Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 5th April 2013 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 5th April 2013 Written Update by Rashmi

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 5th April 2013 Written Episode

The episode begins with Bhujang aghast at discovering all his men lying dead. Then Sultan catches him by his neck & says this time you will die & drags him.

Bhujang struggles to free himself & spikes red colour in Sultan’s eyes which blinds him. Bhujand breaths for air & notices a gun lying at a distance but before he could pick it up, MB picks it up & aims at him with shivering hands. Sultan, still blinded, tells MB to shoot Bhujang who in turn tells her not to shoot. Bhujang runs away & Sultan gets his vision back. He takes the gun from a shaken MB who says I can’t take anyone’s life.

Paddo comes running & all the other chawl people also come out of their houses. Every blames MB to have kept them in the dark about Sultan & bringing a goon like him to chawl. MB narrates how when Trishna fell of the building during childhood & even when Ballu had come to attack Paddo & MB, the chawl residents helped them out in every possible way even though they had no blood relations with them. In the same way she has helped an injured father & his child out of humanity’s sake. There is so much fear in Aryan’s eyes, how could I have left him to die. MB indirectly refers to Sultan saying that some people decide only by using mind but God must have surely thought of something & gave heart & emotions to human beings. She says that even now if the chawl residents think that she has done something wrongs, they can give her any punishment. All the chawl go back to their home. Paddo & MB take Aryan upstairs along with them.

Paddo comes to the kitchen & tells MB that her (MB) relation with Aryan is very special. Paddo tells her that you have done the very same thing today which I had done many years ago while protecting myself from Ballu’s goons ( MB had smeared Sultan’s face to protect him from the goons in the same way as Paddo had smeared her face with color during Ganpati to hide from goons). Paddo says you’re my daughter & I’m proud of you.

R.K is in turmoil recollecting Sultan & MB in holi. He is about to gulp down a drink when Rads comes there & asks him why did you tell that way ki you alone have the first right to put color on MB?

Frustrated, R.K says I don’t know why I went to put color on her but I know it’s my right to be the first one to put color on her but your darling bahu has given this right to someone else, she is happily playing holi with someone else & no one is seeing anything, not even her mother (Paddo). Radha says that Paddo has full trust on MB that she can’t do anything wrong.

R.K screams saying that why you spoke to Paddo in this regard, why do you have to interfere. Rada says I was worried about you! RK says if that was the case you wouldn’t have slapped me & think to leave home. Just then Bittoji comes running & informs about the shootout in the chawl.


Precap : R.K tells MB that there is God inside the temple & R.K outside the temple & you are showing your back to him. MB asks what do you want?!!

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  1. aarya says:

    rk is god outside temple 😉
    toooo much….

  2. drishti says:

    nice fighting epi… 🙂

    & r.k still not accepting the truth 🙁

  3. bindu says:

    koi hai????

  4. Kriya says:

    Ya tanni very tru….both r necessary..
    Sullu is needed for jealously in rk..n also to make rk realise his love..
    N rk k bina toh show ho hi nai sakta….
    Sultan n rk rocks..but rk thoda zyada….hehe

  5. Kriya says:

    Gud evening ji gud evening….
    Koi h itthe?

    Aaj mb mast wala aaega…
    Bhagwan ko peeth nai dikhate..ohh mere iron man…
    Haq h ik mera bas haq h ik mera…

    Isiliye kal padmini ka oil khtm hua
    Very isshhhmart…
    Shamsher malik to shaadi k baad bhag liye nai toh unhe oil lana padta…(kriya chal chup ho jaa) ohh yess abhi…..abhi k abhi…

  6. tanni says:

    heyy @mb & @deiva, I think we all hav said sorry to each other and its tym to stop all debates on RK vs Sultan. Both of them r necessary characters.

  7. thara says:


  8. shruti961 says:

    pal di i knw u r studyin so 4rm ur chutku all d vryyyyy bst crack it di nd the three chantz
    bum bum samosa
    i am champion we all are champion
    tod daliyo phod daliyo
    alll d bst di nd missssss uuuuu

  9. shruti961 says:

    ohk bye sanju di pal di anjie di miss u 2day

  10. shruti961 says:

    pal di sanju di miss u guyz sanju di plzzzz aaoooooooo plzzzzzzz

  11. Jerry961 says:

    Ohk gud bye every1 🙂 🙂

  12. Jerry961 says:

    @mb ohk dear,gud evng 🙂
    @shruti mummy drawiog wow meri mummy ko ek chidiya bna ne b ni aata h..hehe nd meine 10th apne tuition teacher r bnawyi thi..

    • shruti961 says:

      hehehe meri toh drawin book b wahi cmplet krti h muje toh drawin ki lyn krne b nhi aati either my mom or my bst frnd inn dohnoh se hi mei apni drawin cmplet krvati hu hehehe

  13. Mb says:

    @shruti: wow in gujarat. One f my cuosin lives dere. Acha suno i will cum in nite ho sake toh u also cum we will talk den now papa is calling fr sum work meet u d best fr ur exams. It gets over on 9 na…?

  14. Jerry961 says:

    @shruti drawing ki b exam hoti toh 0/100 milte hehe
    @asya thnks dear..nd i m trying my best..lets see what happen.. 🙂

    • shruti961 says:

      haa di bt sirf theory practical toh sir prjct mei hi dete hai aur pta hai meri drawin ka prjct hamesha meri mom aur choti ma hi bnati hai bcuz meri drawin toh bhot kharab hai

    • asya4ever says:


      dear if u try ur level best then u will reach ur goal inshallah ,, so best of luck

  15. Jerry961 says:

    @mb y r u upset.,hota h yr…isme kisi ki b mistake ni misundrstanding hua h..apne aap thik ho jayega 🙂

  16. Jerry961 says:

    @shruti m fyn chotie.,agar mei repl na kar paun abi toh koi puche to bta dena ki mei chali gayi as abi mummy k office se aane ka tym h

  17. Mb says:

    @shruti: tera exams itna der se ho rha hai? Where do u live?i mean which part f india? @jerry: nhi jerry tension nhi le rhi hoon just little upsat with d argument didnt want to create one but sab kuch ulta phulta ho gya.never mind…hota rehta hai.

  18. asya4ever says:

    @jeery u forgot me na ,,, how are u der ?

    • Jerry961 says:

      No no asya..never yar…bsy in study yar…exam is near na..dats y..don’t worry..i hve fixed my tym in nyt i’ll surely cum to qh page,..nd do chat wid u 🙂

    • shruti961 says:

      @jerry di: mere se toh aapki baat hi nhi hogi

    • asya4ever says:

      oh am sorry dear i forgot ur exams ,, dr best wishes from my site as always and do well make my proud ,, thanks dear from coming to qh once again good luck dear

  19. Jerry961 says:

    Heyya shruti..tu h yaha mujhe lga exam dein rhi hogi 😉

  20. Mb says:

    @ shruti: u had ur exam na? Hw was is it? Wen was jerry b day?i guess it very closely i guessed culdnt wish her yaar.

  21. Mb says:

    @shruti : hi…. Hw r u ? Hey shruti nobody came onlyn today whole afternoon why so? It gives me such a wierd feeling dat reading my cumments dey stopped cuminng only?

    • Jerry961 says:

      Hey mb y r u thinking lyk dis….mera aur pal ka pta hi k karan…sanju ni aa payi moni b project me bsy hogi nd ritu ka pta sb toh idhar noon me aate h baki ka pta ni..shruti/kriya/bindu sb k exam h…aur tu abi yaha kya kr rahi h..padh lein..idhar ki tnsn chod…al d bst 🙂

    • Jerry961 says:

      4th ko tha shruti ka 3pm s exam tha..nd mei b kbi jaa skti hu,agar cmmnt na karun toh smaj lena mei chali mummy k aane ka tym h 🙂

    • shruti961 says:

      yaa di jerry di iz ryt

  22. shruti961 says:


  23. Priyanka says:

    Waitng 4r nxt epi wt dec madhu 2 take

  24. Mb says:

    Although sum f my frds hav taken my note to b personal ….nd i dunno may b dat note sounded too rude aswell nd i hav apolized fr dat cumment but in no way hav i bashed nyones fav character r any jodi nd watever i hav written about sultan is totally my opinion f him wanted to share with u people nd wanted to bring positive pts f him no intention f forcing dat u hav to lyk sultan dats just ur view…althouhg where i went wrong was dat i stupidly asked d reason f not liking him. So next tym i will again post a positive review f sultan but fcourse will try my level best not to hurt d sentiments f others . But once again i will say i had not d slightest intention f disrespecting ur cumment. Over nd out.

  25. Mb says:

    @tanni: trps r sumtyms affected by rk sumtyms not. Fcourse now it was n ninth positin but i must remind u remember bindiya chamekegi episodes i mean village episodes even dat got trp 2.5 r 2.6 . Those epi. Were full f rishabala moments.

  26. deiva says:

    @ mb:::

    ya mb i read ur comment whichever u felt personally that i’m a prejudiced person. well tanks 4 reminding me that i’m a prejudiced person 4 saying my opinion frankly like u did. well what i dont understand is why u had to reply as u had no more thing to say to me.

    • Mb says:

      @dieva: becoz i thuot i wil b able to understand dat i didnt want to hurt u personally god really i never wanted dat ….but o god dunno how to make myself clear guess i ve made things worser by writing i myself hav involved into a cold war with my live frd just fr a fictional character. Sorry if u felt bad fr dat prejudiced cumment. I take my words back . I hope u will understand me atlkeast dis tym.

  27. Mb says:

    @dieva: my god dieva why do u think it dat way am i saying dat u r on hate list. Come on yaar …how can u think dat also…dont u remember dose days wen we actually chatted about how rk will express his feelings..nd al…nd telll me if i m wrong sultan has not done nything till now dat shows he is antagonist. Nd i read in ur cumment dat u said sultan is asking him to murder but dat was just a wrong moment he was in a hurry nd aftr al a gangster so will talk in his language nly but didnt u see he soon realized also. I know may b u r thinking dat i m forcing opinions but dear i m just pointing things dat hav been overluked just becoz ..he is thought to b a danger fr rishabala.

  28. Mb says:

    @tanni: i m so sorry . I hadnt read ur previous replies to me so concluded ur name in dat cumment. So sorry if u felt bad. Yes fcourse i misunderstood u. But it was before reading ur 4 april reply to me. @dieva: wat i hav written about ur cumment is wat i personally feel about ur cumment nd no personal offence i had meant. U took it wrong way. U r talking about face buk cumments. Wen u read dat u feel bad i know..but den i still feeld way u said leaving hero sultan in d chawl nd al dat makes me think dat u r prejudiced. Well fcourse i need to respect ur opinion nd u r most welcome to express it but i hav been here frm d day sultan has entered nd have read negative things only …dats wat made me write about dat prejudice thing so plz dont take it as personal attack nd morever dont bring pal here fr i was d one who wrote pissed ff nd not pal so she dosent need to b included.

  29. deiva says:

    @ tanni ::

    ya tanni now i’m also in d hate list i dont know why. but i know i didnt insult sultan 4 d reasons they are stating me as prejudice persons. i just asked how would sultan save madhu as he is on d run 4 his own life?? now that became a big crime now 4 saying our opinion like they do. lets see what n all will happen.

    • tanni says:

      Those people should remember dat everybody has d right to express his/her own opinion. And we r not forcing our opinion on anybody. nobody can force their opinion on anyone..

  30. Moni says:

    Shruthi: bye dear..!!
    cannot talk nw..!!
    miss u too…!!!!
    i’ll come online after 10th of this month..!!
    till then take care..

  31. Moni says:

    shruthi: der???

  32. Moni says:

    hello every one..!!

  33. shruti961 says:

    hey guyz who iz present??

  34. tanni says:

    Very true deiva.. i m also in ur category. Some people r misunderstanding us. I never wrote anything about sultan. I write only about my favorite pair RK & madhu. When did i say dat i m against sultan?? Its only bcoz of sultan dat RK is slowly realising his love. But what we dont like is dat RK scenes are less & sultan scenes r increasing and it is having effect on TRPs too. just see d TRP chart of week 13. d whole week RK was absent & sulbala scenes were shown and d serial has gone down to no.9 position from no.6 position. A few weeks ago, before d entry of sultan d serial was at no.4.
    So its very clear what audience wants. For most people RK is d jaan of d serial and nobody can replace him

  35. deiva says:

    @ MB & PAL :::

    pissed off???? n how could u say i’m prejudiced against sultan without even knowing me??? for ur information if u’ve seen d facebook comments then u might know what i said abt ur sultan being d hero of madhubala.



  36. sumaiya961 says:

    shruti di are u there??so ans me………

  37. shruti961 says:

    gud mrng guyz any1 dere???

    • sumaiya961 says:

      hello shruti di!!how are u??shruti di mujhe lagta hain ke rk or madhu sirf couple ke tarah rehne ki act karegi par asal mein un dono ke bij asa koi rishta nahin hoga………apko kya lagta hain??

  38. Rishbala, Rishbala & Rishbala says:

    Waiting eagerly 4 next episode ! ! !

  39. Husna says:

    Madhu will give 2nd chance to rk…. But there will be a big reason behind it… They will act like a couple in home and work but not in real…

  40. Mb says:

    @pal: gud nite dear. Vaise bhi baat toh badhte hi jaayega aur sath mein break bhi ….phir mujhe phy bhi karna hain filhaal mera weak point .bye nd will miss u. Ho sake to kabhi aa jana jaise ki sunday ko. I will wait fr u.

    • pal961 says:

      ya Sunday tOh aayI hi jaungi..and ya u go n too sleep …bye dear..:)

  41. Mb says:

    @pal: do u think parents tensions go off so easily . Dey r worried about my future nd want me to work harder nd harder so dat i dont hav to repent in future so as usual daant ka kota to chalte rehta hai…..chahe beta beti 1st aa jaaye lekin use banaye rakhne ke liye daant jaroori hai. Nd tumhe bata doon jab tak daant per week sahi tym pe na mile mujhe bhi padhne me mazaa kahan aata hai .main us type ki performer hoon jo kabhi 90 le aaye to kabhi 10 bhi la sakti hain so bina papa ke daant ke things becum impossible nd he knows it better fr me. Main acha marks laate hi hawa me udne lagti hoon toh niche rakhne ke liye daant is necessary. Vaise pal hum dono shayad kahin na kahin ek jaisa soch rakhte hai isliye we feel gud in our company.

    • pal961 says:

      hehehe sachii bola kabhi kabhi dose ki Zarurat hoti hai aage bareney k liye….n ya ryt..our thinking matches a lot … 🙂

      vaise tera eexam kab hai..5th may ??? jerry k sath???

  42. Bns says:

    can anybody tel me that what did rk questioned his mom about slapping? I don understand the last part. Please if yo understood let me know…

  43. Mb says:

    @pal: gud nite pal. Luv u nd take care. A very happy stydy tym to u too. Do u r best nd cum out with flying colors. Al d very very best. U know pal ..i always feel so nyc nd relaxed talking to u .u r really a nyc girl. God bless u dear.

    • pal961 says:

      thanks dear…even I feel the same while talking with u…all the best u too..for ur exam…n ya it means papa too agreed with ur preps.huh??? 😮

  44. Mb says:

    @pal: it was a nyc test. I scored a decent 60 percent marks . My father was lyk its just ok u still need to do very hard work. D paper was tough so i was happy with wat i got.

  45. pal961 says:

    @Mb : gudnite dear..hv a happy study tym..

    final wala tata tata till 14th April due 2 exam

  46. Mb says:

    @dieva: he did encourage madhu to shoot but soon realized dat he was wrong if u see d episode u ll get it by his expressions. I hav no more to say becoz ur cumment makes me think dat u r so prejudiced against sultan. No one is saying he is d hero i dont know if i m wrong becoz i hav read only yesterday cumment nd not been here fr about 2-3 weeks. But frm yesterday i make out dat dey r bashing more f sultan dan rk den why r u so pissed f with sultan?

    • pal961 says:

      exactly I’m wondering the same…why everyone everytime takes each n every dialogue of sultan in wrong way.. 😐

      moreover it was just a regular dialogue of any gangster…it doesn’t means he was encouraging madhu to become killer too


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