Pavitra Rishta 3rd May 2013 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 3rd May 2013 Written Update by crazy2012

Pavitra Rishta 3rd May 2013 Written Episode

Episode starts with Onir and Purvi in their room. Purvi tells Onir to make their conjugal relationship as they need to move up in their relationship. Onir asks if Aaji or baba have said her something for which she gets hurt. He says that distance can not be minimized wth the hesitation, when Purvi will come to him without any hesitate, that day he can move up. Otherwise, he is not insecured with Arjun’s coming in the chwal.

Teju serves mangoes to her family – Savita, Damodar and Sachin. Everybody wants to know how she has bought this sweet and good quality mangoes. Savita tells that Manav also knows the good quality mangoes so well. When Teju informs them that these are given by Soham and hence, free of cost, they stop eating it immediately. Sachin reacts badly and goes to the room after hearing this by giving her a angry look. Teju informs her Savita and Damo that Soham has left the wrong works and he is earning money by delivering the mango boxes. In the mean time, Manav comes and starts eating the mango. He pleases to eat this and asks Teju about the source of the mango. Savita nods her head and refrains Teju from telling about Soham. Manav asks Teju to get him 250boxes of this mangoes from this vendor. Teju agrees on that.

Arjun sitting at office often sees his mobile. He wants apologies and postpones his some client meeting. In that time two social workers from Roshni Foundation come to meet him and thank him. They inform about the polio campaign and insist Arjun to bring Pari to them. Arjun calls Purvi, but Onir picks it up as Purvi busy with taking the bath. Arjun informs Onir about the polio campaign. Onir fixes evening slot with Purvi. Arjun messages Ovi to reply him and Ovi informs that she will be online from 8-30.

Varsha comes home and sees that Soham has prepared food for her for the first time. He says that it gives him satisfaction. He tells Varsha how he has helped Teju for buying of mangoes. Varsha smiles saying that she feels glad to see him get closure to his family. But, the food is not good to eat with the extra salt, but Varsha readily eats it with smiling face.

Pre cap – Purvi is in the car with DK and it’s raining outside. DK insist to change her as Ovi’s cloth is available and also get Pari changed.


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  1. Dara says:

    Soham and puvi did not get the love of their parents

  2. bindu says:

    hai ak ,miss u a lot!!!!

  3. Janey says:

    Can anyone give me one good reason for me to keep watching this show please.

    • MK says:

      Oh Janey, no. 1 reason, it teaches us that doing good only causes pain and suffering and getting blamed innocently.
      We see that evil always conquers good and we must be evil a d selfish brat to survive
      We get heartbreaks one after the next. Lord have mercy

    • bindu says:

      lovers wont be united!if a person lov someone ,be prepared for heartbreaks!!

  4. Janey says:

    This show sucks rotten eggs

  5. bindu says:

    rituals , religion ,world
    what ever is not the matter

    its purely writters fault!they are messing up all the relations!no couple in pavithra ristha ! (except archana -manav!) shared heartfull and friendly relation!

    varsha and her mate
    it is repeated even in case of teju! also!

    they lack creativity ,and newness! innovation in story!

    • bindu says:

      please change the story!
      generally ,we humans want to see happy relationships! not messed up relations!

    • MK says:

      That’s write bindu, from the start of PR there’s only heartbreaks its been how long now three years of heart breaks.

    • bindu says:

      s mk generally i visit this page but never commented,but my patience is died ! heartbreaks!

  6. ammara& agastaya says:

    ovi is the best have you not watched this show since ovi has been in it come on the girl is not sweet she is mental and she causes chaos and confusion and problems a nd the position she’s in she called it upon herself bcoz she knew arjun loved purvi yet she married him
    the only thing that she was given unfairly was not knowing her baby died and even then while being pregnant she didn’t care about the baby so stop hating ppl who hate ovi and leave everyone to have their own damn opinion

    • MK says:

      Ammara dear this Ovi is the best person likes to irritate others. It’s a waste to try and reason with it. It just causes lots of fights here.

  7. ammara& agastaya says:

    arya i have to agree with u when u say everyone else in the family makes mistakes and are forgiven and the mistakes they make are so nasty like sachin and savita and the whole set up with the divorce and they were forgiven easily and welcomed back in the family
    soham ended up in a bad position through no fault of his own and manav can’t have enough sense to forgive him

    purvi has also made mistakes and they can’t forgive her instead they are going to plot against her (sabita and sulo) so disgusting

    • MK says:

      So agree with you there Ammara. They are a bunch of hypocrites who can’t see beyond their noses. And Ovi and Teju were also so nasty towards their mother it’s a shame and they were loved by her unconditionally. Even soluchana loved them despite their bratiness.
      Poor Soham and Purvi

  8. arya says:

    i just want onir and purvi ….yet everything in this story is such a bore..and when ovi has disappeared from the house why are they showing her story…and can anyone tell me what was the precap. why purvi in dk car?

  9. Midhu says:

    Luv onir…

  10. mupida says:

    It means purvi nd arjun were going to have sex yet again on mondays episode

    • ovi is the best says:

      purvi is a bitch she can sleep with anyone.characterless indeed.ovi is such a kind hearted women after knowing the truth she is still ready to talk with arjun.

  11. aishwarya says:

    I am not oitb okay

  12. ovi is the best says:

    I am not aishwarya okay

  13. Aarya says:

    For aishwarya or ovi is the best….

    Purvi was intimate with Arjun because they were going to get married anyways and I’m sure that was the only mistake she’s ever made in her life. And in my book, having sex with your fiance doesn’t count as a mistake unless your religion forbids it. One little mistake and a few sacrifices for her family fucked her over big time. As for giving up the baby, I get it, that wasn’t right. But you know that Purvi is a selfless girl. She ALWAYS thinks about others before herself. So in that spare moment when she found out that Arjun and Ovi lost their kid, she could’ve been thinking that Pari could have a better life with her biological father. She could have his name and Purvi probably thought that Ovi could’ve been a good mother. So in that little time that was what seemed right to her. And she didn’t know that the truth would come out that easily. She thought that her baby would be with her father and she would bring them both closer. Maybe if she thought it over for some time, her decision would be different.

    It’s sad that when Purvi makes innocent mistakes, tries to always think for her family and make sacrifices, unlike Ovi and everyone else in the family, she is always an outsider and never is allowed the room to be just her and just grow. She will always have to prove herself. Unlike, Sachin who tried to mess up Manav’s and Archanna’s relationship but was eventually forgiven. Unlike Ovi that had taken somebody’s man, accused and harrased both Arjun and Purvi like the spoiled bitch that she is constantly, and drunk while she’s pregnant. Unlike Savita who kept away Archanna from her family for eighteen years and as the other mentioned before unlike Sachin who also had premarital sex. And of course everyone else completely accepted Sachin’s wife although she gave away her v card before marriage.

    See the double standards everyone, it’s kind of sad. This just proves to you. Blood can make mistakes, blood can hurt you, blood can make mistakes and still receive the room to grow and learn from them. But an adopted will always be an adopted. An adopted will always have to prove herself no matter what. She will always have to be picture perfect or she’d be told to get the fuck out and be consistantly told and shown where she really came from.

    And as I said it before, I’ll say it again. Ovi deserves everything that happened to her. She brought it upon herself. She was the one that forced Arjun to marry her despite knowing very well that he loved Purvi. She’s lucky Arjun is a nice guy. Who knows, if she pulled that shit with some other guy. She may have gotten treated like shit and this time ACTUALLY cheated on. This girl needs life lessons man. That’s what she really needs. Whatever is happening to her, I’m happy it is happening to her..

    nd plz OITB stop fighting with other ppl if u like ovi its your wish…we all write comments over her nd every is friendly except plz stop this nonsense

    • aishwarya says:

      In what world are you living where sex is permissible before marriage

    • MK says:

      And which universe are you living in where this does not happen.
      It happens in all cultures religions etc.
      It’s just some people pretend to be saints and do the evil behind closed doors

    • ajay says:

      Aishwarya where on earth do you live??

    • Pj says:

      Hehe nice …..yeah rite if she was some innocent child taken advantage of then yeah rite makes sense but in her case she knew how ovi is head over heels in love with Arjun and how obsessed she was, how she got all messed up after knowing about Arvi despite all thi u go ahead sleep with that person before marriage and say my only mistake. How sick. Sleep with a man and lend him to your elder sister how pathetic.

      Plus she want even innocent she always was shown as a understanding and matured lady comparing her against archana, then how can it be a little mistake her sacrifices is nothing in front of what she did.

      Wonder what kind of stupid justification will that stupid archana come up with when she recovers. P is really a big B for taking advantage of Onir, now next episode ovi will c Purvi on tv at the function in her clothes and another bi unnecessary drama and only thing stupid Purvi is good at is crying which doesn’t even look natural.

  14. ammara says:

    ovi will never change because she knows taht no matter what arjun may love her but he is not in love with her …. she knows that purvi will be his only true love and that is what she cant handle and that is the reason y they should not have married and she should have left him alone

    she has brought everything upon herself but i really think it wasnt fair for her not knowing her own baby died and that is where purvi comes in always messing up in the name of sacrifice

    poor arjun he is jus trying to make the best of the situation don’t blame him for trying to make it work with ovi he is just trying to live up to what purvi demanded from him

    as for ovi she deserves all the hurt and pain of seeing arjun and purvi talking and sharing a child thats how she’s paying for being a bitch

    • Merina says:

      Agree to your comment completely. How come it is all Purvi’s fault now? Didn’t Ovi know at the time of making the deal that Arjun only loved Purvi? And now when Ovi is in a little trouble all brought by herself, there is still no realization of her mistakes on anybody’s (either Ovi or the D clan) part. Did Purvi ever tried to come between them??? In fact far from it. The day she knew she was carrying Arjun’s child, she chose to walk away from their lives and nobody even bothered to find out the whereabouts of a young girl out in the big bad world , nobody even bothered to know(including Archana ) whether Purvi is even alive or not. She did come back yes..but it was because she wanted her aai’s daughter to get the world’s treatment as her pregnancy was complicated by her alcoholism. She gave her child coz she didn’t want to see Ovi Arjun’s marraige crumble. And now Purvi is suddenly a villian who broke Ovi’s marriage… Gimme a break from your hippocracy D clan ( it is demented clan for me). How can you so conveniently forget that it takes two to make a quarrel and if Purvi is to be blamed so should be Arjun. But no…Arjun is still a good guy ( Savita’s line while she was bashing Purvi).For all the wrongs Ovi did, Purvi bore the burnt and still Ovi is the one deserving sympathy while Purvi is to be bashed endlessly. Now why do creatives (or the lack of it?) do it to good person endlessly while selfishness and scheming (Ovi), manipulation and conniving(Savita) and hardheartedness and lack of conscience ( Punni, Mittal et all) bask in the endless glory?

  15. aysheer says:

    hi guyz,hey ak hw re u hope u remeba me

  16. AR says:

    yesterday’s epi. 2/5.

  17. AR says:

    Fans, anyone listened carefully to the song that was playing at the end of PR. , which described Purvi’s emotions anf feelings? No one..not even Onir can know and understand her pain.

    • AK says:

      Ar only Arjun can realize Purvi’s sorrow.

      Oh my If Purvi wears Ovi’s clothes and Arjun comes and ArVi’s love to ignite and this time it should be an unbreakable Pure Love

    • MK says:

      I cried so much for Purvi yesterday and today. No one deserve what happening to she, Arjun and Onir. It’s so sad.

    • Pj says:

      No one can understand because normal people aren’t that f,d up and stupid

  18. AK says:

    Mi I will be back after 48-50 minutes am watching Hitler Didi and QH

  19. MK says:

    Now everyone is condemning poor Purvi for sleeping with Arjun the night before their wedding and she got pregnant. If she did not get pregnant, no one would have a clue, and still that witch Ovi would have problem with her.

    So what if Ovi gets pregnant after she and Arjun slept together. Well she knew she was leaving him. Why have physical relations with him. What are they going to say about Ovi now.
    But knowing Ekta, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ovi gets pregnant and has an ablation.

    • outsider says:

      im not condemning her.
      she deserves happyiness and her true love and i hope she gets it.

    • MK says:

      And Arjun

    • MK says:

      Oh and I meant every one of Purvi so called family, even soluchana .

    • AK says:

      I am with you Outsider

    • Miss Unbelievable says:

      Ovi cant get pregnant! Im against it!

      The sponsor should arrest Ovi for breaking her contract by lying that she wasnt married when in truth she is.

      Sue her and take her moneuy!

      to me when Ovi took that contract she ended all relations with Arjun. She’s juggling both to see if one fails she can always go back to the second option. Manipulative I see as always

    • outsider says:

      i think ovi gave up on her marriage the minute she decided to go bk to modelling. (dont see how she became a model)! lol point is..she doesnt care about her marriage.

    • Trini says:

      I think OVI should get insane and end up in an institution. Lol. Or the time apart from arjun should make her realised that she never loved him and give him a divorce

    • AK says:

      Trini lets hope so :*

    • Merina says:

      No MK no, I am sure Ovi will not have an abortion. Don’t u see that Ekta is in love with Arjun Ovi jodi and she I am sure will use Ovi’s pregnancy to bring them togehter for life and as somebody was saying it will begin Arjun Ovi’s love story. Remember Arjun saying ” A man loves his mother and the mother of his child.” So it is a step towards Arjun loving Ovi. We might see them proceeding for divorce and in the meantime Archana will come out of coma and sweet talk Ovi against it as she now is carrying Arjun’s child. She for once will listen to her mother and Arjun will be all arms for her.I read somewhere that PR is now focusing on the journey of married couples: how they face troubles in marriage and how they overcome it. So..PR will perpetually continue to be to Ovi for Ovi and by Ovi.

    • MK says:

      Oh merina, just want to vomit thinking about it. Ugh.
      Why then give us Arjun and Purvi Jodi?
      Pr is a mess

  20. karly says:

    Ovi should just get bound by the contract she signed and have to divorce arjun and if she dosent honor it she should face possible jail. In that way purvi will get her family

  21. AK says:

    Actor of the day Soham
    Really loved her acting

  22. AK says:

    arjunandpurviforever its more of his mother tongue

  23. arjunandpurviforever says:

    so atlast OITB is back wid a bang. i missed u a lot really. the oly OBNOXIOUS OVI’S fan here.

  24. outsider says:

    and so the drama begins!
    Ovi is still a bitch.
    dont care who says what i want arjune and purvi together because they weere in love and family is the reason why they split. They deserve to be together and more now than ever because of PARI!

  25. Suni says:

    Ak , your name began with a T before right ?

  26. AK says:

    OITB is back!!!!! lol lets Celebrate from Negative to Positive and now Negative just like Ovi atleast you have a Role model but to bad you will have to wear short dresses and make up

  27. Suni says:

    Ak , how are you ?

  28. AK says:

    Whats wrong with you guys an on Mk, MU ,Ss and RD side

    2 months ago you guys were like I hate Ovi she is a bitch etc

    All of a sudden Purvi is being bad mouthed not only by her fake family but also her fans.

    Even OITB is back

    • outsider says:

      AK..i think you misunderstood. we still hate ovi!

    • MK says:

      Yes Ak, that’s one of the reason I left this forum, now that he’s back I think I’ll go.
      How are you dear. Haven’t heard from you much. I think OITB is jealous because we all have such a good friendship and love Purvi.

    • AK says:

      And y should we break our friendship and forum bond to satisfy OITB and his gang.
      Hail Purvi LOVERS

    • MK says:

      True, had I know he was aishwaria I would not have replied to its comments. Is best we don’t.
      So any comment for Ovi and against Purvi should be ignored.

    • Amaica says:

      MK….I am happy to find you here,could just comment on PV ASAP…I need to speak to you..Thank you.

    • AK says:

      yes or else it will be like last time

    • Ak bhai i luv purvi only….

  29. Gunjan & Mayank 4 ever!!! ( nicki) says:

    What’s DK?

  30. aishwarya says:

    old hag looser friend of ak shut your bloody mouth

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh, you must be Ovi is the best or Ovi lover, the retarded, ever attention seeking poor little one who no one likes and does not give attention too.
      Where have you been. Lacing around looking for friends, irritating everyone for your sick pleasure.

    • ovi is the best says:

      yes I am ovi is the best what will you do old hag

    • Miss Unbelievable says:

      (tries not to laugh but this convo is tooo funny)

    • arjunandpurviforever says:

      old hag ??? is tht a new pet name of urs OITB ???

    • Aarya says:

      ovi is the best nd aishwarya are sama …gosh she is such a big

  31. barun lover says:

    sanaya is way ahead in acting than poorvi.

  32. Shalz says:

    The writers of PR should know that we love this show so much that when the characters cry- we cry, when they laugh- we laugh and it’s not nice continuously being unfair to purvi, onir and Arjun. Out of everyone, we never imagined that sulo would have turned out to be so stone hearted towards purvi. When purvi asked ovi to marry Arjun it was out of helplessness because ovi treatened her that only if she marry Arjun she will accept archu. Everyone was sad. Now onir is in the triangle and we all feel sorry for him. When will the writers stop playing with our emotions and messing up a good show and give Arjun, purvi and onir some happiness?!

  33. Midhu says:

    Just change this name pavitra rishta..all are hypocrites except onir..

  34. mjhtarvinarshilover says:

    I didnt understand why serial will shows so much sacrafice when in reality it never happens.. I thinki they should show some practical situation otherwise this serial name pavitra rishta not right anymore….

  35. Aishwarya says:

    in that case trinity I would like to remind you that arjun and ovi are married and after marriage if someone is calling his ex then its a cheating.arjun is a cheater only.poorvi the bitch is reason for arjun’s behavior.

    • MK says:

      Hey watch what you say about Purvi here, you will be bashed left right and centre.
      The only mistake Purvi made was to sacrifice her love Arjun to that ugly brat bitch, awful slutty self centered, superficial greedy possessive, infatuated spoil rotten drunkard brat.
      Who knows whom she was pregnant for and imposed her pregnancy on Arjun,
      If everyone remembered Ovi was worried to let Archana see her reports because she was much more pregnant that she said she was. She sure fooled Arjun into thinking they has conjugal relationship and she got pregnant.
      At least Purvi did not fool Onir. She left quietly so as not to cause problems for that witch slut Ovi, the drunkard whom everyone hates to the core.

    • MK says:

      Oh and this is not trinity, she is a different person. This is Trini you replied to

  36. Midhu says:

    I think purvi should accept onir as her husband as he said without any hesitation..onir is a goodhearted jentleman..

    • Mahi says:


  37. SS says:

    u cld imagne MK..purvi wearng ovi’s smal cloths..& onir reachng dre..! whn arjun wld be present

  38. SS says:

    bye evry1..gud nyt..!! hav xam 2mrw…

  39. SS says:

    y does evry time…smethng bad hapens wid purvi only…dispointng precap!!

  40. MK says:

    Hey AK see you’ve not reached here yet. You know I was thinking, Purvi parents were orphans and had no one in the world and Archana took her in and she got a family.
    Now Purvi is in the place of her parents. Onir has no family, Purvi has no family they have Pari, if something were to happen to both Purvi and Onir then what will happen to Pari. Well I guess shed have Arjun. But then again if Arjun were to take Pari then the witch Ovi would not accept Pari.
    Arjun is better off without Ovi. Don’t know why the writers are bent on making Arjun call the witch over and over again.
    What the hell is wrong with that old witch Savita? How many times she tried to break manav and archana relationship until she finally succeeded for 18 years. Se even made Archana daughters hate her so much.
    That is the main cause of Purvi sacrifice which no one is willing to accept.
    That poor girl has sacrificed so much, even if she give her life it would still not be good enough for those selfish foolish people.
    Ovi is a selfish ungrateful nasty bitchy brat.

    • Trini says:

      Common writers purvi needs a break or probably a fair godmother.LOL

    • MK says:

      Oh, how I wish for a fairy godmother for Purvi, it about time she start having some sort of happiness in her life.

    • Miss Unbelievable says:

      agrees MK

      Purvi take Pari and go start over away from the drama

      and purvi is not a bitch aiswarya

      if you have watched the serial from the beginning then you would understand the hell OVI has put her through now even the ones she call family.

      I remember Purvi was so fierce, independent and educated…what happened to that girl? I miss her.

    • Anonymous says:

      Purvi is not as magnanimous as u think. She’s not doing ovi a favor by giving her child to ovi. It’s not right nor moral to pine after her sister’s husband. She lost arjun to ovi. All’s fair in love n war. She should move on and be happy in her own marriage. Do u think what she’s doing to onir is right? She caused him to lose his practice, his career. She’s a passive-aggressive manipulator out to serve her own purpose. So sick of seeing her always turning on her tears faucet.

  41. Hi evry1……Anonymous , Ak bhai , Anu , SS ,drs di , mk and rest of the PR family ! Hw r u all ?

  42. Aishwarya says:

    ovi is such a bighearted girl after witnessing such cheating by her husband still she is showing positiveness towards arjun.that’s called a true wife not like poorvi who used to change her sleeping partners

    • Trini says:

      I don’t know if you and I are watching the same show.How exactly did Arjun cheat on ovi? by talking to purvi?.Ovi is a nut case who needs help.

    • ajay says:

      Aishwarya, please get your facts straight once and for all. Ovi is a nasty brat who is full of lust and obsession, not love. She has been incredibly mean to Purvi and Arjun, not to mention Archana.Purvi was trying to save her mother’s happiness!!! She had no intention of “changing sleeping partners.” She is the one whom the family should be exalting, NOT that witch Ovi.

    • Miss Unbelievable says:

      so true ajay and trini

      ovi a good woman? thats the devil’s spawn

    • praise says:

      Pls Aishwarya which serial are u watching? Is it the same Pavitra Rishta we are all watching?! When did Arjun cheat on Ovi?! He was engaged to be married to Purvi when the act took place! Ovi is only paying or reaping what she sowed! Its really sad what d writers are doing to Purvi’s character! Very sad!

    • aishwarya says:

      no guys ovi is ready 2 chat with him even after the cheating done by her husband and the bitch purvi. She made mistakes but not like purvi who 1day sleeps with arjun and next with onir

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Aishwarya, I take it you haven’t seen a lot of PR. Your comments about Purvi and Ovi suggests that you are new to the story.
      Purvi has taken after her adopted mother Archana. They are both self sacrificing individuals who put the needs and happiness of their family and loved ones before their own. Purvi gave all she loved and had to her sister Ovi, depriving herself of her own happiness in the process.
      Ovi on the other hand is a conceited, spoiled rotten, self indulgent, manipulative prima donna. She would do anything to get what she wants. She was obsessed with Arjun and wanted him at any cost, even if he and Purvi had to seperate in order for her to marry him.
      I think the main reason she’s so upset with Arjun and Purvi is because Purvi got to sleep with Arjun before she did. Its like a slap in the face for her.

    • Miss Unbelievable says:

      annonymous you made a good point

      i never thought of that point which Purvi got to sleep with Arjun first before Ovi. Yup thats a good slap

      an another thing

      Purvi has never slept with Onir…NEVER…the beginning of the episode today was her thinking of consummating her marraige with Onir she was gonna force herself to in order to please Onir and everyone tooo but Onir stopped her and told her he’ll wait on her until she’s ready

      in my instincts…she’ll never be ready to. Her heart belongs to ARjun and treats Onir as his replacement

    • MK says:

      Your right MU.

    • Mahi says:

      I think what aishwarya is trying to commend the way Ovi acted by deciding to go away from Arjun. I think she has matured a little and for heavens sake ppl don’t let ur BP rise its all fake… no need to use such names.

    • Anonymous says:

      Guys, if Purvi does decide to consumate her marriage to Onir she shouldn’t be called promiscuos. She is after all married to the guy and can’t expect him to live a celibate life. She has not been unfaithful to either Arjun or Onir and she’s also not a nun.

    • AK says:

      You can read updates of last year till date then you will tell us who is a bitch Ovi or Purvi

  43. MK says:

    Purvi is going to wear ugly Ovi clothes? How horrible.

    • Miss Unbelievable says:

      its like the perfect excuse for the hypocrites to tell purvi how shes trying to replace Ovi as wife to arjun.

      cant take this serial

      too many shattered hearts and dreams

    • MK says:

      Totally, I so loved to see Onir in yesterday’s episode, hens the reason I looked at it.

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