Pavitra Rishta 21st August 2013 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 21st August 2013 Written Update by ArVi-licious

Pavitra Rishta 21st August 2013 Written Episode

at the reception, arman greeting every1.. soham is all suited up, teju compliments him.. soham is elated.. gauri comes with her family.. both stare at each other.. they both compliment each other..and smile

our darling newly weds are still teasing n playing around.. DK comes with a friend n introduces him as an mla of the area,the guy wishes them and also introduces his son sandeep to them.. two other men look at them in a sinister way..

onir comes there,meets archana n plays with pari.. archana asks him abt his canada trip..he says he has decided to stay in india and serve ppl..

teju then makes an announcement and welcomes arman to the dance floor.. (saathiya song in BG)both waltz..arvi also join in..everyone enjoys the dance.. both the couples dance romantically

sandeep is complaining that it is a boring party to his friends and they are having drinks.. he looks at gauri and tells his friends he needs to make frnz.. at the same time soham is admiring gauri’s beauty.. gauri spots him,soham pretends to look elsewhere.. gauri comes there n tells him he is looking good in these clothes, soham blushes n tells her he’l get a drink for her n leaves.. at that moment sandeep comes to gauri n begins flirting..that guy asks for her name,she says dr.gauri..he says.. beauty with brains n shakes hands with her,then crushes it (creep!) soham sees this and angrily is walking towards them

those two men are eyeing the MLA’s son..they find the right moment and fire a shot at sandeep.. gauri is shocked.. soham looks at them shocked too… all the guests start running helter skelter.. arvi shocked, the mla n DK look around..

a second shot is fired,sandeep falls down with a gun shot wound to his chest.. and manav is standing right behind him..archu searches for him, and calls out his name, as she approches him.. manav falls..and a pool of blood is formed at his head.. archana screams n calls out for everyone.. soham spots the shooter and runs behind him.. gauri attends to sandeep.. onir and others comes to manav’s side.. the mla runs to his son.. and ambulance is called.

at the hospital.. both of them are taken in by the docs.. doc tells them that manv has a head injury.. archana breaks down.. so does savita.. the MLA n his supporters are outraged..
archana sees savita and tells her not to worry.. she says manv will wake up in the the morning and will leave for work also.. savita says manv has been good to everyone and nothing bad can happen to him.. they pray to bappa..

gauri treats sandeep.. and he is out of danger, the MLA apologizes to DK and says due to his political enemies, DK’s relative was als shot at.. he tells him he will find the culprits and leaves..

purvi is crying bitterly.. she recalls the moment during holi when manav had first promised to support her n be with her.. she tells this to arjun, n says manav cant leave them like this.. arjun consoles her, he tells her this incident is shocking for everyone.. but God has always helped their family n will see that evrything will be fine now too.. he tells her to go home to pari.. scene freezes on Arvi..


PRECAP: archana asks doc how manav is.. he explains that the bullet is in a place that is not harming his life,he will be alive.. archana panics and asks.. then what is wrong with him??

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  1. QH #1 fan!
    August 21, 20:55 Reply

    Cute Soham and Gauri moment <3 Good thing Manav is gonna survive :)

  2. Bk
    August 21, 20:30 Reply

    Archna ne toh onir ko invite kiya, toh kya arjun purvi ne apni tarf se onr ko invit n kiya,ye dono kitne selfish ho gy n

  3. Sonya
    August 21, 18:35 Reply

    A nice event had to end like this. Poor Manvi who does not deserve any of this is now in hospital. The dance in this episode was very very beautiful. A love episode and a great story. Gauri and Soham were stunning.

  4. nanah
    August 21, 17:36 Reply

    pls i want to know d name of the song played in todays episode when arjun and purvi were playing with sumtn lyk sand. Bohat bohat Shukria

    • Sia
      August 21, 18:04

      Are talking about this one: sathiya ye tune kya kiya

  5. Any
    August 21, 16:05 Reply

    ALELUIAH! Thanks Ak! I don’t know where was the problem,but always,after i wrote my comment i thought i was invisible. It was my fault too, i entered as a “uninvited”. I’m here with all of u just from a few days and perhaps…whatever,sorry for writting this late but my message is heard from Romania.

  6. Babbli.
    August 21, 14:48 Reply

    I thing….now purvi is not her character,after marrig .shadi ke baad ek baar bhi onir ko miss ni kiya itna jada changes

  7. Anita
    August 21, 14:47 Reply

    Omg, why do they need to get manav shot to hav more drama, was enjoying the arvi scenes

  8. Nicky
    August 21, 14:31 Reply

    Oh what is wrong with these ppl first archana then he! PR done long time.

  9. SYS
    August 21, 14:26 Reply

    I think that aab yeh kahani next big leap ki aur moor le rahi hai . Its indicates with manav accident .

  10. Madison
    August 21, 13:57 Reply

    Guess Manav needed a break or had personal commitments.

  11. MK
    August 21, 13:49 Reply

    Merina these people have partial memory loss. Maybe the got hit in the head sometime. They forget previous scrips written and make none up as they go.
    They completely forget Teju and Sunny are in love and were to get married.

    They are doing absolute crap in this show now :(

    • MK
      August 21, 13:50

      Well I’ve been looking and reading updates just to see Arvi unite. They’ve reunited and that’s that. So for me PR has ended. :)

    • Merina
      August 21, 13:56

      Right . Arvi are reunited and that’s it for us Arvians. CVs and their selective amnesia is well known. Hope they tie up all the loose ends before taking the leap…

  12. Angie
    August 21, 13:44 Reply

    “Tower of strength” maybe u should revise that. He didn’t show anything exceptional as that.

  13. AK
    August 21, 13:34 Reply

    I am also affected because I enjoy watching him.

  14. MK
    August 21, 13:33 Reply

    Hi RD, Ak, merina, Maria and all other arvimlovers and fans of PR.
    I agree with some of yu, this show should tie up loose ends and wrap up instead of giving us one tragedy after another, and don’t talk about love triangles and dishonesty, and envy and hatred that exists in this show.
    This show has it all, it takes the cake for stupidity and gloriousness all in one.
    There’s more down poits than up. More rediculousness and nonsense than there’s sense and good viewing with a good story.
    We the fans are still here I think most due to loyalty towards the show or casts, and since we’ve been here from the start. Some of us want are patiently waiting to see what unfolds and to see something good happen to their favorite character and see the evil doers get their just due. But noooooo oh nooooo, the makers of this show are just making a damn fool of the fans.

  15. AK
    August 21, 13:31 Reply

    MK why are they always showing actors in coma or hospital they can also like make an actor go for a meeting at Canada or he went for pilgrimage.
    But it seems Ekta ‘s CVs are in love with tragedies

    • MK
      August 21, 13:34

      I know, these people have not sense of creation whatsoever, they alway over dramatizing things.

  16. swathy
    August 21, 13:31 Reply

    hai sonam… am fine. hw r u? am 21 yr old, studying in kearala…. what abt u?

  17. AK
    August 21, 13:26 Reply

    Oh Archana looks Beautiful!!!!

    • MK
      August 21, 13:33

      Yes she does,

  18. MK
    August 21, 13:22 Reply

    Hi AK merina, nothing will happen to manav. Just like Ankita took vacation and archana was in a come, so too might be with manav, because since this actor started with PR he has never taken vacation. So it my be vacation time for hi.

    All looked so beautiful today, Purvi w
    Looked exceptional, and so to archana.
    Beautiful episode.
    Loving Arvi,
    Want shalini and Onir together,
    Let someone else come int Ovi life

    • Merina
      August 21, 13:37

      Right… Just remembered, there was a news sometimes back that Hiten is playing a negative role in an upcoming Bollywood movie opposite Akshay Kumar. Ekta is very fond of Hiten.Perhaps she is allowing him an indefinite leave for that movie and for rightfully deserved vacation as well…

  19. AK
    August 21, 13:18 Reply

    Any whats up???

    Ask your question . …

  20. AK
    August 21, 13:17 Reply

    He stood by her emotionally and I loved it.
    Yes don’t miss it, its a nice episode!!!!

  21. Any
    August 21, 13:14 Reply


  22. Simone
    August 21, 13:07 Reply

    Teju and Ovi will be more affected. They actually grew up with Manav

    • AK
      August 21, 13:33

      I am also affected because I enjoy watching him.

  23. AK
    August 21, 12:57 Reply

    Am loving Ovi and Onir, hope they are made a couple by the CVs

    • MK
      August 21, 13:18

      Noooo, AK, I want Shalini and Onir, Sandeep should survive and pair up with Ovi, or someone else. Shalini supported Onir all along.

    • AK
      August 21, 13:25

      Oh Hola MK????

      Well I personally think Ovi and Onir make a nice pair.

      I don’t mind at all if Onir and Shallini marries or Sandeep and Ovi. As long as the CVs wont disappoint us with unnecessary twists!!!

    • Merina
      August 21, 13:33

      Hey let’s not make our own pairs.Let’s leave that to Ekta and CVs… Let’s see who she wants to pair now. Btw what has these people in store for Teju? In yesterday’s epi she was telling Purvi she doesn’t know when would her marriage happen or would it happen at all? Wasn’t there house switch between Teju and Sunny to get them married?..Or have Cvs promptly forgotten this one too?

  24. sonam reyaansh singhania
    August 21, 12:54 Reply

    hey swathy babes how are you. sorry for not commenting after wards. you said na there are less fans of d3 but their is one fan of d3 and that is me. i am like 100000 people. so don’t worrry. wase babes how old are you i mean should i call you di or by your name. waise i have never seen you but i think that you must be very beautiful, intelligent and of course a sexy lady like me. ok comment soon. waitnig for you and do you have a facebooo account so that we can chat

    • swathy
      August 21, 13:58

      Good nyt sonam… My net is so slw tdy…

  25. Neharika
    August 21, 12:49 Reply

    Archu looks sooo beautiful and little tweet tweet Pari ahhh just melts my heart

  26. AK
    August 21, 12:48 Reply

    Hi Merina, Present!!!

    • Merina
      August 21, 12:54

      Ok..i’m relieved.. So how was PR today? Couldn’t watch it due to some office works.

    • AK
      August 21, 13:03

      Beautiful yet Sad.

      I really enjoyed the first part, you should stream it on Youtube when you get time.

      After Manav was shot smiles from all faces shaded and the vicinity of the atmosphere was filled with cries.

    • Merina
      August 21, 13:11

      O ho.. it seems like a mixed bag of emotions. But looking at the pics, it seems Arjun stood by Purvi like a tower of strength. For all the outer toughness,I have always loved his tenderness for Purvi. As for youtube.. sure thing I’ll do it the first thing as soon as I have time. Thanks AK.. that was really helpful.

  27. Mahi
    August 21, 12:38 Reply

    Manav in coma. Hmmm wonder what’s up with that.

  28. Flojo
    August 21, 12:35 Reply

    archana and onir look like more like a couple!!!! I am glad Arjun n Purvi got together but the way they did so was morally wrong. Onir acted like the sacrificial lamb and as soon as Purvi found out, she shouldn’t have gone on to marry Arjun. Had she found out later, it would have been a diff. story. And you would think that with all the monies these families have, they wouldn’t have proper security at the wedding?? Strange.. Could the plot get anymore twisted?? I think so.

    • MK
      August 21, 13:24

      Seems as though you only recently started looking at this show. If you know the history you won’t say this.

    • Canadian Babe
      August 22, 07:39

      Flojo, I agree and I started watching PR from the very beginning. Sweet words verses what Onir did definitely i’d choose Onir. That’s all Arjun could have done…swoon her. They are married now so we have to forget about the stupid decisions those writers made and see what next will come.

    • Christine T
      August 22, 17:30

      Loved the fact that Arjun & Purvi are finally together . Love them no matter what others may say and Purvi is very beautiful. I had to use my my phone to take their pictures from the Television of their wedding photos, that’s how crazy I am about them.

  29. Merina
    August 21, 12:31 Reply

    Hey AK, MK, Ragenee and all Arvi lovers! Where have you guys disappeared?

  30. Abbhay91
    August 21, 12:23 Reply

    ohh god this is too much!,
    again coma and again drama!
    ekta for god sake stop this nonsence!

  31. swathy
    August 21, 12:16 Reply

    love onir and ovi, they are better than arvi… arvi is sometimes realy iritating….

  32. Neharika
    August 21, 12:13 Reply

    Canadian Babe

    August 21, 2013 at 7:49 am

    Well being a half Indian myself i’m very proud because as a half Indian I know that after having sex with my bf I would never hand him over to someone I claim as my sister. I know that i’d truly fall in love with the guy that rescues me from the scorn of society and accepts me knowing my past. I know that my bf after marrying whoever the one he claims is his best friend will never cross the limits of friendship with her even in bed. I know I’d never exchange my baby unknowingly like that. I know I would have tired my best to let my marriage work instead of being so much involved in my then ex’s marriage. That’s why i’m against Arvi’s marriage. The character Ekta or whoever created as Onir he was the perfect character of a father figure for Pari even though its a fact that your own father is your own father. None the less the circumstances they created that would have been better. If I was Ovi i’d definitely put a tight slap on Arjun when he lectured me on friendship. So being a half indian seeing all the screw ups they made with this soap I think the best thing to do is end it nicely or yes when appropriate use a leap and please use one that’s appropriate. Besides we half Indians picked up from the streets the morals, values and characteristics SOME of the original Indians threw on the streets and guess what we are keeping it and maintaining it. After all; one man’s garbage may be another man’s treasure

    • Mahi
      August 21, 12:18

      I agree.

    • Sumi
      August 21, 12:28

      Bang on, neharika. No one who truly believes in true relationship would accept this arvi marriage. I am surprised as how purvi didn’t fall in lov with Onir for what he did to her. I would dump everything to support such a man. A true man of character. Arjun’s character now is irritating. They have royally ruining the storyline. There is not much left in here at all. It’s better they end it. It’s tough to live this soap with such a screwed up plot.

    • Mahi
      August 21, 12:34

      Sumi, everyone is like “oh it would have been because she felt sorry for Onir” heck no. Those are true relationships like you said.

    • Simone
      August 21, 13:06

      Thumbs up

    • Babbli
      August 21, 13:56

      I also agree with u ,why purvi did not fall in lve with onir

    • AM
      August 21, 15:11

      I know right. It just doesnt make sense. So arjun slept and made both sisters preggy and thats okay. Its not!!!!

    • SashaT
      August 21, 21:57

      From the Desk of a PR Addict
      I totally agree with you Neharika, for all the love that Arjun professed he never actually stood by Purvi publically. And Purvi never totally gave him up , always appearing in front of Arjun even after his marriage to Ovi. For all her so called sacrifice Purvi never gave the Arjun –Ovi marriage a chance. Poor Ovi always had to fight her case. After the Arjun-Ovi marriage a real Mahaan would have left Mumbai for good and gone elsewhere to start afresh but oh No not Purvi she had to stay around and rub salt on Ovi’s wound . Finally so as to make sure that Arjun’s baby is born goes off to Kolkata and finds the perfect guardian for her and the child -Dr Onir, a Gynea too. How perfect. She didn’t have to come back to Mumbai, she could have been honest and told Onir the truth about her baby and Arjun , I am sure Dr Onir would have obliged and treated Ovi . By handing over her baby to Ovi, she was actually making sure that the connection between her and Arjun goes on. Once Dk had the attack she just moved in taking care of DK as though she was part of the household, taking over the office work. Etc……And when the right moment came get married to Arjun . Now Onir is truly a perfect character, many times in the show is compared to Manav and rightfully so. So a Onir-Ovi match is highly possible and I would like them to be the next generation of the Arman’s . Onir and Ovi are still around. After what they went through there will be complete honesty between these two. I LIKE THIS IDEA. Let these two people teach everyone what love is. Show the world that there is always a second chance and that the second chance might be better than the first. Now all the Arvi moments are not pleasant at all. When Purvi wanted comforting she looked for the comforting arms of Onir but when he needed or even touched her she recoiled from him as though he was abusing her with a wide eyed look. Now with Manav injured and possibly in a coma ,its time to close off the Arjun, Purvi saga for good and start focusing on the actual ARMAN kids .

    • Canadian Babe
      August 22, 07:34

      Yes, they had to find a way to close the catastrophe they started so Manav got injured. Anybody should be able to admit to the statements above maybe except for the ones that view PR though their reproductive organs and not a heart.

  33. Neharika
    August 21, 12:10 Reply

    What’s wrong with Ovi and Onir. They are the two best characters right now

  34. ARVI
    August 21, 12:03 Reply

    Cant they stop coma stages in this opra. Arvi r just married n it’s just two days they start it over spoiling the happy sequence!!!!!!

    • AK
      August 21, 12:53

      Tragedies are part of our lives thus its normal

    • Merina
      August 21, 13:02

      All this drama, I think, is precursor to the leap. And PR is like that they show you a brief session of happiness to show prolonged grief.

    • AK
      August 21, 13:06

      Exactly Merina, they always mess up with their tragedies, antagonism and love triangles

    • Merina
      August 21, 13:16

      I fervently wish that they don’t come up with more love triangles now (As I said the other day I cannot tolerate triangles coz I was weak in geometry while in school). But if only wishes were horses…

    • AK
      August 21, 13:21

      I loved geometry but Its high time they stop showing us these triangles.

  35. Midhu
    August 21, 12:02 Reply

    When will they stop this drama?

  36. Any
    August 21, 11:58 Reply

    What do you mean, Maria?

  37. Midhu
    August 21, 11:58 Reply

    When wil they stop this drama?

    • AK
      August 21, 12:51

      When it gets lower TRPS in Zee

  38. Maria
    August 21, 11:54 Reply

    Can’t we get rid of Onir and Ovi,,

    • AK
      August 21, 12:49

      When the leap premieres!

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