Pavitra Rishta 15th October 2013 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 15th October 2013 Written Update by H Hasan

Pavitra Rishta 15th October 2013 Written Episode

The episode starts with Ankita shouting aloud that she has passed in the exam. Suddenly rain starts and she enjoys the rain. Archana tells about the Mumbai rain to Pushti. Ankita enjoys the rain with her friend Umang. Purvi is looking lost in thoughts, Teju comes there. Purvi asks didn’t she sleep yet. Teju says you was thinking about Arjun all the while during the speech. Teju asks her to forget Arjun and says everyone wants her to forget Arjun. She asks her to forget the day when she left Arjun. She says she hate Ovi after what she has done to Purvi. Purvi says it doesn’t matter to her and says my aai and baba supported me and broke all ties with their own daughter. She says I am very lucky to get their support. She tells about the orphan childrens who didn’t get anything.

Meanwhile Soham pretending be blind and some little girl is begging on the streets. Ankita goes to them and takes away the girl. Soham looks at her. Purvi tells Teju that she was a orphan but she got a good parents.

Meanwhile Prashant curses Soham to no end and asks how he is as a father. He says, he will take care of his siblings. And asks him to stay away from begging. Soham says it is my home. Soham is eating non stop. Prashant says her tai has brought them up. Soham says he is their father. Prashant asks him to get out. Ankit and the rest of the kids looks on. Soham says I will come back and leaves being in a drunken state.

Ankita tells Sonu, never to go with him again. Sonu says baba said he will get a fancy dress for me. Ankita says she will get it. Prashant thinks, how can he stoop so low.

Purvi asks about Pari from the servant. He says she came at 7 am. Purvi goes to Pari and thinks she is working even now. She recalls Arjun. She asks her to rest. Pari says she have to complete the work. Purvi says you are same as your Dad. Pari asks her not to take her Dad’s name. Purvi tells her to atleast call him once. Pari says she can never forgive him after all whatever he had done with her. Pari says she wants to be with her, aaji and others. She says she can’t have any relations with him. And says she hates Ovi and Arjun. Purvi thinks she don’t want her to be away from her Dad.

Neighbours starts gossipying about soham. Ankita gets a bedsheet for him. Soham asks her to get the mattress. But Prashant takes the mattress and rests on it. He curses Soham again. Ankita says tomorrow is her job interview and then their problems will be solved. She asks him to sleep. She says, she asked Shashank to give him tuitions.

In the morning, Ankita sees Soham who is still sleeping. Then she comes to pranav and teases him for brushing after having bath. Sonu asks, whether she is going to the temple. Ankita says ok, she will go. Sonu asks her to ask the job from Bappa. Ankita makes them ready to go to school and college.

Ankita asks him to get the information about his admission. Shashank comes and says he will get the info. Ankita leaves with Shashank and kids.

Shashank asks her to come to the temple. Ankita says but she don’t believe in God because of her siblings conditions. Shashank asks her to try once. Sonu gives her sugar. Ankita asks Shashank to pray on her behalf.

Purvi is writing in the book that 20 years have passed after they got seperated. She says I am in Canada with my daughter. She says, I asked Pari to call Arjun and she got upset with me. She says, I feel hurt to asks Pari to meet Arjun. She says she couldn’t forget Arjun all the while and she can’t forgive him, his lies, his cheat. She says she passed these 20 years with the pain. She says she hates Arjun to the core because she loved him very much. She says I last saw him 20 years ago. She says, but daily I remember him. Arjun must be having his family and he might be happy with them. Arjun wakes up and gets ready. He asks someone to get the breakfast.

Purvi says Arjun has chosen Ovi over Purvi. he gave my place to Ovi. Arjun looks at the toast and says it is burnt but I will eat it because I love you. Purvi says Arjun is happy in his life but I couldn’t give Pari her Dad. Arjun asks his daughter to wish him luck as it is a important day. She kisses him on his cheeks.

Purvi says it is day in Mumbai and night in Canada, same as morning in Arjun’s life and night in her life. She says night forever.

Flashback scene: Purvi asks Arjun to say who is more beautiful, her aai or her. Arjun says Pari is most beautiful than you both. Purvi smiles as Arjun kisses on Pari’s forehead.


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69 Responses to “Pavitra Rishta 15th October 2013 Written Update”

  1. furkan khaju says:

    they have killed the show and the track is not making any sense and this track is sucking really badly

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think the main reason that Purvi left Arjun was because he did choose Ovi over Purvi. He must of explained to the family that he didn’t know about the pregnancy but Ovi must have done something worse that the family disowned her. Maybe the fact that she didn’t tell anyone about her pregnancy bcoz she knew she was pregnant when Arjun was trying to get Ovi back to make their marriage work and she still didn’t tell anyone about her pregnancy. Did she not think that eventually everyone would find out she had a child. She just made everything 10x worse because she knew arjun and purvi were going to get married and she had plenty of time before that to tell everyone about the baby. She obviously did it on purpose to ruin their marriage. So in some way I am on Purvi’s side. And also when Purvi was writing in her diary she was saying that looking at Arjun’s face and in his eyes I could see that he had already replaced me with Ovi. And he did want to keep the baby a secret from Purvi so to be honest I think the main reason for Arjun and Purvi’s divorce must of been the fact that he chose Ovi over Purvi again. And this is why the family broke ties with her and also the fact that she hid the pregnancy from everyone when she had the chance to fix her marriage with Arjun before the divorce. Also Arjun seems happier than Purvi in this leap of 20 years and he clearly seems to have no regrets (sad) bcoz he has another child and Purvi doesn’t. Also Pari seems like a positive character, she reminds me a lot of Purvi actually which is really good 🙂 Purvi and Pari seem very happy together though so..

  3. Puja,Bangladesh says:

    pari was earlier seen in BALH as riddima daughter of vikram and neha

  4. Shaza says:

    Anyone there???? Very boring for me

  5. Shaza says:

    @drs I cudnt cum to diz page for long tym since I had a lot of work at school

  6. Shaza says:

    @drs how are u after a long leap

  7. Shaza says:

    @drs thank u very much for the wish

  8. Shaza says:

    Yes Ashwik me too love to watch purvi’s turn
    my sister was scolding at me as I became crazy of arvi

  9. anonymous says:

    Asha Negi(Purvi) is only two years older than Shruti Kanwar(Ovi) so she is not that old. Purvi wears saries and salwars while Ovi wears more dresses (minis etc) than traditional clothes.

    Ankita was promised more prominance in the leap (in order to get her to stay on). She will get it too (as she even has her character named Ankita) 🙂 Due to this Arvi may not get that much exposure. They have a huge fan base and their popularity may not work well for Ankita’s fame.

  10. Shaza says:

    It is true Ashwik even I love the precap

  11. ASHWIK FAN says:

    luv only arvi story….nd most hate ankita’s story…

  12. ASHWIK FAN says:

    precap is so beautiful…. i like only precap in this episode…i think it will be arjun’s imagimation….

  13. kk says:

    Hate now pavitra rishta.

  14. Shaza says:

    Hi frendz thanks 4 da wishes
    eid mubarak to all my fremdz who celebrat da festival.
    Pr is getting bord after da seperatn of arvi.we need them together again,blady ovi?? I Hate him.ovi and arjun should be seperated and pia and ovi must go somewhere.I Very disappointed abt da show.

  15. Shaza says:

    Hi frendz thanks 4 dg wishes
    eid mubarak to all my fremdz who celebrat da festival.
    Pr is getting bord after da seperatn of arvi.we need them together again,blady ovi?? I Hate him.ovi and arjun should be seperated and pia and ovi must go somewhere.I Very disappointed abt da show.

  16. drs says:

    Hey AK buddy 🙂
    Eid Mubarak to u and ur family….:)

  17. Janas says:

    Don’t blame the characters. Blame the writers. Guys I know a lot of u are going to kick me for this, but I think if Arvi have separated, let them separate for good. This is ridiculous. I mean think, if in our lives we’ve separated, then we carry on with our lives forward. Not go back to the past. Even though Purvi looks mature, I can’t fathom her being called mom. Imagine Ovi’s condition – she looks so young and to call her mom. It’s funny.

    BTW what happened to Dr. Onir? Has he quit?

  18. ASHWIK FAN says:

    arvi is totaly destroyed for the story of ankita…ekta has separated dem so people will see the story of ankita with story of arvi… i see dis story only 4 arvi….luv arvi 4ever…

  19. Ammara khan says:

    Hi everyone i am new on this site i am also a big fan of arvi.

  20. Malala says:

    I guess the girl who kissed Arjun’s cheek is purvi’s second daughter coz ovi’s daughter should be 20 after leap if not where is purvi’s second child she was pregnant before leap

  21. fan says:

    reall sad how they butchered this show so many times.

  22. Malala says:

    Hi,Mahi eid Mubarak to you tooo are you Muslim?????

  23. Mahi says:

    Hello everyone. Eid Mubarak to all those who are celebrating Eid. As for Pavitra Rishta eventually Arjun and Purvi will be reunited…i’m sure. But its funny how these characters live as Nuns and Monks and then get reunited…like really…..

    • Merina says:

      Someone was telling me that the PR official facebook said ” Arjun Purvi’s love story would be more beautiful after the leap.” I am not sure whether that means the reunion though.

      And I agree, the protagonists waste their youth away living the life of celibates, pining for each other and reunite at the middle age. And yet they say it is true love and pavitra rishta. Well for me true love is enduring the hardships of life together when you are young and immature. True love is lending shoulders to each other and being each other’s strength throughout life. How can a love be true if it is fragile enough to be broken at smallest of the issues?
      And when u reunite at middle age it is not because your love is true but because you have come a long way through life, sobered down, learned from experiences of life and have matured enough not to be perturbed by small/petty things.
      So u see those who separate at smallest issues are not the true lovers for me.

  24. Veetal says:

    Now if purvi left arjun because she thought he slept with ovi after his marriage to purvi then I’m goNna stop reading these updates ( stop watching on tv).. I hope we’re not seeing another manav-archanna story.

    • kris says:

      I think Arjun chose Ovi over Purvi so she went to Canada with manav and archana, Kate really confusing but that’s what I understood,
      Soham is like manav father a drunkard, but don’t think he has a good heart like damodar.
      Wonder who is the children mother

  25. I am depressed about the broken of two hearts “ARJUN & PURVI” because of OVI’S children(Purvi think that Arjun cheated her whereas Arjun was shocked to know Ovi’s pregnancy) .
    Please get them together(Arjun and Purvi) again!!!
    As I like this couple very much…

    • Preeti Douglas says:

      oh you must be joking!!!!!!
      get arjun and purvi together again!!!!!
      this is a sick joke!!!!!!
      real human beings cannot be like these characters that are being portrayed. no matter how angelic they are made to be; no human being can be so forgiving …. this is all truly a stupid joke.
      wake up people!!!

  26. AK says:

    Hi Rd, I am fine. Hope you are also doing good.

    Minal Aidhin!!!

  27. AK says:

    Yes she is 20 years old. And Piya is her name

  28. Merina says:

    Arjun Ovi’s daughter Pia should be 20 years post leap. But the girl who was serving Arjun breakfast doesn’t look to be 20.. What does it mean?…

    • Mahi says:

      She looks younger like a teen still. Merina you seem to be worrying if it means Arjun is in a relationship….I don’t think so though because they made Purvi wait.

    • AK says:

      You are quite right Mahi

    • Merina says:

      @Mahi and Ak: Hi Mahi and Ak. Eid Mubarak to you too.

      Well I’m not worried about Arjun being in relationship. They have butchered the story so ruthlessly that I don’t bother about them anymore.

      I was just thinking if the girl is not Pia, had Arjun adopted another girl (just as Archana did when Manav went to Canada with his bio children)? Or as someone was pointing if that girl is Arjun Purvi’s second daughter (improbable though because Purvi would not leave a nursing baby behind). I know the story would unfold slowly, but I was just curious.. that’s it.

  29. shanu says:

    eid mubarak guyz. Ummid math rakhna ki arvi phirse ek ho jayegi

  30. Angel Manu says:

    hy charlie is not doing the role of Pari
    n what happen to Ovi n is Gauri dead
    n who is this girl with Arjun is she Pia

  31. Ivy says:

    i thnk may be ovi was dead…

  32. Aanal says:

    Got arjun such a cheap i hate him and ovi bechari meri purvi, arjun ovi should die

  33. jes says:

    bye guys…got 2 go…catch up later

  34. Hi Ak bhai , Mk di , Merina di, Mahi n all the family members ! How r u guys ? Eid mubarak evry1 シ I think there is still some hope of ArVi union coz Ovi does’nt live with Arjun…

    • Merina says:

      Hi Rd. Eid Mubarak to u too.

      Well as per Avri reunion goes, we still don’t know whether Ovi lives with Arjun or not. Arjun seems very happy with his daughter though. They showed Purvi yesterday, Arjun today perhaps we will know about Ovi tomorrow.
      And we are still to know the status of Ovi Arjun relationship or Arjun’s stance over Purvi and Pari. Ovi might still be living with him but as a wife in the true sense or as a friend is something we will know in upcoming episodes.

    • Thank U di…! How r u ? Ya about Arjun Ovi we’ll come to know later This week…

    • Merina says:

      I’m good RD. Drowned in work as usual. But it’s kinda good cuz it gives me a chance to sneak into the forum in between the work.

    • Aww hope u get time to take care of ur health di .

  35. jes says:

    definately arjun & ovi r together….

  36. Panchi says:

    Who is prashant!??

  37. MU says:


    those bastards

    soham is even worse

    so what after gauri died varsha got him married the wife popped out 5 kids and the wife is dead

    or did gauri died after birthing lil sonu and varsha has been raising them since then?

    • Merina says:

      I agree MU. They have tattered the character of Arjun and Soham beyond repair post leap…

    • MU says:

      @Merina im even more furious with Arjun

      He should have shut Purvi up and fought for his family and ovi should have explained. Can Purvi read would she not see the child is months older than their marriage?

      Ovi is cheap she finally got what she wanted in the end. She got Arjun at the cost and destruction of so many lives. She destroyed a marriage and father-daughter bond. Ovi is still selfish she slept with arjun knowing the possibilities and then left him to carry the baby later secretly. Arjun married Ovi for Pia’s sake but i believe there’s no love. I wish Ovi got pregnant for someone else and truly started over but she didnt. She dipped into that honey jar and got greedy again.

      Then Soham who was being good. Turned evil and bad parenting rules this entire thing. I beleive Pari isnt spoiled she’s a workolic like her mom and dad. Pia maybe spoiled because she has her daddy and momma with her.

    • Merina says:

      @MU : I agree.
      For all her intelligence Purvi should have known that Pia happened before her marriage with Arjun. She might have been angry on finding this, but it was no reason to leave Arjun because it was not cheating.

      Arjun’s weakness has always been his inability to speak right things at right time. He led Oi due to this and once again he seems to have let go of Purvi owing to the same. I think this time they are separated because Arjun chose to be with Pia rather than grieving with Purvi for her miscarriage ( My presumption because there is no second child yet). And today he seemed happy unlike Purvi who has still not forgotten him.

      As per Ovi yes what you have said could be true. If there weren’t something big, her family wouldn’t have disowned her. So let’s see how the story unfolds. If CVs show Ovi happily married with Arjun as a lovey-dovey couple, well that would be the last straw I can bear. If conniving, manipulation and blackmail wins at the end of the day, I would never want to be good and that is not the value I’ll be teaching my children (when I’ll have them).

      Soham is beyond repair. So does it mean that a guy who was nurtured to be bad shall always remain bad? So nurture ultimately wins over nature?.. I’m speechless.

  38. jes says:

    tq h hassan

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