Pavitra Rishta 19th March 2013 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 19th March 2013 Written Update by nisha

Pavitra Rishta 19th March 2013 Written Episode

The Pavitra Rishta Serial is continue with the scene in which the Onir and purvi are walking on the road and talking.Onir is in the same drunk state and talks to purvi.Then they reach home.Purvi puts him on the bed.Then, Onir holds her hand as shown in yesterday’s precap and say to Purvi that he loves Purvi a lot. Purvi doesn’t say anything and seems happy.

Next morning, onir wakes up seeming confused as to why he was on the bed.then he saw the mattress on the ground and thought purvi must have slept on the ground the previous night.With a heavy headache he comes out of his room and finds manav sitting in the hall of aaji house.

Then manav talks with onir how he celebrated his mahashivratri last year with archana.Flashback scenes are shown of last mahashivratri where drunken manav talks withs archana in his lap.then manav goes out with sulochana.Varsha is shown who rents a house to live in the same place where arjun used to live in same chawl opposite the aaaji’s house.The owner takes her gold bangle as the rent .Then onir goes to kitchen where purvi is cooking, asks her if he said something in drunk sate.purvi is looking happy, but doesn’t tell him the truth.He said to leave for court.

mittal and kundan scene is shown where mittal is happy and tells he will never leave onir.When purvi comes in room finds onir sleeping while sitting.she very lovingly takes away the book and specs and remember their old scenes in flashbacks.sulochana is worried about varsha.Purvi comes and consoles her.

Manju is talking with the Pooni about the Case. Then, the Pooni reply to her Mom that she don’t know about anything. Purvi is hearing everything. Purvi is talking with the Manju Maani about the case of Onir and Mr. Mittal.
Onir is hearing everything and feeling very good to hear all this from Purvi.

PRECAP : Pooni instigating ovi….

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61 Responses to “Pavitra Rishta 19th March 2013 Written Update”

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Sukria or Thanks for pics

  3. ammara says:

    i dont think purvi wants hapiness she does not do things to make herself happy

    you have to strive for happiness to gain it she is a sorrowful person

  4. drs says:

    woyo..ak…yiipppee….! so u knw anythng about the subjects in first year…???

  5. AK says:

    Drs 1 wk 2 go!

  6. drs says:

    simran….yaar theek hai na…its ok…tumko arvi ache lagte hain…n i like punir jodi….! everyonez got there own.choice na… so easy….itz ok!

  7. drs says:

    heyy people….:)

  8. AK says:

    >:( nobody here!

  9. AK says:

    Heyyo drs di? U stil there?

  10. drs says:

    yyuuuuhhhhuuuu…..anybody in there…???

  11. drs says:

    anybody online people…????
    am here…. šŸ˜‰

  12. Bhai shab dil se kai rehi ho pls pic update karia me ap ke pass hamesa sukargugar rahon gi

  13. drs says:

    @mr.the truth…based on the xters…i dunno abt arvi but punir make a nice couple..!

  14. drs says:

    absolutely…..derz no fault of mine…i know dat!

    n buddy address pthers wid der usernames….dont reveal real names n ages…ok! pr page rules u know…. šŸ˜‰ to prevent unnecessary fights n fake comments!

  15. drs says:

    yeaa…but arjun can make ovi understand dat he duzn love her….he is staying wid her for purvi’s sake….! see…am jus telling dat.. arjun shud stand up for his love before itz too late…! but now purvi is married to onir…..n has started falling for him… then arjun shud let her be happy n not interfere in between them….!!!!

    no offence meant to anybody…. :)

  16. The Truth says:

    aalia I knw its not your fault you just want some happiness in purvis life but she cant live happily with that doctor.arvi is just made for each other.
    rest of you buddies. its arvi who created the magic of love in this serial not onir.mind these little thingys

  17. simran says:

    To drs….
    listen arjun was drunk…nd ovi said so dat its arjuns child….arjun dnt even remember anythin…nd i think dat child must of dat with whom ovi used to be…she must hav put d blame on arjun to get arjun…nd arjun married ovi cuz purvi said if u love me u hav to marry her…nd ovi had already attempted lot of suicide….arjun had no other option den to marry ovi…nd even after marriage both liv eachother…even arjun named their.child pari cuz dat was wat arvi had decieded long time ago….arvi reunion will surely happen….!!

  18. pc says:

    Come on stupid mital, control your nosy wife. After digging gold i thought that her character wil chil for sometime but she is worse. Punir scene is always fantastic:) Now am starting to feel for varsha. I think she has really changed. She has
    to be given a 2nd chance. Sulo was also worried for her sake. Its high time sulo accepts her.

  19. drs says:

    ok agreed dat arjun is doing this for purvi….dat doesnt mean he has kid wid ovi…..! he cud have xplained purvi about the situation…..elz he cud have made ovi understand things n finally wait for purvi….n get married to her…!!!

    • AK says:

      Drs di, at 1st purvi’s pregnancy was a mystery. We didnt knw how she got pregnant. It was shown to us months after. Ovi’s is still mystery! So we have to relax and stop blaming arjun for getting intimate with ovi.

    • simran says:

      To drsā€¦.
      listen arjun was drunkā€¦nd ovi said so dat
      its arjuns childā€¦.arjun dnt even
      remember anythinā€¦nd i think dat child
      must of dat designer with whom ovi used to beā€¦
      she must hav put d blame on arjun to get
      arjunā€¦nd arjun married ovi cuz purvi said
      if u love me u hav to marry herā€¦nd ovi
      had already attempted lot of
      suicideā€¦.arjun had no other option den to
      marry oviā€¦nd even after marriage both luv
      eachotherā€¦even arjun named their.child
      pari cuz dat was wat arvi had decieded
      long time agoā€¦.arvi reunion will surely

  20. The Truth says:

    dont forget arjun is doing this for his love sake.purvi forced him to marry that witch.all peoples are raising questions on arvi but friends let me tell you 1 thing its not easy to forget the past and move on in life.but arjun is doing this for purvi only.that’s called a true never dies.take my words one day we will see arvis reunion.

  21. drs says:

    ak….i wud surely start doing the quicknotes for u some time soon…..!

    all people waiting for quicknotes….guys am really sryy….am.actually quiet busy these days….but now i wud start again wid the quicknotes…sooonnn…! :) ok??? again am reaallyyy sry guys to keep u waiting…!!!

  22. drs says:

    awww….i have been waitingg for this…. šŸ˜‰
    purvi….finally derz some happiness coming her way….i soo love punir jodi….!! :)

    arvi fans…see guys no offence here…but purvi gave up her love for her sis….datz her mistake….n arjun listening to purvi n marrying ovi was his first mistake then having a kid wid her second mistake…( according to the track being shown)…!
    this implies dat hez movedd on wid ovi…n seems happy too…! so even purvi shud move on wid her life…find love again…and have happiness….! actually purvi giving up her baby to ovi…is the biggest mistake….now wen she has committed it she shud jus move back to calcutta n live happily wid onir….:)
    wen arjun can find move on n have happiness…..even purvi has every right to move on n stay happy….:)

  23. drs says:

    heyyo friends…..! missed me??? i was busy guys wid my studies…dis sem i got lotzz of things to study….:(

    heyy ak…hwz u??? 2 more weeks to go i guess???

    becky dear…missed u biiig tym..:)

    jack n becky….u guys seem to have finally become friends….am soo happy for u guys….:) missed u both…!

    bru; sam bhai; anik; veer ; kri; munna;princess;jerom; punir;xia…..missing u all….come back soon…:)

  24. Mrs Rithvik Dhanjani says:

    I really luv Rithwik, but after today’s epi, Im really happy for Purvi…

  25. Midhu says:

    Luv onir &purvi..togther they r superb

  26. Nandini says:

    Will Punni just die she and Ovi are two peas in a pod. Useless and selfish

  27. Analisa Narine. says:

    Purvi Likes Onir Now.

  28. simran says:

    to all the arvi fans its recently been said dat arjun and purvi will get 2gether after a month…!!!
    and pari is arjun and purvis baby…so she shud be with both of dem…nd also guyz….pregnancy of still a mystery…nd i guess d storyline is goin to change…nd onit might also be havin a past…bcuz of wich purvi may leave him…cuz we dnt noe nythin about onirs family…history nothin…
    shud wait nw…to see wat will happen…bt seriously..luv arvi…and want arvi..!!!

  29. MK says:

    Hi AK I’m here for a while dear. I had so much disappointment today, I could not get unto this site since over 10 hours yaar. I missed it so much.
    I love the episode. Sorry dear I know how much you love Arvi. But I just want to see Purvi happy for once after so long. Whether it be with Arjun or with Onir.

  30. Crazy for ARVI says:


  31. Sonya says:

    Yes,I love this episode. Can’t wait for more.

  32. AK says:

    I hate that show! I am watching sapne suhane ladak panke its being telecasted here now!

  33. AK says:

    Drs di mising ur qn! MK, saki di, sameer, bru, where are u guys?

  34. EJ says:

    Ahhh!!! Love2 c onir n purvi together :))))
    Bt even want arjiun purvi together !,!!!!

  35. RAGHNEE (Raghzz) says:

    ohhh okey AK i am wtchng housewife and wht r u doing

  36. AK says:

    Pooni is just so stupid, i hate that gold digger! She is always messing around with pples life. Is it true that pple like pooni are in this world. She is just like a tick holding to its host. She has to suffer
    big time.

  37. AK says:

    2days epi was just too good. Nisha thanks for the written update. Raghzz i was a lil bit busy thats y am late. But am back!

  38. Mahima says:

    I love today’s episode… LoveOnir and Purvi

  39. RAGHNEE (Raghzz) says:

    AK where r u today yaaar …

  40. Captain Jack says:

    Rebecca my friend where are you? missing you dear come back soonnnnnnnn

  41. RAGHNEE (Raghzz) says:

    hahaaaa onir and purvi look so cute together

  42. SnehaAsya says:

    Who z she?
    Btw Arjun ka bechareka life barbad hona he
    Na love milega na dhangki wife na beti
    Hope Purvi n Onir leave for Kolkata wid Pari
    What else can they continue show with?

  43. Captain Jack says:

    then go n watch the whole episode

  44. Yvett says:

    I do not know what type of written update this is. Need to be more detailed.

  45. Neha says:

    luv Onir wit Purvi… I jst hope dt Purvi ovrcms Arjun and fall in luv again wit Onir…

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