1. Barun lover!!
    December 28, 03:05 Reply
    I wish and i wish and i wish that ashvik win!! Love them tots!!
  2. Shafaq_vaid
    December 28, 02:53 Reply
    Love you Ashvik... I hope n pray that you win.... <3
  3. Noor
    December 26, 19:27 Reply
    Looooool GC got scared of us ashvik fans an deleted his/her comment
  4. Maryam
    December 26, 19:24 Reply
    Omg man noor u are so funny
  5. Aliya
    December 26, 19:15 Reply
    U cant do nothing to us u dnt know what flippin country we all,live in
  6. Noor
    December 26, 19:10 Reply
    15 comments on this page (not including this one) only 3 are in favour og gurmeet an debina an the 12 that are ashvik fans I love u all (hey dont take that last bit the wrong way)
  7. GC
    December 26, 19:07 Reply
    <strong><strong>Comment Removed.</strong></strong>
    • Maryam
      December 26, 19:20
      I totaly agree wiv noor @noor darling thanks for inviting me yesterday had a great time ur family seems really sweet an I gotta say ur mum is one great cook
    • admin
      December 26, 19:25
      GC Ishita and tens of other names.. you won't change, will you? I said I can tell when someone uses multiple names and you still won't stop.
  8. Latifa
    December 26, 19:07 Reply
    My love for ashvik will never change
  9. Aliya
    December 26, 19:04 Reply
    Gurmeet an debina show off toooooooo much ashvik WILL win
  10. ASHVIK
    December 26, 19:04 Reply
    Thannnxxxx alll for Ashvikkkkkkkkkkk..VOTE...............................Ashvik are the BEST................
  11. G
    December 26, 18:52 Reply
    ASHVIK Rithvik and asha all the way
  12. Sunaina
    December 26, 12:53 Reply
    Oeff the maan singh khurana outfit
  13. fan
    December 26, 07:28 Reply
    i hope gurmeet and debina will win
    • farha
      December 26, 11:50
      Ya i'm sure they will win with their DRAMA !!! -_-///

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