Pavitra Rishta 10th October 2013 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 10th October 2013 Written Update by AK

Pavitra Rishta 10th October 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1
D House
Manav is speaking to a client via the phone and he assures him that Purvi will attend the meeting. The client is relieved and hangs up. He informs Archu that he is going to pick up purvi.

Archu tries to explain to Manav that Purvi is now Arjun ‘s wife a Kirloskar. Therefore this can affect ArVi‘s rishta. Because the husband wants to a wife to support him. Archu requests him to keep Purvi away from this problems. manav tells her, how happy the clients are to know that purvi will handle the meetings, he says he cant keep her away. Archana tries to make him understand but Manav says he will listen to the Purvi ‘s decision . Archu reminds her about Purvi ‘s pregnancy and thus she needs rest. Manav says she can’t trouble her much.

Scene 2
DK is trying to explain to Arjun that Purvi is a good girl and also sensible. He explains to him not to argue with her. arjun says she has to support n respect Dk’s decisions. Dk tells him just as he is supporting Dk as a dutiful son Purvi is doing the same for Manav he tells Arjun to respect the call she takes.

Scene 3
D House
Manav is about to leave for the meeting , just then Purvi enters and tells manav she is here to give him details of the meeting. Archana asks her if Arjun will be ok with it Purvi tells her as a daughter she has to help Manav. She added that she will balance both family and business. She tells Archu if she wants her to be happy during the pregnancy, then helping manav will make her happy. Manav is proud of her. Archu is still worried for Purvi.

Scene 4
Arjun is in a meeting and presenting a slide show a couple of pics of purvi and pari pops out and Arjun recalls his last fight with purvi.
After the meeting all the clients congratulate him. Arjun then recalls how they argued about the financial loss n the fight. He records a voice msg for Purvi saying he wants to talk to her, that he is sorry for the fight, he says his business project was successful and tells her they need to sort out their differences.

Scene 5
Soham is angry and recalls his time with Balan and wants to get out fast. He goes to the wall and bangs his head and bleeds, he screams and pretends that he has fainted. The cops come and then decide to rush him to the hospital.

Scene 6
Ovi‘s House
Arjun visits Ovi she opens the door n is shocked to see him. he suddenly hears the baby crying n asks if someone is at hom. He enters with ovi and sees the baby with her friend. Ovi introduces her friend Shika n says its her baby. Arjun inquires if the baby is ok? he lifts her n plays for a while. Ovi then asks him what he is doing in Canada. He informs her he was here for a business deal. And since they have a house here, he didn‘t want to stay in a hotel.He asks her he had seen her near the hospital. She says she was there to set Manav ‘s appointment.

Scene 7
Ovi is worried as to how she will hide the fact about the baby for long. Archana calls n asks if she has fixed an appointment with the docs, ovi then asks Archu why she sounds tensed.Archu informs her about all the company split and that she is worried for Purvi. Ovi then tells Archu that arjun has come there, Archana tells her to convince Arjun about Purvi n the work. After cutting the call Ovi thinks to herself she wont tell Arjun anything abt the baby coz he already has so many problems.

Scene 8
Soham beats up the officers and runs away

Rest by ArVi-licious

Scene 9
ovi is attending to the baby n notices that the baby is running a fever, she panics very badly.. she calls shika.. asks her to do sumthing.. arjun also comes there.. she pulls arjun n asks him see whats wrong.. she in all the panic says ‘plz do something, i dont want to lose my child again’.. arjun just stays rooted to the spot in shock.. shika n ovi take the baby to hospital n arjun runs too.. the baby is in the incubator n shika reassures ovi.. arjun is looking from outside the room.. as soon as she gets out, arjun questions her abt the baby n how all this happened..

ovi narrates the whole story.. she tells him, after a few weeks of leaving him and coming to canada she got to know she is pregnant, she goes on to explain once she realised abt the preganacy she called arjun, and purvi had answered the call(FB to hospital scene, long back, when purvi answered n then informed arjun) she says she didnt know what to do, wanted to tell ayee but archu already her own problems.. ovi says she had shika for help n had by then known that arjun n purvi are getting closer, one day she developed labour pains n delivered a preterm baby.. by then she also got to know abt onir n came to india to find out more, only to find out that arvi are getting that time the baby was in an incubator.. she tells how important the baby is to her..

after her narration.. arjun gets irritated he asks what did she achieve with all this.. he tells her, he had literally begged her to fix the marriage, he had requested her several times to come back, arjun asks her, where will he go from here, how will he get back to his normal life, after knowing that he has a daugther from her!.. he says she has ruined everything n leaves angrily..

PRECAP: manav tells archana he wont trouble purvi n handle the meetings by himself..

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66 Responses to “Pavitra Rishta 10th October 2013 Written Update”

  1. Lalitha says:

    The story is going to dogs.I am sure what Arjun & Purvi got accomplished as the best Jodi is going down the drain. till the day they were not married they were the best Jodi. But after marriage every thing has changed..purvi has to be blamed for all the troubles..all parents must be respected but only to an extent specially the girls parents. Your husband comes first. These are the ego of the present day girls my parents etc, the divorce rate is souring up. Marriage has no commitment.Mr manavendra is not going to be on the streets, if purvis project doesn’t come handy. To drag purvi into this is foolishness and purvis behavior is unpardonable.

  2. MU says:


    you knew you were divorcing arjun and you still made the last tumble in bed

    you knew you wanted arjun and purvi to unite due to your interference to right everything


    this truth will shatter purvi and then she’ll do the entire mother goddess act and sacrifice her marriage

    ARJUN TO BE BLAMED he should not have jumped into bed with Ovi…if its over its over dont slip back into the jar

    Ovi behaved like Purvi and is doing the sacrifice thing

    it’s so sad the Cvs are such immoral bastards

  3. Canadian Babe says:

    Now its all about he got 2 sisters pregnant. Wait a minute didn’t he get them pregnant before. But, wait a minute Pari was born and Ovi lost her child no problem carry on all is fair. I guess because of public pressure the writers had to make all the silly decisions because nobody should come between Arvi. There is noooooo Pavitra Rishta in this show. That Purvi married Onir and stayed there despite her past that’s Pavitra Rishta. That Arjun fell in love with Ovi despite his past that is Pavitra Rishta. Anyways I don’t see why this baby will cause Arvi to get separated just not possible.

  4. Canadian Babe says:

    Also if I was Ovi there is no way i’d allow Arjun and Purvi to raise my daughter. Who would do such a silly thing. I carried that child in my womb and just because my ex husband and his family lives in India i’ll give up my daughter. NO WAY.

  5. Canadian Babe says:

    Writers give Ovi a break. If Archana acts as her daughter and she happens to be the “Good” one then I can see why. After all Ovi has gone through those morals are bound to be instilled. I’m so looking forward to the leap.

  6. Canadian Babe says:

    I never wanted Arvi to marry. You know why, because it was very foolish. They had to divorce each other when they could have worked it out and what they had wasn’t even real love. When people were crying against these divorces nobody paid heed today because Ovi has a baby everyone is in distress. That baby was conceived rightfully. This show shows that people should just divorce each other just to be with their sweetheart which is very stupid. Guess what, this show is like a fairy tale and things don’t happen to happen in way like this show tells us. Ovi deserves to have a baby and guess what even Arjun is to be blamed.

  7. Jinal says:

    Kitni baar Baap banega Arjun , dum hai bande me , jaha jata hai waha sabko pregnant kar deta hai…hehehehehe

  8. anonymous says:

    This show passed stupidity a long time ago and is now just plain idiotic.

    Arjun has never loved Ovi, the only person he fell in love with is Purvi. Purvi, striving to bring happiness into her mother’s life decided to sacrifice her love. Destiny brought them back together. Ovi, knowing she was divorcing Arjun, still got intimate with him and brought this upon herself. Having lived in the west, the Deshmukh’s seem to have lost some of the morals. Their “Indianess” has been diluted somewhat.

    Give Arvi a break to be happy. They were doing so well and somehow the creative team of this show seem to think that life is all about unhappiness, subterfuge, mayhem, conspiracies and outright nonsense.

    Wake up team and not just smell the coffee but drink it too. That might jolt you brain and creative juices and bring you back to earth and reality. Life also has happiness, caring, love, togetherness, sound family ties anbd values. Life is good too, just “dotted with some bad”. Isn’t it about time that viewers got to enjoy some good family drama and not just the nonsense we are getting currently.

    The world at large needs love, laughter and happiness. Let the people enjoy this in large doses.

  9. kk says:


  10. Harini says:

    what this? Yeh Kya Hai Phir Ovi Arjun Ka Child ka Janam Diya Hai ,totaly story was apavitra hogaya hai?

  11. Janas says:

    I guess everybody should stop watching this crap. In the first place, this is setting a bad trend by projecting immorality in the name of love. They should have cont’d with Arjun Purvi love story and married them off last year. If they wanted drama and made Purvi sacrifice, the next thing they should have shown is Purvi continue her marriage with Onir and changed Ovi’s charater for the better. I guess because of the outburst from Arvi fans, they married these two off. Serials should be a way to show positivity and how life moves on. But these senseless writers decided to do what they want and now made Ovi give birth to Arjun’s daughter. They could have shown as falling in love with some other guy and carry on. Also the lady playing Teju has been totally underutilised give her talent. If this is not enough, it’s another love triangle between Soham, Gauri and Sachin. These writers post the leap will make both the daughters of Arjun fall in love with 1 guy and this time it will be Ovi’s daughter doing the sacrifice. My gut feeling is Ankita will play Ovi’s daughter.

  12. Afsana says:

    Wow. The show is getting stupider by the day. Ovi’s child is Arjun’s. How is this even remotely possible because if I recall, Ovi Onir Arjun and Purvi had an accident in which Ovi lost her child and Purvi sacrificed Pari for that. These writers are crazy. Just end this stupid show already.

  13. SashaT says:

    Hi everyone ,
    Was a die-hard follower of PR from the leap, but stopped after the ONir/Purvi breakup. And completely stopped after The ARVI marriage , but only read the updates on and off.
    It all boils down to making one wrong decision /choice in life and not only one life but many lives get screwed up . And Purvi made that wrong choice of forcing Arjun to marry Ovi . Even then it would have been ok. Because then destiny open its door and lead her to Kolkata and ONIR . It was the perfect second chance for Purvi. Arjun because of the friendship with Ovi would have eventually found a sustaining relationship with Ovi. THEN…………….Purvi decided to fight destiny and came back to Mumbai. The one character Purvi – messed up this show with her decisions and choices. Every other character in the show is a victim of Purvi’s choice – Onir , Arjun , Ovi. Now my total sympathy are with Arjun & Ovi , what a mess. Arjun’s life is TOTALLY messed up. Two sister as wives and having daughters with both of them , how immoral he must be feeling , Onir had his heart broken . She knew that he loves her when in a drunken stupor he said so.
    But Ovi could have told Arjun about the baby, then Arjun would have continued with the marriage. By the way she was never in India enjoying and partying as some say, but always in the background filled with sadness…
    This story of who came between whom , Purvi or Ovi is like the story of which came first the egg or the chicken . A never ending discussion ………..

    • Canadian Babe says:

      Exactly, I saw sadness on Ovi’s face and even if there was a smile I saw pain hidden in it.

  14. Shankar says:

    What an idiotic drama? Is this a serie or a game?? Why is arjun pregnanting this and this why is he playing with them? Is. The director illitrate?? Maybe he/she must be because this is not s a serie anymore! So stupid of the director and mind you if you continue like that trust me many pple will switch to starpluss!!!!!

  15. Any says:

    was so nice as a nightmare…

  16. Any says:

    that the 1150th episode…

  17. Any says:

    to say…

  18. Any says:

    I forgot… :-( :-( :-(

  19. Any says:

    When all will be revealed, will be a scene similar with the one when Purvi hided from the entire family that Pari is her and Arjun’s daughter. The only thing that missed was Archana who was in hospital. But now she REALLY IS and i hope Purvi will realize that she made such a big mistake asking Arjun to marry Ovi. You remember,guys? When Purvi decided about that gorgeous sacrifice, and ArOvi completed, imediately after that day, i repeat “IMEDIATELY” her mom, Archana, got her family back. So, if Arvi married in that day, Archana would absolutely take her family back and remember that Ovi hadn’t kept her promise ’cause she never showed interes for her mom and just like that Purvi’s sacrifice was in vain…such an injured relation ( as Arvi’s) is not focused on a safe future…everything which they both tried to build will be destroyed by a dirty past and because of a story with nonsense…poor them!!! :-(

  20. ashnia says:

    i totally agree with all of u friends this show is nonsense now

  21. anon says:

    ovi the witch is back. ekta and her usual love triangle.
    i guess they are running out of ideas

    manav-archana-and sachin’s mother?
    teju-i forgot his name- the other girl (at one time it would have been her fiance’s brother who fell in love with her too)

    does anyone in this serial have a stable relationship?

  22. AK says:

    Hey Guys sorry couldn’t join the group today the thing is an reading Almost Heaven by Judith McNaught.

    I only managed to type 3/4 of today ‘s episode until the update was posted by Arvi-licious .

    Today‘s episode was quite good. The only disturbing part is when Soham escaped.

    Purvi is the best beti in Tellywood, she stands by her parents through thick and thin.

    Archana showing concern for ArVi ‘s rishta at least she proved to be a mother.

    Ovi tried to keep the all afair as a secret but she had to spill the beans because of her daughter ‘s delicate case. It’s not her fault buy circumstances forced her.

    Arjun on one hand you have Purvi, break her heart when she gets to know the mystery.
    On the other hand is Ovi and his daughter.

    Dk and Manav find a solution for your problems uffff

  23. Simone says:

    Ovi should raise her baby in Canada away from all the madness. There she should find a good husband that loves her.

  24. MU says:

    Ovi’s fault

    Arjun has a right to be angry. Arjun needs to tell Purvi

    1) Ovi should get remarried
    2) I dont want to say hand her baby to Arjun and Purvi because she’s not that crazy and mother goddess like purvi

    But i cant stand it

    Too much pain


  25. Zubeida says:

    This is crap like seriously not again Arjun and ovi:( poor purvi she’ll be sOo heartbroken to know the truth:(

    • Mahi says:

      I think Purvi would be more heartbroken to know Ovi allowed them to get marry! That’s more like Purvi.

    • neha says:

      true mahii
      dat only i was thinking abt purvi if come to noe abt this she will be heartbroken
      feeling bad for her

  26. neha says:

    guys i think it was ovi fault
    dumb ass ovi could have said arjun before arjun and purvi marriage atleat it would not affect purvi life
    now everyone’s life is in trouble arjun ovi n purvi
    i love arjuns’s reactions it is true dat no one will forgive ovi n now everyone will be separated

  27. Anonymous says:


    • Just say'in says:

      I agree

    • Mahi says:

      I don’t think Ovi got intimate with Arjun so she can have a baby, not tell anyone and get Arjun married to the one he longed for.

    • Mahi says:

      In the first place she could have told him about his baby just before he married Purvi.

    • neha says:

      arjun n purvi shld get happiness
      everytime ovi come btw them
      and now again with a reason dat would separate arjun n purvi

    • Mahi says:

      Why would that separate Arjun and Purvi? Lots of people say that but I fail to see the reason. Doesn’t Purvi has a baby and another on the way also? Then why?

    • Just say'in says:

      I think Ekta is a fool. No I don’t think ovi did it on purpose. She tried to keep it a secret. I just can’t stand the storyline. I wish they would do something new and fresh with ovi. Same old drama. It gets boring. I only read the updates and don’t watch the show and think maybe I should stop reading the updates as well

    • Mahi says:

      More than that i’m hoping the leap doesn’t follow the same pattern. They just love to rotate stuff. Remember how Purvi panicked and nearly spilled the beans that Pari is her baby today Ovi did that.

    • neha says:

      it is a reason

      bcoz it is ekta’s land in which everyone’ love separate
      just dat
      hope they shld not be separated if they separate i gonna die hahahaha”

    • Mahi says:

      @Neha: Lol, next they will focus on Soham. They gave him a terrible character.

    • Just say'in says:

      Still really upset about what they did to sohams character. Even when he was a bad guy before he wasn’t this bad. They just ruined him. I don’t get it.

    • Mahi says:

      Yes you’re right. What they are doing to Soham is totally wrong.

    • anon says:

      yep. same sh*t every day. love triangle queen ekta kapoor. i hate ovi.

    • neha says:

      yes yr
      soham was good before bt now he became to bad like a goon only

  28. "sporshiya" says:

    That should not be happen again…
    Ovi has come between arjun and purvi as before..
    Please arjun don’t affect ur relationship with purvi…

  29. kris says:

    Hi AK, Mahi, merina, fans here, don’t think this show deserves much comments anymore, so I’m here to invite all of you to join us on the DDBEDS page, that show is really nice. We can discuss that show now.
    I am so over PR now. It’s no use. This show gone way beyond repair.
    So please accept my invite.

    • Mahi says:

      Hey Kris. What’s up? I visit that page sometimes but I don’t fully understand what its about.

    • Daisy says:

      Agree with you Kris, I have stopped watching PR since I read all the updates on the leap and Ovi having a baby. This spelt trouble for Arvi relationship. Thus the only reason I watch PR. I do check in now and then and read the post .

  30. Just say'in says:

    Why couldn’t they make the storyline that she adopted her friends baby who died giving birth? I just wish they would give a rest to the ovi Arjun purvi storyline. So done with it! And who would leave their baby behind to go to India for such a long time? So unrealistic!

    • Mahi says:

      I don’t agree about the adopting her friend’s baby part then there wouldn’t have needed to bring in a baby in the story and all this is leading towards the leap.

    • Mahi says:

      All this leads to the leap so that’s why they need to show Ovi has a baby. If you can remember there were scenes before that suggested Ovi was pregnant.

    • Just say'in says:

      I don’t like it though. Why did she have to have a baby by Arjun. It’s dumb.i also don’t think there needs to be a leap.

    • Mahi says:

      The first mistake with the Arjun and Purvi saga was that the writers made Arjun marry Ovi. The second is that they got Purvi married to Onir and after all that happened they got divorces for them like that solved all the problem.

    • Daisy says:

      Especially a newborn in a incubator. And ll this time I have never seen any sign of worry. She was always in every family function dancing and having a good time,

  31. Mahi says:

    Typical Arjun….get angry, says what he wants to and walk away.

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