Pavitra Rishta 17th January 2013 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 17th January 2013 Written Episode

Episode starts with Onir telling Purvi, I know very well how you were struggling when you came to Kolkata for the first time. Purvi says, you’re having misunderstanding.. only i told Arjun to do all this.. I took his promise of forgetting me. I sacrificed my love for Archu aai.. but Arjun sacrificed everything for me. He even married to Ovi because I told him. When I felt Ovi is still insecure.. I came to Kolkata and I took promise from Arjun of forgetting me and keep Ovi happy. He fulfilled his promise. Onir cannot believe. He nows says, “what did I do?” Person who wanted your good.. what did I do? Purvi tells Onir, “it’s not your fault.. whatever you did.. you did for me”. ‘And no one else knows in this house that this child is Arjun’s. .. ‘ and please no one shall find out about this in this house. Onir says, “fine.. I will never let Arjun find out about this”. Purvi says, you’re father of this child.. we’ll raise him together. I and Arjun did one big mistake.. about which I don’t want anyone to find out. That’s why I took my reports away. Onir tells her, I have told you from beginning that I will be with you in all happiness and sadness. Last time I couldn’t stop you from leaving and that was my biggest mistake.. but I promise you that I won’t leave you alone now. I have realized that nothing is greater in my life than your happiness.

On the other side, Arjun tells Ovi that Arjun found out everything. Ovi asks, how did he find out? Arjun says, that I don’t know.. but it’s good that the truth is out. Ovi asks him, he must be angry right? Arjun remembers Onir’s slap. Ovi continues, it’s not easy to accept all this.. she says, don’t take me wrong, but it’s Purvi’s fault this time.. she should have told him everything. Don’t know what will happen to their relationship now. Arjun says, nothing will happen.. in fact everything will be fine now as truth is out. Onir is a wise man. he’ll understand. Ovi also says, its good that Onir found out everything.. he was going to find out one day anyways. Ovi asks, don’t you think this is good for our relationship as well? Arjun just looks at her and doesn’t answer anything. Ovi puts her head on Arjun’s shoulder.

Break 1..

Onir again apologizes to Purvi. Purvi asks, “for what?” Onir says, for doubtig on you. He tells her that some one called him and he felt that Purvi is cheating on him and that’s why he went to see Purvi .. He says, ‘i shouldn’t have done that. Purvi says, please don’t say sorry.. mistake was mine.. if i Had told you everything before, then maybe I wouldn’t have to see this day.. but I just didn’t have strengt. Purvi now asks him, who called you? Onir says, don’t know.. it was one girl.. who said she knows everything about your past and didn’t give her name. Purvi gets lost in thoughts. Onir tells her, dont’ take too much tension.. go and get fresh. Onir now thinks about how his relationship started with Purvi.

Flashback scene:
Purvi is teaching kids. Onir is doing kids treatment on a side and looking at Purvi. They kept doing this for days and one day, Purvi started feeling dizzy. Onir takes her for the treatment. After some time, Onir asks Purvi, do you live alone or there are other ppl living with you? Purvi asks, why are you asking me that? Onir says, don’t take me wrong.. but someone has to be with you during this time.. you’re pregnant. Purvi seems to be in a shock. Onir says, other day you went unconscious and I did your treatment.. and being doctor.. I found out about it. Onir says, seems like you already knew about it.. but anyways.. if you want .. you could give this good news to your husband. Purvi says, I am not married. Onir says,.. it’s okay.. and I don’t want to interfere in your personal life.. I just want you to be safe. You’re pregnant and you will have to take good care of yourself. Purvi thanks him for his concern and leaves.

Another day, Onir is talking some school staff. Lady gives him tea. Onir says, very good tea. Lady says, Purvi made it. Onir now goes to Purvi and tells her, you shouldn’t work like this. You should be resting. Purvi says, actually I like doing all these stuff. When I came here.. I didn’t know anyone here. These ppl gave me place to live, so now I feel that I should be doing something for them as well.

Break 2…

Back to present.. Onir says, by now I had got used to you.. I kept going to that school.. i started liking everything about you.. and then one day..

Flashback scene:
Onir goes to Purvi and asks her, so Purvi.. will you marry me? I don’t think at all tht woman can’t raise a child alone.. but this society has some rules.. they don’t accept child without his father.. one day they will ask you questions.. what will you answer them that time? You’ll say that he’s adopted? but then tomorrow his dad finds out that child is his.. and he may come to take him away. Even if you’re fine with that.. then let’s say… this child asks you tomorrow, who’s my father? then what will you say? Purvi asks, but why do you want to marry me? Onir says, I am a free soul.. I keep going to different places to treat my patients. And if I can be useful for someone, then i will be happy. And because of › › this tea too (he smiles). Purvi says, but you don’t know anything about my past. Onir says ‹ i don’t want to want know about it either.. I want to marry you for the future.. if you say yes, then we will marry tomorrow only. and don’t worry.. I will never ask you whose child it is.

Back to present..Onir says, I could see her getting lost in thoughts. I knew that she would think a lot that night.. And next day..

Flashback scene:
Purvi tells Onir, I thought a lot about your proposal.. and… Onir asks, and? Purvi says, should we go to registrar office? Onir has a smile on his face. Onir asks, right now? Purvi nods her head saying yes. Onir says, but we have to register an application before a month. Onir then calls someone and says, start the preparations. me and Purvi are coming for the marriage.

Back to present.. Onir says, and then a child got my name.. a woman got her identity.. And today.. I am standing here.. but she’s still there where she was before. He continues, two people who didn’t know each other started their new lives.. and today I am attached to the life that Purvi had left back then.

Episode ends.

Precap: Punni is searching for her phone charger. Purvi shows her charger and asks, this is what you’re searching for right? Punni says, yes and takes it from her. Purvi then says, I know that it was you who called.

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  1. Shaza says:

    Gud afternoon guys,how do u feel about this serial?

  2. luul says:

    purvi looking beatifull this episode,isn`t guys?

  3. Anonymous says:

    wow what a wonderful movie

  4. Bru says:

    Sorry guys for not commenting
    i stopped commenting as no one was commenting now i will comment regularly
    thanks 2 veer and didi drs

  5. drs says:

    arey wo toh kuch 1 week pehle join hua….n logon ne uspe sitam chalu kardiya….actually wo anoy ke naam se comment kar raha tha…then 2 ya 3 anoy aagaye….so v asked all the anoys to change there names….isne edward rakhliya…baaki ke anoys ne toh comment karna hi chodd diya….n nw edwards bhi bohat hogaye….! crazyyyy!!!!

  6. Veer says:

    Pr page ki yehi khasiyat he agar koi regulrly comment karta he to uska username chura lete he.
    Funny but its true.

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  8. Veer says:

    cheers buddies 100 crossed

  9. drs says:

    @heartbeat:: ohk!!!so tell us abt urself….i mean ur age?? wat do u do?? wer r u frm??

  10. Veer says:

    yup,they will but not soon.afterall its Ekta.

  11. drs says:

    @veer::: cool….! hi-fi….am also of the same age…! am from hyderabad…!

    dat makes three people pf 19 yrs age….! (as far as i know the number of ppl on this page)

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    ye network jitne nakhare dikhata he,utane to gf bhi nahi dikhati he.

  13. drs says:

    @heartbeat:: r u on ipkknd page also???

  14. drs says:

    @veer:::am fine…:) wer r u frm?? hw old r u?? wat do u do???

  15. Heartbeat says:

    heyya cool pavitr rishta peoples may i join u?

  16. Veer says:

    top commentors are missing….

  17. drs says:

    i think evry1z pissed off with the way…ekta mam is taking it….. jo suffer karta hai wo bas sara tym suffer hota hi rehta hai…n jo bitchy n arrogant hota wo waise hi rehta hai…..!!!! jo rota hai wo roye jata hai…jo khush hota hai uski khushi next day…ganga mein doob jati hai….!!! seriously…!!!

    no offence to nybdy….jus my opinion!

  18. Veer says:

    Jago PR FANS Jago.

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