants to give Madhubala Rk a chance.. or RK returns with burden of guilt.

Bhujang is ready with his arsenal, guns, knives n declares Holi with Sultans blood today!

All playing holi in chawl. Paddo comes down n playing holi when Madhu joins her wishes her holi n applies color. Paddo is about to put colors when Madhubala runs away teasing her. RK is on his way. Sultan watches Madhu-Paddo..!


Precap — BG – Piya ke rang ..rang deeni odhani. RK face covered in colors. He puts color on Madhu n turns her n they r in RK banner pose n really close.


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259 Responses to “Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 2nd April 2013 Written Update”

  1. aarya says:

    piya k rang rang dini…i like it


    wow rk back with a holi bang 🙂
    love the attitude & dialogues…
    rk need only to left his ‘ahankaar’ 😉

  3. drishti says:

    wow ! r.k is back 😛 with his mind blowing dialogues 🙂 🙂

    why radhaji said if mb moved on.. 🙁 🙁 like this..
    now everyone is saying this after sultan’s entry..but madhu is only helping him for aaryan …only humanity is the reason not love 👿
    madhu only loves /now hate too r.k …one n only r.k 🙂 no one else …

    HAPPY HOLI .. 😉 😛

  4. sassha says:

    thank god rk’s back

  5. sanju91677 says:

    @all my mb gang
    Guys ho kya gaya aap sab koh
    Hum 100 comm kam hai qh seh
    We r just 250
    Guys come on hurry up yaaroon
    Hua kya??????

  6. Ritz961 says:

    gud evng guys!!!!
    really sry chutku… i m late, how was ur xam?

  7. tanni says:

    Waise tumhe pata hai wo precap wala gana konse film ka hai??

  8. tanni says:

    u r ryt..Nobody else is online. So i m also going.

  9. tanni says:

    shruti, kaha gayab ho gayi??

  10. tanni says:

    Wo Lamhe gana kitna perfectly suit kr rha tha na RK, madhu or sultan k situation ko. Gana bhi mast, feelings bhi mast..

  11. anjie961 says:

    Neha Di…remembering u on ur most special day and wishing u a happy Nd prosperous birthday ever!!!!!!
    Luvvv u the birthday girl….

    Nd gud night ….. Have tht cake it’s really yummy Nd it’s jst for us two hehehe…. Joking …. It’s for everyone 🙂
    Mera share Mainu de dena haan
    🙂 😛 😆 😀

    Di ur task is u have to smile all the way smiley faces above are doing !!! Plzzzzzzz
    Bye di

  12. Xia says:

    Last night it was good bt really irritated to see arrogant rk lyk that he did so wrong wid my no our madhu bt still he is lyk madhu is only mine hw cn she forget me n move on oh god rk god bless u

  13. Moni says:

    Koyi hein…!!!

  14. Aine says:

    Hye guyz.hw r u all?i miss u frndz but kuch prblmz ke wja sa nhe aa skte.bye frndz and i miss u guyz!!!

  15. Ritz961 says:

    bye mbians….
    c u all in n8

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