Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 7th January 2013 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 7th January 2013 Written Update by Armu4eva

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 7th January 2013 Written Update


Part 1

Ballu comes to the chawl n gets flashbacks of past…! He sees Roma running down screaming.. ‘Mere bhai ki shadi hai’ n feeding sweets to all..! He identifies her n calls out.. ‘Aunty’? He then sees Shammo n remembers the train fight and chawl fight… n says… ‘Pehelwan’? He says.. cheating? Whole life? Right then Roma calls out for Paddo and she comes down .. n Ballu is shocked seeing her..! He grinds his teeth..! He sees Trish..! Roma tells someone to take a family pic..! Ballu says…’Trishna Mallik’ ! He sees Trish resting her head on Paddos shoulder! Ballu says.. Madamji is still alive.. wearing Mangalsutra of his name. .n marrying Shammo? He says.. the mystery of their history is clear..! Roma calls out for RK n Ballu is shocked seeing RK! Ballu then sees Madhu. .n overhears Roma saying… here comes Glycerine aka Madhubala..! Ballu recollects the Pandit ji n Daimas words..that the girl will destroy him..! He recollects meeting Madhu in the vanity van of RK! Roma is busy feeding sweets to all..! Ballu says.. ‘Destruction Madhubala’!! He says.. she is ‘Vinash-bala’ ..she brought him on the streets … from 300 Crore he is left with 3 Crore.. n his mom passed away too..! He sees the whole family pose for a Kodak moment! He imagines overhearing his mom.. who says.. fire burns others n self too so better to attack enemies with ice.. so that enemy is dead n one is not hurt..! Ballu stops…himself and says.. ‘Will end all’! RKs moby buzzes n he goes aside..! Madhu thinks she saw someone and comes forward but RK asks what is the matter if she is worried about losing her bet? Madhu says.. she had said..betting is bad so she din place a bet! RK says.. Missus.. lemme remind.. u had promised.. so give Rs. 100! Madhu says.. so cheap.. asking for Rs. 100..! RK says.. then she has to be punished.. n Madhu asks.. threatening RKs biwi? RK say.. no ..Madhus hubby is reminding.. so if she does not give.. she will be punished..! Madhu says..what punishment.. the duo grin!

Radha asks Madhu-RK about what happened? RK says.. that the duo agreed to marry..! Radha says…thats good..! Madhu says..if RK din take the initiative..they wont have agreed! RK says.. hungry..set dinner! Madhu says.. YES BOSS! RK at the dinner table and asks Madhu to join..! Madhu hesitates..! RK gets up and moves the chair for her..! Madhu looks at Radha..! RK too looks at Radha ..! He moves the chair for her..! He then sits and asks Radha to sit..! She nods..! Madhu-Radha sit..! Madhu tells Radha that in 2-3 days.. mahurat of wedding will come..! Radha says..good! Madhu is smiling..! Radha says..that when Paddo-Shammo get married.. RK-Madhu too should take seven pheras..! RK stops eating..! Radha says..they have accepted each other as hubby-wife.. love and respect each why not? RK is quiet.. Madhu is shy..! She says.. its their life..they have to decide..!

Part 2


At night.. Ballu ..rues saying.. if his mom is watching all this? [He has her asthis in a kalash] He shows a pic of Madhu on a projection screen and says..this is her grand daughter..! He says.. 20 years ago when Madhu came in his arm was not was siren… danger siren..! He says that Dai maa is a cheater… ! He says.. he thought he had ended the life of this siren.. but she fooled all ..! He says..he din even think ..that his dsetruction was breathing in Mumbai..! He says.. fate. .destiny! He rues that Paddos love story is going on separate… ‘Main tulsi tere angan ki. .badli kar li sajan ki’ …she is marrying.. .Shammo n all coz of Madhu..! He says.. .she is.. ‘Main-Duba-sala’ hai .. Balrajs.. ‘Vinash-Bala’! He says..he had promised that.. once he got his lost repute back..he will free her .. but .. now plan changing.. coz there is a twist.. in life. .n so a twirl in the story..! He promises that.. till he puts Madhu-Paddo their end.. he wont immerse her remains.!

Part 3

Ballu says.. Madhu is getting her mom married with grand celebration ..if he din end her and Paddos life n made .. himself n RK a widower.. his name is not .. Balraj Singh Chaudhari..! He cuts off the projection screen.. with Madhus pic..!


Precap — Madhu asks if RK is making the old silly joke of Ghost..again? And if so no one will be worse than her..! RK lights up a candle and tells Madhu to come and see her HOUSE! RK has decorated a house-layout with candles..! Madhu watches curiously..!


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509 Responses to “Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 7th January 2013 Written Update”

  1. aarya says:

    awesome episode…
    rk will handle vinashbala…. 👿

  2. drishti says:

    r.k the superstar asked for 100/- 😀 🙂
    awesome precap 😛

  3. Kriya says:

    Accha bye frnds…
    Milte h in 2days page…
    N congrats…mb gang is d best

  4. Aanya says:

    Srry frns I went offline without telling actually I went to check out a news channel..u noe wat pak army has attacked indian army in j& poonch..n still heavy firing is going on..

  5. Ritz says:

    bye guys, meet u all on todays comment page…
    and pls vote here 4 rishbala

  6. drs says:

    @aps dee:: three cheers to mb gang…:)

    @aleena:: nice …one of my school frnd also stays in mumbai…”,!

  7. aps says:

    Congrats guys…crossed 500…mb gang rocks..

  8. aleena says:

    @drs no dii m 4m kerala livin in mumbai

  9. aps says:

    Bechari hmari glycerine….kaise pura karegi janab k demands ko…

  10. drs says:

    @aleena:: collg super good yaar! r u frm chennai???

    @kriya:: he he he….:) hum toh bina fan ke rehte hi nahi aaj kal….:) sweaters toh kone mei pade hain….!!!

  11. Aine says:

    My real name is Aleen khan.age:17. i read in 1st year like to collect stone and reading books and this my hobby.i l0ve Cricket and i also play cricket.i love nature and i like poetry.nd not somethng spcial and plz tell me somethng about u guyz.

  12. RENU says:

    thanx kriya,drs

    @kriya:no snake boat race & all
    here we celebrating pongal 4 4 days
    1st day-bogi(we wil burn old things lyk mat,..)
    2nd day pongal(do so much puja & cook pongal b4 sun with all family members & shout pongalo pongal)
    3rd day mattu pongal(we wil watch jallikattu,i mean an ox race)
    4th day kannum pongal(we wil go to sea or river & again do puja & enjoy with all family members)

    kriya,pongal is the no 1 festival in our home ten comes diwali ya

  13. aleena says:

    @drs sab teekh taakh chal raha hai aur aapki colg kaise jaa raha hai ????

  14. aleena says:

    @kriya no dii its ok ppl always gt wid south indian festival, places n language

  15. drs says:

    am fine aleena dear! aur bata kya chal raha hai???

  16. drs says:

    heyy aps dee….u knw aap sab thand mei akad rahe ho…but itz pretty sultry down south….! hum.ko toh fan ki zaroprat padh rahi hai….;)

    • Kriya says:

      Tum log ko fan chahiye…
      Hum log toh fan ki taraf aankh utha k dekhne mein hi thand lag jati h…hehe

    • aps says:

      So nyc yar…me jealous of d weathr nw…itni nainsafi kyu bhagwan….u knw abhi news mein suna tha k kal raat ko yaha ka temp 0.2 tha…

  17. Kriya says:

    Aps:Rk miyan..abbujaan banne ki sochenge..
    Dats d main reason fr my eagrness 2 watch d epi..hehaheha

  18. Kriya says:

    Ohh…shayad i got confused in onam n pongal..thanx aleena fr clarifying..
    Main bhi na..!!!

  19. aleena says:

    @kriya no dii snake boat festival is onam wich is celebratd by keralites dis is pongal celbratd in tamil nadu

  20. aps says:

    Kriya…sach mein yar aj to mjhse b wait ni ho rha hai…aj to rk miyan papap banane k icha jahir karenge…hehe

  21. drs says:

    hey aleena….hw r u???
    @renu dee….ohk dee koi nai…v understand!

  22. aps says:

    Hey drs…hw r u??

  23. Kriya says:

    Ya renu v understand..
    Its okay….
    Its better u comment less nai oh chapter close…hehe
    n pongal is a three day festival..i guess…snake boat race n ol..dat festival???

  24. RENU says:

    sorry friends,i could not comment very often til pongal festival but i wil comment in nyt & in free tym coz my bahi returned 2 home 4 study holidays.if he find m watching hindi serials means tat’s all my chapter closed in my,i wil comment only wen he is studying.i hope u understand ya

    @aine:welcome yaar

  25. drs says:

    hello…aps dee kriya aleena millie…..:) n.evry1 present there!
    @aine:: welcome to mb dear….yeaa sure v all wud be ur frnz…!

  26. Kriya says:

    Offo ye 8.30 kyu nai hote h…
    Today’s epi gonna b romantic cute n rishbala wala epi…

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